Student Member List
Peter Adams (SM)
Economics, Chemical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

David Andersson (SM)

Gothenburg International Bioscience Business School, Sweden

Trevor Anderson (SM)

Music, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Soumia Armstrong (SM)

Psychology, Telecommunications

Asif Ali Baloch (SM)

Seeking masters of environmental engineering degree at the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology

Daniel Bentham (SM)

University of Lincoln in England

Adam Betts (SM)

Psychology, University of Connecticut

Marc Bogonovich (SM)

Biology, Indiana University

James Booker (SM)

History; University of York, Toronto

Danielle Celeste (SM)

Psychology, History and Politics, Propaganda and its dissemination

Michael Corkery (SM)

Undergraduate at the University of NH

Christopher Cornell (SM)

Southern Connecticut State University, Political Science with a minor in Sociology

Susan DeKom (SM)

Human Services, Notre Dame

Evan C. Ekstrand (SM)

History major, Kent State University

Alan Ellertson (SM)

Criminology and Criminal Justice, Iowa State University

Kristopher J Floyd (SM)

Political Science, San Antonio College

Bryan Focht (SM)

German, Electrical engineering, Oregon State University

Shawn C. Foster (SM)

Computers; Industrial maintenance; Metropolitan Community Colleges, Kansas City

Jake Gaeta (SM)

Business, Political Science, College of the Redwoods

Daniel D. German (SM)

Student scholar, UNC

Matthew T. Gibson (SM)

Education, History, Southeast Missouri State University, CapeGirardeau

Carl Hagmann (SM)

Government, Behavioral science, Franklin and Marshall College

Nuzi Haneef (SM)

Doctoral Student, Computer Science, George Washington University, Washington DC, "Grassroots Contact" for Minnesota on the website"

Zachary D. Haupin (SM)

Compute science, Indiana Univesity of Pennsyvania

Travis Irvine (SM)

Video production, Ohio University

David Kemp (SM)

Computer Science; Assumption University; Bangkok, Thailand

Amanda Kiser (SM)

Sociology, Women's Studies, Texas A&M University

Andrew M. Leblanc (SM)

History and French; The College of Wooster

Adam Letalik (SM)

Economics, Psychology, University of British Columbia

Tony Frank Lin (SM)

University of Florida

Michael McCabe (SM)

Philosophy/Journalism, William Paterson University, Wayne NJ

Christine McMahon (SM)

Sociology, Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania

Brian Mecham (SM)

Business, Salt Lake Community College, Utah, Webmaster

Atilio Medina (SM)

Information technology, Brigham Young University

Kyle Michelson (SM)

Engineering, University of Delaware

Rufus Middleton (SM)

Dentistry student

Chris Morganti (SM)

TAFE (College);

Jonathan Andrew Norton (SM)

Human geography, Political science, Simon Fraser University

Kathleen Pacheco (SM)

Metropolitan Community College

Pat Patterson (SM)

Indiana University majoring in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Mark Peters (SM)

Entrepreneurship/Marketing, Temple University, Fox School of Business, Pennsylvania

Jason Phelan (SM)

Communications and journalism, Griffith University, Australia

Samantha Playford (SM)

History, University of Reading

John J. Poillucci, RN (SM)

Masters degree program at Framingham State College in Massachusetts

Brian Porter (SM)

Computer Science, Schoolcraft College, Michigan

Rick Rajter (SM)

Materials Science and Engineering, Emerging and Fundamental Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Benjamin Rayle (SM)

Student at N.C. State University

Clarke Ries (SM)

Journalism, University of Victoria

Ryan Rodrigues (SM)

Social Sciences; Columbia University

Matthew Ray Ruggles (SM)

Performing Arts, Biology, Western Michigan University

Micah Saichek (SM)

Chemistry, Salt Lake Community College, Utah

Chris Seeley (SM)

Allegheny College

Ben Seeling (SM)

University of Wisconsin, River Falls

Alan Shanyinde-McCluskey (SM)

English Literature, Nottingham University, UK

Stephen Silvestri  (SM)


Terry M. Simmons II  (SM)

Political Science, Northern Kentucky University

Jason Smith (SM) 

Environmental Engineering, University at Buffalo

Joshua Smith (SM)

Space Studies, American Military University, West Virginia

Avn Sturm (SM)

Business admin; Political science; International relations

Joshua Warren (SM)

Graphic design, Computer programs

Danny Weston (SM)

Politics, International relations, University of Sheffield, UK

Solomon Wilhelm (SM)

Communications, University of Toledo in Ohio

Aaron Williams (SM)

Philosophy, Texas A & M

Michael Zebuhr (SM)

Bioengineering, Clemson University