'US special squad killed Benazir'
[Editor's note:  And Lebanese PM Al Hariri and its Army Chief of Staff]
18 May 2009, nation.com.pk, staff

41 Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency Veterans Challenge 9/11
[Editor's note:  Here's a web site that is making a difference]
18 May 2009, patriotsquestion911.com, Alan Miller

Supreme Court Says Top Officials Cannot Be Sued for Alleged Detainee Abuses
[Editor's note:  Reject argument holding Ashcroft and Mueller responsible]
18 May 2009, huffingtonpost.com, Jesse J. Holland

Bigger, Bloodier Wars Equal Peace and Justice
[Editor's note:  There is reason to fear that he may be correct]
17 May 2009, rense.com, James Petras

Obama's Word Breaks Ice in Geneva Arms Talks
[Editor's note:  The word was "verifiable" in nuclear arms reduction]
17 May 2009, Associated Press, Charles J. Hanley

Cheney's Multiple Layers Of Deceit
[Editor's note:  Nice overview of an evil influence upon our way of life]
16 May 2009, opednews.com, Bill Hare objectives in Iraq.

[Obama] Government Readies Youth Corps To Take On Vets
[Editor's note:  Parallels with Hitler Youth may be no exaggeration]
15 May 2009, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson & Kurt Nimmo
For "Headlines":

'US special squad killed Benazir'
[Editor's note:  And Lebanese PM Al Hariri and its Army Chief of Staff]
18 May 2009, nation.com.pk, staff

41 Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency Veterans Challenge 9/11
[Editor's note:  Here's a web site that is making a difference]
18 May 2009, patriotsquestion911.com, Alan Miller

Supreme Court Says Top Officials Cannot Be Sued for Alleged Detainee Abuses
[Editor's note:  Reject argument holding Ashcroft and Mueller responsible]
18 May 2009, huffingtonpost.com, Jesse J. Holland

Bigger, Bloodier Wars Equal Peace and Justice
[Editor's note:  There is reason to fear that he may be correct]
17 May 2009, rense.com, James Petras

Obama's Word Breaks Ice in Geneva Arms Talks
[Editor's note:  The word was "verifiable" in nuclear arms reduction]
17 May 2009, Associated Press, Charles J. Hanley

Cheney's Multiple Layers Of Deceit
[Editor's note:  Nice overview of an evil influence upon our way of life]
16 May 2009, opednews.com, Bill Hare objectives in Iraq.

[Obama] Government Readies Youth Corps To Take On Vets
[Editor's note:  Parallels with Hitler Youth may be no exaggeration]
15 May 2009, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson & Kurt Nimmo

Ex-CIA Official: Agency Brass Lied to Congress About Interrogations
[Editor's note:  Cheney and Yoo have been making false claims]
15 May 2009, truthout.org, Jason Leopold

Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III | Afghanistan/Pakistan: Where Empires Go to Die
[Editor's note:  Obama may be committing a massive blunder]
15 May 2009, truthout.org, Wilmer J. Leon III

Military Tribunals Will Resume, Obama Says
[Editor's note:  With enhanced legal safeguards, but is that enough?]
15 May 2009, Washington Post, Peter Finn

Why the Caged Bird Sang (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  What's the score with Dick Cheney?]
15 May 2009, truthout.org, William Rivers Pitt

Prosecutors to Question Rove on US Attorney Firings
[Editor's note:  It's about time to figure this one out]
15 May 2009, Washington Post, Carrie Johnson

Pelosi and Torture - The CIA Invented Evidence of Informing Democrats
[Editor's note:  Why don't things like this surprise me?]
15 May 2009, opednews.com, Steven Leser

New York's 9/11 déjà vu (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  What was really going on here?  More terrorism?]
15 May 2009, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Netanyahu Asks Pope to Condemn Iran
[Editor's note:  Entangling Pope Benedict XVI is Mid-Eastern Politics]
15 May 2009, nytimes.com, Racahel Donadio

Netanyahu to Meet Obama as U.S. Priorities Shift
[Editor's note:  A giant step in the right direction]
15 May 2009, nytimes.com, Mark Landler

Who Rules America? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Is Obama under the control of a powerful group?]
14 May 2009, informationclearinghouse.com, Paul Craig Roberts

New 'prisoner abuse' photographs emerge despite US bid to block publication
[Editor's note:  Attempts to suppress do not appear to be successful]
14 May 2009, telegraph.co.uk, Alex Spillius

Shadowy Forces In Karachi
[Editor's note:  A bad situation is growing worse]
14 May 2009, newmatilda.clom, Mustafa Qadri

Prosecutors to Question Rove on U.S. Attorney Firings
[Editor's note:  It's about time to get to the bottom of this]
14 May 2009, washingtonpost.com, Carrie Johnson

Mike Connell, Paul Wellstone, and Bevery Eckert Buffalo Plane Crashes and Futuristic Directed Energy Weapons Systems
[Editor's note:  Nice piece citing evidence of sophisticated weaponry]
13 May 2009, opednews.com, Eric Nelson

Swine Flu May Be Human Error; WHO Investigates Claim (Update1)
[Editor's note:  Or, more likely, a deliberate contrivance to instill fear]
13 May 2009, bloomberg.com, Jason Gale and Simeon Bennett

Cancer Patients Challenge the Patenting of a Gene
[Editor's note:  Patenting forms of life is patenting laws of nature]
13 May 2009, nytimes.com, John Schwartz

Bush's 'Smoking Gun' Witness Found Dead
[Editor's note:  Using torture to extract false "confessions"]
13 May 2009, impeachbush.org, staff

Rogue Diva of Doom (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Cheney's "nasty campaign of fear and loathing"]
13 May 2009, nytimes.com, Maureen Dowd

Congress's Torture Bubble (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Briefing four members hardly qualifies as oversight]
13 May 2009, nytimes.com, Vicki Divoll

Pilots Chatted in Moments Before Buffalo Crash
[Editor's note:  This crash was not caused by a conversation]
13 May 2009, nytimes.com, Matthew L. Wald

Christians in Mideast Losing Numbers and Influence
[Editor's note:  Is this necessarily such a bad thing?]
13 May 2009, nytimes.com, Ethan Bronner

Letting the "too big to fail" fail and why (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  We should not prop up inefficiency and corruption]
13 May 2009, Online Journal, Jerry Mazza

Counseling Was Ordered for Soldier in Shooting
[Editor's note:  Events like this are going to become more common]
13 May 2009, nytimes.com, James Dao and Lizette Alvarez

Tillmans: Senate should scrutinize McChrystal
[Editor's note:  They have good reasons to distrust this general]
12 May 2009, Associated Press, Lara Jakes

Afghans Describe "Tractor Trailers Full of Pieces of Human Bodies"
[Editor's note:  This is not what I had expected from Obama]
7 May 2009, alternet.org, Jeremy Scahill, Rebel Reports

Millions Wasted On Voter Registration In '08
[Editor's note:  Election theft continues unabated]
6 May 2009, huffingtonpost.com, Arthur Delaney

America's Shame (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Our lopsided policy toward Israel is corrupt and immoral]
11 January 2009, vdare.com, Paul Craig Roberts

Secret Bush-Clinton-Federal Reserve Pakistani Accounts Revealed
[Editor's note:  None of this would surprise me at all]
9 May 2009, blogs.myspace.com,Tom Heneghan

It wasn't Muslims (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Evidence exonerating the Islamic world regarding 9/11]

Commander's Ouster Is Tied to Shift in Afghan War
[Editor's note:  But are they now pursuing the right tactics?]
12 May 2009, nytimes.com, Elisabeth Bumliller and Thom Shanker

NOTE:  Tillman memo contradicted citation
[Editor's note:  Same general misrepresented the death of Pat Tillman]
3 July 2008, Associated Press, Scott Lindlaw and Martha Mendoza

PLUS:  Has Cheney been Murdering Americans?
[Editor's note:  Tillman appears to have been deliberately taken out]
12 April 2009, opednews.com, Jim Fetzer

On His Tour, Pope Runs Into Politics of Middle East and Holocaust
[Editor's note:  We were expecting something else, like rose pedals?]
12 May 2009, nytimes.com, Rachel Donadio

An Agenda for Mr. Netanyahu (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  An extreme right-wing PM meets a centerist president]
12 May 2009, nytimes.com, editorial board

A Moderate Plan for Health Care (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Support for a public and private combination]
12 May 2009, nytimes.com, editorial board

Faking Left (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Engaging on abortion, punting on gay rights?]
12 May 2009, nytimes.com, Ross Douthat

Krugman: US Risks "Lost Decade" Due to Half-Steps
[Editor's note:  Less agressive policies may produce stagnation]
12 May 2009, Reuters, Alan Wheatley

CIA and ISI together created Taliban: Zardari
[Editor's note:  Rare truth from the mouth of the Pakistan President]
11 May 2009, indiatimes.com, news report

U.S. Soldier in Iraq Kills 5 Comrades at Stress Clinic
[Editor's note:  Events like this will happen more and more often]
11 May 2009, Ernesto Londoño with Comments by John McCarthy

Afghan Leader Says Civilian Deaths Strain Ties With U.S.
[Editor's note:  President Hamid Karzai complains about airstrikes]
9 May 2009, nytimes.com, Helene Cooper

CIA memo cites 40 Congressional briefings on torture
[Editor's note:  Lots of members were told about "enhanced interrogation"]
9 May 2009, wsws.org, Bill van Auken

Obama Set to Revive Military Commissions
[Editor's note:  But with greater rights for detainees]
9 May 2009, Washington Post, Peter Finn

The Care and Feeding of Arlen (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Nice profile of a self-indulgent senator]
9 May 2009, nytimes.com, Gail Collins

NOTE:  Arlen Specter and The "Magic" Bullet
[Editor's note:  This is the same guy who covered up JFK's assassination]
1 May 2009, opednews.com, Jim Fetzer

Pentagon?s Black Budget Grows to More Than $50 Billion (Updated)
[Editor's note:  With less and less Congressional accountability]
7 May 2009, wired.com, Noah Shachtman

Justice Dept. Finds Flaws in F.B.I. Terror List
[Editor's note:  24,000 listed based on irrelevant information]
7 May 2009, nytimes.com, Eric Lichtblau

Bristol Palin's New Gig (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Abstinence education is worse than useless]
7 May 2009, nytimes.com, Gail Collins

Bush Officials Try to Alter Ethics Report
[Editor's note:  Trying to cover-up malfeasance again?  Shocking!]
6 May 2009, Washington Post, Carrie Johnson

William Rivers Pitt | Bad Trouble in Pakistan (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Nukes, instability, and terrorists together again]
5 May 2009, truthout.org, William Rivers Pitt

Gardasil Linked to Nerve Disorder
[Editor's note:  New vaccine may increase risk of Guillain-Barre Syndrom]
30 April 2009, webmd.com, Charlene Laino

U.S. Plans Attack and Defense in Cyberspace Warfare
[Editor's note:  Beware of attempts to attack freedom of speech]
28 April 2009, nytimes.com, David E. Sanger, John Markoof, and Thom Shanker

How '07 ABC Interview Tilted a Torture Debate
[Editor's note:  Lies, lies, and more lies from official sources]
28 April 2009, nytimes.com, Brian Stelter

Clinton Says U.S. Is Ready to Lead on Climate
[Editor's note:  It's about time]
28 April 2009, nytimes.com, John M. Broder

Democrats Announce Agreement on Budget Pact
[Editor's note:  A tactical maneuver the GOP has used many times]
27 April 2009, nytimes.com, Associated Press

Cheney for President (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Running Cheney would have better defined the party]
27 April 2009, nytimes.com, Ross Douthat

A Lexicon of Disappointment (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Is Obama continuing the polices of George W. Bush?]
18 April 2009, globalresearch.ca, Naomi Klein

Ex-Italian President: 9/11 Was CIA/Mossad Operation
[Editor's note:  Cossiga says "It's common knowledge"
15 April 2009, americanfreepress.net, staff report

Military Whistleblower Witness Observed Flight 93 Stand-Down Order
[Editor's note:  From Ft. Meade, where the decision was made]
8 April 2009, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Should Obama Control the Internet?
[Editor's note:  New bill would grant him emergency control]
2 April 2009, Mother Jones, Steve Aquino

Six Years Later: An on-the-Ground View of Iraq
[Editor's note:  Are things in Iraq better or worse?]
23 March 2009, commondreams.org, Michele Naar-Obed

The Real AIG Scandal, Continued!
[Editor's note:  A briliant critique of ongoing malfeasance]
22 March 2009, slate.com, Eliot Spitzer

House Passes Heavy Tax on Bonuses at Rescued Firms
[Editor's note:  But will this move actually turn into law?]
20 March 2009, nytimes.com, Carl Hulse and David M. Herszenhorn

Connecticut Senator Draws Voters' Ire for His Bonus Role
[Editor's note:  A distinguished Senator may have crossed the line]
20 March 2009, nytimes.com, Raymond Hernandez and Thomas Kaplan

Soldiers' Accounts of Gaza Killings Raise Furor in Israel
[Editor's note:  Israelis are killing Palestinians:  what else is new?]
20 March 2009, nytimes.com, Ethan Bronner

WPost Is a Neocon Propaganda Sheet (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The need to read with a critical eye]
18 March 2009, opednews.com, Robert Parry

The Case For a Domestic Marijuana Industry (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  60% if drug profits would evaporate if it were legalized]
17 March 2009, foreignpolicy.com, Aaron Houston

The Granny Bashers (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  We have an obligation across generations to fix health care]
16 March 2009, Truthout, Dean Baker

Southern Oligarchy and the Labor Unions (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  "Cheap labor is the thread connecting Southern history"]
16 March 2009, Progressive Populist, Joseph B. Atkins

Bill Could Lower Birth Control Costs at Colleges
[Editor's note:  An appropriate move to benefit society]
16 March 2009, Associated Press, Justin Pope

Government Combs Through G.M.'s Survival Plan
[Editor's note:  Is the better choice a managed bankruptcy?]
16 March 2009, nytimes.com, David E. Sanger and Bill Vlasic

Economic Advisers Warn of No Quick Turnarounds
[Editor's note:  This news comes as no surprise]
16 March 2009, nytimes.com, Brian Knowlton

Cheney Says Obama Has Increased Risks
[Editor's note:  They needed torture to extract false "confessions"]
16 March 2009, nytimes.com, A. G. Sulzberger

Cheney: US achieved much of what it wanted in Iraq
[Editor's note:  Massive cost, 1 million Iraqis dead, big oil back in]
15 March 2009, CNN's "State of the Union", Dick Cheney

How Not to End Another President's War (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Escalation is not the answer]
15 March 2009, The New York Times, Robert Dallek

Clinton Advances Mideast Peace
[Editor's note:  Adopting a more even-handed approach]
15 March 2009, truthout.org, James J. Zogby

Bolivia Passes Land From Rich to Poor
[Editor's note:  Advancing a liberal agenda and helping the poor]
15 March 2009, Reuters

Election Dirty Tricks Again in Washington and El Salvador
[Editor's note:  Obama should get US out of election rigging
15 March 2009, Truthout, Robert Naiman

Israel's new defence minister accused of war crime
[Editor's note:  Responsible for assassinating head of Hamas]
15 March 2009, The Sunday Times, Uzi Mahnaimi

A.I.G. Planning Huge Bonuses After $170 Billion Bailout
[Editor's note:  No restraining their arrogance and greed]
15 March 2009, nytimes.com, Edmund L. Andrews and Peter Baker

Chilean Town Withers in Free Market for Water
[Editor's note:  A resource that, like air, should never be private]
15 March 2009, nytimes.com, Alexei Barrionuevo

Pentagon Rethinking Old Doctrine on 2 Wars
[Editor's note:  Let's prepare to attack every nation in the world]
15 March 2009, nytimes.com, Thom Shanker

President Obama: Tougher Food Safety Measures
[Editor's note:  Another step in the right direction]
15 March 2009, truthout.org, Barack Obama

Building Coalitions, One Issue at a Time
[Editor's note:  A president who can chew gum and walk at the same time]
15 March 2009, nytimes.com, Peter Baker

Who Profits from the Israeli Occupation?
[Editor's note:  A question much worth asking]
14 March 2009, Monthly Review, Daniel Rosenberg

Osama bin Laden: Arab leaders 'complicit' with Israel
[Editor's note:  The authenticity of this tape, like past ones, is in doubt]
14 March 2009, AFP, anonymous

"Assassination Unit" Still Active Under Obama, Including Domestically
[Editor's note:  This is completely unacceptable and must be prosecuted]
14 March 2009, Prison Planet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Obama Justice Department defends Rumsfeld in torture case
[Editor's note:Obama admin would take 'stronger moral stance' on torture
13 March 2009, The Raw Story, Rachel Oswald

Education means more than job-training
[Editor's note:  Abandoning our most precious intellectual resource]
13 March 2009, National Post, Patrick Keeney

The Zionist Nexus Linking 9/11 and the Financial Crisis
[Editor's note:  A courageous journalist confronts 9/11 truth]
25 February 2009, kennysideshow.blogspot.com, Christopher Bollyn

America's Shame (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Why does Israel have a right to exist but Palestine doesn't?]
11 January 2009, vdare.com, Paul Craig Roberts

The proliferation of space warfare technology
[Editor's note:  US continues to puruse "full spectrum dominance"]
11 December 2008, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Matthew Hoey

John Dean: Cheney is guilty of 'murder' if Hersh claims are true
[Editor's note:  No doubt, he was also assassinating Americans]
13 March 2009, rawstory.com, David Edwards and Rachel Oswald

Updating the Militarization and Annexation of North America
[Editor's note:  Is Obama going to put a stop to this form of treason?]
13 March 2009, opednews.com, Stephen Lendman

Eyes wide shut: A look at British news censorship
[Editor's note:  Photojournalists losing rights in name of counter-terrorism]
13 March 2009, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Investors See a Glimmer and Shares Soar Worldwide
[Editor's note:  Few experts are willing to call an end to the bear market]
13 March 2009, nytimes.com, Steve Lohr and Jack Healy

China 'Worried' About Safety of U.S. Treasuries
[Editor's note:  Biggest holder of government debt concerned about assets]
13 March 2009, nytimes.com, Bettina Wassener

Obama on Spot as Rulings Aid Gay Partners
[Editor's note:  Whether to provide health insurance to same-sex partners]
13 March 2009, nytimes.com, Robert Pear

Poll Excludes Single-Payer Healthcare; Respondents Endorse It Anyway
[Editor's note:  Rigged poll probably funded by health-care industry]
12 March 2009, opednews.com, Jerry Policoff

"Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth"
[Editor's note:  New effort to bring about a reinvestigation]
12 March 2009, new organization
\n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

2009 Rosemary Award for Worst FOIA Performance Goes to FBI
[Editor's note:  FBI can't find 66% records vs. agency average 13%]
13 March 2009, nsarchive.org,Thomas Blanton and Kristin Adair

Israel Stance Was Undoing of Nominee for Intelligence Post
[Editor's note:  Excessive influence of AIPAC lobby]
12 March 2009, nytimes.com, Mark Mazzetti and Helene Cooper

The CIA responds to Seymour Hersh (via MinnPost)
[Editor's note:  "Utter nonsense," but it was not a CIA operation]
12 March 2009, minnpost.com, Eric Black

Investigative reporter Seymour Hersh describes 'executive assassination ring'
[Editor's note:  Circumventing State and CIA, reporting only to Cheney]
11 March 2009, opednews.com, Eric Black

"There is nobody there"
[Editor's note:  Many high-level admin positions remain unfilled]
11 March 2009, dailymail.com, Don Surber

5 Years After It Halted Weapons Programs, Libya Sees the U.S. as Ungrateful
[Editor's note:  Washington has done too little to reward the country]
11 March 2009, nytimes.com, Michael Slackman

Obama Outlines Plan for Education Overhaul
[Editor's note:  Challenges states to lift limits on charter schools]
11 March 2009, nytimes.com, David Stout

Senate Clears Spending After Fractious Debate
[Editor's note:  $410 spending measure was approved by a voice vote]
11 March 2009, nytimes.com, DavidM. Herszenhorn

Obama's Court Nominees Are Focus of Speculation
[Edotor's note:  Signs of how plans to shape the nation's judiciary]
11 March 2009, nytimes.com, Neil A. Lewis

Narrowing the Voting Rights Act (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Requiring high proportion to deserve protection]
11 March 2009, nytimes.com, editorial

Steven Jones Interview Goes Blooey: Coincidence or Sabotage?
[Editor's note:  Technical glitches appear deliberate]
11 March 2009, truthjihad.blogspot, Kevin Barrett

Can Humans Cause Earthquakes/Hurricanes and Use Them As Weapons?
[Editor's note:  The answer appears to be, "Yes!"]
10 March 2009, alternet.org, Scott Thill

Justices, 5-4, Set Limit on Sweep of Voting Law
[Editor's note:  Differences on protecting minority voting rights]
10 March 2009, nytimes.com, Adam Liptak

Zealous Watchman to Follow the Money
[Editor's note:  Earl E. Devaney to police $787 billion stimulus package]
10 March 2009, nytimes.com, Scott Shane

Obama Looks to Limit Impact of Tactic Bush Used to Sidestep New Laws
[Editor's note:  Consult attorney general about signing statements]
10 March 2009, nytimes.com, Charlie Savage

Conspicuous Consumption, a Casualty of Recession
[Editor's note:  The downturn has tripped the reset button]
10 March 2009, nytimes.com, Shaila Dewan

Obama Puts His Own Spin on Mix of Science With Politics
[Editor's note:  Another step in the right direction]
10 March 2009, nytimes.com, Sheryl Gay Stolbert

In Afghanistan, Less Can Be More
[Editor's note:  Keep your footprint small]
10 March 2009, nytimes.com, Arthur Keller

Treasury Official Quits Amidst Fraud Scandal
[Editor's note:  Man at center of scandal allowed to retire]
8 March 2009, ABC News, Brian Ross, Justin Rood,and Joseph Rhee

Obama's Next Gauntlet: Reviving the Middle Class (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Creating a structure of the new economy]
8 March 2009, The Campaign for America's Future, Robert Borosage

Pentagon's Unwanted Projects in Earmarks
[Editor's note:  Democrats added $524 million more in miliary pork]
8 March 2009, The Washington Post, R. Jeffrey Smith and Ellen Nakashima

Ex-Countrywide honchos set up firm to buy bad loans
[Editor's note:  Taking advantage of the American people (twice!)]
5 March 2009, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Truth Commission May Not Lead to Prosecutions
[Editor's note:  Judiciary Committee moves ahead on hearings]
5 March 2009, Truthout, Matt Renner

Obama Takes Aim at Costly Defense Contracts
[Editor's note:  Cracking down on cost overruns and outright fraud]
5 March 2009, Reuters, Ross Colvin

Memos Provide Blueprint for Police State
[Editor's note:  Creating a truly imperial presidency]
4 March 2009, Truthout, Marjorie Cohn

Obama Skews Battle Lines in "Class War"
[Editor's note:  Taking from the rich to benefit the poor]
4 March 2009, The Los Angeles Times, Michael Hiltzik

Bill Would Create New Oversight of Pentagon Costs
[Editor's note:  Need to cut defense budget drastically]
4 March 2009, The Washington Post, Ellen Nakashima

The Laugher Curve (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  What a glorious mess this is!]
4 March 2009, Truthout, William Rivers Pitt

Prosecuting the Bush Team?
[Editor's note:  Will Obama follow international law?]
4 March 2009, Foreign Policy in Review, Robert Pallitto

Declassified Memos Provide Look Into Bush Policies
[Editor's note:  The Bush dictatorship revealed]
4 March 2009, NPR News, Ari Shapiro

Glenn Beck Mentions FEMA Camps on Fox & Friends
[Editor's note:  Good work from an unexpected source]
3 March 2009, prisonplanet.com, Kurt Nimmo

"Why has the US government has been building prison camps all over?"
[Editor's note:  A good question from FOX News]
3 March 2009, brasschecktv.com, Fox News

$30 billion more for AIG
[Editor's note:  Billions more for private pockets]
3 March 2009, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

The German Constitutional Court has declared electronic
voting machines too insecure for use in Germany.
[Editor's note:  Black box voting is unconstitutional]
"Der Einsatz von Abstimmcomputern bei der Bundestagswahl warlaut
Verfassungsgericht grundgesetzwidrig - die bisherigen Maschinen sind
einfach zu unsicher."

CIA Destroyed 92 Interrogation Tapes
[Editor's note:  What else would we expect of theagency]
2 March 2009, The Associated Press, Devlin Barrett

Cost of locking up Americans too high
[Editor's note:  Reform our incarceration practices]
2 March 2009, reuters.com, Pew study

Iran "Not Close" to Nuclear Weapon
[Editor's note:  Throwing cold water on a hot topic]
2 March 2009, Reuters, Deborah Zabarenko

Clinton Dives Into Arab-Israeli Peacemaking
[Editor's note:  The thorniest of the thorny problems]
2 March 2009, Reuters, Sue Pleming

Problems Face Sebelius if She Is Next Health Chief
[Editor's note:  Serious challenges await her and the nation]
2 March 2009, The Associated Press, Ricardo Alonzo-Zaldivar

Obama Wasn't Kidding About Health Care
[Editor's note:  Moving in the right direction once again!]
2 March 2009, The New York Magazine, Dan Amira

Scientists' Stem Cell Breakthrough Could End Ethical Dilemma
[Editor's note:  New source of stem cells for research]
2 March 2009, The Guardian UK, Ian Sample

Revenge of the Glut (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Economic crisis is the revenge of a global saving glut]
2 March 2009, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

Iran, the Jews and Germany (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  U.S. propensity to demonize countries]
2 March 2009, nytimes.com, Roger Cohen

Make My Filibuster (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Harry Reid should call the minority's bluff]
2 March 2009, nytimes.com, David E. RePass

Change for the Worse:  A banana republic by 2012?
[Editor's note:  Pessimistic assessment for reliable source]
1 March 2009, vdare.com, Paul Craig Roberts

Obama Budget Marks Large Ideological Swing
[Editor's note:  Fundamental reordering of national priorities]
1 March 2009, The Washington Post, Lori Montgomery

Obama's War with the Right & Media (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Is government working for the Amerian people?]
1 March 2009, Consortium News, Robert Perry

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius Tapped to Lead HHS
[Editor's note:  She appears to be a very wise choice]
1 March 2009, The Associated Press, Charles Babington and John Hanna

US, China End Talks With Plans for More
[Editor's note:  Concluding their first military consultations]
1 March 2009, The Washington Post, Maureen Fan

Finally a Progressive Budget (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  But didn't he help get us in this fix?]
1 March 2009, Robert Reich's blog, Robert Reich

Netanyahu Fails Again to Sway Livni
[Editor's note:  Divisions in Israeli politics]
1 March 2009, The Washington Post, Linda Gradstein

French Professor Sacked Over 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
[Editor's note:  Freedom of speech and of inquiry in jeopardy]
Global Research, February 28, 2009

Holder Vows To End Raids On Medical Marijuana Clubs
[Editor's note:  A giant step in the right direction]
26 February 2009, huffingtonpost.com

Twilight Of The Psychopaths (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Are military institutions for psychopathic killers?]
21 August 2008, rense.com, Kevin Barrett

Civilian Inmate Labor Program
[Editor's note:  It's there in black and white]
14 January 2005, Army Regulation 210-35

Senate to Investigate CIA's Actions Under Bush
[Editor's note:  Sweeping examination of controversial actions coming]
27 February 2009, The Los Angeles Times, Greg Miller

Obama to Overturn Bush "Right to Conscience" Rule
[Editor's note:  Getting rid of a grossly inappropriate policy]
27 February 2009, Rob Stein

Economy Shrinks at Fastest Pace in 26 Years
[Editor's note:  The trend that has to be reversed]
27 February 2009, The Associated Press, Jeannine Aversa

Sources: Obama Cuts Funds for Nevada Nuclear Dump
[Editor's note:  The Yucca Mountain site was severely flawed]
27 February 2009, The Associated Press, H. Josef Hebert

Obama to Seek Higher Tax on Affluent to Pay for Health Care
[Editor's note:  A giant step in the right direction for America]
26 February 2009, nytimes.com, Jackie Calmes and Robert Pear

The war on Wall Street terror
[Editor's note:  Is this our second "false flag" 9/11?]
27 February 2009, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

GOP Turns to Talk of "Spending Freeze"
[Editor's note:  More insane policies motivated by ideology]
26 February 2009, The Washington Independent, David Weigel

Norman Solomon | Where the Money Goes (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Reduce military spending, increase social spending]
26 February 2009, The San Francisco Chronicle, Norman Solomon

Marvin Kalb | The Future of Cuba (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Return Guantanamo to Cuba to whom it rightfully belongs!]
26 February 2009, truthout.org. Marvin Kalb

Mahler Gets 6 Years Over Holocaust Statement
[Editor's note:  If this is true, it is an intellectual atrocity]
26 February 2009, rense.com, no attribution

Doomsday Clock May Finally Stop Ticking
[Editor's note:  Steps in the direction of reducing nuclear tension?]
25 February 2009, Inter Press Service, Haider Rizvi

Obama Said Ready to Withdraw Combat Troops From Iraq
[Editor's note:  It's about time!  Sooner is better than later]
25 February 2009, Reuters, Andrew Gray and David Morgan

Obama Assures Nation: 'We Will Rebuild'
[Editor's note:  Asks Congress to address energy, education and health care]
25 February 2009, nytimes.com, Jeff Zeleny

In Time of Crisis, Urging Bold Action and Big Ideas
[Editor's note:  Now is the right time for expanding aspirations]
25 February 2009, nytimes.com, Peter Baker

President Barack Obama | Address to Joint Session of Congress
[Editor's note:  A masterful address impressing all Americans]
25 February 2009, truthout.org, President Barack Obama

Ann Wright | Can Gaza Be Rebuilt Through Tunnels?
[Editor's note:  A continuation of an illegal and immoral blockade and siege]
25 February 2009, Truthout, Anne Wright

Lawyer says Guantanamo abuse worse since Obama
[Editor's note:  Getting their "kicks" before the prison is shut down]
25 February 2009, Reuters, Luke Baker

Senate Confirms Solis as Labor Secretary
[Editor's note:  About time we had a Labor Secretary who is pro-labor!]
25 February 2009, The Associates Press, Sam Nananel

Michael T. Klare | A Planet at the Brink
[Editor's note:  Will increased civil unrest and strife follow?]
25 February 2009, TomDispatch.com, Michael T. Klare

George Lakoff | The Obama Code
[Editor's Note:  Gifted scholar discerns deeper meaning]
24 February 2009, Truthout, George Lakoff

US Clears Path to Bank Takeovers
[Editor's note:  About time to get serious]
24 February 2009, The Washington Post, Binyamin Appelbaum

The Deficit Hawks' Attack on Our Entitlements (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Trying to undermine our social safety net]
24 February 2009, The Washington Post, Robert Kuttner

Irresponsible, Thy Name Is Peterson (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Effort to undermine Social Security and Medicare]
24 February 2009, The Campaign for America's Future, Bill Scher

Art Levine | Why the GOP Hates Unions
[Editor's note:  More from the nasty rich]
24 February 2009, The Huffington Post, Art Levine

  From a Carrier, Another View of America's Air War in Afghanistan
[Editor's note:  Flying thousands of missions amid uproar over casualties]
24 February 2009, nytimes.com, Elisabeth Bumiller

U.S. to Give $900 Million in Gaza Aid
[Editor's note:  Funneled through nongovernmental organizations]
24 February 2009, nytimes.com, Helene Cooper

A Short History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Past Is Prologue
[Editor's note:  We have to understand the origins of Israel]
24 February 2009, thedailycrock.com, Stephen Lendman

Public Supports Obama on Campaign Promises, not working with GOP
[Editor's note:  Let's hope Barack follows his own game plan]
24 February 2009, opednews.com, Rob Kall

A 3rd Rescue Would Give U.S. 40% of Citigroup
[Editor's note:  Nationalization appears to be inevitable]
24 February 2009, nytimes.com, Eric Dash

Across the Atlantic, Echoes in R.B.S.'s Lifeline
[Editor's note:  British minority stake in the Royal Bank is 68 percent]
24 February 2009, nytimes.com, Landon Thomas, Jr.

What Part of 'Stimulus' Don't They Get? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  GOP sticking with ideology, not working on policies]
24 February 2009, nytimes.com, editorial

Israeli Rivals Split on Future of Mideast Peace Process
[Editor's note:  No agreement on two state solution to the problem]
23 February 2009, Agence France-Presse, Jean-Luc Renaudie

Amnesty Citing Phosphorus Shells Urges Israeli Weapons Ban
[Editor's note:  Banned US weapons used against Palestinian population]
23 February 2009, The Guardian UK, Rory McCarthy

Lugar: "Time to Rethink US Sanctions on Cuba"
[Editor's note:  Top Republican says it's time to revised our policies]
23 February 2009, Agence France-Presse,

Secret U.S. Unit Trains Commandos in Pakistan
[Editor's note:  To battle Al Qaeda and the Taliban in lawless areas]
23 February 2009, nytimes.com, Eric Schmitt and Jane Perlez

F.A.A. Often Takes Years to Carry Out Lessons From Air Crashes
[Editor's note:  NTSB investigations can be excruciatingly slow]
23 February 2009, nytimes.com, Matthew L. Wald

Ms. Jackson Makes a Change (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The new EPA brings a sense of urgency to global warming]
23 February 2009, nytimes.com, editorial

Disagreements About Stimulus Embroil G.O.P.
[Editor's note:  A party that has lost all sense of direction]
23 February 2009, nytimes.com, Jackie Calmes and Robert Pear

S.E.C. Chief Pursues Reversal of Years of Lax Enforcement
[Editor's note:  Turning the agency into a watchdog with teeth]
23 February 2009, nytimes.com, Stephen Labaton

Benjamin R. Barber | Which Capitalism Will It Be? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Will the marker serve us or we continue to serve it?]
23 February 2009, Newsday, Benjamin R. Barber

Orwellian Doublethink: "Nationalize the banks." "Free Markets."
[Editor's note:  A discussion of the use of deceptive language]
23 February 2009, globalresearch.ca, Michael Hudson

Geithner versus the banking oligarchs (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The small group that "calls the shots"]
23 February 2009, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Banking on the Brink (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Why not just go ahead and nationalize?]
23 February 2009, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

Our Friend in Tehran (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  If we want to improve relations with Tehran, try Ahmadinejad]
23 February 2009, nytimes.com, Ali Reza Eshraghi

Is Barack Obama turning into George W. Bush?
[Editor's note:  Are we being betrayed by our new leader?]
18 February 2009, capitolhillblue.com, Doug Thompson

Obama?s War on Terror May Resemble Bush?s in Some Areas
[Editor's note:  Why hasn't Obama renounced these Bush excesses?]
17 February 2009, nytimes.com, Charlie Savage

New Legislation Authorizes FEMA Camps In U.S.
[Editor's note:  Shades of Nazi Germany right here in the USA]
27 January 2009, Prison Planet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Scahill: Blackwater now in the private intelligence business
[Editor's note:  The world would be better off without them]
31 July 2008, rawstory.com, David Edwards and Muriel Kane

Found in Translation
[Editor's note:  FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds spills her secrets]
28 January 2008, The American Conservative, Philip Giraldi

No Rights for Detainees in Afghanistan
[Editor's note:  Is Obama betraying the principles of the nation?]
21 February 2009, Associated Press, Nedra Pickler

Obama Widens Missile Strikes Inside Pakistan
[Editor's note:  Obama broadening of the campaign inside Pakistan]
21 February 2009, nytimes.com, Mark Mazzetti and David E. Sanger

Netanyahu, Once Hawkish, Now Touts Pragmatism
[Editor's note:  Calls on centrists and the left to form unity government]
21 February 2009, nytimes.com, Ethan Bronner

Changing Climate Numbers (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Unequivocal evidence that Earth is warming]
21 February 2009, nytimes.com, editorial

A Safe, Secure and Dwindling Arsenal (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Nukes must be reduced in size and managed carefully]
21 February 2009, nytimes.com, editorial

6 Governors May Reject Portions of Stimulus
[Editor's note:  Putting ideology before assistance]
21 February 2009, nytimes.com, Shaila Dewan

Guantnamo Meets Geneva Rules, Pentagon Study Finds
[Editor's note:  Egad! Report compliance with humanitarian guidelines]
21 February 2009, nytimes.com, William Glaberson

Money Is the Root of All Hypocrisy (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Fooling some of the people can be remunerative]
21 February 2009, Truthout, Michael Winship

U.S. Tries a Trillion-Dollar Key for Locked Lending
[Editor's note:  Subsidizing hedge funds and private equity firms]
20 February 2009, nytimes.com, Vikas Bajaj

Iran Has More Enriched Uranium Than Thought
[Editor's note:  Tehran has enough to make a bomb]
20 February 2009, nytimes.com, William J. Broad and David E. Sanger

Netanyahu Gains in Bid to Be Israeli Premier
[Editor's note:  Receiving support from the far right]
20 February 2009, nytimes.com, Ethan Bronner

Biden Says Bush Gave Al Qaeda Recruiting Tool
[Editor's note:  Criticized the Bush detention and interrogation policies]
20 February 2009, nytimes.com, Scott Shane

Health Care Industry in Talks to Shape Policy
[Editor's note:  Secret talks appear to be inching toward consensus]
20 February 2009, nytimes.com, Robert Pear

Salvaging Afghanistan (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Before things fall apart, Obama nees a plan]
20 February 2009, nytimes.com, editorial

Two Early Tests on Guns (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Obama should reverse a policy and repeal an amendment]
20 February 2009, nytimes.com, editorial

Who'll Stop the Pain? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Obama needs stronger policy initiatives]
20 February 2009, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

Ex-Grace Officials on Trial in Asbestos Poisoning
[Editor's note:  Accountability for W. R. Grace at last?]
19 February 2009, nytimes.com, Kirk Johnson

Kansas Governor Seen as Top Choice in Health Post
[Editor's note:  Gov. Kathleen Sebelius would be a great choice!]
19 February 2009, nytimes.com, Peter Baker and Robert Pear

Study Calls for Oversight of Forensics in Crime Labs
[Editor's note:  Crime labs grossly underfunded and lack scientific foundation]
19 February 2009, nytimes.com, Solomon Moore

Recreating a Plane Crash
[Editor's note:  Did the crew overreach to a computerized system?]
19 February 2009, nytimes.com, Matthew L. Wald

Learning Not to Love the Bomb
[Editor's note:  Obama needs to break free from cold war thinking]
19 February 2009, nytimes.com, Philip Taubman

9/11 Questions -- The Pentagon
[Editor's note:  What's wrong with the official account?]
19 February 2009, opednews.com, Greg Szymanski

Putting Stamp on Afghan War, Obama Will Send 17,000 Troops
[Editor's note:  Turning this conflict into "Barack's War"]
18 February 2009, nytimes.com, Helene Cooper

Afghan Civilian Deaths Rose 40 Percent in 2008
[Editor's note:  UN report deepens concern about US in Afghanistan]
18 February 2009, nytimes.com, Dexter Filkins

Obama Team Has Billions to Spend, but Few Ready to Do It
[Editor's note:  Career stand-ins without political authority]
18 February 2009, nytimes.com, Peter Baker

The Bailout Is Robbing the Banks
[Editor's note:  Not a good use of scarce capital]
18 February 2009, nytimes.com, John C. Coates and David S. Scharfstein

Aides Say No Pardon for Libby Irked Cheney
[Editor's note:  A furious last-ditch effort to secure a pardon]
18 February 2009, nytimes.com, Jim Rutenberg and Jo Becker

Cheney and the Goat Devil (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Did Bush ever realize he'd been handled by Cheney?]
that he trusted the wrong father figure.
18 February 2009, nytimes.com, Maureen Dowd

Is Israel assassinating Iran nuclear scientists?
[Editor's note:  Isn't that exactly what we would expect?]
17 February 2009, haaretz.com, Yossi Melman

Eastern Europe is about to Blow
[Editor's note:  Foreign capital is fleeing at an alarming rate]
17 February 2009, informationclearinghouse.info, Mike Whitney

Pakistan Makes a Taliban Truce, Creating a Haven
[Editor's note:  Is this a step in the right direction in Swat?]
17 February 2009, nytimes.com, Jane Perlez

From Pakistan, Taliban Threats Reach New York
[Editor's note:  Pakistani immigrants harassed by Taliban]
17 February 2009, nytimes.com, Kirk Semple

G.O.P. Governors Support Obama
[Editor's note:  Some care about their constituents' best interests]
17 February 2009, nytimes.com, Jackie Calmes

California, Almost Broke, Nears Brink
[Editor's note:  Searching for a solution to a budget crisis]
17 February 2009, nytimes.com, Jennifer Steinhauer

Obama Riding the Wave (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  President emerging as model for high public office]
17 February 2009, nytimes.com, Bob Herbert

The Cellphone, Navigating Our Lives
[Editor's note:  Cellphones initiating a new era]
17 February 2009, nytimes.com, John Markoff

Seven Habits of Truly Liberal People
[Editor's note:  Alan Wolfe's persuasive portrait of liberalism]
16 February 2009, slate.com, K. Anthony Appiah

Stop Baby Boomer Bashing: Protect Social Security and Medicare (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Measures to benefit the middle class]
16 February 2009, Truthout, Dean Baker

Dahr Jamail | Boys With Toys (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  "We just want to return to a normal life in Iraq]
16 February 2009, Truthout, Dahr Jamail

Anti-Terror Tactics "Weaken Law"
[Editor's note:  Anti-terror measures undermining human rights]
16 February 2009, BBC News, global study

Obama Slows Down Troop Boost Decision
[Editor's note:  Obama refusing to be rushed into sending troops]
16 February 2009, The Politico, David S. Cloud

Clinton Criticizes Bush on North Korea
[Editor's note:  Should have adhered to an earlier agreement]
16 February 2009, Washington Post, Glenn Kessler

Talks Fail to End California Budget Impasse
[Editor's note:  Searching to find one more vote for a budget]
16 February 2009, San Francisco Chronicle, Matthew Yi and Wyatt Buchanan

Is it a crime to take pictures?
[Editor's note:  Encroaching on reporters' rights]
16 February 2009, BBC News, Victoria Bone

We Are All Socialists Now
[Editor's note:  Are we becoming more and more European?]
16 February 2009, NEWSWEEK, Jon Meacham and Evan Thomas

Fires the deadly inevitability of climate change
[Editor's note:
10 February 2009, theage.com, Freya Mathews

Liberalism:  Anatomy of an idea
[Editor's note:  No reason to bury a legendary political label]
5 February 2009, economist.com, editorial

Socialism is not a dirty word
[Editor's note:  What do we have to fear from our government?]
13 January 2009, usforacle.com, Bryan Friesen

Inquiry on Graft in Iraq Focuses on U.S. Officers
[Editor's note:  Could this be why they want to stay in Iraq?]
15 February 2009, nytimes.com, James Glanz, C.J. Chiers, and William Rashbaum

FOCUS | A Torture Report Could Spell Big Trouble for Bush Lawyers
[Editor's note:  Causing anxiety among former Bush administration officials]
15 February 2009, Newsweek, Michael Isikoff

U.S. Military Will Offer Path to Citizenship
[Editor's note:  The latest recruiting "gimmick"]
15 February 2009, nytimes.com, Julia Preston

Rise in Jobless Poses Threat to Stability Worldwide
[Editor's note:  In countries as varied as Latvia, Chile, Greece and Iceland]
15 February 2009, nytimes.com, Nelson D. Schwartz

In Gingrich Mold, a New Voice for Solid Resistance in G.O.P.
[Editor's note:  Great!  More intransigence from the Republicans]
15 February 2009, nytimes.com, Adam Nagourney

In Plane Crash, Loss of Momentum Still a Mystery
[Editor's note:  Surprise!  Things are not adding up]
15 February 2009, nytimes.com, Matthew L. Wald

Economy Puts More Small Planes in the Air
[Editor's note:  Inceasingly the only link to small cities]
15 February 2009, nytimes.com, Ken Belson and Christine Negroni

They Sure Showed That Obama (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Obama has once again outwitted the punditocracy]
15 February 2009, nytimes.com, Frank Rich

Stimulus Plan Sets New Limits on Executive Pay
Editor's note:  A good move in the right direction]
14 February 2009, nytimes.com, Edmund L. Andrews and Eric Dash

Bipartisanship Isn't So Easy, Obama Discovers
[Editor's note:  Not when an open hand is met with a clenched fist]
14 February 2009, nytimes.com, Peter Baker

Crew Reported 'Significant Ice Buildup' Before Crash
[Editor's note:  Its anti-icing equipment should have handled it]
14 February 2009, nytimes.com, Matthew L. Wald and Al Baker

Fifty Varied Lives, Ended on a Cold, Foggy Night
[Editor's note:  One of whom was a significant 9/11 truth activist]
14 February 2009, nytimes.com, Ray Rivera

49 Killed After Plane Crashes Into House Near Buffalo
[Editor's note:  Including a prominent 9/11 activist]
13 February 2009, nytimes.com, Matthew L. Wald and Trymaine Lee

Flight recorders recovered; aircraft was new, had no safety issues
The second link includes a series of (not very informative) slides.
9/11 widow among victims of crash near Buffalo
Beverly Eckert was flying to her hometown to mark late husband's birthday

Pakistan Backtracks on Link to Mumbai Attacks
[Editor's note:  Acknowledging they were planned in Pakistan]
13 February 2009, nytimes.com, Salman Madood

Court Excludes 'Huge Number' of Ballots in MN U.S. Senate Contest
[Editor's note:  Restriction to those "legally cast" in this election]
13 February 2009, bradblog.com, Brad Friedman

William Rivers Pitt | Dump the GOP
[Editor's note:  They are trying to sabotage our economic recovery]
13 February 2009, Truthout, William Rivers Pitt

Failure to Rise (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  We aren't rising to meet our economic challenge]
13 February 2009, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

Yes, we can't (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Not as stimulating as it should be]
13 February 2009, Online Journal, Jerry Mazza

We Are All Socialists Now (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  An exaggeration, no doubt, but worth pondering]
Jon Meacham and Evan Thomas
February 2009, NEWSWEEK, Jon Meacham and Evan Thomas

US presidents have approved false flag operations against the US
[Editor's note:  Sobering reminder that "false flags" are not new]
12 February 2009, Seattle Exopolitics Examiner, Alfred Webre

Dahr Jamail | The New Fallujah
[Editor's note:  Little sign of reconstruction, four years later]
12 February 2009, TomDispatch.org, Dahr Jamail

Israeli Elections: Kadima Emerges With Most Seats
[Editor's note:  Kadima 28, Lukid 27, and Israel Our Home 15]
12 February 2009, The Guardian UK, Rory McCarthy, David Batty, et al.

