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Painful 9/11 Truth, Joel S. Hirschhorn
10 September 2007,

A Conspiracy of Two Parties: The Grand Delusion,
10/11 November 2007,, Joel S. Hirschhorn

9/11 Truth Manifesto, Joel S. Hirschhorn
19 December 2007, OpEdNews

Next step to 9/11 justice, Joel S. Hirschhorn

The Reflecting Pool, Joel S. Hirschhorn
4 February 2008,

Democracy Versus Stability, Joel S. Hirschhorn
19 November 2008,

Unjust Deserts: How the Rich Are Taking Our Common Inheritance
22 November 2008,, Joel S. Hirschhorn

George W. Bush Belongs in Prison:  Respecting the Rule of Law
29 November 2008,, Joel S. Hirschhorn

Illinois Citizens Deserve Corrupt Government
12 December 2008,, Joel S. Hirschhorn

9/11 Truth Truth

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