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Internet Access to Iran Severed

Experts fear a Super Bowl attack

Abstract. Multiple reports that internet cables connecting Iran to the rest of the world have been “cut” are raising suspicions in the minds of experts on 9/11 that something serious may be in the works.  Prior to 9/11, the FBI shut down Arab Muslim web sites.  The fear is that internet access may have been deliberately severed to isolate Iran and make it difficult to communicate in response to a “false flag” attack in the United States, possibly during the Super Bowl, an attack upon Iran, or both.

Madison, WI (911scholars) February 2, 2008 — Multiple reports that internet cables connecting Iran to the rest of the world have been “cut” are raising suspicions in the minds of experts on 9/11 that something serious may be in the works.  According to James H. Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, “Prior to 9/11, the FBI—our own FBI—shut down Arab Muslim web sites (  Some of  us fear that internet access may have been deliberately severed to isolate Iran and make it difficult to communicate in response to a ‘false flag’ attack in the United States, possibly during the  Super Bowl, an attack upon Iran, or both.”

“False flag” attacks are conducted by a government against targets, including its own citizens, in order to blame an enemy and justify taking action against it.  The BBC is among the sources reporting these cables have been cut (“New Cable Cut Compounds Net Woes,”, but others are easily accessible via google.  One of these cables is near Alexandria, Egypt.  Another is near Dubai.  “That cables in the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf should happen to be severed in close proximity without a common cause defies belief,” observed Fetzer, a philosopher of science.  “That there now appear to be four interruptions cannot be just a matter of chance.  This has to be deliberate.  The ominous question is, ‘Why?’”

An analysis now making its way across the internet is being attributed to Sio Bibble, who concludes, “A communications disruption can mean only one thing—invasion.”  On his scenario, American military radio chatter during the game could provide cover for other communications taking place. “03:00 and the troops are up, file into the mess to get a cup of coffee, sandwich and watch the game,” Bibble writes. “Meanwhile, an Israeli sub in the Gulf goes to Battle Station alert. The game starts, the troops go wild, they get pumped with adrenalin and into combative psychic. 10 minutes into the game, a micro-nuke goes off in the stadium. The aforementioned sub commander gets the signal and launches his surface to surface missiles at various Iranian sites and several American ships.”

“The sailors on the ships are stunned by what they see on the TV screen,” he continues, “then the Claxton horn goes off as American ships start taking hits. The ships go live, the Iranians go live. American sources declare a surprise Iranian attack as three American ships sink in the Gulf. The smoldering Super Bowl is blamed on Iran, Mom and Apple Pie need to be defended.”  According to Fetzer, no matter how fantastic this might sound to those who have never studied 9/11, it is an appealing alternative for an administration that has run out of options and whose leader is widely regarded by the American public as the worst president in history.  It could reverse his standing at a single masterstroke.

“To most Americans, this is going to sound far-fetched,” said James H. Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth ( and co-host of “The Dynamic Duo,” an internet talk show he shares with Kevin Barrett, a noted 9/11 activist.  “Those of us who study 9/11 on the basis of the objective principles of scientific reasoning have found powerful proof that virtually everything we have been told about 9/11 by the administration is not true.  The question has to be asked, ‘Who benefits?’  The result has been the loss of civil liberties, wars of aggression in violation of international law, the UN Charter, and the US Constitution. Bush signs statements to circumvent Congress and governs like a dictator.”

Billions upon billions has gone in the form of no-bid contracts to favored companies like Halliburton and Blackwater.  “There are many studies that support the conclusion that 9/11 was ‘an inside job’,” Fetzer said.  These include The New Pearl Harbor (2004), The 9/11 Commission Report (2005), and Debunking 9/11 Debunking (2007) by David Ray Griffin, Inside Job (2004) and The Terror Conspiracy (2006), by Jim Marrs, and 9/11 Synthetic Terror:  Made in the USA (2005) by Webster Griffin Tarpley.  “But if 9/11 was an inside job, as more and more evidence suggests,” Fetzer said, “it would be very naïve to ignore the very serious prospect of having a reprise to reverse the sagging fortunes of the Bush administration and to enhance support for hawkish candidates for president.”

There are also indications of previous plans. A former Army intelligence officer detected evidence that a “false flag” operation was being conducted against the British Petroleum refinery in Texas City, Texas, on January 31, 2006, just over two years ago.  Capt. Eric May, a former NBC editorial writer whose political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle, and Military Intelligence Magazine, issued a series of warnings that appeared in, an internet web site.  Several signs that he was correct were discovered by the mainstream press, which published reports within two days of arrival of the Bush administration’s nuclear response team.  This target is in the district of presidential candidate Ron Paul (R).

In a recent column about this incident, “The 1/31 Nuke:  Proof for Ron Paul”, which is archived at, he has provided links to the original articles from which the following quotes are taken.  Galveston County Daily News reporter T.J. Aulds, for example, had long been suspicious of the repeated explosions at the BP refinery, the nation's most toxic industrial site. In an article published on February 2, 2006, he wrote, “If you are reading this, you survived a predicted nuclear attack on Texas City.”
 Explaining that alarms had been sounded from internet sources, he said, “That attack was to have taken place Tuesday, based on those reports. A report filed on The Arctic Beacon website as well as the site owner’s Internet radio show had warned of a pending nuclear attack on the city—not from terrorists, but the federal government.”