Beijing Skyscraper Fire: The Silence Is Deafening
[Editor's note:  Why is there no comparison to WTC-7?]
12 February 2009, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Stimulus Victory for Obama, but in a New Political Climate
[Editor's note:  Opening act for a more ambitious agenda]
12 February 2009, nytimes.com, Richard W. Stevenson

FEMA & DHS preparing for mass graves and martial law near Chicago
[Editor's note:  Troubling signs of a near-term false flag attack]
11 February 2009, dailynewscaster.com, D. H. Williams

Continuity of the Wrong Kind
[Editor's note:  Obama should not be invoking "state secrets"]
11 February 2009, nytimes.com, editorial

Bailout Plan: $2.5 Trillion and a Strong U.S. Hand
[Editor's note:  The largest role in markets and banks since the 30s]
11 February 2009, nytimes.com, Edmund L. Andrews and Stephen Labaton

Looting Social Security
[Editor's note:  Rolling back our most important program]
11 February 2009, The Nation (2 March 2009), William Greider

Iran Offers 'Dialogue With Respect' With U.S.
[Editor's note:  A conditional proposal to dialogue with Obama]
11 February 2009, nytimes.com, Nazila Fathi and David E. Sanger

Palestinians Press for War Crimes Inquiry on Gaza
[Editor's note:  Singling out civilians, using white phosphoros, and more]
11 February 2009, nytimes.com, Marlise Simons

Source: Petraeus Leaked Misleading Story on Pullout Plans
[Editor's note:  Promoting his own political ambitions for 2012]
10 February 2009, Inter Press Service, Gareth Porter

Iranian President Says Talks With US Possible
[Editor's note:  Encouraging signs for an era of detente with Iran]
10 February 2009, The Associated Press, Ali Akbar Dareinin

Matt Renner | Obama Meets Press, Nation Head On
[Editor's note:  Taking the Republican obstructionists head-on]
10 February 2009, Truthout, Matt Renner

Geithner Said to Have Prevailed on the Bailout
[Editor's note:  But is this guy a trustworthy source?]
10 February 2009, nytimes.com, Stephen Labaton and Edmund L. Andrews

Patrick Leahy | Restoring Trust in the Justice System
[Editor's note:  Providing accountability to the rule of law]
10 February 2009, US Sen. Patrick Leahy

The Prophet of "The War of Nature"
[Editor's note:  The 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin]
10 February 2009, nypost.com, George F. Will

Robert Reich | Why Republicans Won't Support the Stimulus
[Editor's note:  Screwing the country for the sake of political gain]
10 February 2009, Robert Reich's Blog, Robert Reich

?Restoring Trust in the Justice System"
[Editor's note:  A proposal for a truth commission]
9 February 2009, United States Senate, Sen. Patrick Leahy

The Destructive Center (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Perhaps it can be improved in "conference"]
9 February 2009, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

U.S. Bank Bailout to Rely in Part on Private Money
[Editor's note:  A scenario that appears highly implausible]
9 February 2009, nytimes.com, Floyd Norris

A Visit to a U.S. Ally, but an Increasingly Wary One
[Editor's note:  Richard Holbrooke has his work cut out for him]
9 February 2009, nytimes.com, Jane Perlez

Attack on Women at an Indian Bar Intensifies a Clash of Cultures
[Editor's note:  Women appear to have limited rights in India]
9 February 2009, nytimes.com, Somini Sengupta

Biden Signals U.S. Is Open to Deal With Russia on Missiles
[Editor's note:  Biden left open the possibility of compromise]
8 February 2009, nytimes.com, Helene Cooper and Nicholas Kulish

'Mom in Chief' Touches on Policy, and Tongues Wag
[Editor's note:  Michelle has begun promoting her husband's priorities]
8 February 2009, nytimes.com, Rachel Swarns

Slumdogs Unite!
[Editor's note:  Populist rage is coursing through America]
8 February 2009, nytimes.com, Frank Rich

Israel hopes to colonize parts of Iraq as ?Greater Israel?
[Editor's note:  Does this explain why we invaded Iraq?}
30 January 2009, onlinejournal, Wayne Madsen

Mossad - The Israeli Connection To 911
[Editor's note:  A classic piece on a crucial issue]
14 April 2005, American Free Press, Christopher Bollyn

AP CEO Urges Better Press Access to Military Ops
[Editor's note:  US military has become a global propaganda machine]
7 February 2009, Associated Press, John Hanna

Obama Team Revisits Bush-Era Decisions on Car Exhaust and Mercury Emissions
[Editor's note:  Putting the teeth back into environmental protection]
7 February 2009, The Guardian UK, Suzanne Goldenberg

Beyond the Bailout: Agenda for a New Economy (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Opportunity to rethink and redesign our financial system]
7 February 2009, YES! Magazine, David Korten

On the Edge (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  We may be falling into an economic abyss]
6 February 2009, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

To stimulate or not to stimulate? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Nice introduction to the issues]
6 February 2009, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Panetta: Obama Won't O.K. "Extraordinary Rendition"
[Editor's note:  Restoring elements of international law to U.S. policies]
6 February 2009, The Associates Press, Pamela Hess

Farewell, Monroe Doctrine (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  This would be another giant step in the right direction]
6 February 2009, Foreign Policy in Focus, Philip Brenner and Saul Landau

Obama Administration Moves to Heal Rift With Europe
[Editor's note:  Adopting a more balanced foreign policy]
6 February 2009, Reuters, Ross Colvin

Gaza War Created Rift Between Israel and Turkey
[Editor's note:  Good for the Turks!  We should emulate them.]
5 February 2009, nytimes.com, Sabrina Tavernise and Ethan Bronner

Citing U.S., British Court Blocks Data on Suspect
[Editor's note:  U.S. threatens to cease sharing intelligence]
5 February 2009, nytimes.com, Raymond Bonner

Senate Advances Tax Break for Homebuyers
[Editor's note:  A giant step in the right direction]
5 February 2009, nytimes.com, David M. Herszenhorn

Drilling Leases Scrapped in Utah
[Editor's note:  Reversing an insane Bush maneuver]
5 February 2009, nytimes.com, Leslie Kaufman

Unfinished business: Darwin's ideas have spread, but not widely enough
[Editor's note:  There is a need to understand evolutionary theory]
5 February 2009, The Economist, UK

Untouched by the hand of God
[Editor's note:  A measure of ignorance about evolution]
5 February 2009, The Economist, UK

[Editor's note:  Governing by fear and intimidation]
4 February 2009, Information Clearinghouse, Paul Craig Roberts

Cracking the Homeland Security Monolith (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Putting common sense into the security mystique]
4 February 2009, nytimes.com, editorial

In Shattered Gaza Town, Roots of Seething Split
[Editor's note:  More proof of Israeli war crimes]
4 February 2009, nytimes.com, Ethan Bronner and Sabrina Tavernise

U.S. Plans to Curb Executive Pay for Bailout Recipients
[Editor's note:  Could greed be a major part of the problem?]
4 February 2009, nytimes.com, Edmund L. Andrews and Vikas Bajaj

Both Parties Move to Aid Homeowners
[Editor's note:  Isn't it about time?]
4 February 2009, nytimes.com, Edmund L. Andrews

Bush buys his Brain some time! (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Executive privilege in perpetuity?  Sorry about that!]
4 February 2009, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

In Attack on Kennedy, Echo of a Spitzer Tactic
[Editor's note:  Dirty tactics by Gov. Paterson's administration]
4 February 2009, nytimes.com, Danny Hakim and Nicholas Confessore

Fed Secretly Lends $2 Trillion to Banksters without Oversight
[Editor's note:  A form of looting!  The FED should be federalized]
3 February 2009, Inforwars, Kurt Nimmo

Holder Confirmed as Attorney General
[Editor's note:  Let's hope he can straighten out the mess at Justice]
3 February 2009, The Washington Post, Carrie Johnson

The Looming Crisis at the Pentagon: Taxpayers Finance Fantasy Wars (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Expert assesses crisis in the military/industrial complex]
3 February 2009, TomDispatch.com, Chalmers Johnson

Gazans Say Israeli Troops Forced Them Into Battle Zones
[Editor's note:  More evidence of war crimes by Israeli troops]
3 February 2009, McClatchy Newspapers, Dion Nissenbaum

Waste, Fraud in Iraq Being Repeated in Afghanistan (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  What, precisely, are we trying to accomplish?]
3 February 2009, The Associated Press, Richard Lardner

Leading Experts: Let the Banks Fail (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Economy can't recover if they are being propped up]
2 February 2009, georgewashington2.blogspot.clom

'Can We Get a Do-Over? Or Some Help From the Supremes?': Week 2 Begins
[Editor's note:  Coleman tries to wrest victory from Franken in MN]
3 February 2009, bradblog.com, Brad Friedman

The Political Suspicions of 9/11
[Editor's note:  TV program features 9/11 as "an inside job"]
2 February 2009, nytimes.com, Brian Stelter

Minot base crew commander found dead
[Editor's note:  He probably knew too much about "the nuke incident"]
2 February 2009, airforcetimes.com, The Associated Press

Barack Obama grants CIA permission to retain right to carry out renditions
[Editor's note:  This is a very troubling, even distressing, development]
2 February 2008, timesonline.co.uk, Times of London

How Republicans created the myth of Ronald Reagan (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Propping up the party of the rich with Reagan mythology]
2 February 2009, salon.com, Will Bunch

Israeli Spokesman Says We Control Stupid Americans
[Editor's note:  Not the first time Such claims have been made]
1 February 2009, www.daily.pk

Obama's Gregg Pick Worries GOP
[Editor's note:  Republican for Commerce might be replaced by Democrat]
1 February 2009, newsmax.com, David A. Patten

Pointing to a New Era, U.S. Pulls Back as Iraqis Vote
[Editor's note:  Americans are drifting away; Iraqis are glad its happening]
1 February 2009, nytimes.com, Alissa J. rubin

Slain Exile Detailed Chechen Ruler's Systematic Cruelty
[Editor's note:  Former bodyguard of president of gunned down in Vienna]
1 February 2009, nytimes.com, C. .J. Chivers

Disgorge, Wall Street Fat Cats (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Courts must force wrongdoers to repay ill-gotten gains]
1 February 2009, nytimes.com, Maureen Dowd

Good Bank, Bad Bank; Good Plan, Better Plan (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Government can assume toxic debt without printing money]
1 February 2009, nytimes.com, Max Holmes

Obama Team Looks for Opening in Iran
[Editor's note:  Hoping Iran will make the first move]
31 January 2009, Politico.com, David S. Cloud

Obama Unlikely to Widen Afghan War
[Editor's note:  More likely to streamline US focus in Afghanistan]
31 January 2009, The Associated Press, Anne Gearan

Castro Demands Return of Guantanamo
[Editor's note:  An excellent idea that Obama ought to implement]
31 January 2009, Reuters, Marc Frank

Gaza Horror: Charges Filed Against 15 Israeli Officials
[Editor's note:  An important story not carried in the US press]
26 January 2009, pakalert.worldpress.com

The Rocket Man's Dark Side
[Editor's note:  The other side of Werner von Braun]
26 March 2002, time.com, Leon Jaroff

Steep Slide in U.S. Economy as Unsold Goods Pile Up
[Editor's note:  GDP's sharpest contraction in 26 years]
31 January 2009, nytimes.com, Louis Uchitelle

Supreme Court Steps Closer to Repeal of Evidence Ruling
[Editor's note:  Weakening barriers against police misconduct]
31 January 2009, nytimes.com, Adam Liptak

Guantanamo Judge Refuses Obama's Request for Delay
[Editor's note:  Astounding insubordination to undermine Obama]
30 January 2009, The Maimi Herald, Carol Rosenberg

Bush?s Brain busted? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  He must not be allowed to evade an appearance]
30 January 2009, Online Journal, Jerry Mazza

Michael Isikoff | A Long-Lived Privilege?
[Editor's note:  A defiant act to protect Rove and obstruct justice]
30 January 2009, Newsweek, Isikoff

The 'Bush Legacy Project' for Truthful and Accurate about 9/11
[Editor's note:  This book is now available free via the internet]
Ron Schalow, author of "Bullshit Artist: The 9/11 Leadership Myth."

Leaders of Turkey and Israel Clash at Davos Panel
[Editor's note:  Turkish leader stands up to Shimon Peres]
30 January 2009, nytimes.com, Katrin Bennhold

From New Administration, Signals of Broader Role for States
[Editor's note:  Allowing them to set greenhouse gas emission standards]
30 January 2009, nytimes.com, John Schwartz

Health Care Now (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Why such silence about a national health care system?]
30 January 2009, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

President Decries 'Shameful' Bonuses For Wall St. CEOs
[Editor's note:  But what does he intend to do about it?]
30 January 2009, The Washington Post, Michael D. Shear

Yoo Suggests He Fixed Law Around Bush Administration's Desire to Torture
[Editor's note:  More and more revealed about Bush's corruption]
29 January 2009, opednews.com, Jason Leopold

Avalanche of documentation 9/11 was an "inside job" tip of historical evil.
[Editor's note:  Getting deeper and deeper into the core of the matter]
29 January 2009, opednews.com, W. Christopher Epler

Former minister urges downing of US drones
[Editor's note:  Standing up for national sovereignty]
29 JANUARY 2009, www.dailypak

U.S. professors call for academic and cultural boycott of Israel
[Editor's note:  A significant and striking development]
29 January 2009, haaretz.com, Raphael Ahren

On Iraq, Obama Faces Hard Choices
[Editor's note:  Some tension between the military and Obama]
29 January 2009, nytimes.com, Peter Baker and Alissa J. Rubin

Holder Confirmation - GOP Guilty of Extortion, Obstruction or Racketeering?
[Editor's note:  Sen. Kit Bond puts his foot in it, big time!]
29 January 2009, opednews.com, Steven Leser

After the War on Terror
[Editor's note:  Obama buried the lead--the war on terror is over]
29 January 2009, nytimes.com, Roger Cohen

Putin's Grasp of Energy Drives Russian Agenda
[Editor's note:  Putin understands the fundamentals]
29 January 2009, nytimes.com, Andrew E. Kramer

[Editor's note:  Predicts an international economic collapse]
29 January 2009, The International Forecaster, Bob Chapman

Motivation For 911 Far More Complicated Than Anyone Could Imagine
[Editor's note:  Specific target selections determined course of attack]
28 January 2009, opednews.com, William Cormier

Collateral Damage: U.S. Covert Operations and September 11, 2001
[Editor's note:  Historical study provides insights about 9/11]
28 Junee 2008, israelshamir.net, E.P. Hedner

Gaza Zoo And Its Animals Destroyed By Israelis
[Editor's note:  Vicious, wanton destruction of zoo animals]
28 January 2009, China National News

Israeli Warplanes Strike in "Retaliation"
[Editor's note:  Continued attacks undermine ceasefire and more]
28 January 2009, The Associated Press, Steve Weizman

ACLU Tests Obama With Request for Secret Bush-Era Memos
[Editor's note:  ACLU pushes for transparency and accountability]
28 January 2009, McClatchy Newspapers, Marisa Tayloe

Bill for 'National Emergency Centers' On Military Installations
[Editor's note:  Exactly what Obama must stop--FEMA Camps in H.R. 645]
22 January 2009, govtrack.us

CLASSIC:  Noam Chomsky: Controlled Asset of the New World Order
[Editor's note:  Chomsky as gatekeeper and master propagandist]
27 September 2005, False Flag News, Daniel L. Abrahamson

Global Warming Is Irreversible, Study Says
[Editor's note:  This may be the beginning of the end]
27 January 2009, NPR News, Richard Harris

Three more headlines from hell (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  More atrocities inflicted on Palestinians]
27 January 2009, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

BBC Assailed for Refusing to Carry Gaza Appeal
[Editor's note:  Inhumane conduct by UK news giant]
27 January 2009, nytimes.com, John F. Burns

Gaza War Gives Bigger Lift to Israel's Right Than to Those in Power
[Editor's note:  Likud increases its lead since the attacks on Hamas]
27 January 2009, nytimes.com, Isabel Kershner

Conyers Subpoenas Rove
[Editor's note:  At least one Democrat still has balls!]
27 January 2009, The Hill, Susan Crabtree

GOP Links Nomination to Torture Prosecutions
[Editor's note:  Disgusting tactic by corrupt politicians]
26 January 2009, Northwest Progressive Institute Advocate, Ken Camp

The Mideast's One-State Solution (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  A possible route to ending this conflict]
26 January 2009, International Hearld Tribune, Muammar Qaddafi

Experts: Mitchell as US Mideast Envoy Revitalizes Peace Process
[Editor's note:  Strong move by Obama to solve a crucial problem]
26 January 2009, Agence France-Presse

Obama approves missile strikes in Pakistan
[Editor's note:  This is not a step in the right direction]
26 January 2009, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Obama's Order Is Likely to Tighten Auto Standards
[Editor's note:  Allowing the states to take the initiative]
26 January 2009, nytimes.com, John M. Broder and Peter Baker

Nationalization Gets a New, Serious Look
[Editor's note:  This may be the only way to make all this work]
26 January 2009, nytimes.com, David E. Sanger

Bad Faith Economics (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Beware of misleading but plausible arguments]
26 January 2009, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

  From Here to Retirement (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The wipeout of 401(k)s undermines privatization]
26 January 2009, nytimes.com, editorial

The Moment for National Service (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Good idea to approve the "Serve America Act"]
26 January 2009, nytimes.com, editorial

Gillibrand Is a Centrist With a Tenacious Style
[Editor's note:  She may prove to have been a great choice]
26 January 2009, nytimes.com, Michael Powell and Raymond Hernandez

Once a Boon, Euro Is Now a Burden to Some Nations
[Editor's note:  A common currency becomes a selective burden]
24 January 2009, nytimes.com, Landon Thomas, Jr.

Pelosi Backs Letting Courts Modify Troubled Mortgages
[Editor's note:  A strong move that would help home owners]
24 January 2009, The Washington Post, Renae Merle

NSA Wiretaps Were Combined with Credit Card Records of U.S. Citizens
[Editor's note:  They were conducting surveillance on all of us]
23 January 2009, blogwired.com, Kim Zetter

Obama to Close Foreign Prisons and Guantánamo Camp
[Editor's note:  Some would say, "It's about time!"]
22 January 2009, nytimes.com, Mark Mazzetti and William Glaberson

On Day One, Obama Sets a New Tone
[Editor's note:  New rules on transparency and ethics]
22 January 2009, nytimes.com, Sheryl Gay Stolberg

On Palestinian Question, Tough Choices for Obama
[Editor's note:  This will be the acid test for this administration]
22 January 2009, nytimes.com, Steven Erlanger

A Great Gettin' Up Morning (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Thank God, Bush and Cheney are finally gone!]
20 January 2009, truthout.org, William Rivers Pitt

TARP II: Money for Banks, Not Homeowners
[Editor's note:  More money going into the bankers' pockets]
19 January 2009, truthout.org, Dean Baker

The Bush Years: 8 in 8 Minutes (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Hard to believe how bad it has been]
18 January 2009, truthout.org, Keith Olbermann

Israel Declares Unilateral Cease-Fire in Gaza
[Editor's note:  100 dead Palestinians for every dead Israeli]
17 January 2009, truthout.org

The Most Ridiculous Speech of All (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Bending the definition of "absurd" into bold new shape]
16 January 2009, truthout.org, William Rivers Pitt

Obama Preparing Order to Close Guantanamo
[Editor's note:  Let us hope he follows through]
13 January 2009, Associated Press, Lara Jakes

Obama Vows to Focus on Gaza and Iran From Start
[Editor's note:  Excellent news about the new administration]
13 January 2009, The Financial Times, Daniel Dombey

Mukasey: Aliens Have No Right to Effective Assistance of Counsel
[Editor's note:  More corruption of due process from (In)Justice]
9 January 2009, Legal Times

Obama Camp "Prepared to Talk to Hamas"
[Editor's note:  Another move in the right direction]
9 January 2009,  The Guardian UK, Suzanne Goldenbert

Democrats Are Cowards in the Face of Israel's Brutality
[Editor's note:  Can't Obama do better than this miserable record?]
6 January 2009, alternet.org, Stephen Zunes

Israeli envoy to Caracas expelled
[Editor's note:  In protest at Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip]
7 January 2009, bbc.co.uk

The Greatest Greatness of George W. Bush (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  We are our brother's keeper]
7 January 2009, truthout, William Rivers Pitt

Fears Mount of Gaza Conflict Spillover in Europe
[Editor's note:  Possible violence in retaliation for Israeli brutality]
7 January 2009, Associated Press, John Leicester

Nat Hentoff | Obama's Black Widow (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Get rid of this massive surveillance operation]
7 January 2009, The Village Voice, Nat Hentoff

Gates Estimates Another $69.7 Billion Needed in Fiscal 2009 for Wars
[Editor's note:  Let's kill more and more using taxpayer's money!]
7 January 2009, Congressional Quarterly, Josh Rogin

Trans Texas Corridor is dead, TxDOT says
[Editor's note:  This is devoutly to be wished]
6 January 2009, Dallas Morning News, Michael A. Lindengerger

Franken up 225 With Recount Complete; Focus Turns to Court
[Editor's note:  Coleman is not going to give up without a fight]
4 January 2009, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Mike Kaszuba and Kevin Duchshere

Four Senate Seats Still Up in the Air
[Editor's note:  GOP opposed to seating Al Franken]
3 January 2009, The Washington Post, Paul Kane

What Became of Western Morality? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Why ano massive protests of Israeli atrocities?]
2 January 2009, informationclearinghouse.info, Paul Craig Roberts

The Politics of An Israeli Extermination Campaign (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Why Israel believes it can get away with anything]
2 January 2009, petras.lahaine.org, James Petras

Bigger Than Bush (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The GOP as the party of racial backlash]
2 January 2009, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

Moderate Arab States Feel Popular Anger
[Editor's note:  Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia on the defensive]
31 December 2008, nytimes.com, Robert F. Worth

U.S. Presses Israel on Cease-Fire
[Editor's note:  Who takes Condoleezza Rice seriously?  Seriously!]
31 December 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Landler

Add Up the Damage (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Holding Bush accountable]
30 December 2008, nytimes.com, Bob Herbert

Cynthia McKinney relief boat hit by Israeli ship
[Editor's note:  Shades of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty]
29 December 2008, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Julia Malone and Bob Deans

Was the 'Credit Crunch' a Myth Used to Sell a Trillion-Dollar Scam?
[Editor's note:  Nothing would surprise me at this point in time]
29 December 2008, AlterNet, Joshua Holland

Israeli Troops Mass Along Border; Arab Anger Rises
[Editor's note:  Death toll rising, Arab anger increasing]
29 December 2008, nytimes.com, Taghreed El-Khodary and Isabel Kershner

Gaza Crisis Is Another Challenge for Obama, Who Defers to Bush for Now
[Editor's note:  This one will make-or-break his foreign policy]
29 December 2008, nytimes.com, Steven Lee Myers and Helene Cooper

Veterans of '90s Bank Bailout See Opportunity in Current One
[Editor's note:  Capitalizing on the latest economic meltdown]
29 December 2008, nytimes.com, Eric Lipton and David D. Kirkpatrick

Fifty Herbert Hoovers (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The governors undermine economic recovery]
29 December 2008, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

The Tennessee Coal Ash Disaster (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  What non-enforcement of regulations brings]
27 December 2008, Facing South, Sue Sturgis

Why Al Franken Should NOT Be Riding Private Planes
[Editor's note:  Excellent advice from knowledgeable sources]
24 December 2008, Common Dreams, Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman

US Economy Shrinks as IMF Warns of Great Depression
[Editor's note:  World-wide financial crisis]
24 December 2008, Agence France-Presse

Instability, Violence Threaten Upcoming Afghan Elections
[Editor's note:  A tribal nation confronts democratic elections]
24 December 2008, Christian Science Monitor, Anand Gopal

Russia to Raise Nuclear Missile Output Fourfold
[Editor's note:  The US is perceived as a major threat]
24 December 2008, The Guardian, Tom Parfittand Julian Borger

General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism
[Editor's note:  Just as Pat Tillman would similarly be taken out]
21 December 2008, telegraph.co.uk, Tim Shipman

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2008

    * # 1 Over One Million Iraqi Deaths Caused by US Occupation

    * # 2 Security and Prosperity Partnership: Militarized NAFTA

    * # 3 InfraGard: The FBI Deputizes Business

    * # 4 ILEA: Is the US Restarting Dirty Wars in Latin America?

    * # 5 Seizing War Protesters' Assets

    * # 6 The Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act

    * # 7 Guest Workers Inc.: Fraud and Human Trafficking

    * # 8 Executive Orders Can Be Changed Secretly

    * #9 Iraq and Afghanistan Vets Testify

    * # 10 APA Complicit in CIA Torture

    * # 11 El Salvador's Water Privatization and the Global War on Terror

    * # 12 Bush Profiteers Collect Billions From No Child Left Behind

    * # 13 Tracking Billions of Dollars Lost in Iraq

    * # 14 Mainstreaming Nuclear Waste

    * # 15 Worldwide Slavery

    * # 16 Annual Survey on Trade Union Rights

    * # 17 UN's Empty Declaration of Indigenous Rights

    * # 18 Cruelty and Death in Juvenile Detention Centers

    * # 19 Indigenous Herders and Small Farmers Fight Livestock Extinction

    * # 20 Marijuana Arrests Set New Record

    * # 21 NATO Considers "First Strike" Nuclear Option

    * # 22 CARE Rejects US Food Aid

    * # 23 FDA Complicit in Pushing Pharmaceutical Drugs

    * # 24 Japan Questions 9/11 and the Global War on Terror

    * # 25 Bush's Real Problem with Eliot Spitzer

Time to Reboot America (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  More than a bailout, we need a national makeover]
24 December 2008, nytimes.com, Thomas L. Friedman

Madoff Dealings Tarnish a Private Swiss Bank
[Editor's note:  Why did it not look closely at its returns?]
24 December 2008, nytimes.com, Nelson D. Schwartz

In Madoff Scandal, Jews Feel an Acute Betrayal
[Editor's note: A communal cry beyond financial to theological and personal]
24 December 2008, nytimes.com, Robin Pogrebin

Bush Pushes Persian Gulf Nuclear Agreement
[Editor's note:  Making a volatile situation even worse]
23 December 2008, Christian Science Monitor, Howard Lafranchi

Will Environmental Justice Finally Get Its Due? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Appointments reflect a turn toward the green]
23 December 2008, The American Prospect, Bentin Mock

The World According to Cheney (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Rewriting the history of a corrupt administration]
23 December 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Obama Announces Task Force to Assist Middle-Class Families
[Editor's note:  Measuring success by middle class impact]
22 December 2008, nytimes.com, Jeff Zeleny

PENTAGON MEMO:  Trying to Redefine Role of U.S. Military in Iraq
[Editor's note:  Staying in Iraq as "trainers" and "advisers"?]
22 December 2008, nytimes.com, Elisabeth Bumiller

Popularity Isn't Everything (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Kristol compliments Cheney and Blagojevich]
22 December 2008, nytimes.com, William Kristol

Two Shoes for Democracy(op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The Green Zone must be eliminated--and soon!]
22 December 2008, nytimes.com, Roger Cohen

Likely Pick for Intelligence Chief Must Corralling Fractious Agencies
[Editor's note:  Dennis C. Blair looks like another great choice!]
21 December 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Mazzetti

FOCUS | Harold Meyerson: Labor's Fresh Face
[Editor's note:  A great choice for Secretary of Labor]
21 December 2008, Los Angeles Times, Harold Meyerson

UAW's Sacrifices Look to Some Like Surrender
[Editor's note:  Has the Auto Workers' Union finally been busted?]
21 December 2008, The Washtington Post, Peter Whoriskey

TRANSITIONS | For Obama, Challenges Across the Sea and Across the Potomac
[Editor's note:  Advice from experts on foreign affairs and military policy
21 December 2008, nytimes.com, multiple authors

As Outlook Dims, Obama Expands Recovery Plans
[Editor's note:  The problems we face are more than daunting]
21 December 2008, nytimes.com, Jackie Calmes

In Need of Cash, More Companies Cut 401(k) Match
[Editor's note:  America's tattered safety net is unraveling]
21 December 2008, nytimes.com, Mary Williams Walsh and Tara Siegel Bernard

THE RECKONING:  White House Philosophy Stoked Mortgage Bonfire
[Editor's note:  It goes back to Bush promoting "The Ownership Society"]
21 December 2008, nytimes.com, Jo Becker, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Stephen Labaton

"We no longer have a civilian-led government. The Pentagon is muscling
in everywhere."
[Editor's note:  It's time to stop the mission creep.
21 December 2008, washingtonpost.com, Thomas A. Schweich

The suspicious, disturbing death of election rigger Michael Connell
[Editor's note:  Shades of the crash that killed Sen. Paul Wellstone]
20 December 2008, freepress.org, Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman

FOCUS | Jerry Brown: Gay-Marriage Ban Should Be Invalidated
[Editor's note:  Attorney General believes it violates California's
20 December 2008, Los Angeles Times, Jessica Garrison

FOCUS | Tortured Reasoning (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Torture doesn't work and makes matters worse]
20 December 2008, Vanity Fair, David Rose

Secret nuclear sell-off creates political storm in England
[Editor's note:  British no longer control production of their own nukes]
20 December 2008, independent.co.uk, Ben Russell

Cheney Throws Down Gauntlet
[Editor's note:  Cheney admits he supported torture, including waterboarding]
19 December 2008, truthout.org, Marjorie Cohn

Blackwater Might Lose License to Work in Iraq
[Editor's note:  A development devoutly to be wished!]
19 December 2008, Associated Press

Severed cable disrupts net access
[Editor's note:  Cutting off communications between Europe, the Middle
East, and Asia
19 December 2008, BBC

Military to be on high alert for inauguration
[Editor's note:  11,500 troops with chemical attack experts will join
18 December 2008, latimes.com, Julian E. Barnes

Russia "sells Iran air defence kit"
[Editor's note:  Would allow Iran to defend itself against US or
Israeli attacks]
18 December 2008, scotsman.com

Martin Luther King's Final Speech Fraudulently Edited
[Editor's note:  Reprinted with omissions and substituted text in 18
out of 20 cases]
18 December 2008, freespeachblog.blogspot.com

Ariz. police say they are prepared as War College warns military must
prep for unrest
[Editor's note:  Using the military to contain the American population]
17 December 2008, Phoenix Business Journal, Mike Sunnucks

Northcom Chief Vows to Address Worries About New Homeland Unit
[Editor's note:  Probably intended to enforce martial law upon the nation]
17 December 2008, cqpolitics.com

Career Army Specialist sues Rumsfeld, Cheney, saying no evacuation
order given on 9/11
[Editor's note:  A courageous woman condemns the Bush administration]
17 December 2008, rawstory.com, Stephen C. Webster

Bush-Era Abortion Rules Face Possible Reversal (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Moving a "right of conscience" to undermine legal
medical procedures]
17 December 2008, Wall Street Journal, Laura Meckler

J. Sri Raman | India's Right Wing Wants Nuclear War
[Editor's note:  Other countries have to cope with their crazies, too]
17 December 2008, truthout.org, J. Sri Raman

Obama: My Administration Will Value Science
[Editor's note:  A welcome reaffirmation of rationality of belief]
16 December 2008, Los Angeles Times, JimTankersley

Art Levine | Is GOP Risking the Economy to Win the PR War Against Unions?
[Editor's note:  Using a crisis to bust unions and enhance corporate profits]
16 December 2008, The Huffington Post, Art Levine

Pirates in Skiffs Still Outmaneuvering Warships Off Somalia
[Editor's note:  Lawlessness at sea off the African coast]
16 December 2008, nytimes.com, Jeffrey Gettleman

"HAARP and 9/11" by Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner
[Editor's note:  How much energy does it take to dustify the Twin Towers?]
15 December 2008, opednews.com, Bob Nichols

Illinois Citizens Deserve Corrupt Government
[Editor's note:  Americans do not seek real political reforms]
12 December 2008, associatedcontent.com, Joel Hirschhorn

Total Defeat for U.S. in Iraq (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  US has agreed to new Status of Forces Agreement to
get us out]
11 December 2008, counterpunch.org, Patrick Cockburn

Illinois Governor Suspends Business With Bank of America
[Editor's note:  And the next day or two, he is politically savaged]
9 December 2008, New York Daily News, Corky Siemaszko

Obama Will Not Prosecute Bush And Cheney
[Editor's note:  He should give this further thought]
8 December, 2008, Countercurrents.org, Joseph A. Lopisi

Pakistan's Spies Aided Group Tied to Mumbai Siege
[Editor's note:  Getting beneath the surface of the attack]
8 December 2008, nytimes.com, Eric Schmitt, Mark Mazzetti, and Jane Perlez

Detroit Bailout Is to Bring On U.S. Oversight
[Editor's note:  Taking steps that might actually help working people]
8 December 2008, nytimes.com, David M. Herszenhorn and Jackie Calmes

In Hard Times, Russia Moves In to Reclaim Private Industries
[Editor's note:  Another government taking more control of industries]
8 December 2008, nytimes.com, Clifford J. Levy

Bag the Fed!
[Editor's note:  It's long past time to federalize the Fed]
8 December 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

The Extinction of Right Wing Neanderthals (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Are conservative extremists a dying breed?]
7 December 2008, opednews.com, Rob Kall

Obama Pledges Public Works on a Vast Scale
[Editor's note: the largest since the interstate highway system]
7 December 2008, nytimes.com, Peter Baker and John M. Broder

General Critical of Iraq War Is V.A. Chief Pick
[Editor's note:  Gen. Eric K. Shinseki great choice for the VA]
7 December 2008, nytimes.com, Jackie Calmes

Indian Police Arrest 2 in Mumbai Investigation and Look at Cellphone Link
[Editor's note:  Multiple signs leading to Pakistan]
7 December 2008, nytimes.com, Jeremy Kahn

Abortion Politics Didn't Doom the G.O.P. (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  What would happen if Roe were overturned?]
7 December 2008, nytimes.com, Ross Douthat

Gen. Jim Jones: What Kool-Aid Will He Offer Obama? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Concern about our future foreign policy]
1 December 2008, truthout.org, Steve Weissman

Deficits and the Future (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Strong fiscal expansion our future's best bet]
1 December 2008, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

Confronting the Terrorist Within (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Our wars are acts of state-sponsored terrorism]
1 December 2008, truthout.org, Chris Hedges

Press and "Psy Ops" to merge at NATO Afghan HQ
[Editor's note:  Very damaging move to corrupt intelligence]
29 November 2008, reuters.com, Jon Hemming

Obama, Ask the Kremlin About Gates (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Skepticism about keeping a Secretary of Defense]
30 November 2008, Consortium News, Robert Parry

Transition or Coup D'Etat? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Bush subverting our government to the bitter end]
30 November 2008, truthout.org, Kevn Berends

Indian Security Chief Resigns After Mumbai Attacks
[Editor's note:  When's the last time anyone took responsibility?]
30 November 2008, Associated Press, Paul Peachey

Eleventh-Hour Rush to Enact a Rule That Obama Fought
[Editor's note:  Attempting to subvert the EPA]
30 November 2008, nytimes.com, Robert Pear

FOCUS | Mumbai Terrorist Siege Over, India Says
[Editor's note:  The count stands at 162 dead and 283 wounded
29 November 2008, nytimes.com, Somini Sengupta, Keith Bradsher, Mark McDonald

"See Who's Editing Wikipedia - Diebold, The CIA, A Campaign" John Borland,
August 2007, wired.com John Borland

"Wikipedia Shows CIA Page Edits"
15 August 2007, BBC News, Jonathan Fildes

When Will America wake up from her slumber?
[Editor's note:  Is Israel destroying America financially?]
3 October 2008, AlWilayah.info, Khalid Amayreh

FOCUS | Afghan Leader Demands Plan for NATO Withdrawal
[Editor's note:  Karzai stands up for his nation's sovereignty]
28 November 2008, Washington Post, Candace Rondeaux

FOCUS | Despite Agreement US Future in Iraq Unclear
[Editor's note:  "a muddle of triumphs and disappointments"]
28 November 2008, Truthout, Maya Schenwar

Sophisticated Attacks, but by Whom?
[Editor's note:  Do these attacks have "external linkages"?]
28 November 2008, nytimes.com, Alan Cowell and Souad Mekhennet

Indian Commandos Storm Jewish Center
[Editor's note:  Murky situation becomes more complex]
28 November 2008, nytimes.com, Somini Sengupta and Keith Bradsher

India's Suspicion of Pakistan Clouds U.S. Strategy in Region
[Editor's note:  Increasing tensions rather than reducing them]
28 November 2008, nytimes.com, Jane Perlez

Emergency Update on Mumbai False Flag BLACK OP Attacks
[Editor's note:  The problem is, he might be right!]
27 November 2008, Intel Expert, Tom Heneghan

Happy Thanksgiving? Not for all
[Editor's note:  We have to do better!]
27 November 2008, Online Journal, Jerry Mazza

India Terrorist Attacks Leave at Least 101 Dead in Mumbai
[Editor's note:  There is suspicion this was a false flag attack]
27 November 2008, Los Angeles Times, Mark Magnier and Subhash Sharma

Emergency Update on Mumbai False Flag BLACK OP Attacks
[Editor's note:  Interesting speculations that might even be true]
27 November 2008, Intel Expert, Tom Heneghan

Verdict in MySpace Suicide Case
[Editor's note:  An important verdict over gross internet abuse]
27 November 2008, nytimes.com, Jennifer Steinhauer

Obama Describes Team as Experienced Yet Fresh
[Editor's note:  He needs people who know how to clean up the mess]
27 November 2008, nytimes.com, Jeff Zeleny

Joe Klein | Bush's Last Days: The Lamest Duck
[Editor's note:  The President who never really was]
26 November 2008, Time Magazine, Joe Klein

The Ideology of No Ideology (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Obama a pragmatist, not an ideologue]
26 November 2008, truthout.org, Norman Solomon

Weapons Come Second: Can Obama Take On the Pentagon?
[Editor's note:  He will have to surround the building]
26 November 2008, TomDispatch.com, Frida Berrigan

Paul Ortiz | On the Shoulders of Giants (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  How Obama executed a brilliant campaign]
25 November 2008, Truthout, Paul Ortiz

Nick Turse | Lawrence Wilkerson's Lessons of War and Truth
[Editor's note:  The need to reaffirm the nation's moral foundation]
25 November 2008, TomDispatch.com, Nick Turse

Obama and Bush Working to Calm Volatile Market
[Editor's note:  And Obama appears to be taking control]
25 November 2008, nytimes.com, Jeff Zeleny

Economic Slump May Limit Moves on Clean Energy
[Editor's note:  Use clean energy initiatives to revive the economy]
25 November 2008, nytimes.com, Elisabeth Rosenthal

Court Backs Warrantless Searches Abroad
[Editor's note:  A move in the wrong direction]
25 November 2008, nytimes.com, Benjamin Weiser

Russian Professor Says U.S. Will Break Up After Economic Crisis
[Editor's note:  Interesting, but not very likely]
24 November 2008, Bloomberg, Robin Stringer

For Detroit, Chapter 11 Would Be the Final Chapter
[Editor's note:  The last major industry left in America]
24 November 2008, nytimes.com, Spencer Abraham

Obama Vows Swift Action on Vast Economic Stimulus Plan
[Editor's note:  A plan to create 2.5 million jobs]
23 November 2008, nytimes.com, Jackie Calmes and Jeff Zeleny

Clinton-Obama Détente: From Top Rival to Top Aide
[Editor's note:  A brilliant step in the right direction]
23 November 2008, nytimes.com, Elisabeth Bumiller

Eight Years Is More Than Enough (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Dump GOP civil servants intent on sabotaging reform]
23 November 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Obama Tilts to Center, Inviting a Clash of Ideas
[Editor's note:  A preference for pragmatists rather than ideologues]
22 November 2008, nytimes.com, David E. Sanger

Yes, Play Politics in the White House (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Using the "bully pulpit" effectively]
21 November 2008, nytimes.com, Edward J. Rollins

Al Qaeda Coldly Acknowledges Obama Victory
[Editor's note:  But most of this is CIA propaganda]
20 November 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Mazzetti and Scott Shand

Iran Said to Have Nuclear Fuel for One Weapon
[Editor's note:  Which it could only use for defensive purposes]
20 November 2008, nytimes.com, William J. Broad and David E. Sanger

New York Police Fight With U.S. On Surveillance
[Editor's note:  Everyone wants to spy on everyone else]
20 November 2008, nytimes.com, David Johnston and William K. Rashbaum

Flunking the Electoral College (op/ed)
Editor's note:  Make candidates fight for every voter's vote]
20 November 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Treasury Denounced Over Bailout
[Editor's note:  Need to help out homeowners, not just fat cats]
19 November 2008, nytimes.com, Edmund L. Andrews

Democrats Gain as Stevens Loses His Senate Race
[Editor's note:  Giving Democrats at least 58 seats in the Senate]
19 November 2008, nytimes.com, Carl Hulse

Holder Seen as Pick for Justice as Obama Begins to Settle on His Team
[Editor's note:  An experienced, capable candidate for Attorney General]
19 November 2008, nytimes.com, Eric Lichtblau and John M. Broder

Who are the Architects of Economic Collapse?
[Editor's note:  We must always ask, Who profits?]
9 November 2008, Global Research, Michel Chossudovsky

US military: last hope for the US constitution and the republic
[Editor's note:  Sounds like something I said in June 2006]
24 October 2007, Pravda.Ru, John Stanton

Premier of Iraq Is Quietly Firing Fraud Monitors
[Editor's note:  Adopting the Bush model to scam America]
18 November 2008, nytimes.com, James Glanz and Riyadh Mohammed

Iraqi and American Critics of Security Pact Speak Up
[Editor's note:  Multiple reasons why this is not a "done deal"]
18 November 2008, nytimes.com, Campbell Robertson and Steve Lee Myers

Early Test for Obama on Domestic Spying Views
[Editor's note:  Let's hope that he passes effortlessly]
18 November 2008, nytimes.com, James Risen and Eric Lichtblau

Pact, Approved in Iraq, Sets Time for U.S. Pullout
[Editor's note:  Setting a definite date for troop removal]
17 November 2008, nytimes.com, Campbell Robertson and Stephen Farrell

If Detroit Falls, Foreign Makers Could Be Buffer
[Editor's note:  Japanese and German carmakers could take over]
17 November 2008, nytimes.com, Louis Uchigtelle

My deck chair on the Titanic (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Actual debt massively greater than visible debt]
17 November 2008, Online Journal, Jerry Mazza

FOCUS | Maliki Tells Bush He Now Backs New US Troop Deal
[Editor's note:  Complete withdrawal by end of 2011]
15 November 2008, McClatchy Newspapers, Leila Fadel

Secret Directed-Energy Tech Protecting the President?
[Editor's note:  Additional proof of their existence]
15 November 2008, Global Research, David Hambling

Hillary for Secretary of State?
[Editor's note:  She just might do a terrific job!]
15 November 2008, nytimes.com, Gail Collins

Obama to renew the hunt for Osama Bin Laden
[Editor's note:  He needs to get up-to-speed about 9/11]
11 November 2008, scotsman.com

The Danger of Keeping Robert Gates (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  A master of "politicized intelligence"]
14 November 2008, Consortium News, Robert Parry

Kashkari Accused Of Bailout “Bait and Switch” During Angry Hearing
[Editor's note:  Kucinich suspects a taxpayer swindle]
14 November 2008, Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson

Celente Predicts Revolution, Food Riots, Tax Rebellions By 2012
[Editor's note:  Scary predictions from a man who'se been right]
13 November 2008, Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson

Obama Team Faces Major Task in Justice Department Overhaul
[Editor's note:  Where to begin an arduous but necessary task]
13 November 2008, The Washington Post, Carrie Johnson

Don't Let Barack Obama Break Your Heart (op/ed(
[Editor's note:  Sixth wedding party eradicated since 2001]
12 November 2008, TomDispatch.com, Tom Engelhardt

Senators Hurry to Keep Health Care in Forefront
[Editor's note:  Obama needs to move swiftly to get it done]
12 November 2008, The Washington Post, Ceci Connolly

Cold War Hawks Nesting With Obama (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Surprise!  Georgia initiated the attack!
12 November 2008, Truthdig, Robert Scheer

What is Obama thinking of? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Is he defeating himself with his staff?]
12 November 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

In Final Days, Bush Pushes for Iraq's Oil
[Editor's note:  That, after all, was the whole rationale]
11 November 2008, Truthout, Maya Schenwar

For South, a Waning Hold on National Politics
[Editor's note:  A seismic shift in political alignments]
11 November 2008, nytimes.com, Adam Nossiter

Beyond the Fat Cats (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Quick help for the rich, but not for the poor]
11 November 2008, nytimes.com, Bob Herbert

Darkness at Dusk (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Battle lines drawn for the soul of the GOP]
11 November 2008, nytimes.com, David Brooks

Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Identify Bank Loans
[Editor's not:  Refusing to identify whose getting our $2 trillion]
10 November 2008, bloomberg.com, Mark Pittman, Bob Ivry and Alison Fitzgerald

Conned Again (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Wisdom from a reliable source]
9 November 2008, informationclearinghouse.info, Paul Craig Roberts

The White Van:  Were Israelis Detained on Sept. 11 Spies?
[Editor's note:  Important evidence of 9/11 complicity]
22 June 2002, commondreams.org, ABC News

Secret Order Lets U.S. Raid Al Qaeda in Many Countries
[Editor's note:  A 2004 classified order by Donald Rumsfeld]
10 November 2008, nytimes.com, Eric Schmitt and Mark Mazzetti

Obama Weighs Quick Undoing of Bush Policy
[Editor's note:  The sooner, the better]
10 November 2008, nytimes.com, Jeff Zeleny

Google Signs a Deal to e-Publish Out-of-Print Books
[Editor's note:  New ways to sell books in digital form]
10 November 2008, nytimes.com, Eric Pfanner

FOCUS | Palin Blamed for Death Threats Against Obama
[Editor's note:  Secret Service agents revealed spike in threats]
9 November 2008, The Telegraph UK, Tim Shipman

Georgia Claims on Russia War Called Into Question
[Editor's note:  Karl Rove visited shortly before attack]
7 November 2008, nytimes.com, C. J. Chivers and Ellen Barry

Keep Your Euphoria to Yourself, Soldier
[Editor's note:  Pentagon tries to suppress troops' enthusiasm]
7 November 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

The Obama Agenda (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Resisting the urge to think small]
7 November 2008, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

U.S. Decides One Nuclear Dump Is Enough
[Editor's note:  Except Yucca Mountain is a terrible waste site]
7 November 2008, nytimes.com, Matthew L. Wald

Judge Opens First Habeas Corpus Hearing on Guantnamo Detainees
[Editor's note:  Restoring the United States' Constitution]
7 November 2008, nytimes.com, William Glaberson

Among Democrats' Leadership Questions: What to Do With Lieberman?
[Editor's note:  Get rid of him]
7 November 2008, nytimes.com, David M. Herszenhorn and Carl Hulse

Reid looking to remove Lieberman as committee head
[Editor's note:  The minimum necessary response]
6 November 2008, apnews.myway.com, Andrew Miga

Big Business Prepares for a Less Friendly Washington
[Editor's note:  Shifting from offense to defense]
6 November 2008, McClatchy Newspapers, Kevin G. Hall

Democrats Gain in Oregon Senate Race; Three Other Races Unresolved
[Editor's note:  Alaska, Minnesota and Georgia still up for grabs]
6 November 2008, Congressional Quarterly, Rachel Kapochunas and Marie Horrigan

[Editor's note:  Good reasons to question the integrity of the election]
6 November 2008, huffingtonpost.com, Shannyn Moore

Obama Elected President as Racial Barrier Falls
[Editor's note:  Elected 44th President in an electoral romp]
5 November 2008, nytimes.com, Adam Nagourney

For Obama, No Time for Laurels; Now the Hard Part
[Editor's note:  Never a greater accumulation of serious problems]
5 November 2008, nytimes.com, Peter Baker

Near-Flawless Run From Start to Finish Is Credited in Victory
[Editor's note:  Perhaps the most brilliant campaign in our history]
5 November 2008, nytimes.com, Adam Nagourney, Jim Rutenberg, and Jeff Zeleny

7 Things That Could Go Wrong on Election Day
[Editor's note:  Obama not protected against theft by voting machines]
4 November 2008 time.com, Michael Scherer

Editorial: So Little Time, So Much Damage
[Editor's note:  Bush uses a last-minute wrecking ball.
4 November 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

How McCain Could Win (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  It could still happen]
3 November 2008, Truthout, Greg Palast

Is the Election About to Be Stolen in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Elsewhere?
[Editor's note:  The media has been ignoring McCain's IT consultants]
3 November 2008, Truthout, Cynthia Boaz, Ange-Marie Hancock, David McCuan,
Mark Crispin Miller and Michael Nagler

No Currency Left to Buy the Big Lies (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Sobering thoughts on a corrupt GOP campaign]
3 November 2008, The Huffington Post, John Cusack

Rejoin the World (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  61% of historians rate Bush the worst ever]
3 November 2008, nytimes.com, Nicholas D. Kristof

Democrats Defend Their Indefensible Election Protection Efforts
[Editor's note:  What steps have been taken to prevent theft?]
2 November 2008, bradblog.com, Brad Friedman

A Campaign for the Ages, Tilting Toward Democrats
[Editor's note:  Obama appears to hold decisive advantages]
2 November 2008, Associated Press, Liz Sidoti

The Prank: The "Fake Sarkozy"- The True Face of Sarah Palin
[Editor's note:  Making an idiot of an ignorant candidate]
2 November 2008, Global Research, Michel Chossudovsky

White House Memos on Wiretapping Sought
[Editor's note:  Judge orders production of documents]
2 November 2008, Associated Press, Joan Lowy

David M. Kotz | Shocked Disbelief (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Greenspan can't believe he was wrong]
2 November 2008, Truthout, David M. Kotz

Roger Cohen | American Stories (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Obama's transcendent story]
2 November 2008, nytimes.com, Roger Cohen

William Greider | Paulson's Swindle Revealed
[Editor's note:  Taxpayers being ripped off in broad daylight]
2 November 2008, The Nation, William Greider

[Editor's note:  Get rid of these machines for paper ballots]
31 October 2008, bradblog.com, Brad Friedman

9/11: Energy budget and molecular dissociation of the World Trade
Center (WTC) by Independent scientist Leuren Moret
19 September 2008, peaceinspace.blogs.com, Leuren Moret

Obama Is Up, and Fans Fear That Jinxes It
[Editor's note:  If only because 2000 and 2004 were stolen]
1 November 2008, nytimes.com, Michael Powell

Turdblossom's Insider's Guide to Swinging Elections, Part 1

Turdblossom's Insider's Guide to Swinging Elections, Part 2

Judge Compels GOP IT Guru Mike Connell Deposition in Ohio '04 Election Case
[Editor's note:  This case could blow GOP election theft wide open]
31 October 2008, velvetrevolution.us, Steve Heller

Bush Administration Makes a Last Push to Deregulate
[Editor's note:  Not having done enough damage already, . . . ]
31 October 2008, The Washington Post, R. Jeffrey Smith

Elliot Cohen | Hell to Pay (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Bush will not go readily into that dark night]
31 October 2008, Truthdig, Elliot Cohen

"A Second 9/11": An Integral Part of US Military Doctrine
[Editor's note:  The US can strike the US whenever it chooses]
31 October 2008, globalresearch.ca, Michel Chossudovsky

Growing Doubts on Palin Take a Toll, Poll Finds
[Editor's note:  A reckless choice drags the ticket down]
31 October 2008, nytimes.com, Michael Cooper and Dalia Sussman

Now, the $2 Billion Campaign (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Spending on the election has gotten out of hand]
31 October 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

When Consumers Capitulate (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  A bid time for tightening our belts, alas!]
31 October 2008, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

Erica Jong:  Obama Loss "Will Spark the Second American Civil War"
[Editor's note:  Blood Will Run in the Streets' By Jason Horowitz
30 October 2008, observer.com, Jason Horowitz

RAND Lobbies Pentagon: Start War To Save U.S. Economy
[Editor's note: Urges military leaders to attack major foreign power]
30 October 2008, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson & Yihan Dai

Goldman Sachs £7bn salary and bonus package? after its £6bn bail-out?
[Editor's note:  Anyone smelling the foul stench of a scam?]
30 October 2008, US Daily Mail, UK, Simon Duke

Most Presidents Ignore the Constitution (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  A nation the Founders could never have imagined]
29 October 2008, online.wsj.com, Andrew P. Napolitano

Demonstrations prompt closure of U.S. Embassy in Syria
[Editor's note:  Bush commits war crimes while nation distracted by
29 October 2008, CNN.com

Fury sweeps Syria after US raid
[Editor's note:  US again damages its standing in the world]
29 October 2008, BBC News, Paul Wood

CIA Can Hide Torture Allegations, Court Rules
[Editor's note:  What has become of our once-great nation?]
29 October 2008, blog.wired.com, Ryan Singel

Why I Won't Vote for John McCain
[Editor's note:  A former fellow POW tells it like it is]
25 October 2008, laprogressive.com, Phillip Butler

Top Scoop - Have American Elections Really Been Stolen? See The Proof
See it and comment on OpEdNews.com

Appeals Courts Pushed to Right by Bush Choices
[Editor's note:  Another Bush legacy to the nation]
29 October 2008, nytimes.com, Charlie Savage

Gates Gives Rationale for Expanded Deterrence
[Editor's note:  Why the world regards us as a rogue state]
29 October 2008, nytimes.com, Thom Shanker

The Vote Grab: Voter purge could swing result to McCain
[Editor's note:  Mass removal of voters from rolls could undermine Obama]
28 October 2008, independent.co.uk, Peter Tatchell

The End of International Law?
[Editor's note:  Bush wreaks damage to the end]
28 October 2008, thenation.com, Robert Dreyfuss

Former POW Roomate & Naval Academy Classmate Won't Vote For McCain
[Editor's note:  The man does not have the temperament to be president]
27 October 2008, opednews.com, Rob Kall

Early Voters Face Intimidation, Machine Malfunctions
[Editor's note:  If it can't win fairly, then the GOP cheats!
23 October 2008, truthout.org, Amy Goodman

Police Prepare for Post-Election Unrest
[Editor's note:  Why prepare for outrage if the election is honest?]
23 October 2008, truthout.org, Alexandra Bolton

Wealth Gap Creating a Social Time Bomb
[Editor's note:  Effects of giving more of our wealth to the rich]
23 October 2008, truthout.org, John Vidal

Obama Woos Virginia Before Heading to Visit Grandmother
[Editor's note:  A devoted grandson makes a final journey home]
23 October 2008, truthout.org, Robert Barnes and Anne E. Kornblut

McCain Is Faltering Among Hispanic Voters
[Editor's note:  One more group that is not supporting the GOP]
23 October 2008, truthout.org, Larry Rohter

GOP Pulls the Plug on Bachmann
[Editor's note:  Republican's abandon an outspoken extremist]
23 October 2008, truthout.org, Associated Press

Big Oil's Last Stand
[Editor's note:  Spending on oil distorts the entire economy]
23 October 2008, truthout.org, Antonia Juhasz

Pakistan Stares Into the Abyss
[Editor's note:  Source of the next international crisis?]
23 October 2008, truthout.org, Anddrew Buncombe and Omar Waraich

Preparing the Cover Story for the Theft of the Election
[Editor's note:  A hidden vote against Obama based upon race]
22 October 2008, opednes.com, Anthony Wade

Questions About Their Health (op/ed)
There is no excuse for both candidates' failure to fully
disclose medical records that clearly bear on their ability
21 October 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

The Real Scandal (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Why is the GOP working to disenfranchise voters?]
21 October 2008, nytimes.com, Bob Herbert

Donation Record as Colin Powell Endorses Obama
[Editor's note:  Important support from a GOP soldier/statesman]
20 October 2008, nytimes.com, Jeff Zeleny

Powell's Endorsement Puts Spotlight on His Legacy
[Editor's note:  Trying to compensate for mistakes of the past]
20 October 2008, nytimes.com, Elisabeth Bumiller

Many Holes in Disclosure of Nominees' Health
[Editor's note:  Little on McCain's mental health, nothing from Palin]
20 October 2008, nytimes.com, Lawrence K. Altman, M.D.

