The list of associate members

Joe E. Adams (AM)

Active American

Michael Allen (AM)

Doctoral Candidate
Department of Education
University of New Hampshire

Garry Anaquod (AM)

Sessional instructor, First Nations University of Canada

Gary Anderson (AM)

Plant molecular genetics, Indiana University

James Arft (AM)

America First Party

Gwendolyn Atwood (AM)

Clinical psychologist, Ed.D., Harvard University

John C. Austin (AM)

Juris Doctorate; Music publishing; Radio broadcasting

Steve Baer (AM)

Solar energy, Manufacturing

Whitney Baron (AM)

Philosophy, Psychology, Protest Music

Kenneth Bauman (AM)

Law enforcement, Explosives detection, Railroad detective (retired), Author of "Leaves of Lavendered Lily"

Mark L. Beauchamp, MD (AM)


Steve Bishop (AM)

Information Technology

John Blacker (AM)

              Physical systems
              Renewable energy
              Science correspondent

Ray Bock (AM)

Systems analyst (ret). BA Economics and MA in Education

Len Bracken (AM)

Credentialed Journalist, Graduate of GWU's Elliott School ofInternational Affairs, Author of "Shadow Government: 9/11 and State Terror"

Jordan Brewster (AM)


James Roger Brown (AM)

Director, The Sociology Center; Congressional Evidence BookAuthor

D'Anne Burley (AM) 

Talk Show Host, Truthradio,RBNLIVE.COM

Bill Carlson (AM)


Don Childs (AM)

             Aviation Mechanic
             Air Transport Pilot

Thom Clark (AM)

Registered geologist, Environmental geologist

Mike Cogan (AM)

Computer professional

Muhammad Columbo (AM)

Graduate Engineer electronics wide industrial experience

Michael Copass  (AM)

Microbiology, Vaccinology, Immunology

Patrick B. Cottrell (AM)

Graduate of the University of Notre Dame (Electrical Engineering) and Saint Anselm College (Liberal Arts)

Judy Cunningham (AM)

Health Education, Counseling and Rehabilitation

Rose Davis (AM)

Publisher, Indian Voices

Steve De'ak (AM)

Network professional

George-Luis Dewey (AM)

Publisher of Liberty Steward, a Bill of Rights e-magazine

Thaddeus Dombrowski (AM)

Mathematics, Computer science, Software engineering

Karel Donk (AM)

Multimedia and Web Design

Eric Douglas (AM)

New York City architect Chair of the Independent Peer ReviewCommitte for the NIST WTC Reports at

Curtis T. Dunlap (AM)

Weather forecaster, Global Hawk technology

John Ekonomou (AM)

Attorney at Law

Ronald Feintech (AM)

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Nebraska, Licensed Psychologist

Scott Fenton (AM)

Physics, Chemistry, Information Technology

Joel Ferrell (AM)

Pilot, Aeronautical engineer,

Paul Fortunato (AM)

Graphic designer

Robert Fritzius (AM)

Electrical Engineering, Radar and telecommunications

Craig T. Furlong (AM)

Quantitative Methods, Business Administration

Cathy Garger (AM)

Freelance Writer, Motivational Speaker

Kenyon Gibson (AM)

Former US Naval Intelligence, author of "Common Sense: A Study of the Bushes, the CIA and the Suspicions Regarding 9/11" (2003, in Arabic)and of "Hemp for Victory" (2006)

Gordon Ginn (AM)

Motives behind attack

Sean Glazier (AM)

Software engineering

Donald Theodore Grahn (AM)

TV Producer, "All-ways Pursuing Truth", Public Access TV, Seattle

Rick Guerard (AM)

Journeyman ironworker, Industrial maintenance

Dan Hamburg (AM)

Former US Representative; Author, Headwaters Forest Act; ExecutiveDirector, VOTE Action Committee

Mia Hamel (AM)


David Hastings (AM)

Boilermaker, Shipbuilder, Blacksmith Forger

Jesse Hemingway (AM)

Author of "Friendly Fire on Holy Grounds"

Rodger Herbst (AM)

