The BBC/Solomon Brothers/WTC-7 Fiasco articles

BBC's 9/11 Yellow Journalism Backfires
[Editor's note: The BBC has put WTC-7 front and center]
5 March 2007,, Paul Joseph Watson

European Media Outlets Cover BBC WTC7 Story
2 March 2007:
Czech Republic:

Effort to halt government WTC7 investigation launched [Editor's note: This just might make a difference]
1 March 2007,, Ed Haas

Santa Fe New Mexican Covers BBC Building 7 Controversy [Editor's note: The BBC stumbles all over itself!]
1 March 2007, Santa Fe New Mexican, Devin Green

BBC, CNN Employ Magical Psychic News Announcers
28 February 2007,

BBC's 9/11 Conspiracy Files: Points that were Ignored [Editor's note: Nice overview with supporting links]

After This Fiasco, How Can We Trust Anything They Told Us About 9/11?
[Editor's note: A huge object lesson in disinformation from the BBC!]
27 February 2007,, Paul Joseph Watson

BBC denies it is part of the conspiracy cover-up [Editor's note: Feeble excuses for apparent complicity]
27 February 2007,, Richard Porter

[Editor's note: Measure media control by its non-coverage!]
27 February 2007,, Aaron Dykes and Alex Jones

BBC Reported Building 7 Had Collapsed 20 Minutes Before It Fell!
[Editor's note: So hot that google has already deleted the video!]
26 February 2007,, Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

The BBC Joins the Ranks of the Untrustworthy US Media [Editor's note: A very nicely balanced assessment]
22 February 2007,, Debbie Lewis

Producer Struggles to Defend Flaws & Bias of BBC Hit Piece [Editor's note: The discussion with the producer is worthwhile]
20 February 2007,, Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

BBC Hit Piece a Tissue of Lies, Bias and Emotional Manipulation [Editor's note: A skillful piece of selection and elimination]
19 February 2007,, Paul Joseph Watson

Debunking the BBC's 9-11 Conspiracy Files [Editor's note: A nice critique of the BBC]
19 February 2007,, Alex Jones

BBC vs 9/11 Truth: The Smear Continues
[Editor's note: A very good commentary, over all]
18 February 2007,, Winter Patriot

Were TV newscasters reading from SCRIPTS on 9/11?
911 OCTOPUS 8 - Unmasking the Media Perps (video1)
Oh my goodness !! (video 2)

BBC Conspiracy Files Trailer
15 February 2007, BBC (video)

BBC: The 9/11 Conspiracy Movement
15 February 2007, (introduction)

The BBC 9/11 Timeline
15 February 2007,

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY: The Salomon Solution; A Building Within a Building, at a Cost of $200 Million
19 February 1989,, Mark McCain

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