[Editor's note:  Why McCain insists he's still going to win!]
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Greg Palast <http://www.gregpalast.com/>

Real Deal on 'Joe the Plumber' Reveals New Slant
[Editor's note:  His name is not "Joe", he's not a plumber, on and on]
17 October 2008, nytimes.com, Larry Rohter

The Acorn Story (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Voter fraud is not the same as election fraud]
17 October 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Let's Get Fiscal (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Nobel Prize winner offers important advice]
17 October 2008, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

MOVIE REVIEW | "W." Oliver Stone's Vision Thing: Bush, the Family
[Editor's note:  His long and winding road to the White House]
17 October 2008, nytimes.com, Manohla Dargis

Make-Believe Maverick
[Editor's note:  A disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty]
16 October 2008, rollingstone.com, Tim Dickinson

A More Aggressive McCain Lacked Game Changer
[Editor's note:  His appearance was weak and ineffectual]
16 October 2008, Los Angeles Times, Cathleen Decker

Requiem for the Bailout Storyline (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  $700 billion is not making a difference]
16 October 2008, truthout.org, Norman Solomon

About 200,000 Ohio Voters Have Records Discrepancies
[Editor's note:  Secretary of State trying to straighten it out]
16 October 2008, truthout.org, Associated Press

Groups: ACORN Attacks Meant to Suppress Vote
[Editor's note:  Using "voter fraud" to perpetrate "election fraud"]
16 October 2008, The Hill, Chris Good

Report: Taxpayers Paid for GOP Politicking in 2006 Elections
[Editor's note:  Using cabinet officers to promote candidates]
16 October 2008, McClatchy Newspapers, Marisa Taylor

McCain's Latest Pander Plan
[Editor's note:  Brilliant critique of a disastrous campaign]
15 October 2008, truthout.org, Keith Olbermann

White House Memos Endorsed CIA Waterboarding
[Editor's note:  What else is new from the world's biggest liars?]
15 October 2008, Washington Post, Joby Warrick

"The Ultra-Secret NSA From 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America"
[Editor's note:  James Bamford's latest book on the NSA]
15 October 2008, truthout.org, Amy Goodman

Can Obama See the Grand Canyon? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Can he make sense of what is going on here?]
15 October 2008, TomDispatch.com, Mike Davis

Europe Always Creates Itself in the Crucible of Crisis (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Europe begins its own economic governance]
15 October 2008, Le Nouvel Observateur, Jean-Marcel Bougereau

Poll Says Attacks Backfire on McCain
[Editor's note:  Obama would win if election held today]
15 October 2008, nytimes.com, Michael Cooper and Megan Thee

Bush Declares Exceptions to Sections of Two Bills He Signed Into Law
[Editor's note:  Bush continues to circumvent Congress]
15 October 2008, nytimes.com, Charlie Savage

Deficit Hits $455 Billion, Highest Percent Since '04
[Editor's note:  Deficit continues to grow and grow]
15 October 2008, nytimes.com, Bloomberg News

What To Expect When Martial Law Is Declared
[Editor's note:  Steal election --> public protest --> impose martial law]
14 October 2008, aftermathnews.wordpresss.com,

What To Expect When Martial Law Is Declared
[Editor's note:  Steal election --> public protest --> impose martial law]
14 October 2008, aftermathnews.wordpresss.com,

The Moment (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Racism and bigotry coming home to roost]
13 October 2008, truthout.org, John Cory

Obama's Favorability Ratings Rising
[Editor's note:  Obama gains, McCain loses, across time]
13 October 2008, The Washington Post, Anne E. Kornblut

Democrats Call for Wide-Ranging Stimulus Plan
[Editor's note:  Support for a new economic stimulus plan]
13 October 2008, Reuters, David Lawder

Guantanamo Prosecutor Who Quit Had "Grave Misgivings" About Fairness
[Editor's note:  Growing doubts about the rightness of the course]
13 October 2008, Los Angeles Times, Josh Meyer

John Lewis: McCain Sows Hatred
[Editor's note:  Civil rights icon speaks out against agitation]
12 October 2008, truthout.org, Associated Press

The Terrorist Barack Hussein Obama (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The need to exorcise the demons of race in America]
12 October 2008, nytimes.com, Frank Rich

Detention Has a Wide, Destructive Impact in Iraq
[Editor's note:  Disgusting abuse of Iraqi population]
12 October 2008, truthout.org, Nick Mottern and Bill Rau

White House Overhauling Rescue Plan
[Editor's note:  Administration revises its own rescue plan]
12 October 2008, nytimes.com, Edmund L. Andrews and Mark Landler

Was the 2004 Election Stolen? : Photos : Rolling Stone

Secret Bush Administration Plan to Suspend US Constitution
[Editor's note:  "Continuity of Government" Provisions activated in 2001]
6 October 2008, Global Research, Tom Burghardt

In Florida's Economic Pain, Obama Gains Ground
[Editor's note:  Another reason Obama should prevail]
4 October 2008, nytimes.com, Damien Cave

Dick Cheney, Role Model (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Palin doesn't understand our recent history]
4 October 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Palin's Alternate Universe (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The wrong candidate at the wrong time]
4 October 2008, nytimes.com, Bob Herbert

Talking in Points (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Does Sarah advance the cause of women's rights?]
4 October 2008, nytimes.com, Gail Collins

The Credit Squeeze Scare (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Is this crunch any worse than past recessions?}
3 October 2008, Center for Economic and Policy Research, Dean Baker

Biden Teaches Palin the Meaning of "Maverick" (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Adopting phony personas for the electorate]
3 October 2008, The Nation, John Nichols

Obama Opens Lead in Six of Seven Swing States, Two Polls Show
[Editor's note:  Looking very promising for the Democrats]
3 October 2008, Bloomberg News, Jeff Bliss and Mark Drajem

What Comes After Senate Approval of the Bailout Bill? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Desperate need to regulate what happens now]
3 October 2008, The American Prospect, Robert Kuttner

The New Yorker | The Choice (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Americans seem to understand this election]
3 October 2008, The New Yorker

Howard Zinn | From Empire to Democracy
[Editor's note:  Financial collapse marking end of the American empire]
2 October 2008, The Guardian UK, Howard Zinn

Red Flag on Purging Voter Rolls
[Editor's note:  Abusing lists to exclude voters]
30 September 2008, CBS NEWS, Pia Malbran

2008 election results to be routed to private middlemen in IL, CO, KY
[Editor's note:  You can't say we haven't been warned]
29 September 2008, opednews.com, Bev Harris

Japan Questions 9/11 and the Global War on Terror
[Editor's note:  One of the top 25 censored stories of 2007]
14 January 2008, Rense.com and Rock Creek Free Press, Benjamin Fulford

My Vacation with McCain
[Editor's note:  Further proof of McCain's unfitness for office]
2 October 2008, tellingthoughts.com, Anasuya Dubey (w/comments)

Life begins at rape . . . Ask Mayor Palin
[Editor's note:  What kind of family values are her values?]
2 October 2008, shannynmoore.wordpress.com, Shannyn Moore

Economic Fears Driving Voters Into Obama Camp
[Editor's note:  An unexpected benefit for the good guys]
2 October 2008, Globe and Mail, John Ibbitson

Washington to Wall St. Bailout - The Mother of All Scams (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Why this move betrays the American people]
2 October, lightfrom dale.blogspot.com, Dale Robertson

Show Us the Hope (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Bailout does little to avert the defaults and foreclosures]
2 October 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Report Implicates White House
[Editor's note:  Serious evidence of administration corruption]
1 October 2008, The Washington Post, Carrie Johnson

House Prices Continue to Decline as Talk of Credit Crisis Spins Out of Control
[Editor's note:  Excellent critique of shortcomings of this humongous scam]
1 October 2008, The Center for Economic and Policy Research, Dean Baker

Let the Rich Bail Them Out (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  "We can do better than the legislation before us"]
1 October, Senate Floor Speech, Bernie Sanders

U.S. Army Troops To Serve As U.S. Policemen?
[Editor's note:  A real threat to freedom and liberty in America]
1 October 2008, chuckbaldwinlive.com, Chuck Baldwin

Bush had no plan to catch Bin Laden
[Editor's note:  Probably because he was already dead]
1 October 2008, atimes.com, Gareth Porter

US to sell 75 fighter jets to Israel
[Editor's note:  Beefing up the Mid-East's most powerful nation]
1 October 2008, timesofindia.indiatimes.com

The Cost of Boots on the Ground in Iraq
[Editor's note:  The fabulous expense of foreign actions]
30 September 2008, Foreign Policy in Focus, John Basil Utley

Sarah Palin: "I Know What Americans Are Going Through"
[Editor's note:  In her own words, with a conservative host]
30 September 20008, townhall.com, Hugh Hewitt

America, it?s time to play Monopoly! (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Perceptive observations on a phony crisis]
30 September 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Is This the U.S. Congress or the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs?
[Editor's note:  Why it doesn't do any good for the American people]
29 September 2008, Democracy Now!, Dennis Kucinich

Stocks Plunge as Bailout Fails
[Editor's note:  "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"
29 September 2008, nytimes.com, Carl Hulse and David Herszenhorn

Paulson Will Have No Peer
[Editor's note:  The creation of a financial czar]
29 September 2008, The Los Angeles Times, Peter G. Gosselin

The Bailout: Congress Endorses Conservative Nanny State
[Editor's note:  Bailout a victory for upward wealth redistribution]
29 September 2008, Truthout, Dean Baker

Wall Street welfare (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Socializing risk while privatizing profits]
29 September 2008, Online Journal, Jerry Mazza

Trouble in Banktopia: The financial system is blowing up
[Editor's note:  A $700 billion boondoggle moves forward]
Global Research, 28 September 2008, Global Research, Mike Whitney

Counting Every Vote
[Editor's note:  California's Secretary of State has principles!]
28 September 2008, ABC News, Erica Naone

Rep. Michael Burgess - ?We are under Martial Law?
[Editor's note:  We need to figure out what this really means]
28 September 2008, dailynewscaster.com, D. H. Williams

McCain's Suspension Bridge to Nowhere (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  A brillian critique of a no-where man]
27 September 2008, The New York Times, Frank Rich

A Freddie Mac Money Trail Catches Up With McCain
[Editor's note:  An anti-lobbyist managed by lobbyists]
27 September 2008, Newsweek, Michael Isikoff and Holly Bailey

McCain Wins Debate (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Campaign ad released before debate takes place!]
26 September 2008, washingtonpost.com, Chris Cillizza

Is the Bailout Needed? Many Economists Say "No"
[Editor's note:  There are more cost/effective alternatives]
25 September 2008, McClatchy Newspapers, Kevin G. Hall

Economy Overshadows Bush's Agenda as His Term Winds Down
[Editor's note:  Looking for ways to rip off the nation]
24 September 2008, nytimes.com, Sheryl Gay Stolbert and Steven Lee Myers

Buyout Plan for Wall Street Is a Hard Sell on Capitol Hill
[Editor's note:  Is anyone looking out for the American people?]
24 September 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Landler and Steven Lee Myers

Obama and McCain Stand Firm on Bailout
[Editor's note:  If only this would solve the underlying problem]
24 September 2008, nytimes.com, Elisabeth Bumiller and Patrick Healy

F.B.I. Looks Into 4 Firms at Center of the Economic Turmoil
[Editor's note:  Better late than never!]
24 September 2008, nytimes.com, Eric Lichtblau

Congress Objects to Lack of Help Aimed at Homeowners
[Editor's note:  More counterproductive "trickle down" econommics]
24 September 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Landlelr and David Herszenhorn

Upheaval on Wall St. Stirs Anger in the U.N.
[Editor's note:  Bush seeks to reassure the rest of the world]
24 September 2008, nytimes.com, Neil MacFarquhar

An Inadequate Case for the Bailout (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Congress has more work to do, indeed!]
24 September 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Dear Iraqi Friends (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Why we are spending $1 billion a day in Iraq?]
24 September 2008, nytimes.com, Thomas L. Friedman

Park Avenue Diplomacy (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Sarah Palin meets Henry Kissinger]
24 September 2008, nytimes.com, Maureen Dowd

The Buck Stopped Then (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The dollar is floating freely without backing]
24 September 2008, nytimes.com, James Grant

First Fear, Then Loathing, Toward Wall Street
[Editor's note:  American's disgust with a fiscal double-standard]
23 September 2008, msnbc.com, Allison Linn

RFK Jr. and Mike Papantonio: "Is Your Vote Safe?" (op/ed)
[Editort's note:  A rare discussion of political thievery by the GOP]
22 September 2008, Ring of Fire, Robert Kennedy, Jr., and Mike Papantonio

Democrats Set Bailout Conditions as Treasury Chief Rallies Support
[Editor's note:  Democrats want greater oversight to bail out Wall Street]
22 September 2008, nytimes.com, David Herszenhorn et al.

2 Candidates Back Bailout, With Caveats
[Editor's note:  Claiming it won't affect their programs]
22 September 2008, nytimes.com, John Harwood and Michael Cooper

A Fine Mess (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Some sensible thoughts from a conservative]
22 September 2008, nytimes.com, William Kristol

Cash for Trash (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  A bad plan to create a fiscal dictator]
22 September 2008, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

Army website: Army, other branches to "patrol homeland" of USA
[Editor's note:  Rare note about militarizing the nation]
21 September 2008, dailypaul.com, Papillon2

As Campaign Heats Up, Untruths Can Become Facts
[Editor's note:  Their Rovean strategy is to lie and stonewall]
10 September 2008, The Washington Post, Jonathan Weisman

A Peek Inside Palin's Pentacostal Church (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Less like a congregation, more like a 60's acid trip]
10 September 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Ten ways the McCain/Palin GOP is now stealing the Ohio vote
[Editor's note:  There is nothing subtle about this election fraud]
10 September 2008, onlinejournal.com, Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman

Analysis: Obama is back on defense against McCain
[Editor's note:  Playing against Karl Rove again]
10 September 2008, Associated Press, Nedra Pickler

Sarah Palin 'claims expenses for nights spent at home'
[Editor's note:  Her corruption fits right in with Bush and McCain]
10 September 2008,  Toby Harnden

TROOPERGATE: Warned by the Court
[Editor's note:  Judge told Palin and family not to badmouth sister's ex
9 September 2008, Newsweek.com, Mark Hosenball

The McCain-Palin Lies and the Neil Armstrong Principle (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  A campaign of lies and distortions]
9 September 2008, huffingtonpost.com, Paul Begala

Pulling the Curtain on Palin (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  She's obviously not ready for "prime time"]
9 September 2008, The Washington Post, E.J. Dionne Jr.

Secret killing program is key in Iraq, Woodward says
[Editor's note:  Using high-tech methods to track human targets]
9 September 2008, cnn.com

Bush to maintain Iraq troop levels until 2009
[Editor's note:  Any cuts up to next president (who will lose the war)]
9 September 2008, msnbc.com

No questions, please; Palin sticks to her script
[Editor's note:  How long can this charade endure?]
9 September 2007, Associated Press, Sara Kugler

Obama is blowing the election (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Getting Kerry when they nominated Obama]
9 September 2008, onlinejournal.com, Charley James

Former NY mayor: Palin 'scares the hell out of me'
[Editor's note:  She is an extremist on all the social issues]
9 September 2008, news.yahoo.com, Karen Matthews

World wants Obama as president
[Editor's note:  All 22 countries covered strongly favor Obama]
9 September 2008, abc.net.au

Poll Madness: McCain Takes Lead Even As Democrats Out-Register Republicans?
[Editor's note:  Something is wrong with the polls]
9 September 2008, huffingtonpost.com, Seth Colter Walls

The GOP wants another 9/11 to boost John McCain (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  In case "The Palin Mystique" wears off]
9 September 2008, OpEdNews, Jim Fetzer

Was America Attacked by Muslims on 9/11?
[Editor's note:  Dramatic proof that 9/11 was a scam]
9 September 2008, opednews.com, David Ray Griffin

My Fair Veep (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  McCain wanted an Obama of his own]
9 September 2008, nytimes.com, Maureen Dowd

IRAQ:  Bob Woodward's THE WAR WITHIN (extracts/comments)
[Editor's note:  The lies, the deceit, the deception documented here]
8 September 2008, opednews.com, Faiz Shakir et al.

Obama and McCain campaigns fan ?war on terrorism? hysteria
[Editor's note:  Who can be the more aggressive warrior?]
8 September 2008, Online Journal, Larry Chin

9/11 Rumors That Become Conventional Wisdom
[Editor's note:  For example, the US organized this to steal the oil]
8 September 2008, nytimes.com, Michael Slackman

Yucca license application accepted for review
[Editor's note:  A porous site over an aquifer flowing to Los Angeles]
8 September 2008, news.yahoo.com, Erica Werner

Venezuela to hold naval operations with Russia
[Editor's note:  Bush continues to tarnish everything he touches]
7 September 2008, telegraph.co.uk, Jerry McDermott

Iran set to hold large-scale war games with air defense drills
[Editor's note:  Attack on reactors could cause 1,000,000 deaths]
7 September 2008, en.rian.ru

Palin and McCain?s Shotgun Marriage (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  A campaign riddled with hypocrisy]
6 September 2008, nytimes.com, Frank Rich

John McCain: Morally, Mentally, and Emotionally Unfit
[Editor's note:  A completely unqualified candidate for the office]
5 September 2008, opednews.com, Jim Fetzer

Ventura endorses 9/11 conspiracy theorist
[Editor's note:  A good man endorses another good man]
4 September 2008, startribune.com, Associated Press

Palin Assails Critics and Electrifies Party
[Editor's note:  Right-wing zealot gives political speech]
4 September 2008, nytimes.com, Elisabeth Bumiller and Michael Cooper

[Editor's note:  A man still in search of a mission]
4 September 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Leibovich and David D. Kirkpatrick

The Unusual Challenges of Governing Alaska
[Editor's note:  Unlike governing any other state]
4 September 2008, nytimes.com, Kirk Johnson

Running Against Themselves (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The difficulty for the GOP ticket talking about
change and acting like insurgents is they've been running the show]
4 September 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Sarah Palin Speaks! (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The best of a sorry lot]
4 September 2008, nytimes.com, Gail Collins

St. Paul Mayor and Media Mum on Journalism Crackdown
[Editor's note:  Disgusting conduct in a liberal state]
3 September 2009, The Huffington Post, Timothy Karr

Bush and Lieberman Praise McCain
[Editor's note:  How eager McCain is to usher Bush off the stage]
3 September 2008, nytimes.com, Sheryl Gay Stolenberg

Palin's Start in Alaska: Not Politics as Usual
[Editor's note:  Wedge politics in a small town]
3 September 2008, nytimes.com, William Yardley

Candidate McCain's Big Decision (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Raising questions about McCain's qualifications]
3 September 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

And Then There Was One (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  From greenest Republican to another rep of big oil]
3 September 2008, nytimes.com, Thomas L. Friedman

2 Million Flee Storm; G.O.P. Cuts Back
[Editor's note:  An excuse to get Bush and Cheney off the stage]
2 September 2008, nytimes.com, Adam Nossiter

POLITICAL MEMO:  Storm Politics Present Risks and Rewards
[Editor's note:  Shades of Hurrican Katrina and all that]
2 September 2008, nytimes.com, Peter Baker

John McCain's Challenge (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Not just four more years of the last eight years]
2 September 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Campaigns Shift as McCain Choice Alters the Race
[Editor's note:  The risks and opportunities of this selection]
1 September 2008, nytimes.com, Adam Nagourney, Jim Rutenberg, and JEff Zeleny

Obama Outwits the Bloviators (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Disconnect between reality and the media has been exposed]
1 September 2008, nytimes.com, Frank Rich

McCain's Baked Alaska (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  A choice many women will find offensive and insulting]
1 September 2008, nytimes.com, Gail Collins

Bush making war powers permanent, by declaring indefinite state of war
[Editor's note:  Wanting to extend his extraordinary powers]
30 August 2008, rawstory.com, John Byrne

Palin's faked "pregnancy"?  Covering for teen daughter?
[Editor's note:  "She simply doesn't look pregnant!"
29 Aug 2008, dailykos.com, Inky99

Obama Takes Aim at Bush and McCain With a Forceful Call to Change America
[Editor's note:  A spectacular event in a magnificent setting
28 August 2008, nytimes.com, Adam Nagourney and JEff Zeleny

Politics, Spectacle and History Under Open Sky
[Editor's note:  Perhaps the only flawless convention in history]
28 August 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Leibovich

Putin Suggests U.S. Provocation in Georgia Clash
[Editor's note:  Georgia initiated the attack, not Russia]
28 August 2008, nytimes.com, Clifford J. Levy

The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Israeli Network Behind 9/11
[Editor's note:  Exposing the role of Israel on 9/11]
24 August 2008, bollyn.info, Christopher Bollyn

Rural Swath of Big State Tests Obama
[Editor's note:  Challenge for Obama in Pennsylvania]
21 August 2008, nytimes.com, Michael Powell

Exiting Iraq, Petraeus Says Gains Are Fragile
[Editor's note:  What the government would like you to believe]
21 August 2008, nytimes.com, Dexter Filkins

All the Oil We Need (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The world actually has an oil surplus]
21 August 2008, nytimes.com, Eugene Gholz and Daryl G. Press

McCain's War: Playing With Nuclear Fire (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  McCain risks igniting a third world war]
20 August 2008, truthout.org, Steve Weissman

Two Against The One (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Hillary and McCain in common cause]
20 August 2008, nytimes.com, Maureen Dowd

Russia Never Wanted a War (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Planning to blame Russia]
20 August 2008, nytimes.com, Mikhail Gorbachev

What Did We Expect? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Georgia deliberately provoked an incursion]
20 August 2008, nytimes.com, Thomas L. Friedman

A World of Difference (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Claiming to be like a genuine American leader]
19 August 2008, nytimes.com, Bob Herbert

As Oil Giants Lose Influence, Supply Drops
[Editor's note:  Lots of money, few new plans]
19 August 2008, nytimes.com, Jad Mouawad

Kurdish Control of Kirkuk Creates a Powder Keg in Iraq
[Editor's note:  A battle over a city that could ignite civil war]
19 August 2008, nytimes.com, Richard A. Oppel, Jr.

Putin Orders ‘Nuclear Noose’ Put Around US
Editor's note:  Kissinger says McCain's presidency "all but assured"
18 August 2008, whatdoesitmean.com, Sorcha Faal

FBI to Get Freer Rein to Gather Domestic Information
[Editor's note:  Mukasey unleases FBI to spy on you and me]
13 August 2008, McClatchy Newspapers, Marisa Taylor

Poland and US Agree on Missile Defense Shield
[Editor's note:  Guaranteeing that Russian will intervene]
12 August 2008, Telegraph UK, Harry de Quetteville

The Depleted Uranium Threat (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Destroying DNA and threatening the species]
12 August 2008, truthout.org, Thomas D. Williams

Underground FEMA Fuel Tanks Could Leak
[Editor's note:  Government fuel tanks could contaminate our water]
12 August 2008, Associated Press, Eileen Sullivan

Russian Cameraman: CNN Aired Misleading Footage
[Editor's note:  More evidence that Russia was provoked]
12 August 2008, Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson

Bush: Why don?t you shut up?
[Editor's note:  Calling Bush to account about Georgian conflict]
12 August 2000, Pravda.Ru

The Mukasey Doctrine
[Editor's note:  Inducing a nominee to not pursue justice]
12 August 2008, Harper's Magazine, Scott Horton

Republicans Throw in With Obama
[Editor's note:  Disaffected GOP officials supporting Obama]
12 August 2008, McClatchy Newspapers, Margaret Talev

Why Mossad with fraudulent New Zealand Passports in Iraq?
[Editor's note:  Another false flag operation in action]
11 August 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

The 9/11 Passenger List Oddity
[Editor's note:  Few families listed on Compensation Fund]
no date, wingtv.net. Vincent Sammartino

When Seeing and Hearing Isn't Believing
[Editor's note:  Fakery from the government]
1 February 1999, washingtonpost.com, William M. Arkin


Identifying the Anthrax Killer (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The government lies to us about everything]
8 August 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Know-Nothing Politics (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Simple solutions make better propaganda]
8 August 2008, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

'2 US aircraft carriers headed for Gulf'
[Editor's note:  Just when you thought we weren't going to do it!]
7 August 2008, Media Line News Agency, Adam Gonn

Panel Convicts bin Laden Driver in Split Verdict
[Editor's note:  A once-great nation reduced to show trials]
7 August 2008, nytimes.com, William Glaberson

The Energy Drill (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Helping oil companies fatten their profit margins]
7 August 2008, nytimes.com, Gail Collins

Secret EU security draft risks uproar with call to give US personal data
[Editor's note:  The beginning of a world-wide police force]
7 August 2008, The Guardian, Ian Traynor

Israel mulls military option for Iran nukes
[Editor's note:  Whatever Israel wants must be right!  Ugggghhhh!]
6 August 2008, yahoo.com, Steven Gutkin

Book says White House ordered the CIA to compose forgery
[Editor's note:  To create false link between Saddam and al Qaeda]
5 August 2008, yahoo.com, Mike Allen

Pentagon to test unclassified alternative to Talon
[Editor's note:  Probably keeping the illegal system under another name]
5 August 2008, yahoo.com, David Morgan

Counter Terrorism Czar:  There will be an i-9/11 and an i-Patriot Act
[Editor's note:  Finding a way to control the internet]
5 August 2008, inforwars.com, Steve Watson

[Editor's note:  Bush staff was taking antidote before attack occurred]
5 August 2008, globalresearch.com, Wayne Madsen

The FBI's emerging, leaking case against Ivins
[Editor's note:  Patterns of deceit framing the innocent]
5 August 2008, salon.com, Glenn Greenwald

Anthrax Attacks-Assassin Nation
[Editor's note:  The anthrax attack as the key to Bush domination]
3 August 2008, Lone Star Iconoclast, Captain Eric H. May

The 9/11 Anthrax Frame Up (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Unsourced but highly recommended]
Undated, whatreallyhappened.com, political analysis

US-UK Intel Readies Islamic Terror Gambit For Beijing Olympics
[Editor's note:  The CIA prepares to take over the world]
2 August 2008, rense.com, Webster Tarpley

GOP Computer Guru Controls Key Congressional Websites
[Editor's note:  Not just GOP websites, CONGRESSIONAL WEBSITES]
30 July 2008, alternet.org, Bob Fitrakis

Behind the firewall: Bush loyalist Mike Connell controls Congress
[Editor's note:  The key player in manipulating election results]
29 July 2008, freepress.org, Bob Fitrakis

US Warns Israel ? There Will Be No ?USS Liberty Pt II?
[Editor's note:  Chair of Joint Chiefs warns Israel against repetition]
28 July 2008, wordpress.com, Mark Glenn

Purported 'Anthrax Killer' Was a Registered Democrat
[Editor's note:  Why would he target Daschel and Leahey?]
4 August 2008, www.bradblog.com, Brad Friedmam

Anthrax Evidence Is Called Circumstantial
[Editor's note:  Lots of funny business covering up these attacks]
4 August 2008, nytimes.com, Scott Shane

[Editor's note:  Non-science professors take pride in their ignorance]
4 August 2008, insidehighered.com, Chad Orzel

In and Out of Action
[Editor's note:  Dick Cheney will not make an appearance in St. Paul]
4 August 2008, Washington Prowler, The Prowler

Homeland Security: All Your Laptops Are Belong To Us
[Editor's note:  Police state--I think we're already there!]
4 August 2008, Washington Post, Mitch Wagner

FBI seizes local Md. library computers
[Editor's note:  Police state--I think we're already there!]
3 August 2008, Frederick News Post

FBI was told to blame Anthrax scare on Al Qaeda by White House officials
[Editor's note:  Another attempt to fake the source of an attack!]
2 August 2008, nydailynews.com, James Gordon Meek

Did McCain's foreign-policy advisor profit from the Iraq war?
[Editor's note:  Of course, John McCain is an honorale man]
1 August 2008, salon.com, Mark Benjamin

EXCLUSIVE: To Provoke War, Cheney Considered Proposal To Dress Up
Navy Seals As Iranians And Shoot At Them»
[Editor's note:  Anyone see a pattern of false flag attacks here?]
31 July 2008, thinkprogress.org, Seymour Hersh

McCain accuses Obama of playing politics with race
[Editor's note:  Because John McCain is an honorable man]
31 July 2008, apnews.myway.com, Liz Sidoti

It's 'Groundhog Day' at the CIA! Al-Qaeda expert re-killed by CIA
--Abu Khabab al-Masri 'died' in January 2006 and again on Monday.
[Editor's note:  Don't tell me the CIA would manufacture evidence]
30 July 2008, legitgov.org, Lori Price

New Proof of Video Fakery on 9/11
[Editor's note:  Five of the strongest proofs 9/11 videos were faked]
29 August 2008, opednews.com, Jim Fetzer

McCain's son resigns two bank board posts
[Editor's note:  Because John McCain is an honorable man]
27 July 2008, review-journal.com, John G. Edwards

Obama delivers soaring call for unity in Berlin
[Editor's note:  One piece of a brilliant visit abroad]
24 July 2008, newx.com, Agence France-Presse

Full script of Obama's speech

Report Says Pentagon Pressured, Intimidated Auditors
[Editor's note:  Padding the books for defense contractors? NOOOOO!]
23 July 2008, Washington Post, Dana Hedgpeth

Ex-EPA Official Says White House Pulled Rank
[Editor's note:  Politics at the EPA?  Unbelievable!]
23 July 2008, Washington Post, Juliet Eilperin

Blackwater to Leave Security Business Following Problems in Iraq
[Editor's note:  Why doesn't this report have the ring of truth?]
22 July 2008, The Guardian, Elana Schor

Barack in Iraq (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Brilliant analysis of Obama's impact on the war in Iraq]
21 July 2008, opednews.com, Walter Uhler

[Editor's note:  Drunk with his buddies days before 9/11
20 July 2008, wtprn.com, Jack Blood

Bush Administration Does Not Rule Out "Pre-Emptive" Pardons
[Editor's note:  Commit the crimes and then pardon yourself]
19 July 2008, nytimes.com, Charlie Savage

Witnesses: Bush Labor Department Cheats Workers
[Editor's note:  Letting businesses short-change their workers]
18 July 2008, Press Associates, Inc., Mark Gruenberg

Is Blackwater Leaving the Security Biz?
[Editor's note:  If they are free from all liability, of course, . . . ]
22 July 2008, Mother Jones, Daniel Schulman

The Cleveland Airport Mystery
[Editor's note:  One of those odd issues that should not be discounted]
8 February 2007, 911woodybox.blogspot.com, Woody Box

Electrical Risks at Bases in Iraq Worse Than Previously Said
[Editor's note:  Supporting the troops by electrocuting them]
18 July 2008, nytimes.com, James Risen

Talks Signal Mideast Shift
[Editor's note:  Unless it's deception to distract from a planned attack]
18 July 2008, nytimes.com, Michael Slackman

A Cast of 300 Advises Obama on Foreign Policy
[Editor's note:  Test of Obama's foreign policy team]
18 July 2008, nytimes.com, EWlisabeth Bumiller

Gore urges change to dodge energy crisis (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Borrowing money from China to buy foreign oil]
18 July 2008, nytimes.com, John M. Broder

Ron Paul: "Some Big Events Are About To Occur"
[Editor's note:  Could he be just a bit more specific?]
17 July 2008, infowars.net, Steve Watson

Now you can be sure:  Israel did 9/11 (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Raises some interesting points about participation]
16 July 2008, ziopedia.org, Dick Eastman

Canada, U.S. Move to Make Vitamins "Prescription Drugs"
[Editor's note:  Another form of tyranny to generate more profits]
16 July 2008, freedom4um.com, Mike Finch

A Phony Crisis and a Real One
[Editor's note:  War talk a mechanism to increase the price of oil]
15 July 2008, takimag.com, Patrick J. Buchanan

Karzai opposes U.S. use of Afghan soil against Iran
[Editor's note:  Could these guys be standing up for their nations?]
14 July 2008, news.yahoo.com, Sayed Salahuddin

Bush to hasten Iraq troop withdrawal in bid to help McCain win White House
[Editor's note:  Doing what he can for an improbable cause]
14 July 2008, independent.co.uk, Leonard Doyle

Bank Fears Spread After Seizure Of IndyMac
[Editor's note:  The situation is getting more and more serious]
14 July 2008, wsj.com, Robin Sidel, David Enrich, and Jonathan Karp

President George W Bush backs Israeli plan for strike on Iran
[Editor's note:  This would be a moral, political, and military catastrophe]
13 July 2008, The Sunday Times, Uzi Mahnaimi

F.C.C. Chief Would Bar Comcast From Imposing Web Restrictions
[Editor's note:  A strong statement in favor of network neutrality]
12 July 2008, nytimes.com, Saul Hansell

Feeling No Pain (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Speaking the truth to the people is wise policy]
12 July 2008, nytimes.com, Bob Herbert

FISA ‘compromise’ completes transformation of US into full police state
[Editor's note:  Everyone has capitulated to the raw exercise of power]
11 July 2008, onlinejournal.com, Larry Chin

Barak In Washington to Lobby for Iran Attack
[Editor's note:  They can't get enough of death and destruction]
11 July 2008, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Earthquake Destroyed China's Largest Military Armory, Says Source
[Editor's note:  What a remarkable coincidence from a natural event]
9 July 2008, Epoch Times, Zhang Haishan

A More Confident Iraq Becomes a Tougher Negotiating Partner
[Editor's note:  Our only hope to end the war in Iraq is Iraq]
10 July 2008, nytimes.com, Steven Lee Myers

The Audacity of Listening (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Let's just hope she's right about Obama!]
10 July 2008, nytimes.com, Gail Collins

Pentagon Gives Boeing New Chance at Contract
[Editor's note:  Its only honest contract is now being undone]
10 July 2008, nytimes.com, Leslie Wayne

BBC's Third Tower:  30 Pieces of Good News
[Editor's note:  Summary of useful points made about WTC-7]
10 July 2008, prisonplanet.com, Dr. Kevin Barrett and Rolf Lindgren

Senate Passes Unconstitutional Spying Bill and Grants Sweeping
Immunity to Phone Companies
[Editor's note:  Letting telecommunications giants off the hook]
9 July 2008, aclu.org

Mechanic: Obama's Plane Could Have 'Lost Control' in Anomaly
[Editor's note:  It worked with Wellstone; it could work with Obama]
9 July 2008, popularmechanics.com, Jeff Wise

Diffusion of reaction and obedience to authority
[Editor's note:  The more witnesses, the fewer responders]
9 July 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Israel launches all-out war on Islamic institutions in the West Bank
[Editor's note:  More atrocities by the government of Israel]
8 July 2008, from Khalid Amayreh in Nablus

Cheney Aides Altered Congressional Testimony
[Editor's note:  Cheney's staff censored testmony on global warming]
8 July 2008, The Washington Post, Juliet Eilperin

Congressional Approval Falls to Single Digits for First Time Ever
[Editor's note:  In no small measure thanks to Nancy Pelosi]
8 July 2008, freedom4um.com, Rasmussen

Lurching With Abandon (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Obama generating confusion with move to right]
8 July 2008, nytimes.com, Bob Herbert

Put War Powers Back Where They Belong (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Attempting to restore some Congressional oversight]
8 July 2008, nytimes.com, James A. Baker III and Warren Christopher

Chinese and Japanese Best-Placed for Oil Contracts in Iraq
[Editor's note:  That would be an ironic outcome for the USA]
7 July 2008, Le Temps, Stephanie Bussard

Behind the Bush Bust (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Other Republicans besides Bush share the blame]
7 July 2008, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

Oil's Rapid Rise Stirs Talk of $200 A Barrel This Year
[Editor's note:  Getting rid of speculation would cut price in half]
7 July 2008, online.wsj.com, Neil King, Jr.

Myths of the missile crisis
[Editor's note:  Past unreliable guide to the future]
7 July 2008, bbc.co.uk, Michael Dobbs

Pumped Up (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Why high gas prices spell disaster for GOP this year]
6 July 2008, nytimes.com, Ron Klain

The JFK Assassination and 9/11: the Designated Suspects in Both Cases
[Editor's note:  Another excellent contribution from a past master]
5 July 2008, Global Research, Peter Dale Scott

Fifty-five Zionist companies in Iraq operating under assumed names.
[Editor's note:  All for the sake of Israel, of course]
5 July 2008, uruknet.info, Yaqen News Agency

Iran: War or Privatization: All Out War or "Economic Conquest"?
[Editor's note:  Does Bush/Cheney greed know no bounds?]
4 July 2008, globalresearch.ca, Michel Chossudovsky

What to do with Ground Zero
[Editor's note:  The problem may be a contaminated site]
4 July 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

The Top Ten Connections Between NIST and Nano-Thermites
[Editor's note:  Kevin Ryan extols the properties of nano-thermites]
4 July 2008, 911truth.org, Steven Jones

Subplots on Guantánamo
[Editor's note:  Bush needs fake confessions and phony trials to
support a fabricated "war on terror"
4 July 2008, nytimes.com, William Glaberson

The Evolution of a Conspiracy Theory
[Editor's note:  Surprisingly even-handed, considering the source]
4 July 2008, news.bbc.co.uk,

New and Not Improved (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  He now looks like another phony politician to me]
4 July 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Rove's Third Term (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  A McCain victory as a third term for Karl Rove]
4 July 2008, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

Who Planned the Anthrax Attacks?
[Editor's note:  All leads led to Ft. Detrick]
4 July 2008, antiwar.com, Justin Raimondo

Congress Delivers Promised Israel Aid Bump Despite Budget Deadlock
[Editor's note:  Just think of us as "the United States of Israel"]
2 July 2008, forward.com, Nathan Guttman

Analysis: U.S. military to patrol Internet
[Editor's note:  Seeking contractors to monitor our web pages and chat rooms]
30 June 2008, upi.com, Shaun Waterman

The Times Guide to Vice Presidential Choices
[Editor's note:  I pick Richardson and Lieberman to be selected]

Committee Questions State Dept. Role in Iraq Oil Deal
[Editor's note:  Officials knew that an oil company with
close ties to President Bush planned to sign an oil deal
with the Kurdistan government, counter to American policy]
3 July 2008, nytimes.com, James Glanz and Richard A. Oppel, Jr.

Judge Rejects Bush's View on Wiretaps
[Editor's note:  Can we regain our rights, piece by piece?]
3 July 2008, nytimes.com, Eric Lichtblau

McCain Orders Shake-Up of His Campaign
[Editor's note:  Putting a really nasty guy in charge]
3 July 2008, nytimes.com, Adam Nagourney

McCain Backer's Firm Pleaded Guilty to Funding Terrorist Group in Colombia
[Editor's note:  This McCain truly is a man for all seasons]
2 July 2008, huffingtonpost.com, Nico Pitney

Ex-Agent Says CIA Ignored Iran Facts
[Editor's note:  You mean they LIED TO US?  Unbelievable!]
1 July 2008, Washington Post, Joby Warrick

China Inspired Interrogations at Guantanamo
[Editor's note:  Following a 1957 study of Korean War techniques]
2 July 2008, New York Times, Scott Shane

Obama Voters Protest His Switch on Telecom Immunity
[Editor's note:  And I thought his guy was something special!]
2 July 2008, New York Times, James Risen

U.S. Advised Iraqi Ministry on Oil Deals
[Editor's note:  Does this mean it was oil, after all?]
30 June 2008, nytimes.com, Andrew E. Kramer

As Fears of an Air Strike Increase, Little Opposition is Heard
[Editor's note:  Has the world lost its moral compass?]
29 June, 2008, Countercurrents.org, Ira Glunts

Bee by Bee
[Editor's note:  Bees are disappearing--can we be far behind?]
30 June 2008, nytimes.com, Jonathan David Farley

It Was Oil, All Along (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Yes, oil, Israel, and neo-con ideology]
28 June 2008, truthout.org, Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

All Too Human (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Monsters have taken charge of America]
28 June 2008, nytimes.com, Bob Herbert

Your Brain Lies to You
[Editor's note:  Reconciling new data with enduring beliefs]
27 June 2008, nytimes.com, Sam Wang and Sandra Aamodt

Leaked NIST Docs: "Unusual" Event Before Collapse Of WTC 7
[Editor's note:  That would be part of a controlled demolition]
25 June 2008, Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson and Aaron Dykes

Taking Ownership of Iraq? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Iraqi's standing up for their own country]
25 June 2008, nytimes.com, Thomas L. Friedman

More Phony Myths (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Karl Rove has worn out his welcome]
25 June 2008, nytimes.com, Maureen Dowd

Earth Near Tipping Point, Climatologist Warns
[Editor's note:  Leading expert warns of catastrophe]
24 June 2008, Toronto Star, Tim Harper

Aide: Terror Attacks "Big Advantage" to McCain
[Editor's note:  Charles Black welcomes another 9/11 to benefit McCain]
24 June 2008, Financial Times, Edward Luce and Andrew Ward

The Coming Catastrophe?  Contingency plans for attacking Iran
[Editor's note:  The end of America as we have known it]
24 June 2008, Global Research, David Debatto

What's Obscene? Google Could Have an Answer
[Editor's note:  Explicit material doesn't violate community values]
24 June 2008, nytimes.com, Matt Richtel

Survey Shows U.S. Religious Tolerance
[Editor's note:  The ability to hold incompatible beliefs]
24 June 2008, nytimes.com, Neela Banerjed

McCain's Boeing Battle Boomerangs
[Editor's note:  Corruption motivated his "principled" stance]
23 June 2008, Newsweek, Michael Isikoff

Israel exercising for nuclear disaster with Iran
[Editor's note:  Brace yourself for the coming catastrophe]
23 June 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Years Later, Climatologist Renews His Call for Action
[Editor's note:  Says it's not too late, but time is running out]
23 June 2008, nytimes.com, Andrew C. Revkin

Reporters Say Networks Put Wars on Back Burner
Editor's note:  1,157 minutes in 2007, 181 so far in 2008]
23 June 2008, nytimes.com, Brian Stelter

Obama And The Fall Into Tyranny: The Hard Choice
[Editor's note:  Obama is flawed, but McCain is intolerable]
22 June 2008, globalresearch.ca, Paul Craig Roberts

Sidewalks for Democracy Online
[Editor's note:  Preserving democracy in electronic times]
no date, rebotting.personaldemocracy.com Steven L. Clift

Worst. President. Ever. (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  There isn't even any room for debate]
5 April 2008, harpers.org, Scott Horton

Congress Strikes Deal to Overhaul Wiretap Law
[Editor's note:  Disgusting surrender of the people's Fourth Amendment]
20 June 2008, nytimes.com, Eric Lichtblau

The Two Obamas (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Worth thinking about]
20 June 2008, nytimes.com, David Brooks

Pentagon: Over 1000 Nuclear Weapon Parts Missing?
[Editor's note:  How many parts does it take to make a bomb?]
20 June 2008, www.opednews.com, Rob Kall

US Says Exercise by Israel Seemed Directed at Iran
[Editor's note:  Attacking nuclear facilities could kill 1,000,000]
20 June 2008, nytimes.com, Michael R. Gordon and Eric Schmitt

El Baradei threatens to resign over Iran dispute: report
[Editor's note:  Believes attack on Iran would be catastrophic]
19 June 2008, tehrantimes.com, Political Desk

Rice: US government not involved in Iraq no-bid oil contracts
[Editor's note:  One of the great liars of the Bush administration]
19 June 2008, afp, google.com

Senate Housing Bill Requires eBay, Amazon, Google, Credit Card
Companies to Report Transactions to the Government
[Editor's note:  Astounding invasion of Americans' right to privacy]
19 June 2008, freedomworks.org, Adam Brandon

Pipeline opens new front in Afghan war
[Editor's note:  Any questions about why we are in Afghanistan?]
19 June 2008, Globe and Mail, Shawn McCarthy

Deals With Iraq Are Set to Bring Oil Giants Back
[Editor's note:  Makes you wonder why we are fighting this war]
19 June, nytimes.com, Andrew E. Kramer

Kucinich: Impeachment Not "Off the Table"
[Editor's note:  With this gutless Congress, fat chance!]
19 June 2008, truthout.org, Christopher Kuttruff

Easing of Laws That Led to Detainee Abuse Hatched in Secret
[Editor's note:  Responsibility went up to the Vice President]
18 June 2008, McClatchy Newspapers, Tom Lasseter

Kirk Peddles Debunked China Drilling Claim, Mixes Up "Osama" And "Obama"
[Editor's note:  Advocates "shooting Obama on sight"!
18 June 2008, progressillionois.com, Adam Doster

Ahmadinejad Says Oil Prices Are Faked
[Editor's note:  More truth in Tehran than in Washington, D.C.]
17 June 2008, Reuters

Ron Paul's Texas City in Danger
[Editor's note:  The probable target for a new 9/11]
16 June 2008, lonestariconoclast, Capt. Eric May

When ³Sorry² Is Not Good Enough
[Editor's note:  Talk show host threatens Truthers with Death]
16 June 2008, Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson

How to train death squads and quash revolutions from San Salvador to Iraq
[Editor's note:  US trains terrorists for subversion abroad]
15 June 2008, wikileaks.org, Julian Assange

The deadliest terrorists: The real trade of the CIA and Mossad
[Editor's note:  Agencies specilizing in false flag attacks]
14 June 2008, 2ndridad.blogspot, Paul J. Balles

IRAQ: 'Special Weapons' Have a Fallout on Babies
[Editor's note:  Genetic deformities from DU and other weapons]
12 June 2008, Ali al-Fadhily and Dahr Jamail*

"Obama And McCain:  Two Sides Of The Same Coin"
[Editor's note:  Personally, I see enormous differences]
10 June 2008, Countercurrents.org, Timothy V. Gatto

Central bank body warns of Great Depression
[Editor's note:  Serious concerns by a crucial financial institution]
9 June 2008, bankingtimes.co.uk, Gill Montia

A pro-Israel group's plan to rewrite history on Wikipedia
[Editor's note:  Nothing new here for propaganda outlet]
21 April 2008, The Electronic Intifada

Bush Does Europe Incognito (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Assessing the damage Bush has done]
12 June 2008, nytimes.com, Roger Cohen

Iran Unmoved by Threats on Its Atomic Program
[Editor's note:  Alas, you can no longer trust what you read]
12 June 2008, nytimes.com, Steven Lee Myers and Nicholas Kulish

Bush Adios (satire)
[Editor's note:  Good humor is rooted in truth]
12 June 2008, truthsprings.info, Anwaar Hussain

Secret Plan To Kill Internet By 2012 Leaked?
[Editor's note:  Even the Pentagon regard the internet as its enemy]
11 June 2008, Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson

Threatening Iran (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Attack by US or Israel would be disastrous]
11 June 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Return to Old Spy Rules Is Seen as Deadline Nears
[Editor's note: Congress deadlocked over the government's spy powers]
11 June 2008, nytimes.com, Eric Lichtblau

Bush Orders Contractors to Vet Status of Workers
[Editor's note:  Extending the reach of Homeland Security]
10 June 2008, nytimes.com, Julia Preston

In Air Force Changes, Signs of an Overhaul
[Editor's note:  Gates may be preserving the union]
10 June 2008, nytimes.com, Thom Shanker

It's a Different Country (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Consequences that may be profound]
9 June 2008, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

McCain Extends His Outreach, but Evangelicals Are Still Wary
[Editor's note:  Candidate is coming across as incoherent]
9 June 2008, nytimes.com, Michael Luo

"Marine Corps Martial Law:  An Indy Alert Update"
[Editor's note:  Militarization of the nation continues unabated]
7 June 2008, amfirstbooks.com, Major William Fox et al.