777 and 787 Aeronautics, Flight Controls and Simulation Engineering

Eric Hermanson (AM)

Engineering Physics, Nuclear Engineering, Software Architect

John Herold (AM)

              Studio Art
              Computer Consultant
              Communication Studies

T. Mark Hightower (AM)         

              BS, MS Chemical Engineering
              Member of AIChE (American institute for Chemical Engineers) & AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) 

Michael Himes (AM)

Paralegal, witness to 9/11

Jim Hogue (AM)

Radio talk show host, WGDR in Vermont

James F. Holwell (AM)

Mathematics, Communication

Nick Hull (AM)

Particle Physics,

Wade Inganamort (AM)

Writer, Webmaster, Awoken Research Group

Nick Irving (AM)

           Audio Engineeer
           Website Manager
           Musician (singer, songwriter)

Richard T. Jeroloman (AM)

International law; Intellectual property; Electronic engineering

Debbie Johnson (AM)

Writer, Editor, Proofreader

Doug Kabourek (AM)

WTC album, Singer and songwriter

Klaus Kapr (AM)

             Public Administration
             International Relations

Malcom Kirkman (AM)

LLB Hons (Law degree with honours, UK)

Peter Kirsh (AM) 

Forensic pathologist

Robert Klassen (AM)

Editor, Freelance writer, Critical care respiratory therapy

Rebecca R. Kline (AM)

Teacher, Journalist

Kent Knudson (AM)

Systems Engineering

Paul Landis (AM)

Industrial engineering, Author of "A Real 9/11 Commission"

Jerry Leaphart (AM)

Activist lawyer, Amateur Philosopher, Quaker peacenik

Greg Lemon (AM)

Animation, Simulation, Special Effects

John Leonard (AM)

Publicist, linguist and Publisher,  Master of BusinessAdministration

Jerry Liebler (AM)

Electrical Engineering, Metal fabrication and welding

Davidson Loehr (AM)


Stevan Douglas Looney (AM) 


Wayne Madsen (AM)

Investigative journalist and syndicated columnist, a formercommunications security analyst with NSA and a former intelligence officerin the USMC and a Senior Fellow of the Electronic Privacy Information Center

Michael Maguire (AM)

Mechanical engineering, Aeronatutical engineering, Prognostic Health Monitoring

Gene Maier (AM)

Corporate controller

Arno Mansouri (AM)

Publisher at Editions Demi-Lune in Paris, France

Eric Martineau (AM)

VP of Web Operations

David Masdon (AM)

Electrical Engineering

Thomas J. Mattingly (AM)

9/11 Literary Agent Member, McClendon Group, The National Press Club

Brad Mayeux (AM)

RF Engineering,

John McCarthy (AM)

David McGowan (AM)

Author and lecturer

Jack McLamb (AM)

Founder, American Citizens & Lawmen Association
Publisher, Aid & Abet Police/Military Newsletter
Board Member, Police Against the New World Order

Scott Meredith (AM)

Theoretical Linguistics,  High technology 21 years 

Peter Meyer (AM)

Computational physics, computer programmer, software developer, creator of the Serendipity web site ( and of the Hermetic Systems web site (

Melissa Miles-Wallace (AM)

Environmental Biologist

Paul Andrew Mitchell (AM)

Federal witness; Criminal investigator; Private attorney general

Dennis "galen" Mitrzyk (AM)

Physics and math, Business administration

Max J. Mizejewski (AM)

Retired US Army combat veteran. Served as helicopter pilot in Viet Nam

Tony Morgan (AM)

BA, teaching in Japan

Foster Morrison (AM)

Forecasting, Dynamic Modeling

Jeff Moskin (AM)

Private pilot, Electronics engineer, Certified flight instructor

Ted Muga (AM)

Naval aviator; Commercial pilot; Structural engineering

Shane Mulligan (AM)

Philosophy, Political Theory, International Relations, InternationalDevelopment

Nori J. Muster (AM)


Nicholas Newton (AM)

Astrophysics, Simulation Models

David A. Nolan (AM)

Writing, Research, Web Development

Chris North (AM)

