Articles responding to THE AMERICAN THINKER

ConspiracyTheories and Media Ignorance
15 September 2006,, J.R. Dunn

MediaIgnorance: The Case of J.R. Dunn
16 September 2006, James H. Fetzer

9/11a Hoax? J.R. Dunn responds
18 September 2006,

9/11: Bias and Ignorance in AMERICAN THINKER
21 September 2006, James H. Fetzer (with a reply)

(a) for beginners: Thierry Meyssan's "Hunt the Boeing!"

(b) intermediate: Jack White's "PentagonPhoto Studies"

(c) advanced: Analysis: (i) Level 1 and (ii) Level 2

J. R. Dunn: Neo-Pettifogger
26 October 2006, Laura Could

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