The truth is out there
[Editor's note:  A mild hit piece that may stimulate interest
7 June 2008, The Financial Times of London, Peter Barber

"9/11 Truth Movement" from Wikipedia (an unreliable source)
[Editor's note:  For comparison with the Barber piece (above),
here is how the movement is characterized by Wikipedia

The Cons of Creationism (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Creationists won't stop pushing their agenda]
7 June 2008, nytimmes, editorial

Europe Fears a Post-Bush Unilateralism, This Time on Trade
[Editor's note:  Making trade more beneficial for workers]
7 June 2008, nytimes.com, Eduardo Porter

Provocations as Pretexts for Imperial War: From Pearl Harbor to 9/11
[Editor's note:  Leading intellectual assesses recent history]
25 May 2008, petras.lahaine.org, James Petras

2 Leaders Ousted From Air Force in Atomic Errors
[Editor's note:  But was Cheney secretly manipulating the military?]
6 June 2008, nytimes.com, Thom Shanker

Bush Overstated Evidence on Iraq, Senators Report
[Editor's note:  But lying and cheating are their specializations]
6 June 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Mazzetti and Scott Shane

Arraigned, 9/11 Defendants Talk of Martyrdom
[Editor's note:  Another show trial based upon tortured confesions]
6 June 2008, nytimes.com, William Glaberson

Obama's Vice President
[Editor's note:  He is entitled to pick his own running mate]
5 June 2008, Wall Street Journal, Editorial

Obama Confronts Lieberman on McCain Advocacy
[Editor's note:  Some tough talk for a political traitor]
5 June 2008, ABC NEWS, Jake Tapper

Revealed: Secret Plan to Keep Iraq Under US Control
[Editor's note:  Bush only wants 50 permanent bases, no liability, etc.]
5 June 2008, The Independent, UK, Patrick Cockburn

US Justice on Trial at Guantanamo
[Editor's note:  Gross inadequacies in due process are apparent]
4 June 2008, Time, Adam Zagorin

Olmert Vows to Squelch Iran's Nuclear Hopes by "All Possible Means"
[Editor's note:  Even if it had a bomb, Iran could never use it]
4 June 2008, Agence France-Presse

What Makes McCain Tick? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Vacillating from admirable soldier to reckless actor]
3 June 2008, Truthdig, Robert Scheer

Banning Military Propaganda Could Be Hard to Do
[Editor's note:  Bush favors useful lies over painful truths]
3 June 2008, Associate Press, Anne Flaherty

O'Reilly gets angry while interviewing Scott McClellan
[Editor's note:  Former press spokesman stands his ground]
3 June 2008, Raw Story, David Edwards and Mike Sheehan

Under Pressure, White House Issues Climate Change Report
[Editor's note:  Concealing how the US is damaging the environment]
30 May 2008, nytimes.com, Andrew C. Revkin

Help Russia Help Us (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The almost quaint voice of reason]
30 May 2008, nytimes.com, Richard Lugan and Sam Nunn

War Spending Furthers al-Qaeda Goal of Undermining US Economy
[Editor's note:  Bush policies bankrupt nation, weaken our security]
29 May 2008, The Billings Gazette, Robert Weiner and John Larmett

McClellan Blames Bush, Not Aides, for Disillusionment
[Editor's note:  This time, the buck stops with Bush]
29 May 2008, The Los Angeles Times, Johanna Neuman

For McCain, a Switch on Telecom Immunity?
[Editor's note:  Holding companies responsible for breaking the law?]
29 May 2008, The Washington Post, Johathan Weisman and Ellen Nakashima

Oil Crisis Rage Spreads
[Editor's note:  Urgent action advocated by British PM]
29 May 2008, Agence France-Presse

Chertoff keen on Israeli airport security technology
[Editor's note:  Being a dual US-Israeli citizen himself]
29 May 2008, Reuters, Avida Landau

Cops & Customs Agents Caught Drug Smuggling
[Editor's note:  CIA plane crashed containing 4 tons of cocaine
29 May 2008, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Indianapolis To Become "Mock Battlefield"
[Editor's note:  Site of three week long urban warfare training]
29 May 2008, inforwars.net, Steve Watson

Marines bringing combat training to Indy
[Editor's note:  Exemplifying violations of Posse Comitatus]
28 May 2008, indystar.com, Vic Ryckaert

The Rich Get Hungrier (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  World expert warns of looming food shortage
28 May 2008, nytimes.com, Amartya Sen

Storms and Quakes as "Weapons of War" (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Possible use of HAARP to affect the weather]
26 May 2008, lonestaricon.com, Captain Eric H. May

Provocations as Pretexts for Imperial War:  From Pearl Harbor to 9/11
[Editor's note:  Brilliant except for perpetrators of 9/11]
25 May 2008, petras.lahaine.org, James Petras

USA Military Officers Challenge Official Account of September 11
[Editor's note:  Courageously speaking out on behalf of 9/11 Truth]

Paul's Paulestinians vs. Bush's False Flaggers (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Iran is a thrid-world nation without military might]
20 May 2008, lonestaricon.com, Captain Eric H. May

Bush 'plans Iran air strike by August'
[Editor's note:  Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps to be targeted]
28 May 2008, atimes.com, Muhammad Cohen

Bush wants $600 million for Iraq police; but cuts aid to U.S. cops
[Editor's note:  Misplaced priorities from day one]
27 May 2008, McCLatchy Newspapers, David Lightmsh

Worries in G.O.P. About Disarray in McCain Camp
[Editor's note:  If you boot the lobbyists, there'll be no one left]
25 May 2008, nytimes.com, Adam Nagourney

Joe Lieberman, Would-Be Censor (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Protect the internet from censoring assaults]
25 May 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

All About Eve
[Editor's note:  Hillary's rationale is that "stuff happens"]
25 May 2008, nytimes.com, Maureen Dowd

The Empire's Hypocritical Politics
[Editor's note:  Castro critiques an Obama speech]
25 May 2008, cuba.cu, Fidel Castro

$130 Oil: Is That a Tipping Point?
[Editor's note:  When does everyday spending begin to tank?]
24 May 2008, Los Angeles Times, Peter G. Gosselin

Clinton Remark on Robert Kennedy's Killing Stirs Uproar
[Editor's note:  Hillary is unfit for public office]
24 May 2008, nytimes.com, Katharine Q. Seelye

2 Inquiries Set on Pentagon Publicity Effort
[Editor's note:  Pentagon using public money to spread propaganda]
24 May 2008, nytimes.com, David Barstow

Immigration Officials Arrest 905 in California Sweep
[Editor's note:  First they came for the illegal immigrants, . . . ]
24 May 2008, nytimes.com, Rebecca Cathcart

Clinton, You Invoked a Political Nightmare
[Editor's note:  An unforgivable comment on assassination]
23 May 2008, MSNBC Countdown, Keith Olbermann

Democrats seek Iraq embezzlement probe
[Editor's note:  Taxpayers dollars may be financing the resistance]
22 May 2008, ap.google.com, Richard Lardner

Gunfire takes the lives of two more Iraqi journalists
[Editor's note:  Killing journalists appears to be US policy in Iraq]
22 May 2008, McClatchy Newspapers, Raviya H. Ismail    |

House Aims at Pentagon "Propaganda" on Iraq War
[Editor's note:  Brainwashing the American people]
23 May 2008, The Los Angeles Times, Jams Rainey

Audit: Iraq Contracts Skirted Fraud Rules
[Editor's note:  Nearly every transaction failed to comply with the law]
23 May 2008, truthout.org, The Associated Press

GOP strategists mull McCain ?blowout?
[Editor's note:  Only if they steal it using electronic voting machines]
23 May 2008, politico.com, David Paul Kuhn

Viral e-mails attack Obama?s life story
[Editor's note:  Having nothing true that harms him, they make it up]
22 May 2008, politico.com, Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin

Ventura Slams Media Witch Hunt For Questioning 9/11
[Editor's note:  Appalled at the state of free speech in America]
21 May 2008, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Many Florida Jews Express Doubts on Obama
[Editor's note:  Anxiety about Israel, Iran, anti-Semitism and race.
22 May 2007, nytimes.com, Jodi Kantor

Jeff Sharlet joined Rachel to talk about his new book: "The Family:
The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power."
20 May 2008, netatlantic.com, Rachel Maddow

US Senator From Minnesota: Jesse Ventura vs. Al Franken?
[Editor's note:  Jesse 54%, Franken, 38%, Other 7%
19 May 2008, citizensugar.com, Liberty Sugar

Coleman vs. Franken vs. Ventura: Who Wins?
[Editor's note:  Both Franken and Ventura exceed Coleman]
19 May 2008, msp.blogs.com, Adam Platt

Jessie Ventura Fears 'We Did 9/11 To Ourselves'
[Editor's note:  Former Governor lectures disbelieving Howard Stern]
21 May 2008, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Snakes and Superdelegates (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Campaigns are distracting from administration crimes]
21 May 2008, legitgtgov.org, Lori Price

Israel PM calls for naval blockade of Iran
[Editor's note:  A naval blockage is an act of war]
21 May 2008, news.yahoo.com,

Olmert to U.S.: Impose naval blockade on Iran
[Editor's note:  Pressuring Pelosi to act as stooge for Israel]
21 May 2008, Haaretz, Barak Ravid and Amos Harel

Imbalances of Power (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Shifting power not in America's favor]
20 May 2008, nytimes.com, Thomas L. Friedman

The Last Debate (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Time for Hillary to graciously "exit left"]
20 May 2008, nytimes.com, Maureen Dowd

Open Appeal for Straight Talk on Iran
[Editor's note:  Former CIA analyst appeals to CENTCOM]
20 May 2008, 2ndbigbusinescrimes.blogspot, Ray McGovern

White House denies Iran attack report
[Editor's note:  Lying to conceal dastardly plan to attack Iran]
20 May 2008, jerusalempost.com, JPOST.COM STAFF

Israeli Report:  U.S. Will Attack Iran
[Editor's note:  The cumulative evidence is overwhelming]
20 May 2008, newsmax.com, Newsmax Staff

U.S. Soldiers Did 'Dirty Work' for Chinese Interrogators
[Editor's note:  Guantanamo Personnel "Softened Up" Detainees]
20 May 2008, abcnews.com, Justin Rood

The CIA's Internet Fakes:  The Fake 9/11 Movement (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Evaluate this with great care]
20 May 2008, BreakForNews.com, Fintan Dunne

The Bushes and Hitler's Appeasement
[Editor's note:  The Bush family reeks with supporters of Adolf Hitler]
19 May 2008, Consortium News, Robert Parry

9/11 Weather Anomalies and Field Effects
[Editor's note:  Possible causes and effects of 9/11 events]
19 May 2008, drjudywood.com, Judy Wood

McCain's Chances May Have Hit a New Nader
[Editor's note:  One of the least qualified candidates in US history]
18 May 2008, washingtonpost.com, Micah L. Sifry

"Extraordinary Rendition" on Trial in Italy
[Editor's note:  CIA kidnappings finally addressed in a legal setting]
18 May 2008, International Herald Tribune, Elisabeth Rosenthal

Big GOP Losses in Congress Likely
[Editor's note:  Enormous gains anticipated for Democratic Party]
18 May 2008, McClatchy Newspapers, Steven Thomma and Margaret Taley

McCain Can Run, but Bush Won’t Hide
[Editor's note:  The price of having an unpopular president on your side]
18 May 2008, The New York Times, Frank Rich

Immigration Raid Jars Small Iowa Town, Explains GSA Lease of Fairgrounds
[Editor's note:  Rehearsal for mass arrests across the nation]
18 May 2008, The Washington Post, Spencer S. Hsu

Lies of Aggression (From the "White House Moron")
[Editor's note:  More from a brilliant student of US history]
16 May 2008, informationclearinghouse.info, Paul Craig Roberts "ICH"

The war at the gas pump!
[Editor's note:  Devastating consequences for working families]
16 May 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Citizens Reject Terror Drill Fear Mongering
[Editor's note:  Seeing through the haze of disinformation]
15 May 2008, inforwars.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Rumsfeld On 2006 Election: "The Correction For That...Is An Attack"
[Editor's note:  A Secretary of Defense who betrayed his trust]
13 May 2008, The Huffington Post, Jason Linkins

Rumsfeld Tapes leak and calls for new attack to manipulate Americans
[Editor's note:  Further evidence 9/11 was an inside job]

Where did the Web rumors about Obama come from?
[Editor's note:  Some originated in tabloids instead]
8 May 2008, McClatchy Newspapers, Matt Sterns

Bush Assails 'Appeasement,' Touching Off Storm
[Editor's note:  Reminding everyone of his grandfather's perfidy]
16 May 2008, nytimes.com, Sheryl Gay /stolberg and Jim Rutenberg

President Bush Committed Political Treason Today
[Editor's note:  Politics is supposed to end at the water's edge]
15 May 2008, Philadelphia Daily News, Will Bunch

In Israeli Parliament, Bush Compares Democrats To Nazi-Appeasers
[Editor's note:  Bush's grandfather helped finance the Nazis]
15 May 2008, thinkprogress.org

Republican Election Losses Stir Fall Fears
[Editor's note:  The GOP brand has been flushed down the toilet]
15 May 2008, nytimes.com, Adam Nagourney and Carl Hulse

A War Over a Wall Defies Truce in Sadr City
[Editor's note:  Imagine a maze of concrete barriers everywhere]
15 May 2008, nytimes.com, Michael R. Gordon

Rumsfeld's Mind: If 9/11 Worked, Why Not Try it Again?
[Editor's note:  Casually suggesting another 9/11 might be required]
14 May 2008, opednews.com, Rob Kall

Has the Battle for America Begun?
[Editor's note:  Financial elites may want a war with Asian nations]
14 May 2008, globalresearch.ca, Richard C. Cook

Air Force Aims for 'Full Control' of 'Any and All' Computers
[Editor's note:  Another insane proposal from the US military]
13 May 2008, wired.com, Noah Shachtman

Bush says he fears new terror attacks on U.S. if Democrat elected]
[Editor's note:  Remind me:  Just who was President on 9/11?]
13 May 2008, Houston Chronicle, Associated Press

Childers Victory Gives Democrats a Third Straight Takeover
[Editor's note:  Republicans are frantic over November!]
13 May 2008, The Hill, Aaron Blake

U.S. drops charges against accused '20th hijacker'
[Editor's note:  Scheduling to impact the November elections]
13 May 2008, uk.reuters.com, Kristin Roberts

Military analysts named in Times exposé cited more than 4,500 times
[Editor's note:  Propaganda campaign to mislead American people]
13 May 2008, mediamatters.com

Luttwak's Fatwa on Obama: A Muslim Perspective
[Editor's note:  A cogent response to an irresponsible article]
13 May 2008, barrettforcongress.us, Kevin Barrett

Free At Last:  Army Intelligence Analyst Buswell, 'The 9/11 NCO,' Speaks Out
[Editor's note:  Fascinating interview with a military truth-speaker]
13 May 2008, lonestaricon.com, Stephen C. Webster

Blunt Federal Letters Tell Students They're Security Threats
[Editor's note:  Beyond bizarre!  The national security state at work!]
13 May 2008, nytimes.com, Scott Shane

The Myth of Voter Fraud (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  An assault by Republicans on democracy itself]
13 May 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Israel's 60 years of nuclear proliferation
[Editor's note:  Ben-Gurion thought about nukes in 1945]
13 May 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Ex-officials: Bush admin. ignored Iraq corruption
[Editor's note:  Setting an example that was emulated by Baghdad]
13 May 2008, yahoo.com, Anne Flaherty

Drive in Basra by Iraqi Army Makes Gains
[Editor's note:  Bush needs Basra to extract oil from Iraq]
12 May 2008, nytimes.com, Stephen Farrell and Ammar Karim

The Pundit Analyzing Obama? Some TV Upstart Named Rove
[Editor's note:  What's this guy doing in this position?]
12 May 2008, nytimes.com, Jim Rutenberg and Jaques Steinberg

Kitty Hawk air wing commander removed for ?loss of confidence?
[Editor's note:  My bet:  He opposed an attack on Iran]
11 May 2008, Stars and Stripes, Teri Weaver

Government asks court to block wider testing for mad cow
[Editor's note:  Administration wants WEAKER SAFEGUARDS for disease]
9 May 2008, yahoo.com, Sam Hananel

MI6 chief visits Mossad for talks on Iran's nuclear threat
[Editor's note:  Coordinating corrupt acts against Iran?]
4 May 2008, The Sunday London Times, Uzi Mahnaimi

Backing my claims about 9/11 questions
[Editor's note:  An Arizona state senator supports 9/11 truth]
2 May 2008, East Valley/Scottdale Tribune, Karen Johnson

Crude jolt for US as Iran scraps oil trade in dollar
[Editor's note:  The real reason we are pissed with Iran?]
1 May 2008, economictimes.indiatimes.com

Weather War Between US and Russia?
[Editor's note:  An illegal race to harness hurricanes & earthquakes]
8 October 2007, globalresearch.ca, The Daily Express

Roadcheck 2008 set for 3-5 June 2008

Pulsed Power Facilities: HERMES III Accelerator (13 TW of power)

Already, Obama and McCain Map Fall Strategies
[Editor's note:  Predictions about the key issues of the campaign]
11 May 2008, nytimes.com, Adam Nagourney and Jeff Zeleny

Pragmatic Politics, Forged on the South Side
[Editor's note:  Nice background on the apparent Democratic nominee]
11 May 2008, nytimes.com, Jo Becker and Christopher Drew

GOP Getting Crushed in Polls, Key Races
[Editor's note:  A present from the people to themselves]
10 May 2008, The Politico, Jaim VandeHei and David Paul Kuhn

Seeds of Destruction (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Condemnation of Bill and Hillary's attacks on Barack]
10 May 2008, nytimes.com, Bob Herbert

On McCain, Obama and a Hamas Link
[Editor's note:  acandidate who claims to avoid negative campaigning]
10 May 2008, nytimes.com, Larry Rohter

Questions Surround Homeland Security's Presence in Waterloo
[Editor's note:  Converting a cattle grounds into a detention facility]
9 May 2008, whotv.com

In FEC Moves, Some See Effort to Aid McCain
[Editor's note:  Bush continues to use government to benefit friends]
9 May 2008, nytimes.com, Michael Luo

Support for Clinton Wanes as Obama Sees Finish Line
[Editor's note:  The point of pushing on becomes increasingly obscure]
8 May 2008, nytimes.com, Patrick Healy and JEff Zeleny

For the Democrats, Signs of a Possible Changing of the Guard
[Editor's note:  The Clinton Era is coming to an end]
8 May 2008, nytimes.com, Adam Nagourney

Ray Guns:  Laser Weapons Technology
[Editor's note:  Revealing how far we have come]
7 May 2008, spacewar.com

GOP leaders warn of election disaster
[Editor's note:  Newt Gingrich expresses alarm]
7 May 2008, politico.com, John Bresnhan

Obama Wins North Carolina Decisively; Clinton Takes Indiana by Slim Margin
[Editor's note:  7% of Hillary's support came from Republicans]
7 May 2008, nytimes.com, Jeff Zeleny

Butterflies Aren't Free (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Hillay is no longer the person she used to be]
7 May 2008, nytimes.com, Maureen Dowd

1.1 Million Purged from Indiana Voting Rolls
[Editor's note:  Unverifiable Machines to Count Vote]
5 May 2008, bradblog.com, Brad Friedman

The Debate Over 9/11
[Editor's note:  Nice overview calling 'em as he sees 'em]
5 May 2008, inoodle.com, Eric Larsen

9/11 Conspiracy Connection To DC Madam Murder
[Editor's note:  Palfrey said call girls had picked up info about 9/11]
5 May 2008, Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson

Who should MDs let die in a pandemic? Report offers answers
[Editor's note:  Nazi-style criteria allowing elderly, sick, and weak to die]
5 May 2008, news.yahoo.com, Lindsey Tanner

Iraq Backs Off Allegations That Iran Is Behind Violence
[Editor's note:  Reviewing rumors and speculations of involvement]
5 May 2008, McClatchy Newspapers, Leila Fadel and Shashank Bengali

The All-White Elephant in the Room
[Editor's note:  Why all the silence about Rev. Hagee and John McCain?]
5 May 2008, nytimes.com, Frank Rich

In Poll, Obama Survives Furor, but Fall Is the Test
[Editor's note:  Most voters not affected by worry about general election]
5 May 2008, nytimes.com, Adam Nagourney and Marjorie Connelly

Seeing Grit and Ruthlessness in Clinton's Love of the Fight
[Editor's note:  Hillary's strength is also Hillary's weakness]
5 May 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Leibovich and Kate Zernike

The Last Round Up
[Editor's note:  A list of 8,000,000 Americans for incarceration or worse]
29 April 2008, Christopher Ketcham 29 Apr 2008 A

Notes From the War on Terror (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Brilliant summary of Bush's perversion of law]
2 May 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Clinton May Be Hopeful, but Obama Rolls On
[Editor's note:  Superdelegates impressed by how he handles problems]
2 May 2008, nytimes.com, Adam Nagourney and Carl Hulse

Party of Denial (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Obama needs to be more sophisticated with issues]
2 May 2008, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

The Cognitive Age (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The information age vs. the globalization paradigm]
2 May 2008, nytimes.com, David Brooks

DC Madam Predicted She Would Be Suicided
[Editor's note:  Powerful clients with powerful motives]
1 May 2008, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

"D.C. Madam" Kills Herself In Fla.
[Editor's note:  NO WAY: She was in great shape, writing a book, etc.]
1 May 2008, cbsnews.com

Strike Against War Shuts Down West Coast Ports
[Editor's note:  Beware of retaliation by Bush and Cheney]
1 May 2008, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Peter Cole

US Officials: Decision on Confronting Iran Up to Iraq
[Editor's note:  Senior Pentagon officials say Iraq has the evidence]
1 May 2008, Associated Press

Former Guantanamo Prosecutor Says Trials Tainted
[Editor's note:  Col. Davis objects to confessions under duress]
1 May 2008, reuters

Iran Complains to UN About Clinton Comment
[Editor's note:  She talks about "totally obliterating" 65 million]
1 May 2008, reuters, Claudia Parsons

How Will It Play in Apex? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Brilliant critique of the principal players]
1 May 2008, nytimes.com, Gail Collins

The "Invisible Hand" is picking your pocket (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The myth of free market capitalism]
1 May 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

The Pentagon's $1 Trillion Problem
[Editor's note:  How the Pentagon continues to screw the taxpayer]
May 2008, portfolio.com, Scot Paltrow

How did a Jewish state founded 60 years ago end up throwing filth at
cowering Palestinians?
[Editor's note:  A disgusting history of oppression and abuse]
30 April 2008, The Independent", Johann Hari

CIA Still Stonewalls on JFK Mystery Man
[Editor's note:  Defying a federal judge's order, CIA withholds records]
30 April 2008, washingtonindependent.com, Jefferson Morley

Shameful Days: Why Won't The Media Pursue the Pentagon Propaganda Scandal?
[Editor's note: Suffocating a major expose of disinformation about Iraq]
30 April 2008, thehuffingtonpost.com, Arianna Huffington

Just Between Us
[Editor's note:  Manipulating the law to spy on Americans]
30 April 2008, newsweek.com, Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball

Iran Ends Oil Transactions in Dollars: Now Trades in Euros and Yen
[Editor's note:  The real reason we are planning to attack Iran?]
30 April 2008, cbsnews.com

New U.S. carrier in Gulf a "reminder" to Iran: Gates
[Editor's note:  "Reminder" or "provocation"?  We are pathetic.]
29 April 2008, reuters.com, David Morgan

Cheney lawyer claims Congress has no authority over vice-president
[Editor's note:  How unConstitutional can all of this get?]
29 April 2008, guardian.co.uk, Elana Schor

Bomb Bomb Iran by Summer's End?
[Editor's note:  Cheney beating McCain to the "bomb bomb" punch?]
29 April 2008, truthout.org, Steve Weissman

Ex-Prosecutor Tells of Push by Pentagon on Detainees
[Editor's note:  Using torture to extract fake confessions of terrorism]
29 April 2008, nytimes.com, William Glaberson

Demography Is King (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Have we created a new national educational divide?]
29 April 2008, nytimes.com, David Brooks

Arizona Senator Subjected to Attacks for Questioning 9/11
[Editor's note:  Displaying ignorance, The Arizona Republic criticizes her]
25 April 2008, Infowars.net, Steve Watson

The EPA and 9/11:

Ex-EPA Chief Is Ruled Not Liable for 9/11 Safety Claims

Thousands In NY Dying Of '911 Disease'

"Mystery Disease" Affects New Yorkers in wake of 911 Attacks

Ex-EPA Chief Grilled Over 9/11 Response

9/11's Lingering Cloud

Letters Give C.I.A. Tactics a Legal Rationale
[Editor's note:  Justice Department subverting the US Constitution]
27 April 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Mazzetti

"MAYDAY ALERT! Terror Drills Could Go Live!"
[Editor's note:  Signs of the prospect of a false flag attack]
26 April 2008, amfirstbooks.com, Maj. William Fox et al.

Questions Linger on Scope of Iran's Threat in Iraq
[Editor's note:  Apparently planted story to minimize our threat to Iran]
26 April 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Mazzetti, Steven Lee Myers and Thom Shanker

Government Releases Images of Syrian Reactor
[Editor's note:  Why release these images from 6 September 2007 attack?]
25 April 2008, nytimes.com, David E. Sanger

For Democrats, Questions Over Race and Electability
[Editor's note:  An assessment of rivals' strength in swing states]
24 April 2008, nytimes.com, Adam Nagourney

Machine Gun-Toting Officers To Patrol NYC Subway
[Editor's note:  Introducing overt elements of the police state piecemeal]
24 April 2008, wcbstv.com

C.I.A. Director Announces He'll Retire From Air Force
[Editor's note:  Striking decision to separate himself from his uniform]
24 April 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Mazzetti

Petraeus Promotion Ensures Future for Bush War Policy
[Editor's note:  Placing a shill for war with Iran in high position]
24 April 2008, Los Angeles Times, Julian E. Barnes

Military "Analysts," the Media and the Selling of Bush's Wars
[Editor's note:  Reflections on propaganda from the Pentagon]
24 April 2008, Progreso Weekly, Max J. Castro

Senate Republicans Block Pay Disparity Measure
[Editor's note:  GOP opposed reduction in pay discrimination]
24 April 2008, nytimes.com, Carl Hulse

Ex-EPA Chief Is Ruled Not Liable for 9/11 Safety Claims
[Editor's note:  No punishment no matter how bad the performance]
24 April 2008, washingtonpost.com, Robin Shulman

Aggressive action is needed to resurrect 4th Amendment rights
[Editor's note:  Thoughts on restoring basic rights]
23 April 2008, muckrakerreport.com, Ed Haas

9/11 and the Neo-Con Agenda
[Editor's note:  Speech delivered at "The Freedom Rally"
22 April 2008, opednews.com, Jim Fetzer

José Can You See?  Bush's Trojan Taco
[Editor's note:  The future of the US in the North American Union]
21 April 2008, ourfuture.org, Greg Palast

In Democrats' Fight, the Numbers Count
[Editor's note:  Keep the bottom line in mind]
21 April 2008, nytimes.com, John Harwood

THE MESSAGE MACHINE:  Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon's Hidden Hand
[Editor's note:  An outstanding and thorough critique of propaganda]
20 April 2008, nytimes.com, David Barstow

Iraqi Army Takes Last Basra Areas From Sadr Force
[Editor's note:  Moktada al-Sadr still wields enormous influence]
20 April 2008, nytimes.com, James Glanz and Alissa J. Rubin

U.S. Commanders Seeking to Widen Pakistan Attacks
[Editor's note:  Meeting unwanted resistance from the legislature]
20 April 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Mazzetti and Eric Schmitt

McCain, Iraq War and the Threat of 'Al Qaeda'
[Editor's note:  McCain's simple-minded view of the war]
19 April 2008, nytimes.com, Michael Cooper and Larry Rohter

Vigorous Defense of Human Rights Is Urged by Pope in U.N. Address
[Editor's note:  An appropriate statement from Benedict XVI]
19 April 2008, nytimes.com, Ian Fisher and Warren Hoge

Europe Begins Testing In-Flight Use of Cellphones
[Editor's note:  Cell phones are only now coming into use]
19 April 2008, nytimes.com, Stephen Castle

The Fat Bush Theory
[Editor's note:  The difference between reality and illusion]
19 April 2008, nytimes.com, Gail Collins

US and Canadian Governments Rename "North American Union"
[Editor's note:  Endless acts of deception by these administrations]
17 April 2008, NewsWithViews.com, Jim Kouri

[Editor's note:  Even if we hit Iran, the outcome is in doubt]
14 April 2008, informationclearinghouse.info, Paul Craig Roberts

The 9/11 New World Order Files by Dr. Eric Karlstrom
Including "Notes" from the Madison Conference 2007

POLITICS: Petraeus Hid Maliki Resistance to US Troops in Basra
[Editor's note:  Prime Minister undermined US/British operation]
18 April 2008, ipsnews.net, Gareth Porter

U.S. Begins Erecting Wall in Sadr City
[Editor's note:  Bizarre physical segmentation will be resisted]
18 April 2008, nytimes.com, Michael R. Gordon

Workers Get Fewer Hours, Deepening the Downturn
[Editor's note:  Why globalization will ultimately fail]
18 April 2008, nytimes.com, Peter S. Goodman

Top US general 'hoodwinked' over aggressive interrogation
[Editor's note:  Myers wrongly believed Geneva Conventions applied]
18 April 2008, guardian.co.uk, Richard Norton-Taylor

Pentagon institute calls Iraq war 'a major debacle' with outcome 'in doubt'
[Editor's note:  National Defense University issues a searing indictment]
17 April 2008, McClatchy Newspapers, Jonathan S. Landay and John Walcott

In Pa. Debate, the Clear Loser Is ABC
[Editor's note:  Brilliant critique of a pathetic exercise]
17 April 2008, Tom Shales 17 Apr 2008

ABC Hosts Heckled After Debate: "The Crowd Is Turning On Me"
[Editor's note:  It was a deplorable, even despicable, performance]
17 April 2008, The Huffington Post

300,000 Vets Have Mental Problems, 320,000 Brain Injuries
[Editor's note:  Failure to provide treatment will have consequences]
17 April 2008, Associated Press, Pauline Jelinek

Second Mistrial in Sears Tower Case
[Editor's note:  Another phony "show trial" Soviet-style]
17 April 2008, washingtonpost.com, Julienne Gage

Report: Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel
[Editor's note:  "Swung American opinion in our favor"]
16 April 2008, Haaretz Service and Reuters

Nuclear attack on D.C. a hypothetical disaster
[Editor's note:  Estimate 100,000 immediate deaths]
16 April 2008, washingtontimes.com, Gary Emerling

Risk of Nuclear Attack on Rise
[Editor's note:  Planning a false flag attack on D.C.?]
16 April 2008, washingtonpost.com, Mary Beth Sheridan

Big Tax Breaks for Businesses in Housing Bill
[Editor's note:  Billions in tax breaks for automakers and airlines]
16 April 2008, nytimes.com, Stephen Labaton and David M. Herszenhorn

McCain Outlines Broad Proposals for U.S. Economy
[Editor's note:  Abandon's pledge to balance the budget his first term]
16 April 2008, nytimes.com, Michael Cooper

Iraqi Unit Flees Post, Despite American's Plea
[Editor's note:  Suggests Iraqi forces not ready for "prime time"]
16 nytimes.com, nytimes.com, Michael R. Gordon

Dozens Killed in Bombings in Four Iraqi Cities
[Editor's note:  Car bombs kill at least 53 people]
16 April 2008, nytimes.com, Alissa J. Rubin

Bush Replaced REX84 With New Martial Law EO
[Editor's note:  No need to refine law unless you plan to use it]
14 April 2008, rense.com, Ted Twietmeyer

Israel Can Stand Up for Itself
[Editor's note:  Ignores NIE that Iran is not developing nukes]
13 April 2008, nytimes.com, Zev Chafets

All the Time He Needs
[Editor's note:  Bush gaves himself time to walk away from his blunder]
13 April 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Secret Iraqi Deal Shows Problems in Arms Orders
[Editor's note:  Provinging Iraq shoddy equipment at great profit]
13 April 2008, nytimes.com, Solomon Moore

Keystone Cops 9/11: Fifteen Views Of The ST Fake Flight 175 Engine

Pentagon 9/11 Flight Left Telltake Engine

Bush Dispatches Envoys to Arab Capitals as Part of Iraq Plan
[Editor's note:  Only 40-50 foreign fighters are entering each month]
11 April 2008, nytimes.com, Eric Schmitt

Cheney, Others OK'd Harsh Interrogations
[Editor's note:  Has the world ever seen such hypocrisy?]
11 April 2008, jdnews.com, Lara Jakes Jordan and Pamela Hess

Powell: Troops in Iraq Must Be Reduced
[Editor's note:  You can believe generals, like Powell, who are retired]
10 April 2008, nytimes.com, Associated Press

The Face of a Prophet
[Editor's note:  We need to consider that George Soros may be right]
11 April 2008, nytimes.com, Louise Story

Bush Dispatches Envoys to Arab Capitals as Part of Iraq Plan
[Editor's note:  600 a year who are threats when they return home?]
11 April 2008, nytimes.com, Eric Schmitt

Going Soft on Corporate Crime (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  An admin dedicated to maximizing short-term profits]
10 April 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Ludicrous Hit Piece Attacks Ventura On WTC Collapse Comments
[Editor's note:  Nice to see discussion of other WTC buildings]
10 April 2008, inforwars.com, Paul Joseph Watson

U.N. Official Urged Commission to Study Neocon Role in 9/11
[Editor's note:  Richard Falk via Kevin Barrett makes news]
9 April 2008, nysun.com, Eli Lake

14 Structural Engineers Challenge the Official Explanation for 9/11
[Editor's note:  They conclude the WTC was destroyed by controlled
9 April 2008, opednews.com, George Washington

Petraeus Urges Halt in Weighing New Cut in Force
[Editor's note:  Progress there is "fragile and reversible"]
9 Apri; 2008, nytimes.com, Steven Lee Myers and Thom Shanker

Sources: Top Bush Advisors Approved 'Enhanced Interrogation'
[Editor's note:  Detailed Discussions Were Held About Techniques to Use]
9 April 2008, abcnews.go.com, Jan Crawford Greenburg, Howard L.
Rosenberg, and Ariane de Vogue

In Justice Shift, Corporate Deals Replace Trials
[Edito's note:  Not prosecuted over 50 companies the last three years]
9 April 2008, nytimes.com, Eric Lichtblau

Chances of Homeowner Relief Losing Momentum in Senate
[Editor's note:  Bail out the rich and powerful, let little guys drown]
9 April 2008, nytimes.com, David M. Herszenhorn

Ex-Fed Chairman Chides Current One
[Editor's note:  Paul A. Volcker criticized the Bear Stearns bailout]
9 April 2008, nytimes.com, Michael M. Grynbaum

Ahmadinejad: US used September 11 as 'pretext' for invasions
{Editor's note:  Little by little, the truth is dribbling out]
8 April 2008, news.yahoo.com, Aresu Eqbali

UN expert stands by Nazi comments
[Editor's note:  Falk compares Israelis to Germans]
8 April 2008, bbc.co.uk, Tim Franks

Alleged 9/11 architect gets Navy lawyer
[Editor's note:  Khalid Sheik Mohammed to be tried]
8 April 2008, miamiherald.com,

Remember: They Are Liars
[Editor's note:  A sampler of some 1,000 lies from this admin]
8 April 2008, truthout.org, William Rivers Pitt

Twilight of the Psychopaths
[Editor's note:
8 April 2008, agoracosmopolitan.com, Dr. Kevin Barrett

More Time for More of the Same?
[Editor's note: Gen. Petraeus and President Bush don't have a clue]
8 April 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Back From Iraq, Again Facing Fire
[Editor's note:  The reality is that no "victory" is possible]
8 April 2008, nytimes.com, three experts

Crackdown on Militias May Add to Instability in Iraq
[Editor's note:  Do not assume the government will prevail over al-Sadr]
8 April 2008, nytimes.com, James Glanz and Stephen Farrell

Against a one-world government
[Editor's note:  Similar problems on a larger scale]
8 April 2008, onlinejournal.info, Jerry Mazza

[Editor's note:
7 April 2008, NewsWithViews.com, Devvy

Blackwater contract renewal not approved by Iraq: Maliki
[Editor's note:  A sensational development if it stands]
6 April 2008, afp.google.com, Armed Forces Press


Insider: Iraq Attack Was Preemptive, Not 9/11 Retaliation
[Editor's note:  Douglas Feith on "60 Minutes" offers new defense]
6 April 2008, cbsnews.com, "60 Minutes"

Wireless Technologies that Target the Neuronal Functioning of the Brain
[Editor's note:  Instruments of social control become more sophisticated]
6 April 2008, globalresearch.ca, Dr. Kingsley Dennis

Iran to OPEC: Stop Oil Sales in Dollars
[Editor's note:  An obvious step to take, given US aggression]
6 April 2008, google.com, Associated Press

Army Worried by Rising Stress of Return Tours to Iraq
[Editor's note:  Abuse of military destroying its combat capacity]
6 April 2008, nytimes.com, Thom Shanker

Drug Makers Near an Old Goal: A Legal Shield
[Editor's note:  Then if FDA abused its authority, who could correct it?]
6 April 2008, nytimes.com, Gardiner Harris and Alex Berenson

Petraeus Testimony Next Week Will Signal Iran Attack
[Editor's note:  He will be following a script written by Dick Cheney]
5 April 2008, informationclearinghouse.info, Paul Craig Roberts

British fear US commander is beating the drum for Iran strikes
[Editor's note:  Why Fallon called him "an ass-kissing chicken-shit"?]
5 April 2008, telegraph.co.uk, Damine McElroy

A General Debate on Iraq:  Odom vs. Petraeus
[Editor's note:  Guess which one speaks the truth about our debacle in Iraq?]
5 April 2008, The Lone Star Iconoclast, Capt. Eric May

Health Database Was Set Up to Ignore 'Abortion'
[Editor's note:  A legal procedure is excluded from a search engine]
5 April 2008, nytimes.com, Robert Pear

Israel is happily buying Iranian oil
[Editor's note:  Perhaps they might not attack Iran, after all]
4 April 2008, guardian.co.uk, Richard Silverstein

Record Home Foreclosures across America
Banking Act of 1999 has opened a Pandora's Box
4 April 2008, globalresearch.com, Sherwood Ross

It's Happened: I'm a 9/11 Truther; A New Investigation and Forgiveness
[Editor's note:  how do we deal with the monstrous implications of this?]
3 April 2008, opednews.com, Ralph Lopez

General William Odom tells Senate Rapid Withdrawal is Only Solution
[Editor's note:  Attack on Iraq greatest strategic blunder in US history]
2 April 2008, afterdowningstreet.org, William E. Odom, LT General, USA, Ret.

Ted Olson's Report of 9/11 Calls from Barbara: Three Official Denials
[Editor's note:  If there were no calls, either lying or deceived]
1 April 2008, globalresearch.ca, David Ray Griffin

81% in Poll Say Nation Is Headed on the Wrong Track
[Editor's note:  Strongest opinion since question first asked]
4 April 2008, nytimes.com, David Leonhardt and Marjorie Connelly

More Than 1,000 in Iraq's Forces Quit Basra Fight
[Editor's note:  Casting doubt on the American-trained Iraqi security forces]
4 April 2008, nytimes.com, Stephen Farrell and James Glanz

There Were Orders to Follow
[Editor's note:  The corruptions of this administration knows no bounds]
4 April 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Safeguarding Electronic Voting
[Editor's note:  Nice to see The Times endorsing integrity]
4 April 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Administration Launches Web Site Opposing Journalist Media Shield
[Editor's note:  Protecting themselves in the name of national security]
3 April 2008, foxnews.com

Iran torpedoes US plans for Iraqi oil
[Editor's note:  Cheney no doubt directed that the attack take place]
3 April 2008, atimes.com, M. K. Bhadrakumar

U.S. Cites Planning Gaps in Iraqi Assault on Basra
[Editor's note:  A great victory for Muqtada al-Sadr]
3 April 2008, nytimes.com, Michael R. Gordon et al.

Luck Larry wants $12.3 billion more for 9/11
[Editor's note:  Cleaning up handsomely for two white elephants]
3 April 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura Goes Public On 9/11 Truth
[Editor's note:  Calls WTC Collapse a Controlled Demolition
2 April 2008, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Jesse Ventura Warns of Obama Assassination Attempt
[Editor's note:  Says government will target any independent who gets close]
2 April 2008, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

'03 U.S. Memo Approved Harsh Interrogations
[Editor's note: Justice Department gave military interrogators authority]
2 April 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Mazzetti

Bad Business for America
[Editor's note:  Saving Bear Stearns while letting homeowners go]
1 April 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Pentagon Is Expected to Close Intelligence Unit
[Editor's note:  A vestige of Rumsfield's Pentagon run amok]
2 April 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Mazzetti

The day the US declared war on Iran
[Editor's note:  Using financial measures to cripple a nation]
1 April 2008, atimes.com, John McGlynn

Spring Fling in Iran - Updating World War III
[Editor's note:  Concerns about what the near future may bring]
31 Mach 2008, thepriceofliberty.org, Capt. Eric May

Mobile Phones "More Dangerous Than Smoking"
[Editor's note:  An enormous surge in brain tumors from using cell phones]
31 March 2008, The Independent UK, Geoffrey Lean

Silver, Gold & The Last American Hero JFK
[Editor's note:  Many of us believe this was a major motive for killing him]
31 March 2008, news.goldseek.com

Sadr Makes Truce Offer
[Editor's note:  The Shiite cleric is the real power in Iraq]
30 March 2008, Associated Press

Staff Alleges Abuses by Top Iraq Auditor
[Editor's note:  Iraq reconstrucion awash with corruption]
30 March 2008, washingtonpost.com, Robin Wright

Internet Censorship:  The bizarre case of the Daily Kos
[Editor's note:  Suppressing public discussion of 9/11, especially]
30 March 2008, diatribune.com, Jim Fetzer

The Smart Way Out of a Foolish War (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Political and economimc considerations in getting out]
30 March 2008, washingtonpost.com, Zbigniew Brzezinski

Did Your Shopping List Kill a Songbird? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Pesticides and genetically modified crops are threats]
30 March 2008, nytimes.com,

Developer sues to recover 9/11 costs
[Editor's note:  This goes beyond brazen!]
27 March 2008, cnn.com

Obama, Clinton -- and Echoes of Nader? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Hillary's destructive impact on her own party]
27 March 2008, nytimes.com, Nicholas D. Kristof

Imagined Snipers, Real Challenges (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Fake swagger vs. real solutions]
27 March 2008, nytimes.com, Roger Cohen

Say Hillary, What about the Religious "Family" you have Chosen to be Part of?
[Editor's note:  Granting an intervie to the "vast right-wing conspiracy]
26 March 2008, opednews.com, Steve Brant

In Basra, Elections, Oil Drive Conflict
[Editor's note:  The lid is about to blow off Iraq]
26 March  2008, truthout.org, Maya Schenwar and Christopher Kuttruff

Bush vendettas:  Clearing the way to attack Iran?
[Editor's note:  Plame, Spitzer, and Fallon fall into a pattern]
25 March 2008, diatribune.com, Jim Fetzer

Massive Chunk of Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse
[Editor's note:  Dramatic evidence of the effects of global warming]
25 March 2008, science.com, Seth Borenstein

McCain Says US Succeeding in Iraq
[Editor's note:  Another "senior moment" from an incompetent candidate]
25 March 2008, nytimes.com, Associated Press

Worried Yet? Saudis Prepare for "Sudden Nuclear Hazards" After Cheney Visit
[Editor's note:  The most frightening article I have ever read]
March 2008, empireburlesquenow.blogspot.com

America's Next 9/11
[Editor's note:  A chilling scenario of how it may be done]
24 March 2008, informationclearinghouse.info, Paul Craig Roberts

Financial Meltdown: Time for a Holiday From Progressive Politics?
[Editor's note:  Is an opportunity for reform slipping away?]
24 March 2008, truthout.org, Dean Baker

Is "Success" of US Surge in Iraq About to Unravel?
[Editor's note:  Muslim cleric Muqtada al Sadr may have had enough]
24 March 2008, McClatchy Newspapers, Leila Fadel and Nancy A. Youssef

Telecom Lobbyists Tied to McCain
[Editor's note:  Further evidence of unfitness for high office]
24 March 2008, USA Today, Matt Kelley

Is It a Recession? Or a Depression? Shocking New Gallup Poll.
[Editor's note:  Most Amreicans think economic problems are serious]
23 March 2008, allspinzone.com, Richard Blair

Gap in Life Expectancy Widens for the Nation
[Editor's note:  Significant differences in life expectancy]
23 March 2008, nytimes.com, Robert Pear

The Republican Resurrection
[Editor's note:  Hillary's trench warfare gives hope to the GOP]
23 March 2008, nytimes.com, Frank Rich

What's Wrong with Rev. Wright?
[Editor's note:  What he's said is either true or not obviously false]
23 March 2008, diatribune.com, dailykos.com, Jim Fetzer

Accounting for the Full Ante in Washington
[Editor's note:  Someone should know where our money is going]
22 March 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

The Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright and the Audacity of Truth
[Editor's note:  Consider the background of what he has to say]
22 March 2008, truthout.org, Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III

Hillary's Perfidy
[Editor's note:  A candidate has an obligation not to destroy her party]
22 March 2008, diatribune.com, dailykos.com, Jim Fetzer

Story behind the story: The Clinton myth
[Editor's note:  Hillary has virtually no chance to win]
21 March 2008, politico.com, Jim Vandehei and Mike Allen

The Collapse Of American Power
[Editor's note:  The end of a great nation under corrupt management]
21 March 2008, countercurrents.org, Paul Craig Roberts

Democrat Wants Answers on Obama Passport Breach
[Editor's note:  Waxman imposes Monday deadline for identity of firm]
21 March 2008, ABC News, Justin Rood

Obama wants Congress in passport probe
[Editor's note:  Disgusting dereliction of duty by Rice and Co.]
21 March 2008, yahoo!news.com

The Nation | The Gentlemen's Bailout
[Editor's note:  Socialism for corporations welcomed by the rich]
20 March 2008, The Nation, editorial team

Gun Owners Fooled By Mammoth Supreme Court Hoax
[Editor's note:  What's going on with the Second Amendment?]
20 March 2008, infowars.com, Paul Joseph Watson and Steve Watson

The Woman Who Nearly Stopped the War
[Editor's note:  An heroic act that aborted a second UN resolution]
19 March 2008, The New Statesman, Martin Bright

Department of Veterans Affairs Reports 73 Thousand U.S. Gulf War Vets Dead
[Editor's note:  Only counting "combat casualties" who have died on the spot]

Bush's Plan to Steal Iraq's Oil: The Thirty-Year Itch
[Editor's note:  An excellent summary of the master plan]
29 March 2003, Mother Jones, Robert Dreyfuss

Exposure (Abstract)
[Editor's note:  The crimes of Abu Ghraib were far worst than reported]
24 March 2008, The New Yorker, Errol Morris

Obama's Passportgate: Historical Echo
[Editor's note:  This is not the first of its kind in "dirty tricks"]
21 March 2008, Consortium News, Robert Parry

U.S. Defends Tough Tactics on Spitzer
[Editor's note:  Extreme measures for a personal vice]
21 March 2008, nytimes.com, David Johnston and Philip Shenon

Postscript to 'Spitzer taken down by Mossad'?
[Editor's note:  Using sex to gather intelligence and control events]
21 March 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Claims of dirty tricks after security breach on Obama passport details
[Editor's note:  Strikingly similar to past GOP "dirty tricks"]
21 March 2008, Independent.co.uk, Leonard Doyle

2 fired over Obama passport file breach
[Editor's note:  Three incidents on January 9, February 21 and March 14]
20 March 2008, NBC

Blackwater "Blood Money" Angers Iraqis
[Editor's note:  Families reject direct settlement offers]
20 March 2008, ABC News, Aadel Faiq

We Need a President, Not Just a Commander in Chief
[Editor's note:  Language can warp the needs of the nation]
20 March 2008, truthout.org, Joe Brewer and George Lakoff

Indonesia accuses U.S. of abusing bird flu virus
[Editor's note:  Profits at the expense of humanity:  The American Way!]
20 March 2008, www.chinaview.cn

Cheney: Iran might be next US target
[Editor's note:  No end to Bush/Cheney insanity]
19 March 2008, presstv.com

Iraq to pay oil firms $2.5 billion to boost its output
[Editor's note:  They are attaining their objectives, after all!]
19 March 2008, guardian.co.uk, Reuters

Pastor Wright: This Too Shall Pass
[Editor's note:  (a) He's wrapped it up and (b) their views are not the same]
19 March 2008, rasmussenreports.com, Dick Morris

Penn's War: Media Lap Dogs Backed Iraq Mess
[Editor's note:  Presidents and the media have manipulated the nation]
19 March 2008, ABC News, Susan Donaldson James

Rogers: Fed Has ?Given Up? On The Dollar
[Editor's note:  Trying to save the system by debasing our currency]
19 March 2008, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

BAGHDAD BUREAU BLOG:  Notes From the Field, Five Years Later
[Editor's note:  Those who covered the Iraq war look back]
19 March 2008, nytimes.com, reporters and photographers

Can't Grasp Credit Crisis? Join the Club
[Editor's note:  Confusion about the situation abounds]
19 March 2008, nytimes.com, David Leonhardt

Why the Bush Administration "Watergated" Eliot Spitzer
[Editor's note:  He was too outspoken a critic of its corruption]
18 March 2008, Global Research, F. William Engdahl

NASA data shows thickest and oldest Arctic ice is melting
[Editor's note:  Some still insist global warming is a fantasy!]
18 March 2008, reuters.com, Deborah Zabarenko

Blackwater Seeps Into the Campaign
[Editor's note:  Hillary would take privatized forces out of Iraq]
18 March 2008, The Nation, Jeremy Scahill

Critics say Bush is out of touch on the economy
[Editor's note:  He doesn't seem to understand the situation at all]
18 March 2008, Los Angeles Times, Maura Reynolds and Janet Hook

No Attempt Made By F.B.I. To Formally Identify 9/11 Plane Wreckage
[Editor's note:  The cover-up continues to unravel.]
18 March 2008, 911blogger.com, Aidan Monaghan

Barack Obama's Philadelphia Speech on Race and Religion
[Editor's note:  An exceptional speech on crucial issues]
18 March 2008, opednes.com, Barack Obama

What's Wrong with Rev. Wright?
[Editor's note:  What Obama's minister has had to say is mostly right!]
18 March 2008, opednews.com, Jim Fetzer

Sequoia Voting Systems Threatens Princeton Computer Scientists with
Legal Action if they Carry Out Analysis of the Company's Voting Machines
[Editor's note:  Outrageous attempt to forestall discover of criminality]
17 March 2008, bradblog.com, Brad Friedman

Leading Economic Writer: Financial Meltdown A "Gigantic Fraud"
[Editor's note:  Could we be the subjects of a huge scam?]
17 March 2008, Infowars.net,Steve Watson

Stephen King's Son Takes a Shot at 9/11 Truth Author, New Film
Director Embraces His Work!
[Editor's note:  Making progress, slow but stead, getting out 9/11 truth]
17 March 2008, opednews.com, Bill Douglas

The Wages of Peace
[Editor's note:  More spent in Iraq, fewer jobs produced at home]
17 March 2008, The Nation, Robert Pollin and Heidi Garrett-Peltier

Letting the Market Drive Transportation
[Editor's note:  Privatizing our hyways and turning them into toll roads]
17 March 2008, washingtonpost.com, Lyndsey Layton and Spencer S. Hsu

Soft Shoe in Hard Times (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The worse things get, the less Bush cares]
16 March 2008, nytimes.com, Maureen Dowd

Reflections on the Invasion of Iraq
[Editor's note:  Which of them do you think has it right?]
16 March 2008, nytimes.com, nine experts

Bush Vendetta
[Editor's note:  Outing Plame, dismissing Fallon, and exposing Spitzer]
15 March 2008, OpEdNews.com, Jim Fetzer

A Responsible Plan
[Editor's note:  Rebuilding our society, our economy, and our moral standing
15 March 2008, The Huffington Post, Chellie Pingree

Lack of Foundation Damage at Pentagon Irreconcilable with Official Reports
[Editor's note:  More good work from Pilots for 9/11 Truth]
15 March 2008, pilotsfor911truth.org, Craig Ranke and Rob Balsamo

Japanese MP Yukihisa Fujita Speaks at 9/11 Truth Conference in Sydney
[Editor's note:  Australian MPs didn't have the courage to attend]
15 March 2008, mathaba.net, Mathaba

George Speaks, Badly
[Editor's note:  Allowing a mediocrity to be President has costs]
15 March 2008, nytimes.com, Gail Collins

Hillary Sends Ferraro After the Race Card
[Editor's note:  Brillian critique of Clinton's low-road tactics]
15 March 2008, rasmussenreports.com, Dick Morris

Obama Calls for Unity
[Editor's note:  But what Rev. Wright had to say was not wrong!]
15 March 2008, blogs.nytimes.com, Jeff Zeleny

President Weakens Espionage Oversight Board
[Editor's note:  This is the guy who claims to be the security president!]
15 March 2008, The Boston Globe, Charlie Savage

Spitzer taken down by Mossad?
[Editor's note:  Emperor's Club viewed as front for Israeli intelligence]
14 March 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Alpha particle? Uranium Contamination in Port Hope, Ontario
[Editor's note:  Are effects of DU in Iraq reaching North America?]
14 March 2008, globalresearch.ca, Edward (Tedd) C. Weyman

Obama and the Minister
[Editor's note:  But what about the wackos who endorse McCain?]
14 March 2008, wallstreetjournal.com, Ronald Keller

Suddenly, a Dangerous Turn
[Editor's note:  Removing obstacles to an attack upon Iran]
14 March 2008, Consortium News, Robert Parry

The Terror Date Code-?Beware the Odds of March!
[Editor's note:  Can "false flag" attacks be predicted?]
11 March 2008, Captain Eric H. May