His own reporting, moreover, appeared to confirm it.  “On Wednesday, people driving along Galveston’s Seawall Boulevard could see unmarked black trucks and sport utility vehicles bearing government license plates near crews setting up what appeared to be satellite or radar gear on the beach. . . . The crews were wearing shirts embossed with the words, ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team,’ a branch of the U.S. Defense Department.”
Even an experienced reporter found this disconcerting.  “It was enough to get even the most timid conspiracy theorist thinking something was up.”

Greg Szymanski, a noted investigative journalist, wrote a gripping series of articles for The Arctic Beacon.  The articles began the week before the predicted 1/31 federal false flag attempt.  Rather than rely on Bush administration officials, he turned to reputable Texas City insiders, especially a British Petroleum employee and a local minister.  He wrote:

Jan. 25, 2006:  All Signposts Lead To Imminent Nuclear Attack In America: Intel Army Capt. Eric May Issues ‘Red Alert’ For Next 9 Days For Texas City-Houston Area.  Capt. May claims to have broken the Illuminati and Bush Cabal's “embedded code” in an effort to beat the neocons at their own nasty game.

Jan. 26, 2006:  Houston PD Running Nuclear Disaster Drills As Build-Up Of Numerous Law Enforcement Agencies Seen In Nearby Texas City.  Army Intel Capt. Eric May warns Bush cabal days away from a nuclear strike. Texas City resident “opens up a hornet's nest” as he warns local law enforcement about the possibility of nuclear strike.

Jan. 28, 2006:  Texas City British Petroleum Claims No Foul Play In 2005 Explosion Killing 15; BP Sets Aside $1 Billion For Upgrades Amid Rumors Neocons Plan To Nuke Plant In Upcoming Days.  Some Texas City citizens taking nuke warning seriously as local law enforcement build-up seen and at least 400 employees moved out of BP to different office building.

Feb. 3, 2006:  Texas City British Petroleum Employee Heard "Strange Abort Signal" on Local Radio Station The Morning Army Intel Officer Predicted Nuclear Strike At Plant.  BP employee also said “other strange events” occurred, leaving her “nervous and on edge.” Galveston Daily News follows up with story, finding WMD military support team was conducting a training session at a location near Texas City.

Captain May was encouraged by citizens who read his recent columns about false flag attempts in the East Texas oil patch to contact Congressman Ron Paul with the details.  A fair number of them believe that it was the Bush administration's design on his own Texas Congressional District 14 that prompted his presidential bid.  Some have tried to contact the Congressman, but thus far to no avail.  May has noticed a pattern that has developed in relation to the selection of targets for attacks, including New York City in New York, Oklahoma City in Oklahoma, and now Texas City in Texas.  “Anticipating what they are going to do next is not rocket science,” he observed, “but it requires the exercise of a great deal of patience and attention to detail.  Let us hope that we will be as successful in thwarting other attacks by our own government as we were in this instance.”

Fetzer has featured Captain May as his guest on “The Dynamic Duo” several times and takes his analyses seriously.  “I wish I could tell you that he’s wrong, but the evidence we have discovered about 9/11 suggests that this administration has no scruples when it comes to sacrificing innocent lives to advance its political agenda.” This is not the first time that students of 9/11 have suspected a reprise might be in the works, probably one involving the use of nuclear weapons.  On August 26, 2007, Webster Griffin Tarpley issued ‘The Kennebunkport Warning’ that there were signs the administration planned to conduct another ‘false flag’ operation and suspend the Constitution.  Captain May has previously sounded alarms about a possible attack near Portland, Oregon, late last year.  An attack on the Super Bowl and retaliation against Iran would dwarf these attempts.

Barrett, who has closely followed May’s research, also believes that these signs have to be taken seriously.  “In the Texas City, Texas, case, even the mainstream media reported indications that strange events were in the works, including unmarked black trucks and sport utility vehicles bearing government license plates near crews setting up what appeared to be satellite or radar gear on the beach, and the crews were wearing shirts that said, ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team.’  We may have been very lucky that Captain May sounded the alarm,” Barrett said.  “My impression is that Eric May is one of the bravest and most eloquent intelligence analysts in the United States today. It is regrettable his state of health has deteriorated to the point that we are not going to be able to count on his research much longer.”  Barrett, like Fetzer, takes the extreme improbability of multiple cable cuts as a sign that something serious is afoot.

Barrett is a member of Scholars, the founder of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth, co-editor of 9/11 & American Empire: Christians, Jews, and Muslims Speak Out (2006), and the author of Truth Jihad (2007).  Fetzer is the editor of The 9/11 Conspiracy (2007), the first book from Scholars.  The DVD of the Scholars’ conference, “The Science and the Politics of 9/11”, which he organized and moderated in Madison, Wisconsin, August 4-5, 2007, has just been released (

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