Police Officer, London Metropolitan Police/New, Scotland Yard, retired, Homeland Security/Counter, Terrorism/Civil Defence

RC Oliver, Jr. (AM)

Chief Engineer

Alfons Olszewski (AM)


Ralph Omholt (AM)

Former airline captain;

Larry Patriarca (AM)

Aviation structural mechanic, entrepreneur, Navy service

Lawrence Patriarca (AM)

Organizer of the Central Mass 9/11 Truth Alliance group

Scott Piper (AM)

Documentary Filmmaker

Scott Piper (AM)


Joe Plummer (AM)

Lori Price (AM)

General Manager, Citizens For Legitimate Government; Writer/editor, The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Benjamin Pritchard (AM)

Software Engineer,

Michael Provost (AM)

Independent film maker

Kevin Quirk (AM)

Author of "A Writer's Eye", Former journalist

Carter W. Rae (AM)

Biology, Chemistry, Dentistry

Craig Ranke (AM)

9/11 researcher/activist

Guy Razer (AM) 

Lieutenant Colonel, USAF Retired

Paul Robins (AM)

Electronics, Aerospace products

Rein A. Roos (AM)

Airborne Dust and Aerosol Specialist

Gordon Ross (AM)

Mechanical engineering, Production engineering

Adam Rosszay (AM)

B.S. in Computer Engineering

Harlan Ryerson (AM)


Vincent Salandria (AM)

             Attorney at Law
             JFK investigator
             Civil Rights Activist

Michael Sansone (AM)

Master of Arts in English, Film and Media Studies

Michael Schmidt (AM)

Project engineer, Project manager, Highway construction

Daniel Schnizing (AM)


E. Martin Schotz (AM)

Psychiatrist, Citizen Historian

Val Scott (AM)

General manager, Executive director, Chief executive officer,Labor, management, employee organizations

Keith Shannon (AM)

Web design, Hardware/software troubleshooting

Rick Siegel (AM),

Gunter Skupin (AM)

Audio engineer, computer engineer, volunteer firefighter

Neil Slade (AM)

film/video maker, author, artist, musical composer, concertperformer

Jimmy Smith (AM)

Communications Engineering

Tom Spellman (AM)

Civil engineering, architecture, non-profits, activism

Leonard Spencer (AM)

Twin Towers Attack, The Pentagon Attack,

Donald E. Stahl (AM)

MA in philosophy

Jacob G. Stansbury, Jr. (AM)


Scott Star (AM)

Senior Digital Imaging Specialist

Stephen M. St. John (AM)

Author, An Eight-Part Peace Proposal for Greater Jerusalem;
Open Letters about 9/11 to the Attorney General of the USA
Michael B. Mukasey; web site:

Rob Steinhofer (AM)

Local Milwaukee Grassroots Contact Person for,Local Milwaukee Coordinator for (Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliancefor 911 Truth)

Harry Stottle (AM)

Philosopher, Author, Computer Consultant, Inventor. IT Directorof the Codel Project. Specialist in authentication and related issues.

Shaun D. Taulbee, MOB, MA (AM)

Masters of Organizational Behavior

Gary Ryan Taylor (AM)

Videographer, Electronic media

Jörgen Thorlund (AM)

Attorney, Sweden

Coco Tralla (AM)

Writer, Speaker, Publisher, Distributor

Paul Tuffery (AM)

Film maker, Videographer, Computer technician 

Tom Tvedten (AM)

Family Physician; Medical School instructor; Arkansas 9/11 Truth contact

H. Chris Videll (AM)

Accountant, Financial analyst

Jack White (AM)


David Whyte (AM)


Edgar Williams (AM)

Statistics, Computer Science, Database Management

Larry Winfrey (AM)

Network engineer

Judson Witham (AM)

Civil Rights Laws; High Rise/Mid Rise/Low Rise Construction/demolition

Ian Woods (AM)

Publisher and Editor of Global Outlook (the Magazine of 9/11Truth); president of S.I.F.T. - Skeptics Inquiry For Truth (aka

Wayne Young (AM)

BS Civil Engineering
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