North American Military Agreement Signed by US and Canada
[Editor's note:  What "civil disturbance" could justify this?]
11 March 2008, NewsWithViews.com, Jim Kouri

Richard McGinn, Review of Steve Alten, The Shell Game

David Ray Griffin, Review of Philip Shenon, The Commission

Spitzer taken down by Mossad?
[Editor's note:  More plausible than the official account]
14 March 2008, inteldaily.com, Jerry Mazza

The Rank-Link Imbalance (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The arrested social development of alpha males]
14 March 2008, nytimes.com, David Brooks

Arlington Topography, Obstacles Make American 77 Final Leg Impossible
[Editor's note:  Physically and aerodynamically, an impossible approach]
13 March 2008, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Rob Balsamo

Death to America (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Republicans and "free market" zealots are destroying the US]
13 March 2008, informationclearinghouse.info, Paul Craig Roberts

Obama's Pastor: God Damn America, U.S. to Blame for 9/11
[Editor's note:  Sounds like Rev. Jeremiah Wright can think!]
13 March 2008, abcnews.go.com

Hedge fund on verge of collapse
[Editor's note:  To save Carlyle, will Bush and Cheney start another war?]
13 March 2008, bbc.co.uk

As General Smedley D. Butler Said: War is a Racket
[Editor's note:  The celebrated Marine described war as an immoral business]
12 March 2008, opednews.com, Ed Encho

HUD Emails Refer to Retaliation
[Editor's note:  Running the country like Mafia goons]
12 March 2008, washingtonpost.com, Carol D.Leonnig

Republicans uphold Bush veto of anti-torture bill
[Editor's note:  GOP supports torture on party-line vote]
11 March 2008, yahoo.com, Thomas Ferraro

Radio Fear America (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Using threats to manipulate the population]
11 February 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Spitzer's Scandal: Some Things Don't Pass the Smell Test
[Editor's note:  Could this be a hit job by the Bush administration?]
11 March 2008, alternet.org, Sheila Samples

Lawyer questions whether Spitzer was set up, noting political prosecutions
[Editor's note:  A modus operandi characteristic of this administration]
11 March 2008, Raw Story

United States of Amnesia: What about Cheney's DC Madam Problem?
[Editor's note:  One dead, another fired US attorney investigating it]
11 March 2008, opednews.com, Gustav Wynn

Land of the free is world's top jailer
[Editor's note:  With a decidedly racial bias, of course]
11 March 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Exhaustive Review Finds No Link Between Saddam and al-Qaeda
[Editor's note:  After studying some 600,000 documents]
10 March 2008, McClatchy Newspapers, Warren P. Strobel

McCain Budget Numbers Don't Add Up, Experts Say
[Editor's note:  Reductions in spending don't even equal proposed tax cuts]
10 March 2008, Reuters, Andy Sullivan

I'm Already Against the Next War
[Editor's note:  Nice summary of the case against Hillary]
9 March 2008, huffingtonpost.com, Jane Smiley

9/11 was an Inside Job:  Say it until they hear it!
[Editor's note:  Nice expression of justified exasperation]
9 March 2008, smokingmirrors.blogspot.com

Obama and the Bigots
[Editor's note:  He's not a Muslim, but what if he were?]
9 March 2008, nytimes.com, Nicholas D. Kristof

The Monster Mash
[Editor's note:  You can't win if you aren't tough enough]
9 March 2008, nytimes.com, Maureen Dowd

Washington Prepares for Cyber War Games
[Editor's note:  Planning for attacks on the internet]
9 March 2008, washingtonpost.com, Brian Krebs

US Prepares For ‘Doomsday’ Rule As British Forces Arrive In America
[Editor's note:  Let us hope that this report is not true]
8 March 2008, whatdoesitmean.com, Sorcha Faal

Confronting the Kitchen Sink
[Editor's note:  Defend the remark based on TRUTH!  Lay out the case.]
8 March 2008, nytimes.com, Bob Herbert

Obama Camp Sees Fine Line in Hitting Back
[Editor's note:  Defend the remark based on TRUTH!  Lay out the case.]
8 March 2008, nytimes.com, Jeff Zeleny

Breaking the Final Rule
[Editor's note:  Placing herself before party and before nation]
7 March 2008, The Huffington Post, Gary Hart

Officials Lean Toward Keeping Next Iraq Assessment Secret
[Editor's note:  God forbid we know the truth about our own government]
7 March 2008, washingtonpost.com, Walter Pincus and Karen DeYoung

AP chief: Press freedoms are among casualties of terrorist attacks on US
[Editor's note:  Then I guess the terrorists won!  It's that simple.]
6 March 2008, iht.com, Associated Press

Who leaked the details of a CIA-Mossad plot against Iran?
[Editor's note:  Pressuring the press to toe the administration's line]
6 March 2008, haaretz.com, Yossi Melman

Why is the US press silent on Brzezinski?s warnings of war against Iran?
[Editor's note:  Including staging a "false flag" attack to justify war]
3 February 2007, wsws.com, Barry Grey

'Hillary Clinton's a monster': Obama aide blurts out attack in 
Scotsman interview
[Editor's note:  She is worse than a monster; she is a traitor]
7 March 2008, thescotman.com, Gerri Peev

Senate Democrats Hope for a Majority Not Seen in 30 Years: 60 Seats
[Editor's note:  Not with Hillary at the head of the ticket!]
7 March 2008, nytimes.com, David M. Herszenhorn

Playing by Clinton Rules (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Obama needs to leave the gutter to Bill and Hill]
7 March 2008, nytimes.com, David Brooks

Get a horse!
[Editor's note:  Where things stand in the USA today]
7 March 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Commander Rejects Article of Praise
[Editor's note:  If you're principled, Bush won't want you]
6 March 2008, washingtonpost.com, Thomas E. Ricks

Bush May Fire CentCom Chief Adm. Fallon, Replace With
Commander More ‘Pliable’ To War With Iran
[Editor's note:  So of course Bush would like to fire him]
5 March 2008, thinkprogress.org, Amanda

[Editor's note:  Admiral Fallon is a genuine patriot]
April 2008, esquire.com, Thomas P.M. Barnett

The Gaza Bombshell
[Editor's note:  Bush getting too clever by half]
April 2008, vanityfair.com, David Rosen

Bush officials: Congress irrelevant on Iraq
[Editor's note:  And you thought this was a republic?]
5 March 2008, armytimes.com, William H. McMichael

Review of The Commission: The Uncensored History
of the 9/11 Investigation by Philip Shenon
no date, washingtondecoded.com, Max Holland

Trade union building targeted in Gaza
[Editor's note:  Another outrage from a fascist regime]
4 March 2008, electronicintifada.net, Mohammed Omer

Hillary's Math Problem
[Editor's note:  It's going to be hard to steal this from Obama]
4 March 2008, Newsweek, Jonathan Alter

EDITORIAL:  Time To Investigate Houston Is Now
[Editor's note:  Capt. May has been right too many times before!]
3 March 2008, lonestaricon.com, W. Leon Smith

Spook and Nuke: GOP Primary Tactic
[Editor's note:  The noose tightens around Houston]
3 March 2008, lonestaricon.com, Captain Eric H. May

The New Art of War
[Editor's note:  US preparing for war in space and cyberspace]
3 March 2008, washingtonpost.com, Walter Pincus

Horrifying and Unnecessary
[Editor's note:  Bush needs torture to extract fake confessions]
2 March 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Court holds Navy to rules safeguarding marine mammals
[Editor's note:  Violating envrionmental rules to test sonar systmes]
2 March 2008, latimes.com, Kenneth R. Weiss

McCain Channels His Inner Hillary
[Editor's note:  Adopting a suicidal strategy against Barak Obama]
2 March 2008, nytimes.com, Frank Rich

Bush Moves to Shield Telecommunications Firms
[Editor's note:  Ordinary people have been under surveillance]
2 March 2008, washingtonpost.com, Dan Eggen and Ellen Nakashima

How Hollywood Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the (Ticking) Bomb
[Editor's note:
1 March 2008, harperts.org, Scott Horton

No Investigation of 2 Bush Aides
[Editor's note:  God forbid anyone is held responsible for anything!]
1 March 2008, nytimes.com, The Associated Press

White House blocks inquiry into construction of $736m embassy in Iraq
[Editor's note:  Commit egregious crimes but don't investigate them!]
29 February 2008, guardian.co.uk, Elana Shor

CIA Lawyers to Face JFK Questions
[Editor's note:  A thin ray of light in the death of JFK]
26 February 2008, washingtonindependent.com, Jefferson Morley

'Denied in Full': Federal Judges Grill CIA Lawyers on JFK Secrets
[Editor's note:  CIA repealing the JFK Records Act by fiat]
22 October 2007, huffingtonpost.com, Jefferson Morley

Top Cop Says McCain Was Never Tortured
[Editor's note:  Claims Republican frontrunner is "a lying skunk"]
7 February 2008, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

U.S. Embrace of Musharraf Irks Pakistanis
[Editor's note:  How the US supports democracy abroad]
29 February 2008, nytimes.com, David Rohde

Alleged Hijacker Booked On Post-9/11 Flights
[Editor's note:  CIA veteran calls for reinvestigation]
28 February 2008, Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson

The Original No Planers:
Most Witnesses at the WTC Heard And Saw No Planes
28 February 2008, nomoregames.net, Morgan Reynolds

Air Force Blocks Access to Blogs
[Editor's note:  What were those freedoms we are fighting for?]
28 February 2008, Military.com, Bryant Jordan

I'm Not Running for President, but ...
[Editor's note:  He may weigh in to support a bipartisan candidate]
28 February 2008, nytimes.com, Michael R. Bloomberg

ACLU: 900,000 Names on U.S. Terror Watch Lists
[Editor's note:  Bodies for all those concentration camps!]
27 February 2008, abcnews.com, Justin Rood

Iraq journalist union head dies after gun attack
[Editor's note:  Who happened to be a critic of US intervention]
27 February 2008, reuters.com, Wisam Mohammed

Moussaoui appeals to throw out guilty plea
Lawyers say secrecy kept him from presenting adequate defense
26 February 2008, msnbc.com, Associated Press

Public Broadcasting Activists Refute McCain Campaign "Facts" on FCC Letters
[Editor's note:  This may be a short-lived candidacy]
26 February 2008, ABC News, Avni Patel

The Calm Before the Conflagration
[Editor's note:  Paying for temporary "peace"]
25 February 2008, "Truthdig", Chris Hodges

In Memories of a Painful Past, Hushed Concerns for Obama's Safety
[Editor's note:  Is the Secret Service setting him up for a hit?]
25 February 2008, nytimes.com, Jeff Zeleny

Hillary Clinton Campaign Launches Sleaze Attack on Barack Obama
[Editor's note:  Taking the low road to her eternal shame]
24 February 2008, buzzflash.com, Mark Karlin

Oil giants are poised to move into Basra
[Editor's note:  Should anyone be surprised they are moving in?]
24 February 2008, The Observer, David Smith

JFK Redux! Déjà vu! Obama in Security Endangerment?
[Editor's note:  There are 15 indications the Secret Service set up JFK]
23 February 2008, opednews.com, Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo

The three trillion dollar war
[Editor's note:  More than Vietnam, twice as much as Korean War]
23 February 2008, timesonline.co.uk, Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes

False Flag Prospects, 2008 -- Top Three US Target Cities
[Editor's note:  Houston, TX; Chicago, IL; and Portland, OR]
23 February 2008, Global Research, Captain Eric H. May

Slouching towards Petroeurostan
[Editor's note:  An earthquake in the world of petrodollars!]
21 February 2008, atimes.com, Pepe Escobar

FBI Says Barbara Olsen Did Not Call Ted Olsen. Bush Solicitor General LIED !!
[Editor's note:  Another major break in unraveling the myth of 9/11]
20 February 2008, opednews.com, Bill Douglas

Rule by fear or rule by law?
[Editor's note:  The grim choice presented by the Bush administration]
4 February 2008, sfgate.com, Lewis Seiler and Dan Hamburg

FEMA ORDERED 102,000 Boxcars w. Shackles!
[Editor's note:  Multiple links about boxcars and concentration camps]

The NAFTA super highway
[Editor's note:  Incisive thoughts about an ongoing problem]
29 August 2006, townhall.com, Patrick J. Buchanan

McCain: 'It's Not True'
[Editor's note:  McCain inappropriate relationship with a female lobbyist]
23 February 2008, washingtonpost.com, James V. Grimaldi and Jeffrey H.

A Hole in McCain?s Defense?
[Editor's note:  An apparent contradiction in his response to lobbyist story]
22 February 2008, newsweek.com, Michael Isikoff

Many Blacks Worry About Obama's Safety
[Editor's note:  As well they--and the rest of us--should!]
22 February 2008, AP National Writer, David Crary

The McCain Article
[Editor's note:  Fielding questions about the McCain revelation]
21 February 2008, nytimes.com,

McCain's Smoking Blonde
[Editor's note:  In defense of The New York Times' expose]
21 February 2008, slate.com, Jack Shafer

For McCain, Self-Confidence on Ethics Poses Its Own Risk
[Editor's note:  The beginning of the end of his candidacy?]
21 February 2008, nytimes.com, Jim Rutenberg et al.

Report: Security relaxed at Obama speech
[Editor's note:  Shocking decision by the Secret Service]
21 February 2008, brietbart.com

[Editor's note:  Including quote from FDR and JFK, no less!]
19 February 2008, opednews.com, Steve Young

[Editor's note:  Nice summary of some key events]
19 February 2008, opednews.com, Allen L Roland

Bush Needs Torture and Terrorism
[Editor's note:  Phony confessions to support a fake rationale for war]
18 February 2008, opednews.com, Jim Fetzer

Saboteurs may have cut Mideast telecom cables: UN agency
[Editor's note:  How could this not have been deliberate?]
18 February 2008, brietbart.com, AFP

Questions, Not Just on Iraq
[Editor's note:  Our greatest source of security has been our moral standing]
17 February 2008, nytimes.com, Editorial

Unforgivable Behavior, Inadmissible Evidence
[Editor's note:  Either we mistreat detainees or we don't]
17 February 2008, nytimes.com, Morris Davis

Vicente Fox Seeks Interdependent North America and Emerging World Government
[Editor's note:  The latest on the North American Union]
16 February 2008, JonesReport.com, Aaron Dykes

Top US accountability officer quits over job constraints (VERY SERIOUS)
[Editor's note:  He draws historical parallels with the collapse of Rome]
15 February 2008, afp.google.com, The Associated Press

Why Are Thousands of Bats Dying in New York?
[Editor's note:  A very bad sign for the future of our species]
14 February 2008, msnbc.msn.com, Michael Hill

The Lost Kristol Tapes: What the New York Times Bought
[Editor's note:  William Kristol's past euphoria about invading Iraq]
15 February 2008, nytimes.com, Jonathan Schwarz

US Soldiers Kill Unarmed Iraqis and Afghanis
[Editor's note:  Turning our forces into sadists and murderers]
15 February 2008, Consortium News, Robert Perrreports on the killing of Iraqi

The Nation | More Guns, No Butter (editorial)
[Editor's note:  A military machine run amok]
15 February 2008, The Nation, Editorial Board

Why Hillary Will Lose (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  An insiders assessment of her campaign blunders]
13 February 2008, rasmussenreports.com, Dick Morris

Three Little Words to Show Your Love for Democracy!
[Editor's note:  A brilliant response to a complex problem]
12 February 2008, opednews.com, M.J. Creech

Some Problems with Steve Jones' Paper
[Editor's note:  Compare with "The Science of 9/11" at 911scholars.org

Business spies for FBI eyes
[Editor's note:  Brilliant critique of a frightening development]
14 February 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Behind Obama's Wave of Victories: The More They Know Him.....
[Editor's note:  The party's prospects are growing brighter!]
13 February 2008, huffingtonpost.com, Paul Loeb

Stay Positive and Let the Voters Decide
[Editor's note:  Problems Democrats need to solve]
13 February 2008, truthout.org, Scott Galindez

Your Senate votes to screw you again!
[Editor's note:  Undermining the rule of law]
13 February 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

"Valerie Plame Wilson Describes Sibel Edmonds Disclosures as 'Stunning'"
[Editor's note:  New depths of treason and treachery have been reached]
12 February 2008, bradblog.com, Brad Friedman

Trade center engineer backs new collapse probe
[Editor's note:  Calls for a new investigation]
12 February 2008, znews1alternate.blogspot

McCain and the Hundred Years War
[Editor's note:  If you liked Bush, you'll love McCain!]
12 February 2008, populistamrica.com, Rolf Lindgren

Senate Approves Surveillance Bill, Preserves Telecom Immunity
[Editor's note:  Not even the US Senate is protecting the people]
12 February 2008, washingtonpost.com, William Branigin and Paul Kane

Unworthy Nominees (editorial)
[Editor's note:  The ideological approach to public service]
11 February 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Army Buried Study Faulting Iraq Planning
[Editor's note:  Anything but truth when it comes to the war]
11 February 2008, nytimes.com, Michael R. Gordon

Bush orders clampdown on flights to US
[Editor's note:  EU officials furious as Washington says it wants
extra data on all air passengers.  What's going on?]
11 February 2008, The Guardian, Ian Traynor

House Republicans Approach Record Departures
[Editor's note:  Something about rats and sinking ships]
10 February 2008, McClatchy Newspapers, Bob Hotakainen

Next Up for the Democrats: Civil War
[Editor's note:  If they fight dirty, give 'em the "heave ho"]
10 February 2008, nytimes.com, Frank Rich

The Republican Reformation
[Editor's note:  Growing factionalism in the G.O.P.]
10 February 2008, nytimes.com, Ross Douthat

In Stimulus Plan, Democrats See Gain
[Editor's note:  Is Harry Reid finding his backbone?]
10 February 2008, nytimes.com, David M. Herszenhorn

5th cable cut fuels allegations of isolating Iran
[Editor's note:  Trying to keep Iran from switching off petro-dollars?]
9 February 2008, Mumbai, Leslie D`Monte & Rajesh S Kurup

Democrats May Again Seek to Delay Eavesdropping Vote
[Editor's note:  Looking for a backbone or conceding too much]
9 February 2008, nytimes.com, Eric Lichtblau

Gates Says Anger Over Iraq Hurts Afghan Effort
[Editor's note:  Deploring our illegal war in Iraq]
9 February 2008, nytimes.com, Thom Shanker

Panel Gains Right to See C.I.A. Tapes
[Editor's note:  Tapes officials said were destroyed in 2005.
9 February 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Mazzetti

6 Guantánamo Detainees Are Said to Face Trial Over 9/11
[Editor's note:  Since they didn't do it, the trial will be a sham]
9 February 2008, nytimes.com, William Glaberson

Rule By Fear Or Rule By Law?
[Editor's note:  It would appear to be Rule By Force!]
8 February 2008, San Francisco Chronicle, Lewis Seiler and Dan Hamburg

Does The Brownshirt Party Have Aces Up Its Sleeve?
[Editor's note:  Diebold machines?  Another 9/11?  Martial law?
8 February 2008, informationclearinghouse.com, Paul Craig Roberts

Exclusive! The FBI Deputizes Business
[Editor's note:  Authorizing Americans to kill other Americans!]
7 February 2008, progressive.org, Matthew Rothschild

Before the Nevada primary, Dennis [Kucinich] was visited by representatives
of Nancy Pelosi and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee--AIPAC
[Editor's note:  If this is true, then Pelosi deserves our condemnation]

Final Spin on the Budget (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  An administration lacking proportionality and judgment]
8 February 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

U.S. military loses records for bin Laden's driver
[Editor's note:  The US is being run like a Mafia empire]
8 February 2008, alernet.org, Jane Sutton

Exclusive! The FBI Deputizes Business WHEN MARTIAL LAW IS DECLARED
[Editor's note:  Civilians authorized to "shoot to kill"!]
7 February 2008, progressive.org, Matthew Rothschild

Manipulating America (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Brilliant analysis of how things stand]
7 February 2008, Online Journal, Jerry Mazza

The Secret Lives of Pollsters
[Editor's note:  We all need to understanding the science of polling]
7 February 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Blumenthal

Top Cop Says McCain Was Never Tortured
[Editor's note:  If this were true, it would be devastating]
7 February 2008, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

AP Confirms Secret Camp Inside Gitmo
[Editor's note:  The real torture chamber]
6 February 2008, guardian.co.uk, Andrew O. Selsky

[Editor's note:  Inflicting as much damage as possible while he still can]
6 February 2008, audubon.org, Tony Iallonardo

Connecting The Many Undersea Cut Cable Dots - 9 Or More?
[Editor's note:  Who had motive, means, and opportunity besides the U.S.?]
5 February 2008, rense.com, Richard Sauder, Ph.D.

Flight 93: The Improbable Truth
[Editor's note:  High-Powered Microwave weaponry used]
5 February 2008, paranoiamagazine.com, Robb Magley

The Coming American Holocaust: NWO plans for US citizens
Editor's note:  Far-fetched about foreign troops, but what about the rest?]
5 February 2008, prolognet.qc.ca

Is the lame duck daffy? (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Bush promotes "One nation, under surveillance]
5 February 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

New account casts doubts about Khadr war court case
[Editor's note:  Lies, lies, and more lies from the Department of Defense]
5 February 2008, maimiherald.com, Carol Rosenberg

Willie Nelson: Twin Towers Were Imploded On 9/11
[Editor's note:  Willie's worried about another "false flag", too]
4 February 2008, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Why Were The Tapes Destroyed?
[Editor's note:  Eradicating evidence that 9/11 was a fraud]
4 February 2008, informationclearinghouse.com, Paul Craig Roberts

Obama expands lead on Clinton in California
[Editor's note:  Look for manipulation using black box voting]
4 February 2008, news.yahoo.com, John Whitesides

Cutting Cables, Lighting Fuses
[Editor's note:  Isolating Iran by cutting off internet access]
4 February 2008, opednews.com, Peter Chamberlin

Flag plays down net blackout conspiracy theories
[Editor's note:  But the company cannot explain it]
4 February 2008, arabianbusiness.com, Dylan Bowman

Late and Lame on Warming (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The survival of the species is at stake]
4 February 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

Clinton, Obama, Insurance (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  A serious difference between the candidates]
4 February 2008, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

The People vs. Thomas A. Swift (Tasers, Tasers Everywhere)
[Editor's note:  Non-lethal forces is killing people]
4 February 2008, muckrakerreport.com, Ed Haas

Why Were The Tapes Destroyed?
[Editor's note:  Because they did NOT include confessions?]
4 February 2008, Paul Craig Roberts

Internet problems continue with fourth cable break
[Editor's note:  The probability by chance is vanishingly small]
3 February 2008, arabianbusiness.com Dylan Bowman and AFP

Paul Excluded From The Tennessean Voter?s Guide
[Editor's note:  The disgusting state of democracy in America]
3 February 2008, Nashville Ron Paul Meetup Group

New book sheds light on 9/11 investigation
Editor's note:  Director had closer ties to White House than disclosed]
3 February 2008, The Associated Press

Strong Doubts Israeli Air Strike on Syria Hit Nuclear Complex
[Editor's note:  Probing air defenses similar to Iran's]
3 February 2008, afterdowningstreet.org, Sherwood Ross

Official Conspiracy Theorists Suckered a Gullible Michael Shermer
[Editor's note:  A good effort to expose Sheremer with some flawed arguments]
3 February 2008, opednews.com, Len Hart

The New Crime of Thinking
[Editor's note:  This is a war on freedom of speech and dissent]
2 February 2008, lewrockwell.com, Gary D. Barnett

Unconventional Energy at the WTC
2 February 2008, The Rabbit Hole

Bush Legacy: Setting a Standard in Fear-Mongering
[Editor's note:  Making the nation more vulnerable and less safe]
1 February 2008, philly.com/inquirer, Richard A. Clarke

Navy Aims to Break Record With Next Test of Railgun
[Editor's note:  New high-tech weapons probably already in space]
29 January 2008, thelede.blogs.nytimes.com, MIKE NIZZA

Kristina Borjesson: Are the Osama Tapes Fake?
[Editor's note:  Some good reasons not to be taken in]
8 January 2008, buzzflash.com, Kristina Borjesson

Internet Access to Iran Cut:  Experts fear a Super Bowl attack
[Editor's note:  The evidence is there, but I hope we're wrong]
2 February 2008, 911scholars.org, James H. Fetzer

Middle East Internet Blackouts Spur Geopolitical Suspicions
[Editor's note:  As many as four internet cables are out of commission]
2 February 2008, Global Research, Paul Joseph Watson

Pentagon: The internet needs to be dealt with as an enemy "weapons system".
[Editor's note:  Perhaps what we are seeing is a "first strike"!]
2 February 2008, globalresearch.ca, Brent Jessop

The Melting Point
[Editor's note:  Our ignorance is contributing to our extinction]
2 February 2008, nytimes.com, Dominique Browning

Letter to Senator John Edwards: It's Not Over Until the Votes are Counted!
[Editor's note:  Secret tabulations are prohibited by state constitutions]
1 February 2008, opednews.com, Mark Adams

James Petras:  The Power of Israel in the United States
[Editor's note:  This article discusses timely questions]
26 October 2006, wakeupamerica.net, Stephen Lendman

Middle East Internet Blackouts Spur Geopolitical Suspicions
[Editor's note:  Iran cut off by severing four major connections]
1 February 2008, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

The Edwards Effect (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The Senator has had a powerful influence]
1 February 2008, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

Clinton, Obama Tout Policy Differences
[Editor's note:  Some see a ticket here, but who's on top?]
1 February 2008, truthout.org, Jason Leopold

Was 9/11 Truth Giuliani's Demise? What Corporate Media Hid from YOU!
[Editor's note:  Nice thought, especially if it happens to be true]
31 January 2008, opednews.com, Bill Douglas

Laughing a gift horse in the mouth (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  A little reality therapy on those "tax rebates"]
31 January 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

While the Election Watchdog Wanders (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Subtle move to prevent election reform]
31 January 2008, nytimes.com, op/ed

Rebate Psychology (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Either way, it's too little, too late]
31 January 2008, nytimes.com, Nicholas Epley

G.O.P. Exodus in House Bodes Ill for Fall Success
[Editor's note:  Probably a good thing for our future]
31 January 2008, nytimes.com, Carl Huse and David M. Herszenhorn

Sibel Edmonds: 'Buckle Up, There's Much More Coming'
[Editor's note:  A look inside the sewer that passes for government]
30 January 2008, GetUnderground.com, Luke Ryland

Follow the Money? God forbid.
[Editor's note:  Why was the 9/11 money trail left unexplored?]
29 January 2008, baltimorechronicle.com, Jim Hogue

Bush Trying to Sidestep Congress on Permanent Bases Question
[Editor's note:  Acting like a dictator, not a President]
29 January 2008, The Guardian, UK, Elana Schor

A Defiant Look at What Little Lies Ahead (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  A President out of touch or faking it to the end?]
29 January 2008, nytimes.com, Steven Lee Myers

What's the State of the Union? Well, Gleeful, if You're a Democrat
[Editor's note:  Could things be going worse for the Republicans?]
29 January 2008, nytimes.com, Carl Hulse

The Kennedy Mystique (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Thoughtful reflections on an important change]
29 January 2008, nytimes.com, David Brooks

Is the Bush Administration Trying to Take Down Fannie Mae?
[Editor's note:  The evil of this administration knows no bounds!]
28 January 2008, alternet.org, Scott Thill

Clinton variations on the race and religion game
[Editor's note:  And I feel exactly the same way!]
28 January 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

9/11 conspiracy theories originate from ignorance
[Editor's note:  Just visit 911scholars.org or read THE 9/11 CONSPIRACY]
28 January 2008, Jesse Hathaway

The Bush Who Got Away (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Thoughtful reflections on promises lost]
28 January 2008, nytimes.com, Jacob Weisberg

Edward Kennedy Chooses Obama, Spurning Bill Clinton Plea
[Editor's note:  A one-two Kennedy punch on behalf of Obama]
28 January 2008, nytimes.com, Jeff Zeleny and Carl Hulse

A President Like My Father - New York Times
[Editor's note:  A very moving and sincere endorsement]
27 January 2008, nytimes.com, Carolyn Kennedy

Obama Weathers a Test of Mettle
[Editor's note:  An impressive performance by the Democratic candidate]
27 January 2008, nytimes.com, PatrickHealy

Pakistan Rebuffs Secret U.S. Plea for C.I.A. Buildup
[Editor's note:  Musharraf dismissed proposals to allow intervention]
27 January 2008, nytimes.com, Eric Schmitt and David E. Sanger

Bush Order Expands Network Monitoring Intelligence Agencies to Track
[Editor's note:  Another giant step for the surveillance society?]
26 January 2008, washingtonpost.com, Ellen Nakashima

Ron Paul Endorsed By Alabama Republican Assembly
[Editor's note:  This could be the start of something big]
26 January 2008, thirdpartywatch.com

Ron Paul contests delegate credentials in Louisiana
[Editor's note:  Why is this not surprising?]
26 January 2008, Associated Press

9/11 Truth is Not a PRIVATE CLUB . . . Or Is It?
[Editor's note:  A nice observation about a disgraceful situation]
25 January 2008, opednews.com, Bill Douglas

Plan to allow logging in Alaskan forest
[Editor's note:  Nauseating to think of the pillage of our heritage]
25 January 2008, seattlepi.nwsource.com, Matthew Daly

Embracing Pakistan's dictator
[Editor's note:  Running a terrorist regime, backed by US and UK]
24 January 2008, Peter Tatchell

The End of Privacy
[Editor's note:  Government surveillance over all internet activity]
24 January 2008, Truthdig.com, Elliot Cohen

Don't be fooled by the myth of John McCain
[Editor's note:  Character is the most important trait]
24 January 2008, The Independent, Johann Hari

Big Business Buys Silence of Toll Road Critical Newspapers (reprint)
[Editor's note:  Stunning stuff signals the end of America as we know it]
29 January 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones

Christopher Bollyn, "Solving 9/11"
[Editor's note:  Completely brilliant!]

US to Insist Iraq Grant It Wide Mandate in Operations
[Editor's note:  Why not just ask Iraq to give itself to us?]
25 January 2008, ntyimes.com, Thom Shanker and Steven Lee Myers

Bush Era's Last Legs: Will Anything Change When He Goes?
[Editor's note:  Will his most disastrous policies endure?]
24 January 2008, Consortium News, Robert Parry

Senate Opens Debate On Wiretap Measure/Telephone Company Immunity
[Editor's note:  Is no one standing up for the Constitution?]
24 January 2008, washingtonpost.com, Dan Eggen

Rush Tacitly Endorses Ron Paul
[Editor's note:  A most interesting development!]
23 January 2008, nolanchart.com, creator

Nadler Is Blocking Impeachment
[Editor's note:  Not impeaching can backfire on the Democrats]
23 January 2008, opednews.com, David Swanson

How Clinton Will Win The Nomination by Losing South Carolina
[Editor's note:  Dirty politics from Bill and Hillary Clinton]
23 January 2008, rasmussenreports.com, Dick Morris

A Day of Frayed Nerves
[Editor's note:  Consumers depend on housing prices and investments]
23 January 2008, nytimes.com, Vikas Bajaj and Michael M. Grynbaum

Make the Tax Cuts Work (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Once in a while, an economist makes sense!]
23 January 2008, nytimes.com, Len Burman

Padilla Gets 17 Years in Conspiracy Case
[Editor's note:  There was no evidence he had committed a crime!]
23 January 2008, nytimes.com, Kirk Semple

Study: False statements preceded war - Yahoo! News
[Editor's note:  Nearly 1,000 lies to manipulate the nation into war]
23 January 2008, yahoo.com, Center for Public Integrity

Pre-emptive nuclear strike a key option, Nato told
[Editor's note:  Use nukes to stop nukes from being used?]
22 January 2008, The Guardian, Ian Traynor

'Corrie' canceled in Canada
Editor's note:  "Play has potential to offend Jewish community"]
22 January 2008, variety.com, Richard Ouzounian

Ottawa reverses torture stance
[Editor's note:  US and Israel were "wrongly" included]
21 January 2008, thestar.com, Michelle Shephard

Debunking the Reagan Myth
[Editor's note:  What did Reagan really do for us?]
21 December 2008, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

Thoroughly Unmodern McCain
[Editor's note:  If you liked Bush, you will love McCain]
21 December 2008, nytimes.com, William Kristol

Is the United States losing control of its destiny?
[Editor's note:  To raise the question is to answer it]
21 December 2008, nytimes.com, Roger Cohen

Mobile phone radiation wrecks your sleep
[Editor's note:  Exposure an hour before sleep affects deep sleep]
20 January 2008, independent.co.uk, Geoffrey Lean

Hillary, Barack, Experience (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Why experience is not the best predictor]
20 January 2008, nytimes.com, Hicholas D. Kristof

"Chain, chain, chain ?" The Texas Primary
[Editor's note: Loyalty oath Locks Out Kucinich
19 January 2008, Michael Collins

C.I.A. Says Militant Was Behind Bhutto's Death
[Editor's note:  Letting Musharraf and the ISI off the hook!]
19 January 2008, nytimes.com, Mark Mazzetti

Canadian Manual Has US on Torture List
[Editor's note:  How much lower can the US sink?]
18 January 2008, nytimes.com, Ian Austen

CIA Torture Jet wrecks with 4 Tons of COCAINE
[Editor's note:  A reality check on what it's really all about]
12 December 2007, dailykos.com, redstatehatemonitor

Don't Tie the Next President's Hands (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Bush tried to make agreements diretly with Iraq]
17 January 2008, nytimes.com, editorial

[Editor's note:  This is going to be extremely revealing]
16 January 2008, bradblog.com, Brad Friedman

Billiionaire supports Ron Paul
[Editor's note:  This could make a difference]
16 January 2008, ronpaulforums.com

A Pentagon 9/11 puzzle
[Editor's note:  Some problems with the official account]
16 January 2008, 911science1.blogspot.com

Paypal Freezes New Hampshire Recount Funds
[Editor's note:  Bizarre interference with GOP recount]
16 January 2008, Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson

9/11's second round of slaughter
[Editor's note:  A review of "Dust to Dust": the health effects of 9/11]
16 January 2008, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

NYPD Seeks an Air Monitor Crackdown for New Yorkers
[Editor's note:  The cops don't want you to have that Geiger counter]
15 January 2008, villagevoice.com, Chris Thompson

Japanese Senator Questions 9/11
[Editor's note:  Discussion and video of an important development]
15 January 2008, jamartell.blogspot.com, Jason Martell

Congress Aims to Dumb Down History, Pushes Fiction of Christian Nation
[Editor's note:  Distorting our history to promote an ideology]
15 January 2008, secular.org, Anne Singer

[Editor's note:  Changing the Constitution to conform to God's will]
15 January 2008, firstread.msnbc.msn.com, Adam Aigner-Treworgy

POLITICS-US: How the Pentagon Planted a False Hormuz Story
[Editor's note:  Manipulating public impressions of events]
15 January 2008, ipsnews.net, Gareth Porter

Olbermann Accuses Joint Chiefs of Faking 'Gulf of Tonkin' with Iran
[Editor's note:  But Admiral Mullen is actually opposed to attacking Iran]
15 January 2008, newsbusters.org, Brad Wilmouth

Driving Mr. Romney
[Editor's note:  Nice explanation of why Romney comes across a phony]
15 January 2008, nytimes.com, Dean Barnett

First Responder Confronts Kucinich on 9/11 Aid
[Editor's note:  Kucinich agrees to look into the matter]
15 January 2008, JonesReport, Luke Rudkowski & Aaron Dykes

The New Al-Qaeda: Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed Westerners
[Editor's note:  You and your friends can be "terrorists"!]
14 January 2008, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Russkis to give Yankees democracy lessons
[Editor's note:  It is obvious that we need some lessons!]
14 January 2008, russiatoday.ru

9/11 and Israel's Use of Terrorism to Coerce the West
[Editor's note:  Important study of crucial subject]
No date, bollyn.com, Christopher Bollyn

Red Flags over New Hampshire
[Editor's note:  This could be the start of something good!]
12 January 2008, bbvforums.org, Bev Harris

Bush Visits His Odious Saudi Friend (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Bush rewards a major sponsor of terrorism]
11 January 2008, The Progressive, Amitabh Pal

Where Paper Prevailed, Different Results
[Editor's note:  We are being cheated before our very eyes!]
9 January 2008, www.legitgov.org, Lori Price

Vote Fraud Expert Warns Of New Hampshire Chicanery
[Editor's note:  Our right to vote is being stolen electronically]
8 January 2008, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

9/11 Cover-Up, Treason, and The Bomb
[Editor's note:  Sibel Edmond's spills the beans]
7 January 2008, buzzflash.com, David Lindorff

Can You Count On These Machines?
[Editor's note:  Why did we ever abandon paper ballots?]
6 January 2008, nytimes.com, Clive Thompson

U.S. Considers New Covert Push Within Pakistan
[Editor's note:  Finding an entry point to take over the country]
6 January 2008, nytimes.com, Steven Lee Myers, David E. Sanger, and
Eric Schmitt

Airline to Test Anti-Missile System
David Koenig, The Associated Press, says, "Up to three American
Airlines jets will be outfitted this spring with laser technology
being developed to protect planes from missiles fired by terrorists."

God and GOP (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  What happened to the separation of church and state?]
5 January 2008, The New Yorker, Hendrik Hertzbert

McCain May Benefit From Huckabee's Jolt to G.O.P.
[Editor's note:  Huckabee and McCain trying to take out Romney]
5 January 2008, nytimes.com, Adam Nagourney and Carl Hulse

Judge Imposes Stricter Rules on Navy to Protect Marine Life
[Editor's note:  An important rule the Navy will disregard]
5 January 2008, nytimes.com, Carolyn Marshall

Winning from the Outside (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  A thoughtful take on the Iowa results]
4 January 2008, dspiegel.de, Gregor Peter Schmitz

Thinking for yourself is now a crime
[Editor's note:  The sorry state of the union today]
4 January 2008, counterpunch.org, Paul Craig Roberts

Welcome to Third World, U.S.A.
[Editor's note:  And we used to think Canada was a third world country!]
1 January 2008, thestar.com, Arthur Donner and Doug Peters

The Two Earthquakes (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Obama and Huckabee make history]
4 January 2008, nytimes.com, David Brooks

U.S. Curtailing Bids to Expand Medicaid Rolls
[Editor's note:  Bush's brutal brand of compassionate conservatism]
4 January 2008, nytimes.com, Robert Pear

An Inquiry Seen as Payback in a Rivalry
[Editor's note:  The FBI will be investigating the CIA]
4 January 2008, nytimes.com, David Johnston

Justice Dept. Sets Criminal Inquiry Into C.I.A. Tapes
[Editor's note:  An appointee with a reputation for independence]
3 January 2008, nytimes.com, Mark MAzzetti and David Johnston

[Editor's note:  Interesting critique of where things stand]
3 January 2008, NewsWithViews.com, Devvy

Stonewalled by the C.I.A.
[Editor's note:  A thin ray of light about 9/11 emerges]
2 January 2008, nytimes.com, Thomas H. Kean and Lee H. Hamilton

A Tale of Political Dirty Tricks Makes the Case for Election Reform
[Editor's note:  An operative explains how the GOP manipulates voters]
1 January 2008, nytimes.com, Adam Cohen

Road to Nowhere (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Why Romney's strategy will backfire]
1 January 2007, nytimes.com, David Brooks

ELRON-VOXEO: The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies the Iowa Caucus
[Editor's note:  This is a real, genuine threat to our national security!]
31 December 2007, rumormillnews.com, Christopher Bollyn

Looking at America (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Thoughtful reflections on post-9/11 politics]
31 December 2007, nytimes.com, editorial

The Great Divide (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  A party still in the grip of a discredited ideology]
31 December 2007, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

AIDS estimates surge in America
[Editor's note:  Documenting man's (disgusting) inhumanity to man]
31 December 2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

[Editor's note:  Possible US complicity in the assassination]
30 December 2007, BreakForNews.com, Fintan Dunne

New Questions Arise in Killing of Ex-Premier
[Editor's note:  Indications the official account may be false]
31 December 2007, nytimes.com, Jane Perlez

Pakistan Polls Postponed, Rioting Continues
[Editor's note:  Musharrif wants to restor "law and order"]
30 December 2007, Times of India

Clinton Demands Bhutto Probe, Slams Musharraf
[Editor's note:  Strong stance boosts candidate in Iowa]
29 December 2007, Agence France-Presse

Pakistan Says Bhutto's Death Has Qaeda Link
[Editor's note:  It is child's play to contrive connections like this]
29 December 2007, nytimes.com, Carlotta Gall

Crisis Overseas Is Sudden Test for Candidates
[Editor's note:  A rare glimpse of spontaneity in scripted campaigns]
29 December 2007, nytimes.com, Patrick Healy

Pakistan Government Skips Autopsy, Shifts Story on How Bhutto Died
[Editor's note:  Suspicions increase over governmental complicity]
28 December 2007, McClatchy Newspapers, Saeed Shah and Warren P. Strobel

FAA Withholds Pre-9/11 ID Confirming Serial Number Data of 9/11 Planes
[Editor's note:  The inference from this denial has to be unfavorable]
28 December 2007, 911blogger.com, Aidan Monaghan

Get real, Americans!  You have been ripped off!
[Editor's note:  We are already paying for health care we aren't getting]
26 December 2007, opednews.com, Mary Pitt

Bhutto Herself Had Links to Islamic Militants
[Editor's note:  Killing part of plan to control Pakistan's nukes]
28 December 2007, opednews.com, Wayne Madsen

Salvaging U.S. Diplomacy Amid Division
[Editor's note:  Putting too many eggs in one basket]
28 December 2007, nytimes.com, Helene Cooper and Steve Lee Myers

Analysis: Bhutto Death Deals Blow to US
[Editor's note:  Unless the US prefers to keep Musharaff]
27 December 2007, washingtonpost.com, Matthew Lee

Bhutto Assassinated in Attack on Rally
[Editor's note:  Who benefits more than Musharaff?]
27 December 2007, nytimes.com, Salman Masood and Graham Bowley

Official Challenges Cheney's Classification Practices
[Editor's note:  Dispute Cheney, even properly, lose your job!]
27 December 2007, newsweek.com, Michael Isikoff

Scientist questions 9/11 probe's professionalism
[Editor's note:  NIST did not use all of its available resources]
27 December 2007, Znewz1, Paul Conant

Interview with New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Alten
[Editor's note:  THE SHELL GAME mimics elements of 9/11]
27 December 2007, opednews.com, George Washington

The Most Inappropriate Bush War Smirk of 2007
[Editor's note:  Signs of a demented mind lacking affect]
26 December 2007, huffingtonpost.com, Bob Cesca

Britain-Vatican Blamed For Putin Assassination Attempt
[Editor's note:  UK effort to take out Russia's president?]
25 December 2007, whatdoesitmean.com, Sorcha Faal

Majority Democrats' Power Checked by GOP
[Editor's note:  They are more ruthless and disciplined]
25 December 2007, nytimes.com, Associated Press

State of the World 2008 (especially relative to Iraq)
[Editor's note:  After the invasion, the US did everything wrong]
24 December 2007, The Nation, Barbara Crossette

More of 9/11's amazing history!
[Editor's note:  Doing a great job of exposing the hoax]
24 December 2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Broken Polls (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Regaining control of our democracy]
24 December 2007, nytimes.com, editorial

Endorsing Ron Paul, and Why Progressive Dems Should Like and Support Ron Paul
[Editor's note:  There are good reasons to take his candidacy very seriously]
24 December 2007, opednews.com, Rob Kall

[Editor's note:  A very interesting story with multiple threads]
23 December 2007, todayscatholicworld.com, David Hobson

Hoover Planned Mass Jailing in 1950
[Editor's note:  A plan to imprison 12,000 Americans]
23 December 2007, nytimes.com, Tim Weiner

In the Age of Noah
[Editor's note:  Preserving species facing extinction]
23 December 2007, nytimes.com, Thomas L. Friedman

Climate Change, National Security and Ethics
[Editor's note:  On course for Homo sapiens extinction]
21 December 2007, Countercurrents.org, Dr. John James

Bush and the Neocons
[Editor's note:  "When you know the Truth, the facts don?t seem so
20 December 2007, chicagoreader.com, Graig Unger

Reconciling Fascism with Reality
[Editor's note:  Emphasis on the role of corporations]
14 December 2007, informationclearinghouse.info, Pervez Dastoor

Bush and Cheney: All Dressed up and no Place to Go
[Editor's note:  Why the US has not yet attacked Iran]
16 December 2007, globalresearch.ca, Rodrigue Tremblay

Climate Change, National Security and Ethics
[Editor's note:  On course for Homo sapiens extinction]
21 December 2007, Countercurrents.org, Dr. John James

73,846 U.S. TROOPS DEAD; (near top of page 6)
1,620,906 PERMANENTLY DISABLED (near top of page 7)

9/11 Panel Study Finds That C.I.A. Withheld Tapes
[Editor's note:  This should force more investigations]
22 December 2007, nytimes.com, Mark Mazzetti

ITALIAN SAYS 9/11 SOLVED:  CIA and Mossad planned operation
[Editor's note:  Former Italian President says it?s common knowledge]
22 December 2007, americanfreepress.net, Staff of American Free Press

Military Evangelism Deeper, Wider Than First Thought
[Editor's note:  Turning the US into a Christian nation?]
21 December 2007, truthout.org, Jason Leopold

Arrogance and Warming  (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Bush's ideology is maximizing short-term profits!]
21 December 2007, nytimes.com, editorial

Blindly Into the Bubble (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  Ideology underlying the subprime disaster]
21 December 2007, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

Putin Threatens Recognition of Breakaway US Lakota Sioux Indian Tribe
[Editor's note:  If true, a sensational, even stunning event!]
20 December 2007, yahoo.com, Sorcha Faal

Bush, Maliki Break Iraqi Law to Renew UN Mandate for Occupation
[Editor's note:  But, then, when has Bush followed the law?
20 December 2007, alternet.org, Raed Jarrar and Joshua Holland

White House Attack Leaves Cheney Offices In Flames
[Editor's note:  Could this report possibly be true?]
20 December 2007, whatdoesitmean.com, Sorcha Faal

F.C.C. Reshapes Rules Limiting Media Industry
[Editor's note:  Consolidation by the rich and the few continues]
19 December 2007, nytimes.com, Stephen Labaton

Reid's Chilly Relationship With Bush Enters a Deep Freeze
[Editor's note:  Bush is a liar and a cheat and a killer, to boot!]
19 December 2007, nytimes.com, David M. Herszenhorn

Senate Adds $70 Billion for Wars in Spending Bill
[Editor's note:  When will Congress have the courage to say, "Enough!"?]
19 December 2007, nytimes.com, Carl Hulse

Iran Receives Nuclear Fuel in Blow to U.S.
[Editor's note:  Russia takes a courageous stand]
18 December 2007, nytimes.com, Helene Cooper

Fed Shrugged as Subprime Crisis Spread
[Editor's note:  The making of a major catastrophe]
18 December 2007, nytimes.com, Edmund L. Andrews

I'm Calling a Town Hall Meeting
[Editor's note:  Some thoughts worth consideration]
18 December 2007, opednews.com, George Washington

US Must Reevaluate Its Relationship With Israel
[Editor's note:  Sobering assessment of a serious problem]
17 December 2007, antiwar.com, Scott Ritter

Ron Paul For The Republican Nomination
[Editor's note:  A nicely reasoned piece about politics]
17 December 2007, theatlantic.com, Andrew Sullivan

US Pours Cold Water on Bali Optimism
[Editor's note:  Short-term profits triumph over looming catastrophe]
17 December 2007, The Guardian UK, John Vidal

Current Bali Deal Is Worse Than Kyoto
[Editor's note:  You cannot trust the US to keep its commitments]
17 December 2007, The Guardian UK, George Monbiot

Oceans' Growing Acidity Alarms Scientists
[Editor's note:  Profit-making is dooming humanity to extinction]
17 December 2007, McClatchy, Les Blumenthal

Secret Service Agents Pressure 9/11 Truther to Stop Confronting Clinton
[Editor's note:  God forbid they should demand the truth!]
17 December 2007, JonesReport.com, no name listed

Ron Paul Has Most Successful Fundraising Day in American Political History
[Editor's note:  When will the mass media begin to report on Paul?]
17 December 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Ed Haas

'The President Has Accepted Ethnic Cleansing'
[Editor's note:  Further evidence of Bush's corruption]
16 December 2007, spiegel.de, Seymour Hersh

Ron Paul The Second Favorite Republican to Win at Bodog Life
[Editor's note:  Leading every opponent except Guliani]
16 December 2007, gambling911.com

Wider Spying Fuels Aid Plan for Telecom Industry
[Editor's note:  Expanding the powers of the police state]
16 December 2007, nytimes.com, Eric Lichtblau, James Risen, and Scott Shane

Court Inquiry on Tape Case Is Opposed
[Editor's note:  Protecting those who protect them]
16 December 2007, nytimes.com, Scott Shane

Isolated Canada grudgingly accepts Bali deal
[Editor's note:  A step in the right direction!]
15 December 2007, Globe and Mail, Geoffrey York

Radioactive Ammunition Fired in Middle East May Claim More Lives Than
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
[Editor's note:  This may be the greatest war crime of all time]
15 December 2007, 2ndbigbusinescrimes.blogspot.com, Sherwood Ross

Mystery Space Machines Above: Black Ops, Star Wars Or ET?
[Editor's note:  Some fascinating photo images!]
12 December 2007, rense.com, Jeff Rense

Investigate and Impeach Bush for Failing to Act on 9/11 Warnings

Mitt Romney's VC Firm to Buy Clear Channel
[Editor's note:  Stunning exercise in political gamesmanship]
14 December 2007, lewrockwell.com

The Plutocrats v. The Theocrats
[Editor's note:  Social conservatives vs. economic exploiters]
13 December 2007, prospect.org, Paul Waldman

The Man From Target (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  The absurd assemblage of GOP candidates]
13 December 2007, nytimes.com, Gail Collins

Romney's Selective Ignorance--by a former Mormon High Priest
[Editor's note:  If this is accurate, it is a bizarre history]
13 December 2007, opednews.com, Doug Wallace

Secular Europe's Merits (op/ed)
[Editor's note:  American anti-intellectualism takes its toll]
13 December 2007, nytimes.com, Roger Cohen

?The Ties That Bind Rick Perry & Rudy Giuliani
[Editor's note:  If they aren't religious zelots, they are corrupt]
13 December 2007, JonesReport.com, Aaron Dykes

Putin Orders ?First Strike? Against US Forces Over Kosovo
[Editor's note:  A stunning scenario is coming to pass]
12 December 2007, whatdoesitmean.com, Sorcha Faal

The Star Chamber: Shedding light on today
[Editor's note:  How far we have sunk from the rule of law!]
12 December  2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Muscle Flexing in Senate: G.O.P. Defends Strategy
[Editor's note:  Dictating what happens in the Senate]
12 December 2007, nytimes.com, David M. Herszenhorn

Israel And Top zionist Leaders Attack Intelligence
[Editor's note:  Because they are the ones who want to attack Iran]
11 December 2007, countercurrents.org, James Petras

Iraq rejects permanent U.S. bases, says Iraq's adviser
[Editor's note:  Iraqis standing up for Iraq!  Splendid!]
11 December 2007, yahoo.com, Peter Graff

Intangible right to honest services, due process, and accurate reports
[Editor's note:  Struggling toward the truth about 9/11]
11 December 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Ed Haas

Since Gulf War 1:  73,846 US Dead, 1,620,906 Disabled
[Editor's note:  Bush playing games with language]
11 December 2007, rense.com

Poll Finds G.O.P. Field Isn't Touching Voters
[Editor's note:  A quandry undermining GOP prospects]
11 December 2007, nytimes.com, Adam Nagourney and Megan Thee

Disputed in Iraq, Blackwater Now Splits California Town
[Editor's note:  Shouldn't the Pentagon be doing this training?]
11 December 2007, nytimes.com, Solomon Moore

Questions for 9/11 Plane Theorists
[Editor's note:  The latest on these issues]
11 December 2007, 911planequestions.blogspot.com, Ace Baker

Universalism [UN Declaration of Human Rights] Given a Pounding
[Editor's note:  Among the most important documents in history]
10 December 2007, Le Temps, Stéphane Bussard

U.S. Is No Haven, Canadian Judge Finds
[Editor's note:  US inviolation of international law]
10 December 2007, nytimes.com, Adam Liptak

Gang Rape Cover-Up by US, Halliburton/KBR
[Editor's note:  Victim told she could be fired if she complained]
10 December 2007, ABC News, Brian Ross, Maddy Sauer and Justin Rood

The Perfect Storm of Campaign 2008:  War, Depression and Turning-Point
[Editor's note:  Let us hope this comes to pass!]
9 December 2007, TomDispatch.com, Steve Fraser

SPECIAL SECTION:  Chem trails and Morgellon's Disease

[Editor's note:  Chem-trails have biochemical ramifications?]
8 December 2007, carnicom.com, Clifford E. Carnicom

[Editor's note:  Evidence chem trails are hazardous]
21 November 2007, carnicom.com, Clifford E. Carnicom

[Editor's note:  If he's right, we are in deep trouble]
15 November 2007, carnicom.com, Clifford E. Carnicom

Iran stops selling oil in dollars
[Editor's note:  The outcome Bush most wanted to avoid]
8 December 2007, WorldNetDaily.com, Jerome R. Corsi

Big Oil to Sign Iraq Deals Soon
[Editor's note:  The real reason this war was launched]
6 December 2007, UPI, Ben Lando

"Doomsday Seed Vault" in the Arctic
Editor's note:  What do they know that we don't?
4 December 2007, Global Research, F. William Engdahl

[Editor's note:  Who knows when this might come in handy?]
9 March 2006, sianews.com, J. Croft

Keith Olbermann:  NeoCon Job
[Editor's note:  Bush has no business being president!]
6 December 2007, msnbc.msn.com, Keith Olbermann

Is the North American Union Conspiracy Theory Really Real?
[Editor's note:  Lies, lies, and more lies from this administration]
6 December 2007, JonesReport.com, multiple source substantiation

Zero-Sum Fiasco: Bush in a Humiliating Zero-Sum Iranian Game of His Own Making
[Editor's note:  Reducing a "super power" to a rival of Iran!]
06 December 2007, TomDispatch.com, Dilip Hiro

US and Britain push for tighter sanctions on Iran
[Editor's note:  Blatant evidence warmongers will be warmongers!]
6 December 2007, independent.co.uk, Anne Penketh

Senate Panel Passes Bill to Limit Greenhouse Gases
[Editor's note:  What a nice birthday present for us all!]
6 December 2007, nytimes.com, John M. Broder

Ex-Italian President: Intel Agencies Know 9/11 An Inside Job
[Editor's note:  Explains the attacks were set up by the CIA]
4 December 2007, Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson

Played for Fools Yet Again: About that Iran "Intelligence" Report
[Editor's note:  Intelligence is but a tool to mislead the public]
4 December 2007, powerofnarrative.blogspot.com, Arthur Silber

Now and Forever
[Editor's note:  A case for "twisted priorities"]
4 December 2007, nytimes.com, Bob Herbert

Seven Senior Republican Appointees Challenge Official Account of 9/11
[Editor's note:  These are not rabid liberals out to get Bush!]
4 December 2007, opednews.com,  Alan Miller

Nonstop Theft and Bribery Are Staggering Iraq
[Editor's note:  Just like back in the US with Cheney and Bush]
2 December 2007, nytimes.com, Damien Cave

Ron Paul packs the house in Charleston
[Editor's note:  A phenomenon becoming difficult to igore]
2 December 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Ed Haas

White House Wants to Cut Anti-Terror Funds
[Editor's note:  If what they have been saying for the past five years
is true, this is absurd!  Either way, they are traitors to this nation.]
1 December 2007, cbsnews.com

America's Fascist Coup Owes Legacy To Bush's Nazi Grandfather
[Editor's note:  Naomi Wolf speaks on the history of fascism in America]
29 November 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Psyop aims to destabilize Venezuela and overthrow President Chavez
[Editor's note:  Consistent with standard US practice]
28 November 2007, Global Research, Eva Golinger

Domestic Spying, Inc.
[Editor's note:  Creating a new agency to spy on you and me!]
27 November 2007, CorpWatch.org, Tim Shorrock

Confessions of a Covert Agent
[Editor's note:  An extension of John Perkins' book]
27 November 2007, artofmentalwarfare.com, anonymous

Bush-Maliki Agreement Defies US Laws, Iraqi Parliament
[Editor's note:  Manipulating language for political aims]
30 November 2007, truthout.org, Maya Schenwar

Chuck Hagel: Bush Administration Is "Incompetent"
[Editor's note:  An outspoken and independent voice]
30 November 2007, USA Today, Mark Memmott and Jill Lawrence

Planet of the dinosaurs
[Editor's note:  No one in charge thinks about evolution]
30 November 2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

New Bin Laden "Confession" Tape: Fake Like The Rest?
[Editor's note:  Better let the FBI know that he's guilty!]
29 November 2007, infowars.net, Steve Watson and Paul Watson

The Violent Radicalization Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007
[Editor's note:  The most unAmerican legislation in US history]
29 November 2007, truthout.org, Matt Renner

Shutting Up Venezuela's Chávez
[Editor's note:  Nice example of CIA-style propaganda]
29 November 2007, nytimes.com, Roger Cohen

Interview | Scott Ritter: Bombs Away?
[Editor's note:  Why he is convinced we are going to bomb Iran]
28 November 2007, Detroit Metro Times, Curt Guyette and W. Kim Heron

Another CIA sponsored Coup D'Etat? Venezuela's D-Day
[Editor's note:  Why the US is the most despised nation in the world]
28 November 2007, informationclearinghouse.info, James Petras

Impending Destruction of the US Economy
[Editor's note:  Destroy domestic housing or abandon foreign financing]
28 November 2007, informationclearinghouse.info, Paul Craig Roberts

Head of Rove Inquiry in Hot Seat Himself
[Editor's note:  So who will monitor the monitors?]
28 November 2007, onlinr.wsj.com, John R. Wilke

Alleged Trainer Of 9/11 Hijackers a CIA Informant
[Editor's note:  Plugging gaps in the official story of 9/11]
27 November 27 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Bad, Worse, Worst and Beyond
[Editor's note:  A president intent on destroying American government]
26 November 2007, truthout.org, William Rivers Pitt

Iraq to Seek Long-Term US Presence
[Editor's note:  With preferential treatment for American investors]
26 November 2007, ap.google.com, Qassim Abdu-Zahra

New Buchanan Book Declares "End of America"
[Editor's note:  A sobering assessment]
25 November 2007 drudgereport.com

US is "worst" imperialist: Archbishop of Canterbury
[Editor's note:  Purely destructive, unlike British Empire]
25 November 2007, The Sunday Times (UK), Abul Taher

Bush Ally Defeated in Australia
[Editor's note:  John Howard deservedly bites the dust]
25 November 2007, nytimes.com, Tim Johnston

Iran to launch homemade submarine
[Editor's note:  A nation that, unlike Iraq, is militarily strong]
25 November 2007, jpost.com, Yaakov Kat

U.S. Scales Back Political Goals for Iraqi Unity
[Editor's note:  Better to bring back Saddam Hussein]
25 November 2007, nytimes.com, Steven Lee Myers and Alissa J. Rubin

The Bush Rules of Evidence
[Editor's note:  Protecting the nation's most powerful crime family]
24 November 2007, Consortium News, Robert Parry

US On Pak Nukes: A Phony Alarm
[Editor's note:  Serious prospect of nuclear theft]
24 November 200y, navhindtimes.com, Inder Malhotra

U.S.: Iran-linked Shiites admit pet market blast
[Editor's note:  More likely the work of Blackwater International]
24 November 2007, msnbc.msn.com, AP

Many Americans still believe in conspiracies
[Editor's note:  Trying to explain away well-founded beliefs]
23 November 2007, scrippsnews.com, Kevin Crowe and Guuido H. Stempel III

Russia Orders Nuclear Weapons To High Alert, China Blocks US Warship
[Editor's note:  Much needed leadership from Russia and China]
22 November 2007, whatdoesitmean.com, Sorcha Faal

Saudi Women Activists Furious at Gang-Rape Ruling
[Editor's note:  She is raped and gets prison time and 200 lashes]
22 November 2007, Agence France-Presse

Moussaoui judge questions government
[Editor's note:  She can not longer trust the CIA in court]
20 November 2007, Associated Press, Matthew Barakat

Halliburton Confirms Concentration Camps Already Constructed
[Editor's note:  Very scary, very creepy stuff, but documented]

The Texas Triangle: Terror and Treason
[Editor's note:  Analysis of "false flag" attacks in Texas]
22 October 2007, thepriceofliberty.org, Captain Eric H. May

Deconstructing the Naudet's’ Propaganda Film
[Editor's note:  Consider the improbabilities . . .]
21 February 2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

The Mideast Pipelines That We Are Dying Over

Paul Bremer and 9/11:  Mission Accomplished

Banks Gone Wild (Op/Ed)
Editor's note:  Corporate governance should be on the front burner]
23 November 2007, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

Foreign Fighters in Iraq Are Tied to Allies of U.S.
[Editor's note:  Vast majority are from Syria and Saudi Arabia]
22 November 2007, nytimes.com, Richard A. Oppel, Jr.

Pioneering 'heat wave' gun may be used in Iraq
[Editor's note:  One of many new electromagnetic weapons]
22 November 2007, Philip Sherwell and Jacqui Goddard

Naomi Wolf: The End of America May Happen
[Editor's notes:  Developments leading toward fascism]
21 November 2007, alternet  Don Hazen

Is Shimon Peres the Terrorist Mastermind Behind 9/11?
[Editor's note:  Did Israel pull off a "false flag" attack?]
21 November 2007, thetruthseeker.co.uk, Christopher Bollyn

Former aide blames Bush for leak deceit
[Editor's note:  Blatantly impeachable conduct]
21 November 2007, Associated Press, Matt Apuzzo

Rigged Poll Deconstructed
[Editor's note:  Efforts to suppress the Ron Paul phenomenon]
21 November 2007, lastfreevoice.com, Rolf Lindgren

Zogby Analyst: Ron Paul Timing "Almost Perfect"
Editor's note:  Could Have Momentum for a 'Big Move'
20 November 2007, JonesReport.com, Aaron Dykes

Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act Raises Fears of New Government Crackdown
[Editor's note:  Nice to have this discussed in such a prominent forum]
20 November 2007, democracynow.org, Amy Goodman

DU Fired in Middle East May Claim More Lives Than Hiroshima and Nagasaki
[Editor's note:  A war crime of unprecedented proportions]
19 November 2007, opednews.com, Sherwood Ross

Ellsberg says Edmonds Case "Far More Explosive than Pentagon Papers"
[Editor's note:  Sad commentary on freedom of the press in the USA today]
19 November 2007, bradblog.com, Brad Friedman

Zogby Poll:  NASCAR Fans Favor Ron Paul
[Editor's note:  Leading the pack with 32.8%; no choice second at 20.8%]
19 November 2007, JonesReport.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Brazil Discovers an Oil Field Can Be a Political Tool
[Editor's note:  Now the US will need a pretext to invade Brazil!]
19 November 2007, nytimes.com, Alexei Barrionuevo

The empire'’s operatives exposed: The Krongards, 9/11, and Blackwater/Iraq
[Editor's note:  Another expose about how things really work]
19 November 2007, Online Journal, Larry Chin

US and Israel 'face up to' Iran bomb
[Editor's note:  If true, this is extremely welcome news!]
18 November 2007, telegraph.co.uk, Philip Sherwell and Matthew Kalman

Coalition 'cannot win' in Iraq or Afghanistan
[Editor's note:  Will abandon Afghanistan, but stuck in Iraq]
18 November 2007, abc.net,au, Graeme Dobell

Oil leaders' private debate televised by mistake
[Editor's note:  Weaker dollar, higher oil prices]
18 November 2007, The Observer, Tim Webb

'Our right to protest' Rumsfeld receiving an award
[Editor's notes:  The comments are as important as the protest]
18 November 2007, dailypilot.com, Michael Miller

U.S. Digs In to Guard Iraq Oil Exports
[Editor's note:  You mean this had something to do with oil?]
12 November 2007, online.wsj.com, Chip Cummins

The Evangelical Christian Takeover of the Military
[Editor's note:  A most disturbing development]
17 November 2007, alternet.org, David Antoon

Last-Minute Loophole
[Editor's note:  Congressional corruption knows no bounds]
15 November 2007, nytimes.com, Martin B. Gold and Dimple Gupta]

Polls now show Ron Paul passing Thompson in New Hampshire and tied with
McCain in Iowa
[Editor's note:  Turning the GOP race upside down and inside out]
14 November 2007, usatoday.com, Hugo Mann

Ron Paul: A seller of ideas
[Editor's note:  The best article on this guy I have read yet]
13 November 2007, chicagotribune.com, Lisa Anderson

House Subcommittee Presentation Equates 9/11 Truth With Terrorism
[Editor's note:  Represents the internet virtual terror training camps]
13 November 2007, inforwars.net, Steve Watson & Paul Watson

Crisis in the U.S.: "Plan B"
[Editor's note:  The big picture on the coming "false flag" attack]
11 November 2007, globalresearch.ca, Richard C. Cook

The Coup at Home
[Editor's note:  Our ideals have been vandalized from within]
11 November 2007, nytimes.com, Frank Rich

Broken Supply Channel Sent Weapons for Iraq Astray
[Editor's note:  How the US lost track of 190,000 small arms]
11 November 2007, nytimes.com, Eric Schmitt and Ginger Thompson

US seeks German Chancellor Merkel's backing over Iran
[Editor's note:
10 November 2007, telegraph.co.uk, Alex Spillius and Harry de Quetteville

Unelectable Hillary and Giuliani Tied to 9-11 Dancing Israelis
[Editor's note:  The indictment of Bernard Kerik is just the tip of
the iceberg]
9 November 2007, nyc.indymedia.org, Tom Heneghan

NY Rejects E-Voting, DOJ Trying to Force The Issue
[Editor's note:  Another reason to politicize the Department of Justice]
9 November 2007, slashdot.org, Zonk,

Shock Doctrine's Shocking Short Shrift
[Editor's note:  Using disasters to privatize government]
8 November 2007, carolynbaker.net, Caroly Baker

The Neoconservative Agenda to Sacrifice the Fifth Fleet
[Editor's note:  Desperate men will take desperate measures]
8 November 2007, informationclearinghouse.info, Michael E. Salla

NFL Star Considered 9/11 a False Flag From Day One
[Editor's note:  A noted athlete expresses his condid opinions]
8 November 2007, Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson

Robertson endorses Giuliani
[Editor's note:  Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows!]
8 November 2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Rapture Rescue 9/11: Disaster Response for the Chosen
[Editor's note:  Fighting fires for the rich]
19 November 2007, The Nation, Naomi Klein

FBI Agents warned of 9/11 attacks in June 2001
[Editor's note:  Curious how they were ignored]
November 7, 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Ed Haas

We are the Thought Police
[Editor's note:  Where Orwell had it wrong]
6 November 2007, salon.com, Michael Massing

The Presidency is Now a Criminal Conspiracy
[Editor's note:  Using fake terrorist confessions to conceal lawbreaking]
6 November 2007, informationclearinghouse.info, Keith Olbermann

Pakistan Attempts to Crush Protests by Lawyers
Editor's note:  Is Musharraf setting an example for Bush?]
6 November 2007, nytimes.com, Jane Perlez and David Rohde

A Detour From a Battle Against Terror
[Editor's note:  Observe Bush's muted response to the demise of democracy]
6 November 2007, nytimes.com, David Rohde

Why Didn't Millions of Gallons of Water Put Out the Ground Zero Fires?
[Editor's note:  molten metal + voluminous water = steam explosions]
6 November 2007, georgewashington.blogspot.com, Alex Floum

Is This 20-Year CIA Vet Crazy For Saying 9/11 Is a Probable Inside Job?
[Editor's note:  Another heavy-hitter signs on the dotted line]
5 November 3007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Pakistani Sets Emergency Rule, Defying the U.S.
[Editor's note:  Gen. Pervez Musharraf reasserts his fading power]
4 November 2007, nytimes.com, David Rohde

COINTELPRO Redux: Global Order Targets the 9/11 Truth and Patriot Movements
[Editor's note:  History repeats itself with fascist regimes]
2 November 2007, TruthNews, Kurt Nimmo

On Track for U.S. Collapse
[Editor's note:  Multiple scenarios for disaster]
27 October 2007, lewrockwell.com, Michael S. Rozeff

9/11: Looking for Truth in Credentials: The Peculiar WTC 'Experts'
[Editor's note:  Do you notice any subtle signs of bias?]
13 March 2007, Global Research, Kevin Ryan

Framing The Truth Movement As Terrorists
[Editor's note:  9/11 truth seekers portrayed as thought terrorists]
1 November 2007, prisonplanet.com, Steve Watson & Paul Joseph Watson

Blackwater Mounts a Defense With Top Talent From Capital
[Editor's note:  The future Gestapo of the Bush regime]
1 November 2007, nytimes.com, John M. Broder and James Risen

Iraqi Dam Seen In Danger of Deadly Collapse
[Editor's note:  Extorting the Iraqi government with 500,000 lives?]
30 October 2007, Washington Post, Amit R. Paley

Rumsfeld Flees France, Fearing Arrest
[Editor's note:  International justice exceeds US justice]
29 October 2007, IPS News

Missing Nukes: Treason of the Highest Order
[Editor's note:  Why does the admin need these nukes?]
29 October 2007, globalresearch.ca, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

Trash Talking World War III
Editor's note:  Bush still confuses bullying with strategy]
29 October 2007, nytimes.com, editorial

Martin Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story
[Editor's note:  Learning something from his son?]
29 October 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Fearing Fear Itself (Op/Ed)
[Editor's note:  Candidates campaigning on platforms of fear]
29 October 2007, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

The Wiretap This Time (Op/Ed)
[Editor's note:  Bush dismantles the 4th Amendment]
29 October 2007, nytimes.com, Studs Terkel

Iran says documents show U.S. backing "terrorists"
[Editor's note:  Playing both sides against the middle]
28 October 2007, TEHRAN (Reuters)

Rudy, the Values Slayer (Op/Ed)
[Editor's note:  The religious right loses its clout]
28 October 2007, nytimes.com, Frank Rich

Did We Do That? (Op/Ed)
[Editor's note:  With CO2, where does man start and nature stop?
28 October 2007, nytimes.com, Thomas Friedman

"I Don't Think This Place is Worth Another Soldier's Life"
[Editor's note:  1,000,000 Iraqis and 4,000 Americans for oil?]
27 October 2007, The Washington Post, Joshua Partlow

We need truth about 9/11
[Editor's note:  A very intelligent plea for investigation]
27 October 2007, theithacajournal.com, Stephanie Dvorak

A Firestorm, a Deluge and a Sharp Political Dig
[Editor's note:  Rewriting history and passing the buck!]
27 October 2007, nytimes.com, Sheryl Gay Stolberg

Undiagnosed Brain Injury: The Hidden Legacy of Iraq
[Editor's note:  Thousands may have suffered from HV explosions]
27 October 2007, The Guardian, Matthew Taylor

Rumsfeld hit with torture lawsuit while visiting Paris
[Editor's note:  In the works for some three years]
26 October 2007, rawstory.com, Jason Rhyne

House Passes Thought Crime Prevention Bill
[Editor's note:  The most unAmerican bill in US history]
25 October 2007, freemarketnews.com, Lee Rogers

U.S. Plays Its "Unilateral" Card on Iran Sanctions
[Editor's note:  Lies, lies, and more lies]
26 October 2007, nytimes.com, Helene Cooper

More Than 755,000 on US Terrorist Watch List
[Editor's note:  Sounds like they need lots of detention facilities]
25 October 2007, Agence France-Pressue

Names of Blackwater guards must be released
[Editor's note:  Committing murder with impunity and anonymity]
25 October 2007, Muckraker Report, Ed Haas

War Supplemental Makes Room for Iran
[Editor's note:  Endless wars at taxpayers' expense]
24 October 2007, truthout.org, Maya Schenwar

Terror watch list swells to more than 755,000
[Editor's note:  The absurdies of this admin know no bounds!]
24 October 2007, usatody.com, Mimi Hall

US Suspends Iraq Audit of DynCorp
[Editor's note:  They no longer even fake fiscal accountability]
24 October 2007, ap.google.com, Pauline Jelinek

Elizabeth Kucinich Says Political System 'Rigged, Fake, Undemocratic'
[Editor's note:  Truths no one else is willing to articulate]
24 October 2007, bradblog.com, Emily Levy

Bush to Warn Cuba on Plan for Transition
[Editor's note:  What right do we have to dictate Cuba's succession?]
24 October 2007, nytimes.com, Ginger Thompson

More muck on Maher
[Editor's note:  Having truth seekers physically removed!]
24 October 2007, Online Journal, Jerry Mazza

Neo-Con Podhoretz Tells Audience To "Shut Up" After Tough Questions
[Editor's note:  One of the worst of the worst gets a hard time]
23 October 2007. Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson

The 9/11 Base Of Operations: Aircraft Carrier USS George Washington
[Editor's note:  This would tie a lot of loose ends together]
23 October 2007, home.att.net, Jon Carlson

Israel Warns World War III May be Biblical War of Gog and Magog
[Editor's note:  Is there no end to this insanity?]
23 October 2007, kevcross.blogspot.com

On the Eve of Destruction
[Editor's note:  Cheney steering us toward an elective WWIII]
22 October 2007, truthdig.com, Scott Ritter

Cheney: US Will Not Let Iran Go Nuclear
[Editor's note:  More threats to attack Iran]
22 October 2007, nytimes.com, Associated Press

"Loose Change: Final Cut" Release Date Announced
[Editor's note:  Out on November 11th with new material and interviews]
22 October 2007, Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson

Bin Laden Urges Iraqi Insurgents To Unite
[Editor's note:  Bush wants more money for Iraq, Osama is there]
22 October 2007, multiple news sources

The audio file sounds like a younger man

Immunity for Telecoms May Set Bad Precedent, Legal Scholars Say
[Editor's note:  Owellian legal double-speak:  crimes are not crimes]
22 October 2007, The Washington Post, Dan Eggan

"Loose Change: Final Cut" Release Date Announced
[Editor's note:  Release date of 11 November 2007]
22 October 2007, Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson

What you Absolutely must know about Blackwater
[Editor's note:  The private police force of the Empire]
20 October 2007, carolynbaker.net, Bill Moyers

Why 2008 will be a Perfect Storm for Republicans
[Editor's note:  Why Bush may resort to desperate measures]
15 October 2007, airamerica.com, Mark Green

Gates: Security Contractors Conflict With US Mission in Iraq
[Editor's note:  So we are paying more to defeat ourselves!]
19 October 2007, Los Angeles Times, Peter Spiegel

Clinton Bucks Trend, Rakes in Cash From Weapons Industry
[Editor's note:  Because she's a "sure thing" or what?]
19 October 2007, The Independent UK, Leonard Doyle

NYC Rejects Listing Worker as 9/11 Death
[Editor's note:  Corruption in a medical examiner's ruling?]
19 October 2007, nytimes.com, Associated Press

I am 'that big of a lunatic,' Bill Maher
[Editor's note:  At least, he got a lot of it right]
19 October 2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Iraq Awards Contracts to Iran and China
[Editor's note:  Acting independently of the US, for a change!]
18 October 2007, nytimes.com, James Glanz

Nuclear-Armed Iran Risks World War, Bush Says
[Editor's note:  Further proof of detachment from reality]
18 October 2007, nytimes.com, Sheryl Gay Stolberg

Why They're Afraid Of Michael Moore
[Editor's note:  Universal health care is "anti-American", NOT!]
18 October 2007, rense.com, John Pilger

Charleston Police Department trained with Blackwater USA
[Editor's note:  And 53 other police departments across the US]
18 October 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Ed Haas

Israel, Hezbollah and Gulf Monarchies Preparing for Strikes on Iran
[Editor's note:  Anticipating a US strike in spite of the consequences]
17 October 2007, Le Figaro, Georges Malbrunot

Putka versus Dubya: Who is going to kill us more?
[Editor's note:  A rather sobering comparison]
17 October 2007, truthspring.info, Anwaar Hussain

In Iran, Putin Warns Against Military Action
[Editor's note:  At least Putin is standing up for the world]
17 October 2007, nytimes.com, Nazila Fatha and C. J. Chivers

Plame Book Criticizes Bush, Journalists
[Editor's note:  Faulting the arrogance and intolerance of Bush]
17 October 2007, Associated Press, Matt Apuzzo

Rudy Giuliani, liar extraordinaire
[Editor's note:  But he keeps 9/11 on the front burner!]
17 October 2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Top US Air Force official 'suicided' as Iran war nears
[Editor's note:  More truth from Pravda than from The New York Times]
16 October 2007, pravda.ru

The Media Censorship of Ron Paul
[Editor's note:  Patterns of distortion, misrepresentation, and non-coverage]
16 October 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Scott Sorrell

Secretary Rice, CFR Usher in Pan-American Community
[Editor's note:  Reducing wages here to equal the rest of the world]
16 October 2007, JonesReport.com, Aaron Dykes / JonesReport.com

In Iran, Putin Warns Against Military Action
[Editor's note:  A nice example of world leadership!]
16 October 2007, nytimes.com, Nazila Fathi

Many in the US Military Think Bush and Cheney Are "Out of Control"
[Editor's note:  If only because they have gone mad with power]
16 October 2007, nytimes.com, Gabriel Nolko

Nation on Edge: Operation TOPOFF
[Editor's note: Largest civil defense exercise raises serious concerns]
15 October 2007, lonestaricon.com, Major William B. Fox

Pre-emptive Caution: The Case of Syria
[Editor's note:  Raw aggression can have consequences]
15 October 2007, nytimes.com, David E. Sanger

Condoleezza Rice ceases to perceive her deception, lies with sincerity
[Editor's note:  What about the accumulation of power by Bush and the loss
of democracy here in the United States?  Why isn't Rice speaking out?]
14 October 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Ed Haas

Ex-Commander Says Iraq Effort Is 'a Nightmare'
[Editor's note:  The straight skinny from Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez]
13 October 2007, nytimes.com, David S. Cloud

New Evidence That Blackwater Guards Took No Fire
[Editor's note:  Slaughtering Iraqis to their heart's content!]
13 October 2007, nytimes.com, James Glanz

USA prepares 14-ton super bomb to blow up Iran's nuclear objects
[Editor's note:  Will there be no end to war crimes by the USA?]
9 October 2007,pravda.ru

TOPOFF 4 and Vigilant Shield 08: a view from the "feverish fringe"
[Editor's note:  An excellent analysis of the threat we face]
8 October 2007, onlinejournal.com, Warren Pease

It's easier to rig an electronic voting machine than a Las Vegas slot
machine, says University of Pennsylvania visiting professor Steve Freeman.
16 March 2006, washingtonpost.com, Steve Freeman

[Editor's note:  PROMIS Connects Cheney to 9/11 Attacks?
27 January 2005, fromthewilderness.com, Michael Kane

Controversial Concerns
[Editor's note:  What's going down in Portland next week?]

ANALYSIS-Nobel is sweet revenge for Gore, blow to Bush
[Editor's note:  Recognition of the reality of global warming]
12 October 2007, reuters.com, Matt Spetalnick

U.S. wants passenger data for all sun-seeker flights
[Editor's note:  Further intrusion into our personal lives]
11 October 2007, theglobeandmail.com, Brent Jang

Baseball been berry good to me
[Editor's note:  Protect Israel at all costs]
11 October 2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Vicente Fox admits that he and George W. Bush have 'agreed'
on common currency, North American Union
[Editor's note:  An unConstituional outrage!
10 October 2007, webwire, J. Abarbane

The Real Blackwater Scandal: Build a Frontier, You Get Cowboys, Part II
[Editor's note:  Why a massive build-up of mercenary forces?]
10 October 2007, hffingtonpost.com, John Cusack

Carter says U.S. tortures prisoners
[Editor's note:  Have we no respect for human rights?]
10 October 2007, cnn.com, Jimmy Carter

Ron Paul a 'Stranger' in the GOP
[Editor's note:  A clear, strong beacon of truth]
10 October 2007, JonesReport.com, Aaron Dykes

Private security convoys strike fear in Baghdad
[Editor's note:  Not even Saddam's goons were this bad!]
10 October 2007, reuters.com, Yasser Faisal

Congress Ignoring Critical Report on Pentagon Spending
[Editor's note:  On top of Rumsfeld's missing $2.3 trillion!]
10 October 2007, truthout, Jason Leopold

Israeli Army orders Confiscation of Palestinian Land in West Bank
[Editor's note:  The occupation and ongoing abuse of the people]
10 October 2007, The Guardian, UK, Conal Urquhart

How the Military Can Stop an Iran Attack
[Editor's note:  Our future may hinge on their integrity]
9 October 2007, nation.com, Jeremy Brecher & Brendan Smith

Leak Severed a Link to Al-Qaeda's Secrets
[Editor's note:  Admin wrecked its successful spying operation]
9 October 2007, The Washington Post, Joby Warrick

Top court won't hear appeal in CIA torture case
[Editor's note:  Bowing to unAmerican "state secrets"]
9 October 2007, Reuters, James Vicini

Interview with Vice-President Richard Cheney: July 2009
[Editor's note:  Insight into the mind of an anti-Constitutionalist]
9 October 2007, huffingtonpost.com, Gary Hart

The Kennebunkport Warning and The Rogue B-52 -
Confirmation With A Vengeance
[Editor's note:  And an improbable six deaths]
8 October 2007, rense.com, Webster Tarpley

Congressman: Dollar Could Collapse To Absolute Zero
[Editor's note:  Use the ensuing chaos to impose military law]
8 October 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Navy veteran questions why six nuclear missiles were flown on combat
aircraft to staging area for Middle East
[Editor's note:  This cannot be a security lapse, because it's so strict]
8 October 2007, rawstory.com,John Byrne

Airborne Laser Next Phase in Homeland Security
[Editor's note:  Member of Congress spills the beans]
7 October 2007, Howard P. "Buck" McKeon

Nuke transportation story has explosive implications
[Editor's note:  Either security has fallen apart or we're about to nuke Iran]
7 October 2007, Star-Telegram, Robert Stormer

'War on terror' has been a 'disaster': British think tank
[Editor's note:  Not only not extinguishing threat but exacerbating it]
7 October 2007, news.yahoo.com

Petraeus puts heat on Iran over Iraq violence
[Editor's note:  Cheap words from a political hack]
7 October 2007, msnbc.msn.com, Reuters

A Nation of Christians is Not therefore a Christian Nation
[Editor's note:  Not even McCain understands the difference]
7 October 2007, nytimes.com, Jon Meacham

FBI Puts Antiwar Protesters on Criminal Database
[Editor's note:  Corrupt use of FBI for political purposes]
7 October 2007, opednews.com, Rob Kall

Prominent Americans Ask Military To Refuse To Attack Iran
[Editor's note:  Loyal to the Constitution or to Bush?]
6 October 2007, rense.com, Webster Tarpley

Blackwater's bullets over Baghdad
[Editor's note:  Condi's favorite private killers]
5 October 2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

New Military Leaders Question Iraq Mission
[Editor's note:  Army and Marine Corps are severely affected]
4 October 2007, McClatchy Newspapers, Nancy A. Youssef and Renee Schoof

Did White House Lie About Loss of Five Million Emails?
[Editor's note:  The source of loss did not exist]
3 October 2007, CMP Channel, Damon Poeter

How to Take Action on Holt and Fix Our Elections
[Editor's note:  The original has been perverted to protect electorial theft]
19 September 2007, opednews.com, Mark Adams

Executive Orders And Laws relating to National Emergencies Laws
[Editor's note:  Amassing dictatorial powers under the law]

Shifting Targets: The Administration's Plan for Iran
[Editor's note:  How to transmute Iraq into Iran]
8 October 2007 Issue, The New Yorker, Seymour Mersh

Going in Search of Planes in NYC
[Editor's note:  The number who claim to have seen planes is very small]
October 2007, Andrew Johnson et al.

The Myth of AQI (al Qaeda in Iraq)
[Editor's note:  Why does this remind me of Vietnam?]
October 2007 Issue, The Washington Monthly, Andrew Tilghman

Judge Says US Must Alert Lawyer on Detainee Transfer
[Editor's note:  Detainees have legal rights, after all!]
4 October 2007, latimes.com, Henry Weinstein

Texas Super Corridor Rebellion spreads to Oklahoma
[Editor's note:  Finally there is opposition to an atrocity!]
4 October 2007, augustreview.com, Patrick Wood

Commentary:  9/11 isn't 'over,' Mr. Friedman
[Editor's note:  We cannot regain balance without exposing the truth]
4 October 2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Secret U.S. Endorsement of Severe Interrogations
[Editor's note:  Adopting Egyptian, Saudi, and Soviet methods]
4 October 2007,nytimes.com, Scott Shane, David Johnston, and James Risen

Iraqis to Pay China $100 Million for Weapons for Police
[Editor's note:  US suppliers are too slow and unreliable]
4 October 2007, washingtonpost.com, Robin Wright and Ann Scott Tyson

Can AIPAC have it both ways?
[Editor's note:
4 October 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Ed Haas

Bush's Agenda in Iran
[Editor's note:  Lining up naval forces for another war]
3 October 2007, alternet.com, Reese Erlich

Questions raised over terror exercise
[Editor's note:  Past drill results never released]
3 October 2007, Associated Press, Eileen Sullivan

Seven Retards Return For War On Terror Show Trial
[Editor's note:  FBI tries to provoke phony attack on Sears Tower]
3 October 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

By Large Margin, House Passes Iraq Pullout Bill
[Editor's note:  Giving Bush two months to present a plan]
3 October 2007, washingtonpost.com, Jonathan Weisman

Giuliani Lies About Suppressed EPA Reports
[Editor's note:  A great candidate to keep 9/11 issues prominent]
2 October 2007, jonesreport.com, Aaron Dykes

Arctic Melt Unnerves the Experts
[Editor's note:  Morons have been running the government]
2 October 2007, The New York Times, Andrew C. Revkin

Russia Evacuates Entire Bushehr Staff:  packed their bags Friday,
Editor's note:  increasing speculation of imminent US/Israeli attack]
1 October 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

From Iraq to Burma:  Hypocrisy rules the West
[Editor's note:  Bush has brought the US to a new low]
1 October 2007, counterpunch.com, Paul Craig Roberts

Poll: Most Israelis support using nukes
[Editor's note:  A somewhat disturbing report]
1 October 2007, jpost.com

US Pays Steep Price for Private Security in Iraq
[Editor's note:  It's a matter of profit, stupid!]
1 October 2007, The Washington Post, Walter Pincus

Death From All Sides
[Editor's note:  Iraq has extensive evidence against Blackwater}
30 September 2007, Newsweek, KEvin Peraino

Bolton Calls for Bombing of Iran
[Editor's note:  The mad dogs want more meat!]
30 September 2007, The Guardian UK, Ros Taylor

Hizbullah spiritual leader: US Senate declared war on Iran
[Editor's note:  By labeling Revolutionary Guard a terror organization]
30 October 2007, ynetnews.com, Roee Nahmias

Iranian MPs condemn U.S. terrorist activities
[Editor's note:  US Army and CIA qualify, for every good reasons]
29 September 2007, TEHRAN

[Editor's note:  It's half-life of 4.5b is equal to the age of Earth]
29 September 2007

Iraq Wiretap Delay Not Quite as Presented
[Editor's note:  Is anyone with Bush capable of telling the truth?]
29 September 2007, The Washington Post, Dan Eggen

If wishes were horses . . .
[Editor's note:  Have we always thought we had the right . . . ?]
29 September 2007, truthspring.info, Anwaar Hussain

US Politicians, Not Ahmadinejad, Have Blood on Their Hands
[Editor's note:  Playing the American people for suckers, again!]
29 September 2007, antiwar.com, Charley Reese

State Department Agents Say Jobs Were Threatened
[Editor's note:  Covering up corruption in Iraq contracting?]
29 September 2007, The Washington Post, Glenn Kessler and Karen DeYoung

"The Revolt of the Generals": Generals opposing Iraq war break with
military tradition
[Editor's note:  20 retired generals speak out against the war]
28 September 2007, Global Research, Mark Sauer

Dan Rather: Government Influencing Newsrooms
[Editor's note:  Celebrated newsmn stands up for reporting integrity]
21 September 2007, commondreams.com, Samantha Gross

Exercise Vigilant Shield '08 slated for October
[Editor's note:  Another cover story for attacking the USA?]
30 August 2007, norad.mil

Do you know the truth about the EU?
[Editor's note:  Disturbing parallels]

How to Recognize an OP (Operative)
[Editor's note:  From an expert in dealing with them]

Reading between the lines:  Jenkins interviews Wood
[Editor's note:  A nice exercise in critical thinking]

Official Calls Kurd Oil Deal at Odds With Baghdad
[Editor's note:  Privatize! Privatize! Privatize! Steal! Steal! Steal!]
28 September 2007, nytimes.com, Alissa J. Rubin and Andrew E. Kramer

State Dept. Tallies 56 Shootings Involving Blackwater in Iraq
[Editor's note:  Murder and carnage with impunity compliments of the USA]
28 September 2007, nytimes.com, James Risen

Ron Paul Calls for an End to the 'War on Drugs'
[Editor's note:  A rare proposal to promote the public good]
28 September 2007, JonesReport.com, Aaron Dykes

Verizon Rejects Text Messages From Abortion Rights Group
[Editor's note:  Disgusting censorship by private carrier]
27 September 2007, nytimes.com, Adam Liptak

Judge Rules Provisions in Patriot Act to Be Illegal
[Editor's note:  So there's at least one law-abiding judge left!]
27 September 2007, nytimes.com, Susan Jo Keller

'9/11 Commission Deception, Cheney's Actions on 9/11, and Why He
Should Testify Under Oath', Peter Dale Scott
[Editor's note:  An important study of the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld timeline]

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Being 'Guarded' by Israel
[Editor's note:  What's wrong with this picture?]
26 September 2007, kavkazcenter.com, Michael Collins Piper

Gun Bill Rewrites Law To Disarm Veterans
[Editor's note:  Weakening our capacity to resist tyrants]
26 September 2007, infowars.net, Steve Watson

Private Security Puts Diplomats, Military at Odds
[Editor's note:  Get rid of these unAmerican mercenary forces]
26 September 2007, The Washington Post, Sudarsan Raghavan and Thomas E. Ricks

Blackwater Inquiry Blocked by State Dept., Official Says
[Editor's note:  With Bush, corruption knows no bounds]
26 September 2007, nytimes.com, James Risn

Iranian University Chancellors Ask Bollinger 10 Questions
[Editor's note:  An appropriate response to disgraceful conduct]
26 September 2007, farsnews.com

The lessons of Ahmadinejad at Columbia
[Editor's note:  Pandering by the President of Columbia]
26 September 2007, Online Journal, Jerry Mazza

Columbia Still Reeling Over Visit
[Editor's note:  Bollinger's conduct was disgusting]
26 September 2007, nytimes.com, Karen W. Arenson

Subpoenas for ABC's Brian Ross/New York Post's Cindy Adams by 'DC Madam'
[Editor's note:  Prostitution with national security ramifications]
26 September 2007, legitgov.org, Lori Price

Olbermann: Bush Used Bogus Terror Threat to Scare Votes for FISA Bill
[Editor's note:  An administration of liars, cheats, and thieves]
25 September 2007, Crooks and Liars, Logan Murphy

New Books By Alan Greenspan and Naomi Klein: One is Prophetic, One is Pathetic
[Editor's note:  Excellent review of issues everyone needs to understand]
25 September 2007, huffingtonpost.com, Arianna Huffington

Ripe gripes from the Big Apple
[Editor's note:  Billions for wars, pennies for life]
25 September 2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Less than half of military votes overseas counted
[Editor's note:  72% never received requested election material]
25 September 2007, Stars and Stripes, Leo Shane III

Air Force refused to fly weapons to Middle East theater
[Editor's note:  Extremely serious issues are at stake here]
24 September 2007, earthboppin.net, Wayne Madsen

Neoconservative Podhoretz Lobbies Bush On 'The Case For Bombing Iran'
[Editor's note:  Unleashing the greatest surge of anti-Americanism in
24 September 2007, thinkprogress,org

Alan Greenspan vs. Naomi Klein on the Iraq War, Bush's Tax Cuts,
Economic Populism, Crony Capitalism and More
[Editor's note:  This is an exchange worth reading]
24 September 2007, democracynow.org, Amy Goodman interview

Grand Illusion (Giuliani's claim to fame is a fraud)
[Editor's note:  Get Wayne Barrett and Dan Collins' Grand Illusion]
24 September 2007, huffingtonpost.com, Bill Curry

Giuliani Confronted for Desecrating 9/11 Dead
[Editor's note:  Calling a culprit to account]
24 September 2007, JonesReport.com, Aaron Dykes

Post-9/11 Cases Fuel Criticism for Nominee
[Editor's note:  What else would we expect of a Bush nominee?]
24 September 2007, nytimes.com, Philip Shenon

Brzezinski: U.S. in danger of 'stampeding' to war with Iran
[Editor's note:  Instant replay of the propaganda for Iraq]
24 September 2007, cnn.com

Massive Surveillance Net Keeps Track of Americans' Travel
[Editor's note:  Creating a surveillance society beneath our noses]
24 September 2007, Newsday, Rocco Parascandola

Maliki accuses Blackwater of challenging Iraq's Sovereignty
[Editor's note:  Reckless murder of Iraqi citizens by mercenaries]
24 September 2007, nytimes.com, Alissa J. Rubin and Andrew E. Kramer

Scientists: Brain Injuries From War Worse Than Thought
[Editor's note:  How much worse could this business get?]
24 September 2007, USA Today, Gregg Zoroya
http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/iraq/2007-09-23-traumatic-brain-inju ries_N.htm?csp=1

Seven CIA Veterans Challenge 9/11 Commission Report
[Editor's note:  These are brave, intelligent, and dedicated men]
23 September 2007, OpEdNews, Alan Miller

Iran promises missiles will fly if US attacks
[Editor's note:  Iran is not Syria and a response would be inevitable]
23 September 2007, London Telegraph, Tim Shipman

On the Treachery of Noam Chomsky (opinion)
[Editor's note:  Chomsky covers up on JFK and 9/11]
23 September 2007, treacheryof.blogspot, Benjamin Merhav

Missteps in the Bunker
[Editor's note:  A fantastic story that defies rational belief]
23 September 2007, The Washington Post, Joby Warrick and Walter Pincus

Secret US air force team to perfect plan for Iran strike
[Editor's note:  Keeping up as the greatest aggressor nation]
23 September 2007, timesonline.co.uk, Sarah Baxter

Iraq Concedes Possible 'Security Vacuum'
[Editor's note:  Just ask them to please kill fewer innocent Iraqis]
23 September 2007, guardian.co.uk, Katarina Kratovac

Mystery surrounds deaths of Minot airmen
[Editor's note:  Six airmen involved in the nuke incident have died]
22 September 2007, presstv.ir

Ex-Commander in Iraq Cites Leadership Crisis in US
[Editor's note:  Faults our highest-level political leaders]
22 September 2007, chron.com, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez

Iraq War Budget Jumps for 2008
[Editor's note:  No end of funding for killing]
22 September 2007, Los Angeles Times, Julian E. Barnes

I May Have Gone Insane?
[Editor's note:  There has never been a better summing up:  READ THIS!]
19 September 2007, truthout.org, William Rivers Pitt

180,000 Private Contractors Flood Iraq
[Editor's note:  180,000 + 130,000 = 310,000!]
19 September 2007, abcnews.go.com, Richard Lardner

The 9/11 Passenger List Oddity
[Editor's note:  What's wrong with this picture?]
17 September 2007, Vincent Sammartino ? WING TV.com

Experts can't verify key 9/11 experiment
[Editor's note: Covering up the cover up]
15 August 2007, 911science.blogspot.com

Stop the Iran War Before It Starts
[Editor's note:  As clear a statement as one could make]
24 January 2007, thenation.com, Scott Ritter

Martial Law (Coming soon to a country near you)
[Editor's note:  What we can learn from Poland's experience]
canadawatch.org, Lech Biegalski

9/11 Pre-Attack Warnings:  People Who Avoided the
Airlines And The Twin Towers, 7 July 2005

Stranger than Fiction:  An Independent Investigation
of 9/11 and the War on Terrorism (opinion)

Bush's Dirty Little Secret: 9/11
[Editor's note:  Valuable resources and reflections]

Verifying what Homeland Security has on you!

Kissinger Admits Iran Attack Is About Oil
[Editor's note:  Neo-cons know no bounds to their corrpution and greed]
21 September 200, Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson

US resumes Blackwater convoys in Iraq
[Editor's note:  Allowed on a "limited" basis, which is bad news]
21 September 2007, Associated Press, Katarine Kratovac

Fears of dollar collapse as Saudis take fright
[Editor's note:  Looking out for their own best interests]
20 September 2007, telegraph.co.uk, Abrose Evens-Prtichard

Ron Paul Confronts Fed Chair on Deliberately Destroying the Dollar
[Editor's note:  Has Greenspan been acting to protect Wall Street?]
20 September 2007, jonesreport.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Olbermann to Bush: 'Your hypocrisy is so vast'
[Editor's note:  And the Senate condemned this wimpy ad?]
20 September 2007, msnbc.com, Keith Olbermann

The Ford Foundation attacks The Kennebunkport Warning
[Editor's note:  Some difficult issues to sort out]
20 September 2007, rense.com, Webster Tarpley

Effort to Shift Course in Iraq Fails in Senate
[Editor's note:  Disgusting abdication of responsibility]
20 September 2007, nytimes.com, David Herszenhorn and Carl Hulse

Armed Guards in Iraq Occupy a Legal Limbo
[Editor's note:  Committing murder with impunity]
20 September 2007, nytimes.com, John M. Broder and James Risen

Lying for Bush
[Editor's note:  Petraus and Crocker dazzle Congress with fancy footwork]
20 September 2007, huffingtonpost.com, Bill Curry

Why Bush won't attack Iran
[Editor's note:  But why it may happen anyway!]
19 September 2007, salon.com, Steve Clemons

Senate Fails on Habeas Corpus
[Editor's note:  Only one of the oldest legal rights of the Western world]
19 September 2007, thenation

Maliki blasts Blackwater firm for other incidents
[Editor's note:  Including springing a $2.5 billion embezzler]
19 September 2007, McClathch Newspspes, Leila Fadel

Pope Benedict XVI refused request by Condoleezza Rice
to discuss the Middle East and Iraq, Vatican sources say.
[Editor's note:  Someone has a sense of propriety]
19 September 2007, bbc.co.uk

Republicans pushed 'bogus' terror threat to expand FISA
[Editor's note:  Do these people know no shame?]
19 September 2007, rawstory.com

Bush's 'proxy war' claim over Iran exposed
[Editor's note:  Contradictory testimony from Petraeus]
19 September 2007, atimes.com, Gareth Porter

Gang of Off-Duty New York Police Assault Cameraman
[Editor's note:  More signs of creeping fascism]
19 September 2007, JonesReport.com

Iran draws up plans to bomb Israel
[Editor's note:  This looks like a fake report]
19 September 2007, news.yahoo.com, Ali Akbar Darfini

Pentagon Sued Over Mandatory Christianity
[Editor's note:  Dictating a man's religious beliefs!]
18 September 2007, truthout, Jason Leopold

Iraq Limits Blackwater's Operations
[Editor's note:  To be restricted to within "The Green Zone"
17 September 2007, time.com, Adam Zagorin and Brian Bennett

9/11/2007 - WHAT'S GOING ON?
[Editor's note:  Nice summary of indications of fake attacks]
11 September 2007, OpEdNews Carol Wolman

Military Shows Off New Ray Gun
[Editor's note:  They have families of these weapons]
25 January 2007, space.com, Elliott Minor

"Lucky Larry" Silverstein
[Editor's note:  Amazing coincidences or massive conspiracy]
6 September 2006, ziopedia.org, Anonymous

Military Correspondent: Petraeus with a Kiss - A Critical Review
[Editor's note:  A sobering but accurate assessment, alas!]
17 September 2007, adelaideinstitute.org, Eric May

In Bush Speech, Signs of Split on Iran Policy
[Editor's note:  Have we forgotten Iran is a democracy!]
16 September 2007, nytimes.com, Helene Cooper

The Wrong Balance on Civil Liberties
[Editor's note:  Curtailing the use of "national security letters"]
16 September 2007, nytimes.com, editorial

Greenspan bashes Bush policies in memoir
Former Fed chair says administration put politics before sound economics
15 September 2007, msnbc.msn.com, Associated Press

Greenspan skewers Bush, lavishes praise on Clinton
[Editor's note:  More truth than customary from Washington]
15 September 2007, The Washington Post, Bob Woodward

A Surge, and Then a Stab
[Editor's note:  Their corruption knows no bounds!]
14 September 2007, New York Times, Paul Krugman

Criminality from the ground up on 9/11/2007
[Editor's note:  A brutal and stunning summary of where we stand]
14 September 2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Press for Truth Packs Theater on 9/11
[Editor's note:  Jesse Ventura and others express their doubts]
14 September 2007, JonesReport.com

The President Asserted Progress on Security and Political Issues.
Recent Reports Weren't Often So Upbeat.
[Editor's note:  Repeatedly contradicting himself and other sources]
14 Septermber 2007, The Washington Post, Glenn Kessler

Bush's Multiple Messages and Audiences
[Editor's note:  So why are we in Iraq, really?]
14 September 2007, nytimes.com, David E. Sanger

"9/11 For The Record" on Bill Moyers Journal
[Editor's note:  A whitewash for The 9/11 Commmission]
14 September 2007, pbs.org, Bill Moyers

CNN Pulls 9/11 E4B 'Doomsday' Plane Video Over White House?
[Editor's note:  Lee Hamilton has no knowledge of this plane?]
14 September 2007, postchronicle.com, Mike Baron

Administrative remedy with NIST denied
[Editor's note:  In spite of clear conflicts of interest]
14 September 2007, muckrakkerreport.com, Ed Haas

An Open Letter to the New Generation of Military Officers Serving and
Protecting Our Nation
[Editor's note:  An important statement from an American hero]
13 September 2007, thepatriots.us, Robert Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret.

9/11 Explains the Impotence Of The Anti-war Movement
[Editor's note:  Why Bush evades all responsibility]
13 September 2007, vdare.com, Paul Craig Roberts

Media Misrepresent Dems' Options on Iraq Confusing 'can't' and 'won't'
[Editor's note:  They can stop the war with 41 votes!]
13 September 2007, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

General Tommy Franks: Iraq May Require 10 or 20 More Years
[Editor's note:  "No big deal" except for the rest of us]
13 September 2007, prisonplanet.com,

Dollar's retreat raises fear of collapse
[Editor's note:  Or a gradual but ongoing loss of strength]
13 September 2007, iht.com, Carter Dougherty

9/11 Propaganda! WTC Demolition theory challenged by Cambridge engineer
[Editor's note:  Nice exposure of an apparent and fairly obvious hoax]
12 September 2007, laura-knight-jadczyk.blogspot.com, Laura Knight Jadczyk

Report: Lab not tracking all plutonium
[Editor's note:  And this is "the security president"]
12 September 2007, Associated Press, Jennifer Talhelm

9/11 NO-PLANE lawsuit ACCEPTED
[Editor's note:  This is a major development]
23 August 2007, tangilbeinfo.blogspot.com, Morgan Reynolds

9/11 First Responder Heard WTC-7 Demolition Countdown
[Editor's note:  Further evidence of controlled demolition]
13 September 2007, Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson

Osama bin Laden is Either Dead or He is Not Cooperating Anymore
[Editor's note:  Excellent review of the role of a patsy]
13 September 2007, tvnewslies.org, Jesse

Compromise on Oil Law in Iraq Seems to Be Collapsing
[Editor's note:  Kurds sign agreement with Hunt Oil]
13 September 2007, nytimes.com, James Glanz

The Next Attorney General
[Editor's note:  The most corrupt administration in history]
13 September 2007, nytimes.com, editorial

Department of Brazen Bureaucracy
[Editor's note:  15 regional disaster control areas--our future?]
13 September 2007, nytimes.com, editorial

US Senator asks for Iran invasion
[Editor's note:  All we need is more death and devastation]
12 September 2007, presstv.ir

Is USAF Stand Down To Find A Missing Nuke?
[Editor's note:  Will this US nuke be dropped on us?
12 September 2007, AboveTopSecret.com, Chuck Simpson

9/11 - the big cover-up?
[Editor's note:  A balanced piece about us, for a change]
12 September 2007, commentisfree.guardian.co.uk, Peter Tatchell

An Open Letter to the US Marine Corps about 9/11
[Editor's note:  An article the GAZETTE would not print]
12 September 2007, opednews.com, Jim Fetzer

Russia tests 'Dad Of All Bombs'
[Editor's note:  Bigger and better than our "mom"]
12 September 2007, brietbart.com

Someone, operating under a special chain of command within
the United States Air Force, just stole a nuclear weapon.
[Editor's note:  This fits our historical context all too well]
11 September 2007, abovetopsecret.com, Chuck Simpson

Lies of the Empire:  Fidel Castro's Reflections on 9/11
[Editor's note:  Cuba appears to be seeing things clearly]
11 September 2007, reuters.com, Fidel Castro

9/11: Six Years Later
[Editor's note:  Excellent overview of 9/11]
11 September 2007, vdare.com, Paul Craig Roberts

Why doesn't the GOP want Ohio's voting machines tested?
[Editor's note:  That's not very difficult to figure out]
11 September 2007, freepress.org, Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman

According to Dante, The worst of all evils is betrayal:
Who turned Washington into the neo-Inferno?
11 September 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Maher Osseiran

ACC orders commandwide standdown Friday
[Editor's note:  A good day for another staged attack]
10 September 2007, airforcetimes.com, Bruce Rolfsen

[Editor's note:  Why is anyone taking Bush seriously?]
10 September 2007, Huffington Post, Gary Hart

'Current Troop Levels Cannot Be Maintained'
[Editor's note:  Tell us something we don't know]
10 September 2007, spiegel.de, Dan Serwer

"Swear Him In!"
[Editor's note:  Perfidy from the Democrats!]
10 September 2007, truthout, Ray McGovern

The Shock Doctrine
[Editor's note:  Exploiting disasters for commercial gain]
8 September 2007, The Guardian, UK, Naomi Klein

Zwicker offers theories on Sept. 11 tragedy
[Editor's note:  His book is highly recommended]
8 September 2007, tbay.ok.bc.ca, Ward Holland

Professors Make Legal Challenges to NIST 9/11 World Trade Centre Report
[Editor's note:  Actions taken by members of Scholars]
7 September 2007, Legal News, Andrew Johnson

The 9/11 Cover-Up
[Editor's note:  Focus on health aspects of 9/11]
7 September 2007, discovermagazine.com, Michael Mason

Dick Cheney's top aide: "We're one bomb away" from our goal
[Editor's note:  Welcoming another terrorist attack!]
4 September 2007, salon.com, Glenn Greenwald

Bush, in Iraq, Says Troop Reduction Is Possible
[Editor's note:  Spinning events that don?t reflect reality on the
4 September 2007, nytimes.com, David S. Cloud and Steven Lee Myers

9/11 Lawsuits Will Get Their Day in Court
[Editor's note:  Determining damages prior to determining liability?]
4 September 2007, nytimes.com, Anemona Hartocollis

Chinese military hacked into Pentagon
[Editor's note:  The source may or may not have been China]
3 September 2007, ft.com Demetri Sevastopulo and Richard McGregor

Pentagon 'three-day blitz' plan for Iran
[Editor's note:  Taking out the entire Iranian military]
2 September 2007, The Sunday Times, Sarah Baxter

Will President Bush bomb Iran?
[Editor's note:  The inmates are running the asylum]
2 September 2007, telegraph.co.uk, Tim Shipman

A second key British general has criticised US post-war policy in Iraq.
[Editor's note:  Defense Department plans were "fatally flawed"]
2 September 2007, bbc.co.uk

"We Are Going To Hit Iran. Bigtime"
[Editor's note:  Officers who disagree simply "disappear"]
1 September 2007, Maccabee

Ex-UK army chief criticises U.S. over Iraq
[Editor's note:  Rumsfeld's poslicies were "intellectually bankrupt"]
1 September 2007, reuters.com

Mexico Trucks to Roll on US Highways
[Editor's note:  Look for violence when this begins]
1 September 2007, Reuters, John Crawley

Bush Email Mystery Deepens: White House Won't Name Tech Contractor
[Editor's note:  A criminal enterprise covering its tracks]
31 August 2007, ABC News, Justin Rood

The Necessary Embrace of Conspiracy
[Editor's note:  Thoughtful reflections on the very idea]
31 August 2007, commondreams.org, Robert Shetterly

[Editor's note:  Powerful evidence we are being ripped off!]
30 August 2007, Hal Turner Show, Hal Turner

Ron Paul: Stock Market Will Eventually Collapse
[Editor's note:  Martial law following economic chaos]
29 August 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

The Great Iraq Swindle:  How Bush Allowed an Army of For-Profit
Contractors to Invade the U.S. Treasury
[Editor's note:  Looting Iraq, looting America--all the same to them!]
23 August 2007, rollingstone.com,

Scholars endorse "The Kennebunkport Warning":  Report ominous signs
of a privatized takeover of the nation
[Editor's note:  False flag attack, hit Iran, suspend Constitution]
31 August 2007, inteldaily.com, Jim Fetzer

Pentagon Rejects Ray Gun Weapon in Iraq
[Editor's note:  Now and then we get to peek inside the tent]
30 August 2007, aol.com, Richard Lardner

US Weapons, Given to Iraqis, Move to Turkey
[Editor's note:  But we will attack Iran for its weapons in Iraq?]
30 August 2007, nytimes.com, David S. Cloud and Eric Schmitt

Big tears for the Big Easy
[Editor's note:  Callin' it like it is!]
30 August 2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Blackwater USA the Private Security contractor building an air force.
[Editor's note:  What possible need could there be for a private air
force, when the US has the world's largest military?  This is scary.]

Bush Threatens to Confront Iran Over Alleged Support for Iraqi
[Editor's note:  Priming the pump for a sneak attack on Iran?]
29 August 2007, The Guardian UK, Ed Pilkington

Giuliani Dodges the Shadow of His Own 9/11 Inconsistencies
[Editor's note:  Candidacy keeps 9/11 on the front burner!]
29 August 2007, JonesReport.com, Aaron Dykes

Why the US and Israel Should Lose Middle East Wars
[Editor's note:  If morality could make a difference . . .]
28 August 2007, Counterpunch, Bill Christison

Bush's "War on Terror" Tactics Make America Less Safe, Less Free
[Editor's note:  If there is another attack, we know whom to blame]
28 August 2007, truthout, William Fisher

U.S. most armed country with 90 guns per 100 people
[Editor's note:  So they are strangling access to ammunition]
28 August 2007, reuters.com, Laura MacInnis

Outsourcing intelligence
[Editor's note:  Which report will produce the most profit?]
27 August 2007, The Boston Globe, James Carroll

The Surge May Not Be Working, But a US-Allawi Coup May Be On Its Way
[Editor's note:  He is campaigning in Washington, not Baghdad]
27 August 2007, huffingtonpost.com, Arianna Huffington

The Kennebunkport Warning:  McKinney, Sheehan, Tarpley on New Cheney
[Editor's note:  Beware of imminent staged 9/11 and attack on Iran]
26 August 2007, rense.com, Cynthia McKinney et al.

$4.5 billion options bet on catastrophe within four weeks
[Editor's note:  Another 9/11 or China dumps the dollar bet]
26 August 2007, mparent7777-2.blogspot.com

Bush Left With Few Options, Even Fewer Chances for Success in Iraq
[Editor's note:  Bests case, more violence, modest improvement]
25 August 2007, McClatchy Newspapers, Warren P. Strobel

Robert Fisk: Even I question the 'truth' about 9/11
[Editor's note:  Prominent reporter acknowledges doubts]
25 August 2007, independent.co.uk, Robert Fisk

Contradictions run rampant in NIST ?Request for Correction? response
[Editor's note:  The government has trouble defending itself]
25 August 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Ed Haas

Patriot Hero Aaron Russo Passes Away
[Editor's note:  He created "From Freedom to Fascism"]
24 August 2007, prisonplanet.com

Iraq Corruption Whistleblowers Face Penalties
[Editor's note:  Harassed, villified, fired, or detained]
24 August 2007, associatedpress

73 thousdand Guld War I vets are dead
[Editor's note:  The use of depleted uranium is killing them]

Fringe Evangelicals Distort US Military Policy
[Editor's note:  Increased influence within a volunteer army]
24 August 2007, truthout.org, Thomas D. Williams and JP Briggs II, Ph.D.

Chatter about an "incident" on West Coast at all time high
[Editor's note:  San Francisco/Oakland Bay, Nancy Pelosi's turf]
23 August 2007, Wayne Madsen Reports, Wayne Madsen

The Great Iraq Swindle
[Editor's note:  Looting the treasury to enrichen his associates]
23 August 2007, Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi

Sea Rise Outpacing Predictions Due to Antarctica
[Editor's note:  Global warming threatens future of the planet]
23 August 2007, Reuters, Alister

U.S. Use of Radiological Weapons Calls for an International Tribunal
[Editor't note:  An insane weapon only if you care about humanity]
23 August 2007, internationalclearinghouse.com, Mark H. Gaffney

'9/11 truth activist' sets up in PDX as the anniversary approaches
[Editor's note:  Deft move draws favorable publicity]
22 August 2007, wweek.com, Don Lieber

All 9/11 Airports Serviced by One Israeli Owned Company
[Editor's note:  ICTS may be coorinating "terrorist attacks"]

Directed Energy Weapons and the World Trade Center
[Editor's note:  Look for this at your local bookstore]
Fall 2007, Issue 45, paranoiamagazine.com, Len Bracken

WTC Dust Clouds:  Energetics and Implications
[Editor's note:  Proof conventional means could not have done it]
911scholarsreview.org, 1/1 (July-September 2007), Kurt King

The Analogy Quagmire
[Editor's note:  Again demonstrating his ignorance of history]
22 August 2007, The Washington Post, Dan Froomkin

Local Troops Deploy To Nation's Capital
[Editor's note:  Air defense system to Washington, D.C. Why?]
22 August 2007, wesh.com

Dr. Judy Wood's APPEAL of NIST initial denial
[Editor's note:  Study these documents for an education]
22 August 2007, drjudywood.com, Dr. Judy Wood

Former Chief of NIST's Fire Science Division Calls for Independent
Review of World Trade Center Investigation
[Editor's note:  This is a significant step in the right direction]
21 August 2007, OpEdNews.com, Alan Miller

Reynolds Makes a Federal Case:  Sues NIST Contractors for 9/11 Plane Fraud
[Editor's note:  Another brilliant stroke on behalf of truth!]
21 August 2007, nomoregames.net, Morgan Reynolds

Why Cheney Really Is That Bad
[Editor's note:  The greatest menace to the union is our Vice President]
21 August 2007, Truthdig.com, Scott Ritter

ES&S to Face Millions in Fines, Possible Decertification in CA for Use
of Uncertified Voting Systems!
[Editor's note:  Holding someone accountable at last!]
21 August 2007, bradblog.com, Brad Friedman

Census Bureau warns employees against speaking with the media
[Editor's note:  Corruption in every nook and cranny]
21 August 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Ed Haas

History Channel Hit Piece: Dirty Tricks, Malicious Lies & Journalistic Fraud
[Editor's note:  A critique that may be excessive, but just a tad]
21 August 2007, Prison Planet, Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson

Scores In Congress Protest North American Union Agenda
[Editor's note:  22 Congressmen write to President in opposition]
20 August 2007, infowars.net, Steve Watson

Montebello: Harper, Bush and Calderon Will Have Plenty to Discuss
[Editor's note:  Read with care about transforming the United States]
20 August 2007, Le Devoir, Hélène Buzzetti with Lisa-Marie Gervais

Israel's Jewish problem in Tehran
[Editor's note:  If Ahmadinejad is Hitler, how can 25,000 Jews be
living peacefully in Iran?
20 August 2007, aljazerra.com, Jonathan Cook

The Rise of a Multipolar World
[Editor's note:  US losing its grip on the world]
20 August 2007, TomDispatch.org, Dilip Hiro

America Watches Its Stars Wane and Its Stripes Fade
[Editor's note:  Admiration for US is on the wane]
20 August 2007, liberation.com, Philippe Grangereau

US Foreign Policy Experts Oppose Bush Surge
[Editor's note:  It's ineffective or even counterproductive]
20 August 2007, Reuters, David Morgan

US Army Weakened, Exhausted by Iraq War
[Editor's note:  Weakening the military a deliberate policy?]
19 August 2007, The Associated Press, Lolita C. Baldor

Ground Zero Building Catches Fire, Doesn't Collapse
[Editor's note:  Contrary to the events of 9/11]
19 August 2007, Prisonplanet.com,

The War As We Saw It
[Editor's note:  Report from soldiers of insurmountable failure]
19 August 2007, nytimes.com, Buddhika Jayamaha, Wesley D. Smith,
Jeremy Roebuck, Omar Mora, Edward Sandmeier, Yance T. Gray and
Jeremy A. Murphy

Europe and America: Sharing the Spoils of War
[Editor's note:  A sobering assessment of the situation]
19 August 2007, globalresearch.ca, Mahdi Darius Nazerroaya

How Rove Directed Federal Assets for GOP Gains
[Editor's note:  The "genius" who leaves chaos in his wake
19 August 2007, washingtonpost.com, John Solomon, Alec MacGillis and
Sarah Cohen

He Got Out While the Getting Was Good
[Editor's note:  Not even Republicans are praising Rove]
19 August 2007, nytimes.com, Frank Rich

Homeland Security Planning Scenarios
Radiological Attack - Radiological Dispersal Devices
[Editor's note:  Is this what we have to look forward to?]

Portland to Host Terrorism Drill 'NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2' Aug. 20 to 24
[Editor's note:  This may be the next staged terrorist attack]
19 August 2007, Oregon Truth Alliance

[Editor's note:  Starving ammo renders the nation defenseless against tyrants]
18 August 2007, madison.com, Robert Imrie

Kevin Barrett-John Brown Debate Continues!
[Editor's note:  Kevin finally found a defender of the official account!]
18 August 2007, republicbroadcasting.org, Kevin Barrett and John Brown

Does America Need Another 9/11?  An interview with Stu Bykofsky
[Editor's note:  Dismantling the phony case for another 9/11]
18 August 2007, antiwar.com, Scott Horton

China to install sensors along NAFTA highway
[Editor's note:  A plan for the militarization of I-35
18 August 2007, WorldNetDaily.com, Jerome R. Corsi

Padilla Case Offers a New Model of Terror Trial
[Editor's note:  "One step away from a 'thought crime'"]
18 August 2007, nytimes.com, Adam Liptak

Conspiracy theorists yelling in the echo chamber
[Editor's note:  What's more improbable:  a resurrection or a collapse?]
17 August 2007, theglobeandmail.com, Ivor Tossell

A Debt Culture Gone Arwy
[Editor's note:  Why we are in deep economic trouble}
17 August 2007, iht.com, Dr. Hamid Varzi

China Is Not The Problem
[Editor's note:  Turning the USA into a third-world country]
17 August 2007, counterpunch.org, Paul Craig Roberts

Bush setting the stage for war with Iran
[Editor's note:  Is he the only one who sees what's going on?]
16 August 2007, dennis4president.com, Dennis Kucinich

Scientists Warn on Climate Tipping Points
[Editor's note:  The situation is looking very grim]
16 August 2007, guardian.co.uk, Alok Jha

Learn from the fall of Rome, US warned
[Editor's note:  Our leaders are massively ignorant of history]
14 August 2007, The Financial Times, Jeremy Grant

Dirty Dozen Annex:  The research and report on space weapons
was developed in coordination with the Secure World Foundation.

Padilla is Guilty on All Charges in Terror Trial
[Editor's note:  Another stage-managed political event]
17 August 2007, nytimes.com, Abby Goodnough and Scott Shane

The Padilla Conviction
[Editor's note:  Another bait-and-switch from the government]
17 August 2007, nytimes, editorial

Neo-Cons: Make Bush Dictator Of The World
[Editor's note:  Can they truly be this demented?]
17 August 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

NEC's 'Big Brother' Lab
[Editor's note:  Research under perpetual surveillance]
16 August 2007, businessweek.com, Kenjl Hall

Feds Train Clergy To "Quell Dissent" During Martial Law
[Editor's note:  The pieces are in place, the time is near]
16 August 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

CNN: Americans May Need Passport To Have Picnic in a Park
[Editor's note:  How can we have survived without them in the past?]
16 August 2007, CNN, Eliott C. McLaughlin

Presidential Economics: Myths, Facts
[Editor's note:  Why Democrats are better at economics, too]
15 August 2007, jsonline.com, Robert Weiner and John Larmet

China's Tallest Building Catches Fire, Does Not Collapse
[Editor's note:  More evidence contradicting the official account]
15 August 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

ABC: Al Qaeda Videos May Be Doctored
[Editor's note:  It's nothing but "smoke and mirrors"]
15 August 2007, ABC/The Blotter, Maddy Sauer

US Weighing Terrorist Label for Iran Guards
[Editor's note:  An absurd move except as propaganda]
15 August 2007, The New York Times, Helene Cooper

The Mercenary Revolution: Flush With Profits From the Iraq War
[Editor's note:  Corrupting every branch of the government]
15 August 2007, theindypendent.co.uk, Jeremy Scahill

RNC Now Seeks Shelter of Executive Privilege
[Editor's note:  Acts that simply reek with corruption]
14 August 2007, truthout.org, Jason Leopold

The Jaundiced Rove of Texas
[Editor's note:  On a "special assignment" to help Bush and harm us]
14 August 2007, truthout.org, Michael Winship

Evidence Suggests Ron Paul Was Cheated
[Editor's note:  Is US politics a cesspool of corruption?]
14 August 2007, infowars.net, Steve Watson

Credibility Of Wikipedia Takes a Dive After Wired Exposé
[Editor's note:  Another tool to misinform the public]
14 August 2007. Prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

You Have No Rights
[Editor's note:  How we evolved from presidents to kings]
14 August 2007, truthdig, Matthew Rothschild

100% Proof Google is Keeping Conspiracy Sites Down:
"Link Relevance" Suppressed on Alternative Media
[Editor's note:  Disgusting and anti-democratic]
13 August 2007, Lucus Drador

Guns For Hire: Secrecy, Torture, Religious Zeal Distinguish Mercenaries
[Editor's note:  They could be used against US citizens!]
12 August 2007, The West Virginia Gazette, Paul J. Nyden

US doles out millions for street cameras
[Editor's note:  The rise of the "surveillance society"]
12 August 2007, boston.com, Charlie Savage

Rove's Resignation an Amicable Breakup
[Editor's note:  This is difficult to believe, no matter what]
12 August 2007, abcnews.go.com

States Seek Change in Presidential Election Process
[Editor's note:  Coping with dishonesty in the electoral process]
11 August 2007, nytimes.com, Jennifer Steinhauer

Bush War Adviser Says Draft Worth a Look
[Editor's note:  Perpetual wars require perfetual sacrifice!]
10 August 2007, The Associated Press

Political process to the benefit of al Qaeda
[Editor's note:  Brilliant analysis of politics in Iraq]
10 August 2007, internationalclearinghouse.com, Willi Langthaler

9/11 workers outraged by new Rudy claim
[Editor's note: "[Giuliani] is self-absorbed, arrogant and deluded."
10 August 2007, Daily News, Celeste Katz

Met Office says world is warming up faster than at any time in 100 years
[Editor's note:  We fight phony wars and ignore global warming]
10 August 2007, scotsman.com, Steve Raeburn

Palestinians arrest al-Qaeda 'poseurs'
[Editor's note:  Palestintians working for Israel posing as al Qaeda]
8 December 2002 (an oldie that offer insight into what's really going on]

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) Conference
[Editor's note:  The weapons of the future]
Washington, DC - September 20-21, 2007

Just Another Vacation From Reality
[Editor's note:  This may be a form of schizophrenia]
10 August 2007, The Washington Post, Eugene Robinson

The Bombing of Nagasaki August 9, 1945: The Untold Story
[Editor's note:  Ironic aspects of our role in history]
9 August 2007, lewrockwell.com, Gary G. Kohls, M.D.

Cap Times does readers disservice by not reporting evidence
from 9/11 Scholars for Truth conference
9 August 2007, Letter to the Editor, James Fetzer

President Weighing Corporate Tax Cuts
[Editor's note:  Grotesque fiscal irresponsibility]
9 August 2007, The Washington Post, Peter Baker

U.S. turns U-2 spy planes on itself, raising specter of broader surveillance
[Editor's note:  Just when you thought things could not get any worse, ...]
9 August 2007, rawstory.com, John Byrne

White House Long at Odds With FISA Court
[Editor's note:  Congress strips citizens of safeguards]
9 August 2007, truthout.org, Jason Leopold

The "Mission Accomplished" Fiasco:  Saddam was dead, but
killing him was illegal, Scholars maintain
[Editor's note:  A story the White House wants to kill]
8 August 2007, newsbigg.net, James Fetzer

China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales
[Editor's note:  Could this be motivating a move to the Amero?]
8 August 2007, telegraph.co.uk, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Labor Dept.: 1,001 Contractors Have Died in Iraq
[Editor's note:  Which pushes the US casualties up to 4,669]
8 August 2007, The Houston Chronicle, David Ivanovich

Wiretap Bill Roils Liberal Base, turns focus to September
[Editor's note:  Outrageous conduct from spineless Democrats!]
8 August 2007, thehill.com, Elana Schor

The Timeline to Tyranny:  Ten advances towards the end of freedom and privacy
[Editor's note:  Here is a progression worthy of serious study]
7 August 2007, Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson

Group's Estimate of Iraqi Deaths to Cross One Million
[Editor's note:  How many must die for neo-con ambitions?]
7 August 2007, commondreams.org, Just Foreign Policy

9/11 doubters doubt each other, too
[Editor's note:  Finding an angle to avoid the evidence]
7 August 2007, The Capital Times, Ben Popper

Science vs. Politics Gets Down and Dirty
[Editor's note:  And Jack Marburger was a Princeton classmate of mine]
6 August 2007, USA Today, Dan Vergano

Mayor Bloomberg confronted over Attempt to Restrict Filming in NY
[Editor's note:  What an outrage!  If he corrects it, fine.]
6 August 2007, WeAreChange.org News, Mike Knarr

The War on Infrastructure
[Editor's note:  Satire can be positively therapeutic!]
6 August 2007, The Nation, Barbara Ehrenreich

Sen. Russ Feingold: Lessons Not Learned
[Editor's note:  Democrats buckling under to Bush again!]
6 August 2007, huffingtonpost.com, Russ Feingold

Beyond Disaster
[Editor's note:  Things are going to get much worse in Iraq]
6 August 2007, Truthdig, Chris Hedges

Bush Signs Law Widening Reach for Wiretapping
[Editor's note:  It goes far beyond anything legitimately needed]
6 August 2007, The New York Times, James Risen

New Law Gives Government Six Months to Turn Internet and Phone Systems into
Permanent Spying Architecture
[Editor's note:  The Congress has lost any semblance of credibility!]
6 August 2007, Wired, Ryan Singel

Economy Goes From Bad to Worse
[Editor's note:  Brace yourself for bad times to come]
6 August 2007, truthout.org, Dean Baker

[Editor's nute:  Converting US properties for private profit]
6 August 2007, The New American, Robert L. Dacy

Sen. John Edwards Refuses To Answer Whether Or Not 9/11 Was Carried Out
By Forces Within The U.S.
[Editor's note:  He had earlier spoken with CIA Director George Tenet]
11 September 2001, Barbara Walters' Interview, Evasive John Edwards

Massive ULF ?Blast? Detected In US Bridge Collapse Catastrophe
[Editor's note:  Brought down by a directed energy weapon?]
2 August 2007, whatdoesitmean.com, Sorcha Faal

KARE 11:  Broadcast video of the I-35 bridge collapse

Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis Kills at Least 7
[Editor's note:  Cell phones were disrupted coincident with the collapse]
2 August 2007, nytimes.com, Libby Sander and Susan Saulny

No matter the reasons we went to Iraq
[Editor's note:  Something is wrong with Lindsay Graham]
2 August 2007, muckrakerreport, Ed Haas

War Correspondent Responds to the Suddenly Famous O'Hanlon/Pollack
[Editor's note:  Using tried and true techniques to mislead us again]
1 August 2007, huffingtonpost.com, Chris Duragn

NSA Spying Part of Broader Effort
[Editor's note:  Authorizing several programs at one time]
1 August 2007, The Washington Post, Dan Eggen

Pelosi Says "No" to a New 9/11 Investigation, Claims Close
Collaboration with Victim's Families on 9/11 Bill Passage
[Editor's note:  A disgusting betrayal of the nation]
31 July 2007, JonesReport.com, Aaron Dykes

Judicial Watch seeks access to meetings of Security and Prosperity
Partnership meetings in August
[Editor's note:  Planning the North American Union in secret]
31 July 2007, OneNewsNow.com, Chad Groening

Camp David "Crash" -- More Evidence Of 9/11 Media Scripting?
[Editor's note:  Some of these reports verge on the bizarre]
31 July 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

US Officials: Militias Main Threat to Iraq
[Editor's note:  The major threat in Iraq is not al Qaida]
31 July 2007, McClatchy Newspapers, Mark Seibel and Leila Fadel

Outsourcing Intelligence: How Bush Gets His National Intelligence From
Private Companies
[Editor's note:  Manipulate informatin politically right at the source!]
31 July 2007, The Nation, R. J. Hillhouse

Peter DeFazio and the Portland Nuke
[Editor's note:  Another "terrorist drill" as a cover story?]
30 July 2007, thepriceofliberty.org, Captain Eric H. May

And Then There Was One, The Final Holdout: 9/11
[Editor's note:  Lies this administration has told us]
30 July 2007, TvNewsLIES.org, Reggie

Bush Aide Blocked Report
[Editor's note: "It will be political or it won't be released!"]
29 July 2007, The Washington Post, Christopher Lee and Marc Kaufman

Is the Next False Flag Attack on US Soil Near?
[Editor's note:
28 July 2007, drjudywood.com, Andrew Johnson

Scientists' Tests Hack Into Electronic Voting Machines in California
and Elsewhere
[Editor's note:  So why would anyone want to manipulate voting machines?]
28 July 2007, nytimes.com, Christopher Drew

A Blurry Line Between Propaganda and News
[Editor's note:  The media as an extension of the administration]
27 July 2007, ipsnews.net, Khody Akhavi

Voice of the White House July 27, 2007
[Editor's note:  Interesting but also misleading about US role]
27 July 2007, thetruthseeker.co.uk

Dangers of a Cornered George Bush
[Editor's note:  We may be in very dire circumstances]
27 July 2007, informationclearinghours.info, Justin Frank et al.

FDR, Pearl Harbor and the U.N.
[Editor's note:  False flags of our past]
27 July 2007, lewrockwell.com, John V. Denson

Was Tillman Murdered?  AP Gets New Documents
[Editor's note:  They haven't figured out the motive yet]
26 July 2007, The Associated Press

Mounting Evidence of 9/11 Video Fakery: New proof of media duplicity, Scholars claim
28 July 2007, OpEdNews, James Fetzer

U.S. Set to Offer Huge Arms Deal to Saudi Arabia
[Editor's note:  15 of the alleged hijackers were Saudia Arabian, 0 Iraqi]
28 July 2007, nytimes.com, David S. Cloud

Justice Dept. Lawyers Join Chorus Criticizing Gonzales
[Editor's note:  Is destruction of confidence in law and order deliberate?]
28 Juluy 2007, nytimes.com, Phhilip Shenon and Jim Rutenberg

The Threat Of Martial Law Is Real
[Editor's note:  They may use mercenary armies to control the nation]
27 July 2007, informationclearinghouse.com Dave Lindorff

Did Bush Admin Order Tillman Murdered To Silence Him?
[Editor's note:  Killing our heros to protect their own agenda!]
27 July 2007, opednews.com, Rob Kall

New Evidence Clearly Indicates Pat Tillman Was Executed
[Editor's note:  They feared he would become an anit-war icon]
27 July 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Is bin Laden Responsible for the 9/11 attacks?
[Editor's note:  Very subtle and important analysis]
26 July 2007, mucrakerreport.com, Maher Osseiran

House Resolution Rejects Permanent Bases in Iraq
[Editor's note:  A faint ray of hope (399-24) from a weak Congress]
26 July 2007, nytimes.com, Carl Hulse

Rowe Arrested Despite Honorable Discharge Papers
[Editor's note:  He was released following a blizzard of complaints]
26 July 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Military To Crackdown On North American Union Protesters
[Editor's note:  Why is the US Army controlling public protests in Canada?]
25 July 2007, inforwars.net, Steve Watson

FBI Proposes Building Network of U.S. Informants
[Editor's note:  You can't run a police state without informants!]
25 July 2007, abcnews.com, Justin Rood

Analysis: Iraq oil refineries (not oil reserves) go private
[Editor's note:  Now our troops must stay to guard them forever!]
25 July 2007, upi.com, Ben Lando

The Hidden Agenda behind the Bush Administration's Bio-Fuel Plan
[Editor's note:  Government maximizing profits for corporations]
25 July 2007, globalresearch.ca, F. WIlliam Engdahl

Bush: Don't Know Much About History
[Editor's note:  Or truth, justice, and the American way!]
25 July 2007, truthout.org, Michael Winship

Movie creator, Jason Bermas, charged with desertion
[Editor's note:  These people are specialists at retribution]
25 July 2007, thedailystar.com, Jake Palmateer

Cheney determined to strike in US with WMD this summer
[Editor's note:  Consistent with Scholars take on things]
24 July 2007, opednews.com, Webster G. Tarpley

University of Colorado Fires Ward Churchill
[Editor's note:  Academic freedom takes another hit]
24 July 2007, gnn.tv, Associated Press

Just What the Founders Feared: An Imperial President Goes to War
[Editor's note:  Bush said the Constitution is "just a goddamned piece
of paper]
23 July 2007, nytimes.com, Adam Cohen (Opinion)

Iraqis blame U.S. depleted uranium for surge in cancer
[Editor's note:  The effects of DU are devastating and enduring]
23 July 2007, en.rian.ru

America's next big blunder (Invading Pakistan)
[Editor's note:  Is there no end to the catastrophes before us?]
22 July 2007, torontosun.com, Eric Margolis

Cheney Determined To Strike In US With WMD This Summer
[Editor's note:  The real "terrorists" are Cheney and Bush]
21 July 2007, rense.com, Webster G. Tarpley

How The White House Will Manipulate Events and Emotions to Maintain GOP
Executive Branch Control in 2008
[Editor's note:  They are not going to relinquish their power, period]
21 July 2007, buzzflash.com, Buzzflash Editorial

Former CIA official supports Professor's claim that official 9/11

Islamist conspiracy theory are lies
[Editor's note:  Another step in the right direction]
21 July 2007, The Canadian, Paul Chen

North American Union:  Connecting the Dots
[Editor's note:  What Bush has in mind for the USA]
20 July 2007, globalresearch.ca, Kevin Parkinson

Congressman DeFazio asks, but he's denied access
[Editor's note:  Can't see "Continuity of Government" plans]
20 July 2007, oregonlive.com, Jeff Kosseff

White House preparing to stage new September 11 - Reagan official
[Editor's note:  Headlined in Russia, ignored in the USA]
20 July 2007, en.rian.ru

Washington's consensus al-Qaeda deception
[Editor's note:  Another analysis of fake "warning alarms"]
19 July 2007, onlinejourna.com, Larry Chin

"Homeland Defense," Joint Publication 3-27
[Editor's note:  A term promoted by the Third Reich]
12 July 2007, fas.org, Joint Chiefs of Staff

The BBC "Knew: Why the Twin Towers Fell, within 48
[Editor's note:  Why, the steel melted!  Didn't you know?]
20 July 2007, nineeleven.co.uk, Anthony Lawson

The Science and the Politics of 9/11 Conference To Be Held in Madison,  
[Editor's note:  No one should miss this line-up of speakers]
20 July 2007, prweb.com, Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Overhaul Plan for Vote System Will Be Delayed
[Editor's note:  So you return to the old paper ballots for 2008!]
20 July 2007, nytimes.com, Christoper Drew

A new pretext for American militarism and domestic repression
[Editor's note:  Formal justification for another string of wars]
19 July 2007, wsws.org, Bill Van Auken

Olbermann: Go to Iraq and fight, Mr. President
Bush?s latest choice of scapegoat "Hillary Clinton" boggles the mind
19 July 2007, MSNBC, Keith Olbermann, video/transcript

Special Comment: Blame Hillary?
[Editor's note:  Looking for scapegoats in all the wrong places]
19 July 2007, msnbc.msn.com, Keith Olbermann

The Politics of Fear
[Editor's note:  The Times understands Bush's "breathtaking" cynicism]
18 July 2007, nytimes.com, editorial

McCain Loses it and Flees after 9/11 Truth Questions follow campaign
[Editor's note:  McCain again proves he can't stand the heat]
18 July 2007, jonesreport.com, Aaron Dykes

Al Qaeda seen reborn as key threat
[Editor's note:  When they need a patsy, they trot one out!]
18 July 2007, The Boston Globe, Bryan Bender

Executive Order: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten
Stabilization Efforts in Iraq
[Editor's note:  As blatantly unConstitutional as any dirctive in history!]
17 July 2007, Office of the White House, George W. Bush

Are the latest messages from al-Zawahari faked by US Intelligence?
[Editor's note:  Further evidence these threats are phony]
17 July 2007, ffp.co.uk, Anne Cavendish

US planning coup against Iraqi gov't
[Editor's note:  This would be consistent with our past practice]
17 July 2007, al-wiayah.org, Press/TV/agencies

Impeach Now--Or Face the End of Constitutional Democracy
[Editor's note:  Bush needs another 9/11 attack to save himself]
16 July 2007, counterpunch.org, Paul Craig Roberts

GOP welcomes new 9/11: Reports lay groundwork for attack, Scholars say
[Editor's note:  Another 9/11 would be good for Republicans and Bush]
16 July 2007, opednews.com, James Fetzer

Bush's assertion of executive power: The logic of
presidential-military dictatorship
[Editor's note:  An analysis of the challenge confronting the nation]
16 July 2007, wsws,irgm Joe Kay

Cheney pushes Bush to act militarily on Iran
[Editor's note:  Charlie McCarthy doing his master's bidding]
16 July 2007, The Guardian, Ewen MacAskill and Julian Borger

Fib Factory Running Full Tilt [exaggerating al Qaida's involvement in Iraq]
[Editor's note:  If the threat were real, it would not be necessary to lie]
15 July 2007, commondreams.org, Eric Margolis

UN warns it cannot afford to feed the world
[Editor's note:  Turning food into fuel means less food]
15 July 2007, ft.com, Jaavier Blas and Jenny Wiggins

AND THEN THERE WAS ONE:  9/11, the final holdout
[Editor's note:  On the gullibility of the American people]
15 July 2007, TvNewsLIES.org, Reggie

Don't Laugh at Michael Chertoff
[Editor's note:  The man is a loser, big-time!]
15 July 2007, nytimes.com, Frank Rich

Russia Steps Back From Key Arms Treaty
[Editor's note:  Bush policies create a more dangerous world]
14 July 2007, nytimes.com, Andrew E. Kramer

Iran demands oil pay in yen not dollars
[Editor's note:  Using economic power to thwart aggression]
13 July 2007, Times Online, Robert Lindsay

Green Zone Follies:  From The Green Zone Baghdad
[Editor's note:  Disturbing report, if it is true]
13 July 2007, thetruthseeker.co.uk, unknown

Tancredo: Find deterrent or face another 9/11
[Editor's note:  Is anyone truly this insane?]
13 July 2007, worldnetdaily.com, Bob Unruh

Down in the Flood: The Senate's Blank Check for War on Iran
[Editor's note:  97-0 Iran committing acts of war against US]
12 July 2007, baltimorechronicle.com, Chris Floyd

Explaining Michael Chertoff's counterterrorism stomach
[Editor's note:
12 July 2007, msnbc.com, Keith Olbermann

Dick Cheney's Psychology | Part 2: The "Attendant Lord"
[Editor's note:  Analyzing the psychology of a dark presence]
12 July 2007, truthout.org, John P. Briggs and J.P. Briggs II

Kevin Ryan Publishes an Open Letter to Purdue President France Córdova

First Bomb Carter; Then Nuke Iran! The Israel Lobby Trips and Tilts
[Editor's note:  An earlier piece still worth pondering]
20/21 January 2007, counterpunch.com, Alexander Cockburn

The rise of THE SLIME
[Editor's note:  Brilliant assessment of "the big picture"]
12 July 2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Bush-Putin Summit in Kennebunkport: The New Cold War
[Editor's note:  Outstanding assessment of where things stand]
11 July 2007, globalreearch.ca, Mike Whitney

History as an Alibi
[Editor's note:  National security based upon "gut feelings"]
11 July 2007, nytimes.com, Maureen Dowd

Dick Cheney's Psychology, Part 1: Almost Pleasantly Adrift
[Editor's note:  A serious approach to a most important subject]
11 July 2007, truthout.org, John P. Briggs, M.D., and JP Briggs II,

NTSB Continues to Use Red Tape Tactics To Evade Questions
[Editor's note:  Having been caught with their pants down, . . . ]
11 July 2007, pilotsfor911truth.com, Pilots for 9/11 Truth

Overprivileged Executive (Op/Ed)
[Editor's note:  Perverting the judicial system for political gain]
11 July 2007, nytimes.com, Editorial

The Terrorists? Court (Op/Ed)
[Editor's note:  Compromising our legal standards has hurt our moral
11 July 2007, nytime.scom, Jack L. Goldsmith and Neal Katyal

Would Iraqi Civil War Hurt the US?
[Editor's note:  A thoughtful assessment of probable effects]
10 July 2007, freedomsphoenix.com, Ivan Elan

Chertoff's Gastro-Intestinal Flatulence Based Warning System
[Editor's note:  Planting the idea of another (false flag) attack]
10 July 2007, yahoonews.com, Katherine Shrader

Panel Moves to Cut Off Funds to Cheney
[Editor's note:  Rational response to absurd position]
10 July 2007, forbes.com, Andrew Taylor

FDNY Thyroid Cancer Shock
[Editor's note:  Effects of the destruction of the WTC]
8 July 2007, newyorkpost.com, Ginger Adams Otis and Susan Edelman

The Road Home (Editorial)
[Editor's note:  It is time for the United States to leave Iraq]
8 July 2007, nytimes.com, Editorial

Key Bush Intelligence Briefing Kept From Hill Panel
[Editor's note:  Classic study of manufacturing intelligence]
22 November 2005, National Journal Group, Murray Waas

Former 9/11 panel member says U.S. still not secure
[Editor's note:  Says Bush not doing enough to protect the nation]
7 July 2007, cnn.com, story about former Rep. Tim Roemer (R-IN)

Bush Lays Ground For Back Door Draft
[Editor's note:  More contemptible conduct]
6 July 2007, www.roguegovernment.com, Lee Rogers

U.S. eager and it shows in Iraq (aka "We kill dead people")
[Editor's note:  Was he dead then?  Is he dead now?  Is he still alive?]
6 July 2007, examiner.com, Rowan Scarborough

"Supporting the Troops" Means Withdrawing Them
[Editor's note:  Speaking the truth about the President's slogan]
5 July 2007, Nieman Watchdog, William E. Odom

Bush Justice Is a National Disgrace
[Editor's note:  A former member speaks out in disgust]
5 July 2007, The Denver Post, John S. Koppel

For more information contact Thomas Blanton (202) 994-7000
27 June 2007, nsarchive.org

Could Barbara Olson Have Made Those Calls?
[Editor's note:  Conversations reported by Ted Olson did not occur]
26 June 2007, pilotsfortruth.org, David Ray Griffin and Rob Balsamo

Norman Mineta Confirms That Dick Cheney Ordered Stand Down on 9/11
[Editor's note:  Mineta removes any lingering ambiguity]
26 June 2007, jonesreport.com, Aaron Dykes

Michael Chertoff: The Man & His Star-Crossed Past
[Editor's note:
23 June 2007, Rense.com, Jim Kirwan

All 9/11 Airports Serviced by One Israeli Owned Company
[Editor's note:  An extremely disturbing report]

July 4th Postscript (Commentary)
[Editor's note:  Thoughtful reflections on the state of the union]
6 July 2007, Online Journal, Jerry Mazza

2008 Candidates Vow to Overhaul U.S. Health Care
[Editor's note:  Get to the theatre and see "SiCKO"!]
6 July 2007, nytimes.com, Robin Toner

Secrecy Shrouds Accident at Nuclear Plant
[Editor's' note:  They are not even telling us about NUCLEAR ACCIDENTS?]
5 July 2007, nytimes.com, Matthew L. Wald

Justice Denied (Editorial)
[Editor's note:  Of the rich, by the rich, for the rich]
5 July 2007, nytimes.com, Editorial

FOX Officially Names Giuliani "Mr. 9/11"
[Editor's note:  Using 9/11 as a political tool of emotional manipulation]
5 July 2007, jonesreport.com, Aaron Dykes

Private contractors outnumber U.S. troops in Iraq
[Editor's note:  180,000 in "a coalition of the billing"]
4 July 2007, latimes.com, T. Christian Miller

Olbermann: Bush, Cheney should resign
[Editor's note:  A brilliant commentary]
3 July 2007, msnbc.msn.com, Keith Olbermann

A Dec\laration of Independence from Israel
[Editor's note:  Extremely thoughtful analysis]
3 July 2007, informationclearinghouse.info, Chris Hedges

NIST exploring 9/11 conspiracy theory for WTC-7:  New witness confirms
Scholars previous findings
[Editor's note:  Gradually letting the truth seep out]
2 July 2007, opednews.com, Jim Fetzer

Secret Document: U.S. Fears Terror 'Spectacular' Planned
[Editor's note:  Softening us up for another staged attack]
1 July 2007, abcnews.go.com, Brian Ross, Rhonda Schwarz, and Richard Esposito

How Cheney abused his power in war on terror
[Editor's note:  The worst president in US history]
1 July 2007, telegraph.co.uk, Tim Shipman

When the Vice President Does It, That Means It's Not Illegal
[Editor's note:  Concealing truths and promoting falsehoods]
1 July 2007, nytimes.com, Frank Rich

Chinese Secret Society Challenges Illuminati
[Editor's note:  An extremely interesting report]
30 June 2007, rense.com, Henry Makow

Washington's Zelig
[Editor's note:  Nice summary about an evil man]
29 June 2007, msnbc.msn.com, Eleanor Clift

Homeland Security to Host Closed-Door Internet Security Forum
[Editor's note:  This must be to plan how to control it]
28 June 2007, IDG News Service, Robert McMillan

Cheney-Bush Planning For New 9/11
[Editor's note:  Sobering assessment]
28 June 2007, rense.com, Ted Lang

American Media Misses the Boat
[Editor's note:  Surfacing a monstrous act of treason]
USA Today and the USS Liberty
23/24 June 2007, counterpunch.com, Alison Weir

Election Reform Bill Takes Elections Out of the Hands of the People
[Editor's note:  Senator Feinstein undermining voting integrity?]
19 June 2007, votersunite.org, Ellen Theisen

Bush, Mideast Wars and End-Time Prophecy
[Editor's note:  Our country governed by a religious nut?]
29 June 2007, truthout.org, JP Briggs II and Thomas D. Williams

The Misunderestimated Mr. Cheney:  The Vice President's Record
[Editor's note:  A history of violating the law]
29 June 2007, opednews.com, John W. Dean

Choosing 9/11 victim lawsuits for trial?
[Editor's note:  Devious efforts to avoid airline testimony]
29 June 2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Purdue 9/11 simulation exposed as fraud: Media covers up hoax and
conceals crimes
[Editor's note:  The cover up continues to unravel]
27 June 2007, opednews.com, Jim Fetzer

US Image Abroad Still Sinking
[Editor's note:  This, of course, makes us "more secure"]
27 June 2007, Inter Press Service, Jim Lobe

Twin Towers - Built for Demolition?
[Editor's note:  A fascinating alternative]
27 June 2007, breakfornews.com, Christopher A. Brown

Did AA 77 Have Onboard Phones?  Could Barbara Olson Have Made Those Calls?
[Editor's note:  The Solicitor General appears to have made false reports]
26 June 2007, pilotsfor911truth.org, David Ray Griffin and Rob Balsamo

How Dick Cheney Broke My Mind
[Editor's note:  An lingering doubt resolved]
26 June 2007, truthout.org, William Rivers Pitt

Goodbye to the city upon a hill and to its fabled economy
[Editor's note:  The end of America as a nation is upon us]
25 June 2007, informationclearinghouse.info, Paul Craig Roberts

"Chopper 5" 9/11 Video of South Tower Hit Faked
[Editor's note:  Audio and video evidence of video fakery]
24 June 2007, acebaker.copm, Ace Baker

They'll Break the Bad News on 9/11
[Editor's note:  How low this nation has sunk!]
24 June 2007, nytimes.com, Frank Rich

White House of Mirrors (Editorial)
[Editor's note:  The most anti-American administration in history]
24 June 2007, nytimes, editorial

Bush Directive: Building a Justification for Waging War on Iran?
[Editor's note:  US now the greatest terrorist state in the world]
24 June 2007, Global Research, Michel Chossudovsky

UPS [batteries] on the 81st floor of WTC2?
[Editor's note:  An alternative explanation to flowing thermite]
23 June 2007, 11-settembre.blogspot.com, Henry62

The CIA?s Family Jewels:  Agency Violated Charter for 25 Years,
[Editor's note:  From the history of a criminal enterprise]
22 June 2007, wordpress.com, National Secutiry Archives

Purdue 9/11 Animation:  Politics, not Science
[Editor's note:  This is archived on our home page]
23 June 2007, Nick Irving, Scholars for 9/11 Truth

New 9/11 Study Has Direct Links To Government, Pentagon Black Ops
[Editor's note:  NSF funds Purdue study defending Bush on 9/11]
22 June 2007, prisonplanet.com, Steve Watson

Purdue's Accomplices to High Treason and Mass Murder
[Editor's note:  Purdue has disgraced itself!]
22 June 2007, mujca.com, Kevin Barrett

Army Officer Says Gitmo Panels Flawed
[Editor's note:  An obvious farce for political purposes]
22 June 2007, associatedpress, Ben Fox

Mobile phones may soon be used on planes
[Editor's note:  Tell me about those 9/11 calls again]
22 June 2007, NewScientist.com news service

New Study Props Up Official 9/11 Theory
[Editor's note:  It's "Garbage In/Garbage Out" all over again!]
20 June 2007, prisonplanet.com, Steve Watson

"9/11 Justice" (video)
[Editor's note:  A generally excellent overview!]

Pilots commment on "New study from Pilots for 9/11 Truth"
[Editor's note:  Clarifications of some fine points]
23 June 2007, pilotsfor911truth.org, Rob Balsamo

The 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund: cui bono?
[Editor's note:  Just when you think you've heard it all!]
22 June 2007, Online Journal, Jerry Mazza

New Study from Pilots for 9/11 Truth:  No Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon
[Editor's note:  The Pilots are making a major contribution!]
21 June 2007, opednews.com, James Fetzer

Purdue Simulation Full of Hot Air
[Editor's note:  How many ways can you refute it?]
21 June 2007, prisonplanet.com, George Washington's Blog

Simulation Finds Fireproofing Key On 9/11
[Editor's note:  In computer science, "garbage in/garbage out"!]
20 June 2007, cbsnews.com, anonymous

Bush's Mafia Whacks the Republic
[Editor's note:  This has it exactly right!]
20 June 2007, consortiumnews.com, Robert Parry

Nihilism and Neoconservatism: Brothers under the skin
[Editor's note:  Exellent analysis of what's going on]
20 June 2007, antiwar.com, Justin Raimondo

What The "Chinese Style" Internet Will Look Like
[Editor's note:  How they want to kill the Internet]
19 June 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Dems' Timidity May Cost Them Dearly in 2008 (Opinion)
[Editor's note:  Engineering the war so we can NEVER GET OUT?]
19 June 2007, CrisisPapers, Bernard Weiner

9/11 Bombshell: WTC7 Security Official Details Explosions Inside
[Editor's note:  Destruction and death before North Tower fell!]
19 June 2007, inforwars.com, S. Watson

Michael Moore: 9/11 Could Be Inside Job
[Editor's note:  More confontations, Moore speaking out]
19 June 2007, jonesreport.com, Aaron Dykes

House Committee: Presidential Records Act Broken
[Editor's note:  To claim privilege for RNC email would admit guilt]
19 June 2007, truthout.org, Matt Renner

Immigration bill takes another step towards the ?North American Union?
[Editor's note:  Is no one paying attention to the end of the USA?]
18 June 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Ed Haas

Bees dying of mysterious infection
[Editor's note:  Birds, too; we can't be far behind]
17 June 2007, Los Angeles Times, Jia-Rui Chong and Thomas H. Maugh II

Is Martial Law Around the Corner?
[Editor's note:  All the pieces are in place]
17 June 2007, alternet.org, Matthew Rothschild

Among Firefighters in New York, Giuliani Is Both Hailed and Hated
[Editor's note:  This man had to have been involved]
17 June 2007, nytimes.com, Michael Wilson

Arab Media Reports Syria Making Preparations for War with Israel
[Editor's note:  More wars, more death, more devastation]
15 June 2007, israelnationalnews.com, Hana Levi Julian

US report on killing of journalists raises more question than it answers
[Editor's note:  The Army would exonerate them for following orders]
15 June 2007, dailystar.com.lb, anonymous

Guard running low on equipment
[Editor's note:  Too weak to resist a federal occupation?]
15 June 2007, USA TODAY, William M. Welch

Bill Moyers: Begging his pardon
[Editor's note:  Moyers has a knack for telling painful truths]
15 June 2007, rawstory.com, Bill Moyers

It's Official: The Crash of the U.S. Economy Has Begun
[Editor's note:  Brilliant analysis of what is to come]
14 June 2007, Global Research, Richard C. Cook

The Pentagon as Global Gas-Guzzler
[Editor's note:  Fighting wars for enough oil to fight those wars]
14 June 2007, tomdispatch.com, Michael Klare

U.S. official: Samarra attack may have been inside job
[Editor's note:  No Muslim would have bombed the Golden Mosque]
13 June 2007, jonesreport.com, anonymous

The Neoconservative Threat to American Freedom
[Editor's note:  Sobering thoughts from a great American!]
11 June 2007, informationclearinghouse.info, Paul Craig Roberts

Non-lethal weapons:  Key articles from the media
[Editor's note:  A useful compendium of resources]

Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites
[Editor's note:  An early article about an ongoing practice]
9 June 2006, NewScientist.com, Paul Marks

Incredible USAF Future Weapons:  Future Weapons for Future Wars
[Editor's note:  Quite an inventory of high-tech weaponry]
(From Web Site at http://www.au.af.mil/au/2025/)

Airborne Holographic Projector, Courtesy Of The U.S.A.F.
[Editor's note:  This appears to be reality, not speculation]
7 May 2003, truthandlight10.com, anonymous

Lasers in Space:  Technological Options for Enhancing
US Military Capabilities
[Editor's note:  These have been in the works for some time]
November 1997, Center for Strategy and Technology, Mark E. Rogers

Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness Center
[Editor's note:  Many first responders have been affected]

The Real Cost of Offshoring
[Editor's note:  Damage much worse than reported]
18 June 2007 Issue, businessweek.com, Michael Mandel

FBI Terror Watch List 'Out of Control'
[Editor's note:  How many Republicans are on that list?]
13 June 2007, abcnews.com, Justin Rood Reports:

Tony Blair has turned Britain into a land of prisoners
[Editor's note:  The US appears to be following the UK]
13 June 2007, dailymail.co.uk, Chris Atkins

'Dumbing down' may not be working: More intelligence emerges
[Editor's note:  No doubt, those efforts will continue]
13 June 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Steve Hammons

Stashing Seeds in "Noah's Fridge"
[Editor's note:  Coping with global warming]
13 June 2007, Christian Science Monitor, Moises Velasquez-Manoff

The Line Between Civilian and Soldier (analysis)
[Editor's note:  A crucial issue before the courts]
13 June 2007, nytimes.com, Adam Liptak

Hiroshima To Iraq: Uranium Wars A Suicidal, Genocidal, Omnicidal Course
[Editor's note:  We are creating our own path to extinction]
13 June 2007, San Francisco Bay View, Leuren Moret

After the Bomb (Op/Ed)
[Editor's note:  Why we should give up liberty in the name of liberty!]
12 June 2007, nytimes.com, William Perry, Ashton Carter, and Michael May

U.S. Warns Iraq That Progress Is Needed Soon
[Editor's note:  Amazing!  It's all about privatizing oil!]
12 June 2007, nytimes.com, Michael R. Gordon

Judges Say U.S. Can't Hold Man as 'Combatant'
[Editor's note:  Bush cannot rewrite the Constitution with his pen]
12 June 2007, nytimes.com, Adam Liptak

Cheney's Iran-Arms-to-Taliban Gambit Rebuffed
[Editor's note:  Staunching the torrent of lies from our Vice President]
11 June 2007, Inter Press Service, Gareth Porter

Al-Qaida Plans Nuclear Attacks on 7 U.S. Cities
[Editor's note:  The latest in CIA scare tactics!]
11 June 2007, NewsMax Wires, anonymous

CIA letter supports:  OBL ?confession video? was a sting operation
[Editor's note:  Evidence suggests it was made prior to 9/11]
11 June 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Ed Haas

Did dubious docs indeed docket dubious 9/11 doc?
[Editor's note:  This is extremely troubling]
11 June 2007, total911.info, total911

Bush disqualified from border debate
[Editor's note:  And from every other!]
11 June 2007, worldnetdaily.com, Joseph Farah

Putin's Censored Press Conference
[Editor's note:  Penetrating analysis of how things stand]
10 June 2007, informationclearinghouse.com, Mike Whitney

Putin calls for new financial world order
[Edidtor's note:  A world-class statesman is emerging!]
10 June 2007, ft.com, Neil Buckley and Catherine Belton

A "Catch-22" Nuclear World:  Regime Survival
[Editor's note:  Without them, nations are kicked around]
10 June 2007, TomDispatch.com, Dilip Hiro

New U.S. torture tactics revealed
[Editor's note:  Our torture is better than their torture!]
10 June 2007, aljazerra.com, Philippe Khan

For U.S. Unit in Baghdad, An Alliance of Last Resort
[Editor's note:  Using Sunni militias as our allies]
9 June 2007, washingtonpost.com, Joshua Partlow

Gangs of Iraq: military quietly enlisting thousands of active gang members
[Editor's note:  Are gangs going to have control of the US Army?]
9 June 2007, aftermathnews.wordpress.com, anonymous

What If NBC Cheered on a Military Coup Against Bush?
[Editor's note:  Something worth thinking about]
8 June 2007, counterpunch.com, William Blum

[Editor's note:  Crucial to understand]

Rules 'hiding' trillions in debt
Liability $516,348 per U.S. household
[Editor's note:  Stunning evidence of fiscal decay!]
29 May 2007, USA TODAY, Dennis Cauchon

"September Clues" (evidence of video fakery)
[Editor's note:  The most convincing evidence of TV fakery yet!]

Lies, Sighs and Politics
[Editor's note:  The media continues to fail us!]
8 June 2007, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

Bracewell & Giuliani law firm privatizong of Texas State Highway 121
[Editor's note:  Guiding creation of the North American Union]
8 June 2007, Online Journal Associate Editor, Jerry Mazza

Naive To Believe Ed Brown Events Were Not Preparation For Future Siege
[Editor's note:  Weird things happened in New Hampshire!]
7 June 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

Ed Brown's Website
[Editor's note:  Background on Brown and his stand]
7 June 2007, questforfairtrialinconcordnh.blogspot.com

Internet Absurdity: Bin Laden Listed at FOX Headquarters
[Editor's note:  Indications Osama is living in the US]
7 June 2007, abcnews.com, Justin Rood

If You Think Bush Is Evil Now, Wait Until He Nukes Iran
[Editor's note: This may be the fate that awaits us]
6 June 2007, antiwar.com, Paul Craig Roberts

JFK airport plot 'a US setup'
[Editor's note:  Another effort to instill fear in us]
6 June 2007, news24.com

Iraqi Lawmakers Pass Resolution That May Force End of Occupation This Year
[Editor's note: Iraq has the ability to regain control of its destiny]
5 June 2007, alternet.org, Raed Jarrar and Joshua Holland

John Perkins: "Economic Hit Men, Jackals and the Truth About Global
[Editor's note: He explains how we subvert other nations]
5 June 2007, democracynow.org, Amy Goodman intereview

The Regime's Liturgy of Terror
[Editor's note:  The US attorney said it was "bigger than 9/11"!]
5 June 2007, freedominourtime.blogspot.com, William Grigg

Bush Scandals: It's the Politics, Stupid
[Editor's note: Playing the American people for saps (again)!]
5 June 2007, The Crisis Papers, Bernard Weiner

[Editor's note: This guy would make a great president!]
5 June 2007, jonesreport.com, Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones

With Korea as Model, U.S. Ponders Long Role in Iraq
[Editor's note: Bush advances a faulty analogy to conceal occupation]
3 June 2007, nytimes.com, David E. Sanger

Dick Cheney Rules
[Editor's note: Portrait of a petty tyrant manipulating the nation]
3 June 2007, nytimes.com, editorial

Defense Officials Tried to Reverse China Policy, Says Powell Aide
[Editor's note: The "crazies" came close to catastrophe]
1 June 2007, Congressional Quarterly, Jeff Stein

Cindy Sheehan: Twin Towers' Collapse Looked Like Controlled Demolition
[Editor's note:  A clear statement from the anti-war icon]
31 May 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

The Cost of War (video plus transcript)
[Editor's note:  The human cost of the war]
11 May 2007, Bill Moyers Journal, Bill Moyers

Lying With Pixels
[Editor's note: Why seeing is no longer believing]
July/August 2000, Technology Review, Ivan Amato

"Letter from Sophia to Google and YouTube"
[Editor's note:  I agree taking them down was wrong]
1 June 2007, 911 Mysteries, Sofia

Gates won't say who's winning war on terror
[Editor's note:  Signs of sanity in our foreign policy?]
2 June 2007, usatoday.com, Robert Burns, AP Military Writer

Ron Paul Not Intimidated By Historical Attempts to Stop
Revolutionary Presidents and Would-Be Reformers
[Editor's note:  An honest, courageous, and outspoken human being!]
2 June 2007, jonesreport.com, Aaron Dykes

Antidepressant-Induced Violene, Suicide, and Bizarre Behavior
[Editor's note:  Who says the FDA is not out to protect us?}

Iraq invaded to boost oil prices? Value of Exxon reserves rose by $666bn
[Editor's note:  You mean this war had something to do with OIL?]
31 MAY 2007, Middle East Times, Sherwood Ross

9/11 blasts still echo in tangled files (revised)
[Editor's note:  More on NIST's 9/11 cover-up]
May 2007, Znewz1 special report, Paul Conant

Gates, US General Back Long Iraq Stay
[Editor's note:  Remember those 14 permanent bases?]
1 June 2007, washingtonpost.com, Ann Scott Tyson

Giuliani Heckled, Booed By 9/11 Family Members
[Editor's note:  His candidacy is becoming tattered and torn]
1 June 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Ground Zero illnesses come back to haunt Giuliani
[Editor's note:  And it couldn't happen to a nicer guy!]
1 June 2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Repudiation, Not Impeachment
[Editor's note:  Reigning in "the unitary executive"]
31 May 2007, truthdig.com, Scott Ritter

?Wild-Eyed? Bush Thumped Chest While Repeating ?I Am The President!
[Editor's note:  Rumors that are frightening, if accurate.]
31 May 2007, rawstory.com, anonymous

Qaeda warns of attacks "worse than 9/11"
[Editor's note:  Prelude to another fake attack, "the big one"?]
30 May 2007, brietbart.com, anonymous

Friendly Fire:  Raising questions about 9/11 gets an Army sergeant
demoted for "disloyalty."
[Editor's note:  Truth should take precedence over loyalty!]
30 May 2007, rawstory.com, Stephen C. Webster

9/11 activist slams 'absurdity' of Fox report
[Editor's note:  This story doesn't make a lot of sense]
30 May 2007, Raw Story, David Edwards and Muriel Kane

A Notion from 9/11 is Kept Alive
[Editor's note:  I have offered to help him get up-to-speed]
30 May 2007, nytimes.com, Jim Dwyer

San Diego Hopes 9/11 Grand Jury Indictments Might Some Day Be Made
[Editor's note:  Were prior reports of a "verdict" false and misleading?]

9/11 blasts echo in tangled files
[Editor's note:  Some interesting details]
29 May 2007, 911science.blogspot.com, Paul Conant

Al Gore Illogically Blasts the 9/11 Truth Movement
[Editor's note:  A good man who is not up-to-speed on 9/11]
29 May 2007, the peoplesvoice.org, Richard L. Franklin

Trust and Betrayal
[Editor's note:  The system is broken!]
28 May 2007, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

U.S. Government Uses Al-Qaeda To Attack Iran
[Editor's note:  The war on terror exposed as sham and hoax]
28 May 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson and Steve Watson

Bush Pens Dictatorship Directive, Few Notice
[Editor's note:  Can any of this be Constitutional?]
27 May 2007, prisonplanet.com, Kurt Nimmo

Where have all the leaders gone?
[Editor's note:  Nice points about the state we are in]
26 May 2007, jsonline.com, Lee Iacocca with Catherine Whitney

GOP Rivals Embrace Unproven Iraq-9/11 Tie
[Editor's note:  Then they are unqualified for the office!]
27 May 2007, The Boston Globe, Peter S. Canellos

Over Here (opinion)
[Editor's note:  Watch for Bush to federalize these volunteers!]
27 May 2007, nytimes.com, Lawrence Korb

Iran says it has uncovered Western spy networks
[Editor's note:  Iran has the right of self-defense, too!]
26 May 2007, reuters.com

What Congress Really Approved: Benchmark No. 1
[Editor's note:  If oil is not privatized, no reconstruction funding!]
26 May 2007, truthout.org, Army Colonel Ann Wright (ret.)

Senate Democrats Say Bush Ignored Spy Agencies' PrewarWarnings of Iraq Perils
[Editor's note:  Decisions based upon ideology, not knowledge]
26 May 2007, nytimes.com, Scott Shane

"Son of Star Wars" tests this weekend
[Editor's note:  Who knows what other tricks we have up our sleeve!]
25 May 2007, threregister.co.uk, Lewis Page

Donnell Will Not Be Back on "The View"
[Editor's note:  Let's hope she'll get her own show!]
25 May 2007, abcnews.go.com

DC Madam scandal widens: Cheney, Giuliani, Abramoff
[Editor's note:  Time to have a war or impose martial law?]
25 May 2007, chimpplanet.journalspace.com

Claims of 9/11 conspiracy have suspect running scared
[Editor's note:  Fox News Radio interviewed me about this]
25 May 2007, rockymountainnews.com, Sue Lindsay

Jim Fetzer talks to Fox News Radio (video)
24 May 2007, radio interview caught on television set

The entire government has failed us on Iraq
[Editor's note:  A brilliant situation summary]
23 May 2007, msnbc.com, Keith Olbermann (video)

Why is the establishment media so out of touch on 9/11?
[Editor's note:  Could guilt motivate their neglect?]
22 May 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Joseph Murtagh

6 Navy Commanders Sacked in 6 Weeks
[Editor's note:  This tells me we are about to attack Iran!]
22 May 2007, wired.com, Noah Shactman

Insurers Agree to Pay Billions at Ground Zero
[Editor's note:  The greatest insurance scam in history!]
24 May 2007, nytimes.com, Charles V. Bagli

The Goods on Goodling and the Keys to the Kingdom
[Editor's note:  How Rove steals elections!]
24 May 2007, bradbog.com, Greg Palast

Amnesty Report Decries "Politics of Fear"
[Editor's note:  The mark of myopic and cowardly leaders]
23 May 2007, ipsnews.net, Eli Clifton

Giuliani: trade center 'implosion' was bizarre
[Editor's note:  "Bizarre" indeed!]
22 May 2007, znewz1.blogspot.com

9/11 Debunkers Hide from Slam Dunk Evidence of Controlled Demolition
[Editor's note:  It can't be "slam dunk" when it is disputable!]
22 May 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Giuliani's 9/11 Stories Contradicted By His Emergency Management Chief
[Editor's note:  The truth is gradually making its way out!]
22 May 2007, nytimes.com, Russ Buettner

Why this Scandal Matters
[Editor's note:  Well said!]
21 May 2007, nytimes, editorial

Malkin attacks Paul on 9/11 questions
[Editor's note:  For talking to Student Scholars?]
21 May 2001, Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor

Big banana firms paid off terrorists, Colombian ex-warlord tells inquiry
[Editor's note:  The more things change, the more they stay the same!]
19 May 2007, thescotsman.scotsman.com, Darcy Crowe in Bogota, Columbia

US government trying to seize new Michael Moore film, says producer
[Editor's note:  Peeing in their pants every time truth is spoken!]
19 May 2007, guardian.co.uk, Higgins in Cannes

British Company, AMEC, did Pentagon and WTC-7 clean up
[Editor's note:  A key player in the events of 9/11?]
18 October 2007 reports of an 25 October 2005 article

Amnesty Opens Door For Foreign Occupation Of U.S.
[Editor's note:  A catastrophe in the offing?]
18 May 2007, infowars.net, Steve Watson

Michele Malkin vs. Ron Paul
[Editor's note:  Commentary on her attack]
16 May 2007, youtube, unidentified commentator

Ron Paul (R-TX) on Real Time with Bill Maher

Rebuilding Ground Zero with Larry Silverstein
[Editor's note:  They don't call him "Lucky" for nothing!]
12 May 2007, opinionjournal.com, Steve Malanga

Questions From Le Monde on Franco-American Anti-Terrorist Cooperation
29 March 2007, Le Monde, Alain Chouet Interview

21 August 2006, CBC News, Evan Solomon

New discoveries in high-tech weaponry:

911stealth WTC White House White Jet Officially Non-Existent

Microwave absorption system, John R. Roth

Cloaked aircraft, John R. Roth

CLOAKING TECH: Camouflage for Warfighters, David Crane

Senators Want CIA to Release 9/11 Report
[Editor's note:  This could be interesting!]
17 May 2007, sfgate.com, Katherine Shrader

Rudy Giuliani v. Ron Paul, and Reality
[Editor's note:  A thoughtful analysis of the exchange]
16 May 2007, thenation (commentary)

Ron Paul to Rudy "Read the 9/11 Report!" (video)
[Editor's note:  By far, the best of the GOP]
16 May 2007, CNN with Wolf Blitzer, Ron Paul

FoxNews Hita Ron Paul, Alex Jones and 9/11 Truth
[Editor's note:  A nice example of Fox doing its thing!]
16 May 2007, Fox News, John Gibson (video)

The End of National Currency
[Editor's note:  Justifying the NAU and the Amero?]
May/June 2007, Foreign Affairs, Ben Steil

Fox News Rigs Entire Debate To Savagely Attack Ron Paul
[Editor's note:  Audience stacked to favor war and torture]
16 May 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Book Excerpt: "The Assault on Reason"
[Editor's note:  A statesman for our time!]
16 May 2007, TIME Magazine, Al Gore

Commander's Veto Sank Threatening Gulf Buildup
[Editor's note:  One principled man CAN make a difference!]
15 May 2007, ipsnews.net, Gareth Porter

Ron Paul Upsets Controlled-Media Debate as Clear Winner
[Editor's note:  Responsible positions, for a change!]
15 May 2007, jonesreport.com, Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones

US government fans homeland terrorism fear
[Editor's note:  Nuke the Capitol, suspend the Constitution]
15 May 2007, globalresearch.ca, Larry Chin

Cheney Committed "High Crimes and Misdemeanors",
Say Top National Security Veterans
[Editor's note:  Our Constitutional process is broken!]
15 May 2007, laroucehpac.com, Michele Steinberg

[Editor's note:  Every citizen needs to know!]
15 May 2007, newswithviews.com, Cliff Kincaid

Silverstein Family Were All "Running Late" On 9/11
[Editor's note:  Some "coincidences" aren't]
15 May 2007, infowars.com, Steve Watson

Rosie Sounds Off On WTC Demolition & Destruction Of Crime Scene
[Editor's note:  Pursuing 9/11 truth on "The View"!]
14 May 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Iraqis Resist US Pressure to Enact Oil Law
[Editor's note:  Thwarting a neo-con objective?]
14 May 2007, The Los Angeles Times, Tina Susman

US blocks soldiers from websites
[Editor's note:  Censoring military access?]
14 May 2007, news.bbc.co.uk

Ground Zero Illnesses Clouding Giuliani's Legacy
[Editor's note:  Rudy rushed the clean up:  why?]
14 May 2007, nytimes.com, Anthony DePalma

Disappeared without a trace: more than 10,000 Iraqis
[Editor's note:  Could they have been vaporized?]
13 May 2007, McClatchy Newspapers, Shashank Bengali

In Iraq, US military secret tesla weapon test?
[Editor's note:  Is this how it is being done?]

Governors Say War Has Gutted Guard
[Editor's note:  Why increase Bush's control of the guard?]
13 May 2007, Chicago Tribune, Kirsten Scharnberg

Ordered Assassinations, Sectarian Bomb Attacks Targeting Iraqi Civilians
[Editor's note:  Small scale "false flag" operations in Iraq]
12 May 2007, heyetnet.org

More lies from Livermore nuclear weapons lab
[Editor's note:  Exposing SF to weapons' tests]
12 May 2007, indybay.org, Bob Nichols

Presidential Directive 51: Blueprint for Dictatorship
[Editor's note:  Reflecting on our nation's future]
11 May 2007, dailykos.com, dratman

Contingencies for nuclear terrorist attack
[Editor's note:  Another excuse to declare martial law]
11 May 2007, sfgate.com, James Sterngold

Bush Changes Continuity Plan
[Editor's note:  Administration to run Shadow Government]
10 May 2007, washingtonpost.com, Spencer S. Hsu

US military begins planning for avian flu pandemic
[Editor's note:  An excuse to abandon the Constitution]
10 May 2007, yahoo.com, Jim Mannion

Bush orders contingency plans for attack on U.S.
[Editor's note:  Something strange is going on here]
10 May 2007, Washington Post

[Editor's note:  The probabe future of our nation]
9 May 2007, White House News, Office of the Press Secretary

Apparent WTC-7 "video fakery" by the NYPD (from Pilots for 9/11 Truth)
[Editor's note:  Plus such modest damage could not have caused a "collapse"]

Three home videos of hit on the South Tower
[Editor's note:  Is there evidence of fakery?]

9/11 Truthers Should Thank Fox News
[Editor's note:  Benefits of public attacks]
10 May 2007, inforwars.net, Steve Watson

Putin likens U.S. foreign policy to that of Third Reich
[Editor's note:  Unnerving parallels in our nation's history]
9 May 2007, International Herald Tribune, Andrew E. Kramer

A Statement From Louder Than Words and MercuryMedia
[Editor's note:  "Loose Change" is coming this fall!]
8 May 2007, loosechange911.blogspot.com, Dylan Avery et al.

WTC7: Complaint for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief filed
[Editor's note:  Legal action following NIST nonresponse]
8 May 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Ed Haas

From Unlikely Quarters, Bruce Willis ends the JFK Debate
[Editor's note:  How could Bruce Willis end the debate?]
8 May 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Bruce Willis Says JFK Killers Still In Power
[Editor's note:  The actor speaks his mind]
7 May 2007, infowars.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Unconstitutional Legislation Threatens Freedoms
[Editor's note:  Causing more harm than good?]
7 May 2007, rense.com, Ron Paul

Dr. Greg Jenkins' Surprise "Interview"
of Prof. Judy Wood: A Transcript Analysis
7 May 2007, janedoe0911.tripod.com, Judy Wood

Barbara Olson?s Alleged Call from AA 77:
A Correction About Onboard Phones
7 May 2007, informationclearinghouse.info, David Ray Griffin

Psychiatrists and Psychologists: Government's 9/11 Story is Crazy
[Editor's note:  Turning the tables on the "conspiracy wingnuts"]
4 May 2007, George Washington's Blog

"Star Wars" in New York (video)
[Editor's note:  Nice piece on high-tech weaponry]

9/11 Octopus v2 (video)
[Editor's note:  Nice piece on manipulating the media]

Understanding Bush's Private Armies
6 May 2007, Paul D. Haemig

Bush Told Of First Attack On 9/11 Before He Left Florida Hotel
[Editor's note:  Plus that hit was not on public television!]
4 May 2007, prisonplanet.com

Bloomberg Outlines Plan to Rewrite City's Construction Codes
[Editor's note:  Feigning lessons from 9/11?]
4 May 2007, nytimes.com, Diane Cardwell

"September Dawn":  Will ignoring film mean curtains for Romney?
[Editor's note:  Some ironies are more ironic than other ironies]
3 May 2007, suntimes.com, Robert Novak

Blair rejects 7/7 inquiry calls
[Editor's note:  A diversion from the task of fighting terrorism?]
2 May 2007, bbc.co.uk

"Seven is exploding"
[Editor's note:  An Italian website focusing on 9/11]
2 May 2007, pubblicato da Redazione

The Psychology Of Patriotic Denial
[Editor's note:  A penetrating analysis]
By Tova Gabrielle

Joe Friendly / Jim Fetzer, Founder, Scholars for 9/11 Truth
[Editor's note:  Discussion of the physics of destruction]
Posted 1 May 2007 interview conducted in New York, Part 1

Joe Friendly / Jim Fetzer, Founder, Scholars for 9/11 Truth
[Editor's note:  Discussion of the physics of destruction]
Posted 1 May 2007 interview conducted in New York, Part 2

Dr. Fetzer comments on "James Fetzer on Hannity & Colmes"
[Editor's note:  The original interview is linked below]
Posted 1 May 2007 interview in New York (video)

Original "James Fetzer on Hannity & Colmes"
[Editor's note:  Mineta's retirement was announced the next morning]
Broadcast 22 June 2006 on Fox News (video)

[Editor's note:  Just so we all know what's really going on!]

They sold out the world for an F-16 sale
[Editor's note:  There are many forms of treason]
30 April 2007, rawstory.com, Luke Ryland

Freeway Collapse (not comparable to Twin Towers)
[Editor's note:  Gas burns hotter, no collapse, no pulverization]
30 April 2007, stopthelie.com

Monday commute problems ahead after highway collapse
[Editor's note:  A spectacular but rather odd accident]
29 April 2007, cnn.com

Scholars debate 9/11 findings
[Editor's note:  About 9/11 AND AMERICAN EMPIRE
18 April 2007, winnipegsun.com, John Gleeson

Does America's 9/11 Truth Movement require a Presidential candidate in 2008?
[Editor's note:  Inspiring a new political party?]
3 April 2007, The Canadian, Susan Washington

Independent Investigators Release Suppressed Blueprints of Destroyed
World Trade Center Tower
[Editor's note:  A major step forward!]
31 March 2007, vivelacanada.ca, Milton

Army Officer Accuses Generals of 'Intellectual and Moral Failures'
[Editor's note:  A brilliant and courageout critique!]
27 April 2007, washingtonpost.com, Thomas E. Ricks

Less than 25% of Muslims blame al-Qaeda for 9/11 attacks
[Editor's note:  They have a grip on reality!]
26 April 2007, bignewsnetwork.com

Rosie Tells ABC To Screw Its 9/11 Censorship
[Editor's note:  This just might have a happy ending!]
25 April 2007, prisonplanet.com, Steve Watson

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps
[Editor's note:  THIS IS WHAT'S GOING ON!]
24 April 2007, guardian.co.uk, Naomi Wolf

Giuliani Caught In Bizarre Building 7 Lie
[Editor's note:  Freud could probably explain it]
24 April 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Giuliani warns of 'new 9/11' if Dems win
[Editor's note:  As disgusting as it gets!]
24 April 2007, politico.com, Roger Simon

Governors object to expanded federal authority to deploy National Guard
[Editor's note:  Why does Bush want this power?
24 April 2007, McClatchy Newspapers, Lisa Zagaroli

Program:  Fourth Annual Directed Energy Symposium
[Editor's note:  A sample of the society's agenda]
29 October-1 November 2001, Huntsville, AL

The Mystery Of The 9/11 Car Bombs
[Editor's note:  Roaming back-up teams?]
23 April 2007, inforwars.net, Steve Watson

John Kerry: Building 7 Was Deliberately Demolished
[Editor's note:  Destroyed to prevent damage to other buildings!]
23 April 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Jospeh Watson & Aaron Dykes

Make No Mistake: This Is War
[Editor's note:  Is the propaganda machine petering out?]
22 April 2007, washingtonpost.com, Michael Chertoff

9/11 Debunkers Defend War Criminals, Liars, Mass Murderers
[Editor's note:  Statement of an opinion that is widely held]
21 April 2007, rense.com, Douglas Herman

Court Backs EPA Chief in 9/11 Toxins Case
[Editor's note:  This decision is also "conscience-shocking"]
20 April 2007, nysun.com, Josephy Goldstein

Noble Resolve 07: ?simulated? nuclear terrorist scenariosm US & Europe
[Editor's note:  Simulations can be used to cover the real thing]
19 April 2007, prisonplanet.com, Daniel Abrahamson

18 April 2007, winnipegsun.com, John Gleeson

Bye Bye to Cleveland GOP Election Chair Bob "Ballots for Bush" Bennett
[Editor's note:  Rove monitored vote to manipulate Ohio outcome?]
17 April 2007, opednews.com, Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman

Assassin's target Hariri opposed the American base
[Editor's note:  Let nothing stand in our way!]
16 April 2007, waynemadsenreport.com, Wayne Madsen

The French Knew Much About It
[Editor's note:  This looks like an elaborate charade]
16 April 2004, Le Monde, Guilliaume Dasquie

The Final Act of Submission
[Editor's note:  Is the tail wagging the dog?]
13 April 2007, truthdig.com, Scott Ritter

Spanish University Analysts Detect
CYLINDERS on South Tower Aircraft

Smoking Gun Photos Close
The 9/11 WTC Demolition Case

Pilot Views, Photographs South
Tower Boeing 737 Drone Up Close

Russia Watched 9/11
In Real Time On Satellite

War on Terror looks like a fraud (opinion)
[Editor's note: The REAL reasons for our war in Iraq!]
13 April 2007, edmontonsun.com

GOP insider: 9/11 fit White House plan (opinion)
[Editor's note: The context fits a "false flag" event]
12 April 2007, znewz1.blogspot.com

9/11 gatekeepers muzzle truth toward societal dumbing-down
[Editor's note: Democracy is crippled without the truth]
11 April 2007, agoracospopolitan.com, Michael Hey

Los Alamos 9/11 web site
[Editor's note: Fascinating images and interesting commentary]

"Loose Change Final Cut" trailer (video)
[Editor's note: Coming to a theater near you!]
11 April 2007, agoracospopolitan.com, Michael Hey

Pentagon Plane crash 9/11 NEW ANGLE (video)
[Editor's note: If it's authentic, it wasn't a 757!]

Plane crash Pentagon 9/11 (video)
[Editor's note: Slow-motion version of NEW ANGLE]

Album: WTC Ground Zero photos, 3 October 2001

Riveted on Rosie: O'Donnell returns to 'View' amid a firestorm of criticism
[Editor's note: A stunning example of the difference one woman can make!]
10 April 2007, suntimes.com, Doug Elfman

Rescue Me Co-star Daniel Sunjata Says 9/11 an Inside Job
[Editor's note: A fine statement from a well-informed source]
9 April 2007, myspace.com, Mark Dice (aka John Conner)

Professor who criticized Bush told added to terrorist 'no-fly' list
[Editor's note: What has become of freedom of speech?]
9 April 2007, rawstory.com, Michael Roston

The Desert of the Real: The Soul of the World
[Editor's note: Reflective essay on threats and promises]
7 April 2007, The Unapologetic Mexican

26 March 2006, pilotsfor911truth.org, Robert Balsamo

1 The NTSB Flight Path Animation approach path and altitude does not support official events.
2 All Altitude data shows the aircraft at least 300 feet too high to have struck the light poles.
3 The rate of descent data is in direct conflict with the aircraft being able to impact the light poles and be captured in the Dept of Defense "5 Frames" video of an object traveling nearly parallel with the Pentagon lawn.
4 The record of data stops at least one second prior to official impact time.
5 If data trends are continued, the aircraft altitude would have been at least 100 feet too high to have hit the Pentagon.

Pandora's Black Box - Chapter Two - Flight Of American 77 (video)

New Conspiracy Theory in Egypt: It Wasn't Saddam But His Double WhoWas Executed
[Editor's note: Something many of us have suspected for some time]
30 January 2007, Middle East Media Research Institute

Is there any truth to 'the enemy would follow us here?'
[Editor's note: They lack the language and skills required]
6 April 2007, McClatchy Newspapers, William Douglas

The Complicity of Congress in a Criminal War
[Editor's note: It can no longer evade responsibility]
6 April 2007, commondreams.org, Richard W. Behan

9/11 Truth Reaches The Tipping Point
[Editor's note: Rosie is making a difference!]
6 April 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

O'REILLY: ROSIE STORY IS HUGE (but 9/11 claims aren't)
[Editor's note: Typical propagandistic politics of distraction]
6 April 2007, jonesreport.com, Aaron Dykes

No Recess From Bad Appointments
[Editor's note: Insulting Congress, damaging Americans]
6 April 2007, nytimes.com, editorial

The Evidence Is There: It's Time for Congress to Investigate the Ties Between the Bush Family and Osama bin Laden
5 April 2007, IPS News, Lucy Komisar

Giuliani vs the Firefighters
[Editor's note: A sobering view of the Mayor]
5 April 2007, populistamerica.com, Zen Garcia

The 9/11 Mystery Plane
[Editor's note: A flight near the White House]
5 April 2007, rense.com, Mark H. Gaffney

9/11 Physicist Contacted To Appear On The View [Editor's note: Rosie's views deserve support!]
5 April 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

O'Reilly to challege Rosie to a 9/11 debate on pay-per-view TV?
[Editor's note: Big Bill might not like the outcome]
5 April 2005, prisonplanet.com, YouTube (video)

Cheney at BYU
[Editor's note: Mixing politics, religion, and 9/11]
5 April 2007, NewsWithViews.com, Deanna Spingola

There is no war on terrorism
[Editor's note: Better reporting than The New York Times]
16 February 2006, pravda.ru, Jack Duggan

Operation Mockingbird
[Editor's note: According to Wikipedia, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity were propagandistsfor the CIA, but the article has been edited to remove the discussion of theirrole and this report may well have been inaccurate]

The CIA and the Media
[Editor's note: Every American should read this] 20 October 1977, Rolling Stone, Carl Bernstein

Support Rosie!
Sign the petition.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
[Editor's note: Nice introduction]
4 April 2007, 911proog.com

The Right Seeks to Rein In Presidential Power [Editor's note: What needs to be done]
4 April 2007, truthout.org, William Fisher

Bush Blames Democrats for Impasse Over Iraq Bills [Editor's note: Supporting the troops when they are being marched over a cliff]
4 April 2007, nytimes.com, Jim Rutenberg

More Than a Feeling
[Editor's note: Attacking parents for opposing the war in Iraq]
4 April 2007, nytimes, editorial

Follow up to ?Prior knowledge of 9/11 attacks overheard in Hebrew?
[Editor's note: Looking in all the wrong places]
April 4, 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Ed Haas

O'Reilly's America: Who Is The Real "Hater"?
[Editor's note: Speaking the truth is defending the nation]
3 April 2007, Inforwars.net, Steve Watson

Why Does Bill O¹Reilly Hate Our Troops and American Values?
[Editor's note: You can hate Bush because you love America!]
3 April 2007, prisonplanet.com, O'Reilly in action

The Unearthing: An Awakening Has Arrived [Editor's note: Restoring America begins with truth]
3 April 2007, informationclearinghouse.com, Manueal Valenzuela

Deconstructing the BBC2 Smear Job

[Editor's note: A brilliant critique]
3 April 2007, etherzone.com, Nathanael

O'Reilly Poll: Will Charlie Sheen hurt
his career by narrating "Loose Change?"

[Editor's note: "No" supports Charlie]

The botched US raid that led to the hostage crisis [Editor's note: News we aren't allowed to learn]
3 April 2007, independent.co.uk, Patrick Cockburn

NPR Interview: Contradicting General Richard Myers [Editor's note: US defenses were focused inward on 9/10]

And Then, Something Went Bump
[Editor's note: There was no plan to exit]
3 April 2007, truthout, William Rivers Pitt

Society's conspiracy against conspiracy theorists [Editor's note: Conspiracies are as American as apple pie]
2 April 2007 thepinelog.com, Brian Feltch

O'Reilly Mafia Threatens O'Donnell Over Sex Scandal [Editor's note: A nasty petty tyrant strikes again!]
2 April 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Battle Over Habeas Corpus Returns
[Editor's note: Our most important legal right]
2 April 2007, truthout.org, William Fisher

Distract and Disenfranchise
[Editor's note: The GOP recipe for electoral victory]
2 April 2007, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

Bush, Iran & Selective Outrage
[Editor's note: More hypocrisy from Bush]
2 April 2007, consortiumnews.com, Robert Parry

Brinkmanship Unwise in Uncharted Waters (Op/Ed) [Editor's note: Blair's last "gift" to Bush and Cheney?]
2 April 2007, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

Prosecutor Posts Go to Bush Insiders
[Editor's note: The most corrupt administration in American history]
1 April 20007, By Amy Goldstein and Dan Eggen

The Rovian Era (op/ed)
[Editor's note: The man behind the curtain]
1 April 2007, nytimes.com, Editorial

Ex-Aide Details a Loss of Faith in the President [Editor's note: A disillusioned former supporter]
1 April 2007, nytimes.com, Jim Rutenberg

Call that humiliation? No hoods. No electric shocks. No beatings.
These Iranians clearly are a very uncivilised bunch
[Editor's note: More civilized than the US]
31 March 2007, The Guardian, Terry Jones

9/11 Through the Eyes of an American Skeptic [Editor's note: Thoughtful report on sensitive subject]
19 February 2007, iamathewitness.com, Christopher Bollyn

Pilot Views Photographs South Tower Boeing 737 Drone [Editor's note: Military expert's devastating statement]
20 February 2007, att.net, Jon Carlson

Support Rosie!
[Editor's note: The numbers look wrong, given that 81% of the American peopledoubt The 9/11 Report!]

Olmert Rejects Right of Return for Palestinians [Editor's note: No hypocritical, double-standard here!]
31 March 2007, nytimes.com, Steven Erlanger

Neo-Con: 'Execute Rosie For Questioning the Government'
[Editor's note: Atrocious! Rosie deserves our support!]
30 March 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

9/11stealth NBC Bush's Legacy:
9/11 Covert Operations' Meteor (video)

[Editor's note: Crucial 9/11 evidence]

Request for Corrections to NIST
[Editor's note: An historic event in 9/11 research!]
16 March 2007, ocio.os.doc.gov, Judy Wood

Cuban Resolute Against Neo-Con Intimidation [Editor's note: Bringing "Loose Change" to the big screen]
29 March 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Scholars file challenges to NIST reports on 9/11, Submissions may shatter the cover-up, founder declares
28 March 2007 Scholars for 9/1 Truth, press release

Israeli officer sells weapons to terrorists in Iraq [Editor's note: What exactly are we up against?]
28 March 2007, Global Research

The First Fifteen Minutes of September 11th [Editor's note: what should have happened on 9/11] By Jeremy Baker, Former Air Traffic Controller

9/11: Inside Out (trailer)
[Editor's note: a video from sst911.org]

Lyndon LaRouche Interview Transcript
25 September 2005

Recherché du trillions perdu (commentary) [Editor's note: Dov Zakheim and $2.3 trillion] 20 July 2006, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Following Zakheim and Pentagon trillions to Israel and 9/11 [Editor's note: Why haven't you read about this before?]
31 July 2006, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Army unit piecing together accounts of Pentagon attack [Editor's note: What happened to those budget analysts?] 20 December 2001, southcoasttoday.com, Milan Simonich

Dov Zakheim and the 9/11 Conspiracy
[Editor's note: Flight Termination Systems on 767s]
15 February 2005, conspiracynewsnet, ?Shadow? and ?Pax?

Dead On Arrival: The NIST 911 Report On The World Trade Center Collapse
15 December 2006, rense.com, Mark H. Gaffney

Bush's Shadow Army
[Editor's note: When the US Army is depleted, . . . ]
2 April 2007 Issue, thenation.com, Jeremy Scahill

Documentary Film Trailer: "The Reflecting Pool"

Government Dismissed Iraq Death Toll Report In Full Knowledge It Was Likely Accurate [Editor's note: What else should we expect?]
27 March 2007, infowars.net, Steve Watson

9/11 and the Evidence
[Editor's note: In praise of Debunking 9/11 Debunking
27 March 2007, informationclearinghouse.info, Paul Craig Roberts

U.S. Long Worried Iran Supplied Weapons in Iraq [Editor's note: This article has "CIA" written all over it]
27 March 2007, nytimes.com, Michael R. Gordon and Scott Shane

Aide to Gonzales Won't Testify About Dismissals [Editor's note: Nothing suspicious here, at least!]
27 March 2007, nytimes.com, David Johnston and Carl Hulse

9 Officers Faulted for Aftermath of Tillman Death [Editor's note: Is there anything they won't lie about?
27 March 2007, nytimes.com, David S. Cloud

Rosie Reinforces 9/11 Position With Blog on Gulf of Tonkin [Editor's note: She is doing a great job with truth!]
27 March 2007, jonesreport.com, Aaron Dykes

9/11 and the Evidence: Review of David Ray Griffin's DEBUNKING 9/11 DEBUNKING
26 March 2007, vdare.com, Paul Craig Roberts

Gonzales Implicated in Cover-Up of New Pedophile Scandal [Editor's note: This is sickening!]
26 March 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Kucinich brings hard-nosed arguments
[Editor's note: Will open limited 9/11 inquiry]
26 March 2007, timesunion.com, Dan Higgins

Disorder in King George's Court
[Editor's note: Are heads going to roll?]
26 March 2007, Newsweek, Michael Isikoff, Richard Wolffe And Evan

Emerging Republican Minority
[Editor's note: Only if we learn from experience!]
26 March 2007, nytimes.com, Paul Krugman

America's Hidden War Dead
[Editor's note: They lie about everything else . . .]
26 March 2007, Chicago Tribune, Howard Witt

Demobilizing America: Outsourcing Action in an Imperial World [Editor's note: Why the news is sickening to watch]
25 March 2007, TomDispatch.com, Tom Engelhardt

25 March 2007, Washihngton, D.C., Webster G. Tarpley

Hannity & Colmes Covers Sheen & 9/11 Truth [Editor's note: Links to related attacks and replies]
24 March 2007, Prisonplanet.com

Dr. Judy Wood files against NIST for WTC lies [Editor's note: This could be a major development]
23 March 2007, DrJudyWood.com

Former Military Officer Comes out for 9/11 Truth [Editor's note: Nice critique of military non-response]
23 March 2007, 9/11blogger.com

Fox Bully O'Reilly Says Loose Change Will Destroy Sheen [Editor's note: Massive ignorance of even basic facts]
23 March 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Sheen/O'Donnell Attack Dogs Are Bushite Neo-Cons On The Payroll [Editor's note: Bush loves fake reporters and planted stories]
23 March 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Scarborough Unleashes Attack Dogs On Walters Over O'Donnell 9/11 Comments [Editor's note: And how do they know that Rosie and others are wrong?]
22 March 2007, inforwars.net, Steve Watson

Debunking NY Post's Tabloid Hit Piece On Sheen/O'Donnell [Editor's note: More name calling and character assassination]
22 March 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson & Steve Watson

O'Donnell, Sheen Back 9/11 Conspiracy Theories [Editor's note: Confused, but getting into the main stream]
22 March 2007, CBS NEWS, Andrew Kirtzman

Charlie Sheen Joined By Rosie O'Donnell: 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists [Editor's note: A breath of fresh air from New York]
22 March 2007, postchronicle.com, Jim Brogan

Former Fed analyst questions M1 currency component spike prior to 9/11 [Editor's note: Funny business in high finance]
22 March 2007, muckrakerreport.com, Ed Haas

Bush Paves the Way for Martial Law
2007 National Defense Authorization Act overturns Posse Comitatus Act

21 March 2007, Global Research

Sensing Shift in Bush Policy, Another Hawk Leaves [Editor's note: More diplomsancy, less confrontation]
21 March 2007, nytimes.com, David E. Sanger

Huge Amounts Of Smoke Came From WTC 5 & 6, not WTC 7 [Editor's note: Photos contradicting official account]
20 March 2007, Infowars.net, Steve Watson

Pointing Fingers 9/11: Richard Pearle
[Editor's note: Following the NPIC game plan]
11 September 2001, BBC interview (video)

US troops in Iraq want out
[Editor's note: This is cruel and inhumane]
20 March 2007, france24.com, Bryan Pearson

Material Shows Weakening of Climate Reports [Editor's note: Only the survival of the species is at stake!]
20 March 2007, nytimes.com, Andrew C. Revkin and Matthew L. Wald

Gonzales's Fall, Bush's Impeachment?
[Editor's note: Devoutely to be wished]
20 March 2007, lewrockwell.com

9/11 - The wretched truth
When the inconceivable one becomes reality

[Editor's note: Translation from the French]
20 March 2007, Mondialisation.ca, Jacques Dumont

Bush: 'Iraq withdrawal may spark 9/11 repeat'
[Editor's note: Using 9/11 to manipulate us again!]
20 March 2007, telegraph.co.uk, Toby Harnden and Damien McElroy

Pipeline companies are fighting release of specifics of equipment [Editor's note: Using 9/11 to promote secrecy]
19 March 2007, seattlepi.nesource.com, Robert McClure

Scientist accuses White House of 'Nazi' tactics [Editor's note: How far has this nation sunk?]
19 March 2007, latimes.com, Joel Havemann

9/11 Through the Eyes of an American Skeptic [Editor's note: Media and government working together]
19 February 2007, iamthewitness.com, Christopher Bollyn

O'Donnell Comments Garner No Media Coverage [Editor's note: visit http://www.rosie.com/]
19 March 2007, inforwars.net

Killing two birds with one Mohammed
[Editor's note: A very nice critique]
19 March 2007, onlinejournal.com, Jerry Mazza

Don't Cry for Reagan
[Editor's note: Bush is Reagan empowered]
19 March 2007, The New York Times, Paul Krugman

Only 10% in U.S. See Iran as Immediate Threat [Editor's note: Worry has been diminishing]
19 March 2007, angus-reid.com (poll result)

WTC: Demolished by internal explosions (video) [Editor's note: Early reports of secondary explosions with footage of the towers turning into very fine dust]

More on Blackwater (a series of 8 short videos) [Editor's note: Mercenary armies undermine democracy]

Israel, US hold joint missile defence exercise [Editor's note: Exercises can cover the real thing]
19 March 2007, thenews.com.pk, The International News

Blackwater: The New World Order's Military?
[Editor's note: Repetition with many links]
18 March 2007, indymedia.org, "researchers"

Firemen douse Rudy¹s image as 9/11 hero
[Editor's note: Truth emerges over time]
18 March 2007, London Times, Sarah Baxter

Donald Trump On President George W. Bush
20 October 2006, interview with Donny Deutch

Trump: Bush is the Worst President in History
16 March 2006, interview with Wolf Blitzer

The Confession Backfired
[Editor's note: Bush-Cheney have discredited themselves]
17 March 2007, antiwar.com, Paul Craig Roberts

Update: The US Government?s Usage of Atomic Bombs - Domestic - WTC [Editor's note: Elevated levels of tritium WERE detected]
17 March 2007, thepriceofliberty.org, Ed Ward, MD

Exclusive: Pearl Family Doubts KSM Confession [Editor's note: More evidence undermining this charade]
16 March 2007, abcnews.com

Confession at Guantanamo by 9/11 Mastermind May Aid Other Qaeda Defendants [Editor's note: This is what passes for "analysis" at The Times]
16 March 2007, nytimes.com, Adam Liptik

The Last Days of Constitutional Rule?
[Editor's note: Both astute and disturbing]
16 March 2007, antiwar.com, Paul Craig Roberts

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?s Gitmo song
?Confession? or Bush administration propaganda?

[Editor's note: Getting more and more desperate]
16 March 2007, Global Research, Larry Chin

KSM "Confessed" To Targeting Bank Founded AFTER His Arrest!
[Editor's note: Incompetence mixed with corruption!]
16 March 2007, Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson Trump: Bush is the Worst President in History
16 March 2006, interview with Wolf Blitzer

Russia Watched 9/11 in Real Time on Satellite [Editor's note: Important with lots of links]
15 March 2007, att.net, Jon Carlson

A Separate Peace? 9/11 conspiracy theorists headlines local rally [Editor's note: The Boy Wonder strikes again!]
15 March 2007, missoulanews.com, John S. Adams

Google: The 911 solution: the big clues everybody missed [Editor's note: Key elements of the cover-story planted]

Matt Lauer: Can Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's 'tortured' testimony be trusted?
[Editor's note: Good questions raised by a national media source]
15 March 2007, rawstory.com, David Edwards and Ron Brynaert

Minneapolis / Confession doesn't stop conspiracy theories [Editor's note: What exactly did happen to Michael Zebuhr?]
15 March 2007, Pioneer Press, Emily Gurnon

Google survey of 9/11 news coverage trends [Editor's note: We are making a difference]

Norman Mineta and Richard Clarke Contradict the 9/11 Commission Report Adam Letalik of http://www.truth911.net

Suspected Leader of Attacks on 9/11 Is Said to Confess [Editor's note: Who said The Times was "covering up"?]
15 March 2007, nytimes.com, Adam Liptak

KSM: The Ultimate Patsy "Confesses"
[Editor's note: I guess we can all rest easy now!]
15 March 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Plots listed in Mohammed's confession
[Editor's note: Anyone who doubts the absurdity of this . . .]
15 March 2007, Associated Press

Antimissiles: Why Europe Resists
[Editor's note: US motives are suspect]
15 March 2007, Le Nouvel Observateur, Vincent Jauvert

ON THE 'FAST TRACK' TO FREE-TRADE DICTATORSHIP [Editor's note: Serious issues are involved here]
14 March 2007, jonesreport.com, Aaron Dykes

9/11: Looking for Truth in Credentials: The Peculiar WTC 'Experts' [Editor's note: Powerful essay by an early whistleblower]
14 March 2007, infowars.net, Kevin Ryan

What If the FBI Hired Someone Honest to Look into 9-11?
[Editor's note: It did--and her story is compelling!]
13 March 2007, opednews.com, David Swanson

"Kill the Messenger" (video)

Pelosi hears boos at AIPAC
[Editor's note: The tail wagging the dog?]
13 March 2007, thehill.com, Ian Swanson

Relatives of missing Iranian general accuse US of kidnapping [Editor's note: To use as a "source" for phony claims about Iran?]
13 March 2007, London Guardian, Robert Tait

Firefighters Urge "Peeling Of Giuliani's 9/11 Onion"
[Editor's note: This guy has had too much of a "free ride"!]
12 March 2007, inforwars.net, Steve Watson

The Future Has Caught Up With Us
[Editor's note: novels that predicted the future]
12 March 2007, informationclearinghours.info, Paul Craig Roberts

The Truly Distracting 9/11 Conspiracy Theory [Editor's note: Forceful reply to Cockburn]
12 March 2007, Le Monde, David Ray Griffin

Newly Unearthed Footage Exposes 9/11 Media Scripting [Editor's note: Not just WTC-7 but the Towers, too]
12 March 2007, prisonplanet.com, Paul Joseph Watson

Blair 'exercised spin' to justify Iraq war, says chief weapons inspector [Editor's note: A sobering reminder . . .]
12 March 2007, thisislondon.co.uk

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